Organizing Overseas Tours

Dear SHC Members

At SHC, we highly encourage our members to take the initiative in organizing and leading exciting overseas tours. These experiences not only foster camaraderie but also create lasting memories for all involved. To streamline our processes and ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members, we’ve established the following guidelines:

  1. Registered Event Organizers (EOs):
    • Only individuals who are genuinely committed and enthusiastic about organizing tours should register as Event Organizers (EOs). This ensures a high level of dedication and accountability.
    • Prospective EOs are encouraged to first become registered as ‘Ordinary Members’ on our SHC platform before proposing or leading any tours.
  2. Consolidation of Groups:
    • We’re transitioning away from scattered group chats to centralize all tour-related discussions under the SHC umbrella. This consolidation allows for better coordination and communication among members.
  3. Central Point of Contact:
    • All tours initiated by dedicated and organized EOs should be coordinated through Jean Lim at 92264911. Jean will serve as the primary point of contact for tour inquiries and arrangements.
    • Tour details, including itineraries and participant requirements, will be published on the SHC Forum. This centralized platform ensures tighter control and enhances security measures for all participants.

We believe these guidelines will facilitate smoother tour organization processes and foster a stronger sense of community within SHC. Thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm in making our overseas adventures memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Please understand that our responses may take some time, as this platform operates on a voluntary basis. Our Admin prioritize their own livelihoods, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Warm regards

SHC Admin | SHC FB Admin
Jean Lim
Dolly Lim
Sally Foo
Cephas Teo

Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

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