Christmas in November

EZ4U Music & Dance proudly presents “CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER”

EC : Irene Lee / Jeffrey Gan

Date : 5th November 2023 (Sunday)

Time : 2 pm to 6 pm

Venue : Serangoon Garden Country Club, Club 22

Ticket per pax : S$60/- (limited to 70 pax)

  • Llive music with oldies
  • Dance till you drop (ballroom, social, linedance) with our all-time favourite DJ, Kason Kee
  • Buffet
  • Game / Lucky draw
  • Crazy fun all afternoon

Book early to avoid disappointment.  Reservations are only confirmed upon full payment via PayNow to Irene’s mobile at 9633-6546.

For enquiries & reservations, please call Irene 9633-6546 / Jeffrey 9009-2627.

Thank you for the support as always and look forward to having some really wild fun with everyone.



Author: Irene LEE

Updated : 20 April 2023 Biographical info : * Professional Certified Coach (freelance work) * Executive Search Consultant (full time job) * Passionate about music, singing, dancing * Enjoys organising events and hosting shows/events

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