SHC Business Networking session 19 April 2014 (1030 – 1230 hrs) ~ Han’s Cafe, Upper Pickering St


The April Business Networking session is scheduled on Sat 19 April from 1030 hrs to 1230 hrs.

You are invited to participate. We have not decided on the venue yet, preference is to hold in town, quiet.

Please indicate here if you have a plan or idea which you like to share with other members. This way, those equally interest can discuss with you the business plan.

All participants are charged $3 and you may buy your food and drinks at the counter. Last session, we collected $33.

I shall hold this event monthly.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Joan Ang
  3. Mark Ee
  4. Maggie Chua
  5. Linda Chioh
  6. Hilton Ho
  7. Shirley Sim
  8. Jeffrey Gan
  9. Susan CH Tan
  10. Marge Tian
  11. Hong Jen (next month)
  12. ?

9 thoughts on “SHC Business Networking session 19 April 2014 (1030 – 1230 hrs) ~ Han’s Cafe, Upper Pickering St

  1. For the business networking gathering this Sat, please feel free to discuss among yourselves. If you are looking something specific, you can also indicate here so that participants can discuss with you at the meeting.

    Terence Seah

    • For this Sat Business networking session, I would initiate a group as follows:

      There is another need among SilverHairs, not all but a good majority. And that is to generate a reasonable and steady income for our SilverHairs months and years. This Sat, you are invited to participate in a discussion on ideas to generate income for ourselves and to maximise our strength as a group. My plan is to lead the discussion and ensure some ideas are pursued. MLM activities are out for this group.

      If you have your own ideas and suggestions, please feel free to discuss within your interest groups. I suggest you indicate your idea and get other members interested to meet you at this Sat session.

      Some ideas which I have picked up from discussions here and there include:
      * providing market research services to Singapore and foreign companies.
      * running a mass low cost meal supply business during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      * providing services to take care of elderlies, and reducing the load on family members.
      * other services that can be handled by SilverHairs, and using internet technology from phones and computers.

      If you like to join this discussion, please indicate your coming. The place is Hans, Upper Pickering, Sat 19 April, 1030-1230 hour. There is an admin fee of $3. Food and beverage available at counter, on your own.

      Plse register here.

      Terence Seah

  2. Hi Gabriella,

    Please add the following persons to the Business Networking session. They have responded to the recent monthly news update,

    Joan Ang
    Mark Ee
    Maggie Chua
    Linda Chioh
    Hong Jen (next month)
    Hilton Ho
    Shirley Sim.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hello Boss, nothing much to do, nowhere to go. Join you guys Ok? But I’m a green horn in business thingy, so please need your guidance.

    • Welcome to all attending the Business Networking meeting tomorrow Sat morning at Hans, Upper Pickering.

      If there is something you think that we can help you with the business network, please catch hold of me tomorrow, and let me know.

      Terence Seah

  4. A number of participants for the Business Networking session did not turn up yesterday at Hans. But for those, who have turned up, thank you for the discussion, and I shall make effort to pursue some of our discussions, which I think are meaningful and will be useful to SilverHairs.

    We will follow up.

    For those who have missed this month’s gathering, I hope to organise another session for you in May.

    Terence Seah

    • We had our last April SHC Business Networking gathering at Hans, Upper Pickering on a relaxing Saturday morning. Hans seems to be an ideal venue because it is flexible in terms of size, food and number of Pax. However, it can get noisy, with traffic from other diners; it lacks privacy. But, as we have no other suggestions, we shall still continue to use this venue.

      The last April gathering covered various interest groups gold investment, herbs and spice gardens, providing members’ skills as services to the public, and conceirge services.

      Participating members can pursue their business interests. I like some of the ideas, and depending on members interest and participation, I shall follow up on them.

      Announcement on the May Business networking session will be announced next week.

      You are invited to participate.

      Terence Seah

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