Business discussion for entrepreneurs starts Sat 30 May 2020 – 1st meeting on Zoom

Our 1st SHC Business discussion starts today on SHC Zoom.

This discussion is for entrepreneurs who are looking to share ideas and finding likeminded members.

Only those who had responded their interest to participate will be admitted.  The 1st group has been set up and registration is now closed.  The 2nd group can register here.

Terence Seah

Keep in touch with on your mobilephone

Today, most of us have moved our social communications from desktop to the mobile phone.  You too can conveniently follow what happening in SHC on your phone.  This platform is intended for Singaporeans, over 45, to meet new and more friends.

From playstore or Google Play, search the App “WordPress”.  It has a big W.  Install it.

  • is self hosted in Singapore.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Enter your password. (if you have lost your password, please write to Yoon Chin at

You can organise your own activities and invite fellow members to join you.  If the event is strictly for SHC member, you are the Event Organiser or EO.  If the event includes non-members, you are the Event Cordinator or EC.

You can start a topic of interests, and invite participation.  If you do not follow up on your Post or topic, you may be restricted from future posting.

When a Post or topic is up, you can reply the author as a comment, and the author will also get an email from you automatically.

One picture can be inserted at any one time.  Authors can insert URL and telephone number, but such posts and comments will go into a moderation queue first.

The is tracked round the clock for words and discussions on religion, politics, race, direct selling and MLM.

Terence Seah

Britain has exited the European Union. It’s now a fact. Why leave and How will this separation affect you?


Many of us SilverHairs, now in our 50s and 60s, have been associated with Britain ever since we started our early education. We learn English, our laws are based on the English system, we go to London, Scotland for our holidays.Some of us send our kids to study in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.  In recent years, many SilverHairs have bought properties in Central London,  We saw the ups and downs of Britain; and many of us tracked the growth of the English empire, and its association with the European Union.

Yesterday, at noon, the shock came as Britains voted to exit the EU.  The financial markets tumbled, governments come out to stabilise their currencies and economies.  What’s next?  How will this BREXIT affect you?  What happens to your properties?  Your kid’s education? And how does this affect your business, your equities and your savings?

Let’s discuss and share your thoughts?  A turmoil few of us expect.

Terence Seah

Setting up a Premier Paypal account for your small business

Paypal is a popular way to sell your things and collect money.  It is also a way to pay for goods and services you may buy internationally or locally.

In Singapore, money that is collected by Paypal on your behalf can be withdrawn to a local Singapore account.  Some of you are doing some selling, and may like to set up a Premier account or a Business account.

We are trying to identify a place.  Yew Kwong has been kind enough to conduct a session, approx 2 hours for members who are interested in setting up a Premier Paypal account.  We have not identified the place yet.

But, if you are interested, please register your name here.  More information will be per provided here, when ready.  Charge approx $5 per person.  Priority given to those who register personally on this forum.

Terence Seah

Introducing iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project 2015

buy online3  buy online2  buy online1

Background:  To enable some members to sell their personal items on the SHC forum, we had started the SHC online Fleamart.  This Post begins each month, and members can sell their personal items.  Jassmine Teo was leading this project.  We started with no picture, and the IT guys have added picture capability to the Posts and later t the comments.  The usage of this service varies from one to 5 items per month. Corporate or business items were excluded in the month online fleamart.  The online fleamart had stopped recently due to inadequate response and lack of members volunteering to lead and follow up each month.

There was good interest among members for the physical Fleamart.  From feedback, we had a few fleamarts, and the result range from so so to successful.  The last fleamart was held at Civil Service Sports Club.

Last few years, we had feedback to set up and gather a group to buy and sell in bulk.  The ideas toyed around, but there was insufficient interest.  I guess the thinking was that it is easier to buy from the suupermarket, than to harnesss a group to buy in bulk.  Maybe there is the logistic difficulty.  But, we keep this idea fresh and on-going, and if the item is workable, let’s pick it up again.

There has always been interests by some members to sell their corporate items.  The items vary.  The members who are interested are those with products and services, ideally suited to seniors and their elderly family members.  Various groups within SHC have met to discuss online selling; setting up a website, use of available shopping portals eg eBay, gumtree, etc. There were talks on delivery difficulties, collection of payment, and the type of products and services to be offered.  But, I guess the various groups did not take off their ideas, due to varied interests, concerns with starting an online business as most of us are no long as young as we thought, funding and fear of the long process in setting up an online shopping business.

iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project for 2015

We are all still dreaming, even though we may be young.  Well, if you have still the idea of running an online shopping business, dont give up.,  I think there is sufficient interest among some members, and I have asked my India guys to help set up a simple online shopping service called “iShop@SHC”.   Due to the legality and business nature, “iShop@SHC” will be operated under SilverHairs Enterprise Pte Ltd.  iShop@SHC will be a project of SilverHairs Enterprise, and is not intended to be a money losing project, unlike events and activities under SilverHairs Club which usually loses money.

Our India IT guys have just completed iShop@SHC.  The project starts with Adult diapers, and today, it has only 4 items.  The online shopping will be promoted in SHC and in newspapers and other media in Singapore.  It features payment collections via paypal, credit card, ATM transfer and internet banking.  The delivery portion is still in progress and limited; but I hope it will grow as we go along.  URL

A few members, who have their own products and services, have been discussing with me to use iShop@SHC.  If you are interested to sell your products or services as a business, especially to seniors and elderlies, please contact me via Whatsapp.  Think about your products or services, pictures, pricing, your competition, payment, banking procedures, storage of your products, orders handling, delivery and modes of communicating with your buyers and delivery team.

diaperslaunch   For a start, we have started with adult diapers, and the product identified is CERTAINTY Adult diapers, from Thailand.  This is an operational service.  If you like to run your own online shopping services under iShop@SHC, please understand the workings of the portal iShop@SHC.

Thank you to the members who have helped to test the service and offered ideas on test iShop@SHC.

Terence Seah

SHC Business Networking session 25 Oct 2014

Business network2     Business network1

Update:  The next Business networking meeting is now confirmed for Sat 25 Oct 2014, from 1400 – 1630 hrs at Hans Cafe, Upper Pickering Street

The October Business Networking session is scheduled during the 2nd half October. Date and Time are decided yet. But I am hoping to hear from you.  You are invited to participate.

If you have a business idea which you have started or planning to start, and would like to invite fellow members to participate, please indicate your interest.  If your idea is still at infancy stage, you can indicate that your idea is still being developed.  You can talk about the startup, the idea, the products or services and how your business will involve participants.  It can be funds, staff, jobs, collaboration or brainstorming.

If you like to speak on your business idea, we can allocate you 15 minutes.  However, you have to prepare your own slides and presentation materials.  Please provide a brief of your presentation to  Speaking will be approved depending on the brief.  It is likely approval will be given, as long as the presentaiton is not related to race, religion, politics, sex and MLM.

If you have an idea or issue to discuss, you may write them here or you can whatsapp me at 9489-4360.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Leon Lau
  3. Shirley Yeo
  4. Kristy Quek
  5. Maggie Chua


Keeping in touch with the working world

work6work5work2 work1   Dear members,

Today. many members are still working, either because we are still young or because we would like to continue working. Others have retired after having worked many years in certain industries and in certain positions. But, we still have the knowledge, experience, contacts and skills. Some of us would still like to be in contact with the working and business world.

SilverHairsClub has been very successful with social activities. For example, the walk and cycling groups have been running for years. Our monthly gatherings have been ongoing for many years. We also have many dinner & dance, potlucks, karaoke, singing and social chit chats. Many members have found friends and have come together to travel to various countries. Small groups, and bigger ones, have gathered together for private parties, travel and functions. The social part of SilverHairsClub has been achieved.

Besides getting to know more friends for social reasons, many of us would also like to know friends who have been in the same industry and in similar positions. We have worked a good part of our career. Well, it would be a good time if we can cater to the work, career and business interests of members.

We all come from different industries. Construction, medical, transport, F&B, Hotels, media, IT, Retail, import export, banking, etc.

Many of us have been in positions of management, sales, marketing, administration, HR, enginnering, business, etc.

We could have regular gatherings of different members from different industries and positions. We can exchange business cards. We can introduce ourselves and our background to one another. The club can invite other external organisations to co-organise the events. The opportunities are up to individuals, depending on your interests.

If you are interested to stay in touch with the business and working world, please send an email to with the subject EXP and the following info:

Full name (as per SHC):
Mobile tel:

You will be invited to join our activities with other organisations.

Terence Seah

Registration for members to participate in future work and business gatherings:

Registered SHC name Industry Position
Morgan Tan Food & Beverage Distribution and Marketing
Joy Chuang Media Mid management
Frank Kaw Interior Design Consultant
Florence Lee Health Care Nurse
Tracy Wan Education Head of Science
Hilda Zoe Finance Sales and Marketing
Adeline Kwek Electronics Test engineer
Patrick Poh Health Care IT executive
Teresa Hwang Finance Executive
Susan Saw Service Administration
Prema Lata Education Library Assistant
Chang Wai Soon Packed Foods Owner
Eileen Lim Stat Board Officer
Hilton Ho Training and Health Psychotherapist
Dora Lim Oil, Insurance Management Secretary
Grace Chan Public Sector Finance Senior Executive
Louis Kong Oii & Gas Purchasing
Richard Lee Engineering & Construction General Manager
Leon Lau Oil & Gas Manager, Supply Chain
Pauline Koo Health Care Healthcare
Huang Choo Education IT trainer
Wendy Lum Health Care Regional Manger
Wong Woon Chian Pre-School Principal
Lee Siew Meng Engineering in Construction General Management
Linda Chionh Administration Personal Assistant


Trip to Yangon, Myanmar in July 2014 (tentatively 8 – 14 July)


Dear fellow members,

I am going up to Yangon in July on business. I will be there for a few days. I shall also meet up with other fellow Singaporeans who are living, working and doing their business in Myanmar.

SHC members who would like to visit Yangon for the first time, and get to experience Yangon, its culture, its people, its sights and its vibrance, can join me at the end of my business trip. For those who are looking at opportunities, you can also join.

I will likely use the same travel group to organise the travel itinery. Please register your interest here.

Terence Seah

Interested list:

  1. Jane Chua

A discussion for members interested in a food business

food3mee siamhlaksa      This Post hope to bring together members who have been thinking about going into a food business. By participating in this discussion, you may be able to find like-minded partners, general cooks, specialist dish experts, suppliers, venues, investors, F&B opportunities and food tasters. Participants can offer ideas and suggestions, tips and can even share a food business plan in process. Somebody else may be thinking likewise.

Take this post to develop your F&B plan, offer discounts to members and make your dream come true. You can ïnvite fellow members to join your business or you can offer to join theirs too.

For those who are thinking of a food business, I wish you all the best in your discussions.

For those who are negative-thinking and inclined to be wet blankets, please be considerate.

For those who are investors, please offer your ideas too, to help the participants succeed.

For those who have a special F&B skill, raise your hand, other participants may notice you.

And for those who had a F&B business before and wish to share their experience with fellow participants, we would love to hear from you.

Please indicate your interest when discussing. To a fruitful discussion.

Terence Seah

Online business

I’ve always been interested in starting an online business but have yet to take concrete action because of a reluctance to move out of my comfort zone. Today in the Sunday Times there is an article about an online business in renting – “Just rent and save” – toys, cars, tools.. and once again I started dreaming… I have a few pieces of retro clothing – cat-suit, cheongsam..i think I can rent them out…my mind went.

Hmm, anyone else enthusiastic about starting an online business in renting out things? We could brainstorm over coffee. :) We could collaborate if feasible or start individual platforms. Wonder what the pitfalls are.


The brainstorming session will be held on Thursday 5th June.

Time: 2.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Dignity Kitchen.

Blk 267, Serangoon Ave 3 #02 -02


SHC Business Networking session 19 April 2014 (1030 – 1230 hrs) ~ Han’s Cafe, Upper Pickering St


The April Business Networking session is scheduled on Sat 19 April from 1030 hrs to 1230 hrs.

You are invited to participate. We have not decided on the venue yet, preference is to hold in town, quiet.

Please indicate here if you have a plan or idea which you like to share with other members. This way, those equally interest can discuss with you the business plan.

All participants are charged $3 and you may buy your food and drinks at the counter. Last session, we collected $33.

I shall hold this event monthly.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Joan Ang
  3. Mark Ee
  4. Maggie Chua
  5. Linda Chioh
  6. Hilton Ho
  7. Shirley Sim
  8. Jeffrey Gan
  9. Susan CH Tan
  10. Marge Tian
  11. Hong Jen (next month)
  12. ?

SHC Business Networking session, Sat 29 Mar 2014 (1100 – 1300 hrs), Hans Cafe, Upp Pickering.

network3networking1   networking2This year, we shall organise our Business Networking session as follows.  During the session, members are encouraged to discuss business opportunities, share ideas and plans, make business friends, exchange business name cards and find partners.  Rules of the Club apply.

In previous years, we had the Business Round Table, where we gather around a dinner table, at a restaurant and members take turns to introduce themselves and their businesses. Sometimes, early comers have to wait for the late comers.

This time around, participants will mingle as and when they like, and with whoever they wish to discuss with.  Participants can sit or stand anywhere. Depending on the venue, there may be pre-arranged food and drinks.  If not, you can always buy from the counter.

For all Business Networking sessions, there will be a non-refundable administrative fee, $3 per person. Unregistered participants pay $5 per person.

The coming session will be held on Sat 29 Mar 2014,  from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs.  The place will be announced soon.  If you are interested, please register your name here. The place is now Hans Cafe, Upper Pickering.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Leon Lau Eng Seng (may have to leave earlier than 1 pm)
  3. Tony Ang
  4. Mega
  5. Ronald Lam
  6. Jeffrey Gan
  7. Irene Lee
  8. Kristy Quek
  9. Frank Kaw
  10. Cindy Leow
  11. Balloonist Sylvia Ang
  12. Jeffrey Lim
  13. Eleanor Chan
  14. Phyllis Tan Yet Tee
  15. Yu Yu Chiu
  16. ?? who else?

Business Round Table – follow up

We had a number of Business Round Table meetings, organised by Jeffrey Lim and assisted by Susan Chan.  These gatherings were usually round table dinners, and provided the opportunity for participants to network, understand each others business and sharing potential opportunities.

The objective is to provide members with opportunities to discuss business interests. However, while the dinners provided the settings for getting to know one another, a number of members felt the dinner overshadowed the intended objective.  We thank Jeff and Susan for the work and efforts.  We shall still move on, and see if we can have another format.  Let’s strive to see this event work.

Again, without putting restrictions in place, please share your thoughts on “How SHC can have a regular business meeting?” to cater to members business interests.  Please also register your name here.  I will likely have someone to coordinate this event on a regular basis.

Terence Seah

The Business Round table will be recreated soon

As requested by SHC members with entrepreneurial and business interests, the Business Round Table was created, just over a year ago.  This was felt necessary by a number of members, although we had no experience as to how to get it started.

Initially, this monthly event was led by Jeffrey Lim and assisted by Susan Chan.  It began with a  series of dinner events, and was attended by approx 10 – 20 members each time.  The intended objective was to provide business networking among SHC business groups and entrepreneurs.  It wa a good starter series of business meetings, although at the end of it all, the EOs and some members felt that the Business Round Table did not achieve its desired objectives.  The EOs of the Business Round Table  gatherings were rotated from volunteer members.

Here are some of the feedback from EOs and participating members:

  1. There are not enough participating members, meaning no critical mass.  The average participation was about 1 – 2 round tables.
  2. While there are members with interests to discuss business issues, there is a view that “after 45” is not a good time to start a business, especially when one is not already in business.
  3. A number of non-entrepreneurs lacked understanding of the purpose of the Business Round Table.
  4. There is also a mis-match in the objective.  The Round Table was intended to be the focal point to meet and know who does what; and that any further business would then take place outside the Round Table.
  5. Some members had felt that the Round Table was a place to look for job opportunities; although this was not the intention.
  6. Interesting, other participants felt that the Round Table had turned out to be an expensive makan dinner.

The above are good feedback, and the experience from early Business Round Table gatherings can help us readjust our strategy.  Yes, many members are still working, for companies while others may be working part-time.  For those who are in business, and wishing to engage other members who are also in business, please share your thoughts.  Yes, you may have a business idea, and wish to start it on your own or with fellow shareholders, this could also be an opportunity; and that other members may be interested in your plans too.  MLM excluded.

Please share your thoughts, as we are looking at recreating the Business Round Table activity.

Thank you Jeffrey Lim and Susan Chan for setting the stage.


Terence Seah








Registration to participate in the Business Round Table:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Martin Lee
  3. SS Tan

Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

Desperate Dan

Self-storage facility

Hi fellow members,

Did anyone of you run the business of providing self-storage facility (like a
locker type of thing in Singapore where people keep their barang) and need to
find someone who rents such a self-storage facility (maybe because not enough
space at home). If you are I can help you to get an interview about your
business and publish in one of our local newspaper. Good opportunity to let
many people know your business.

Stay Healthy! Be Happy! emoticon

Round Table 23 rd March 2012

Hi all of you SHC members, greetings from Henry Foo.

Lets try something very different folks, for round table this month.

But I would like to stress again that Round Table is an event meant to encourage exchanges of business ideas and opportunity. So any one who has something he could offer to SHC member, or if you are looking for some business opportunities, please join us.
I have never enjoyed my salad bowl (with meat of course ) this much until i was recommended this salad restaurant called "Salad Stop", run by Father and Son team from Switzerland.
I love especially their original chilly crab dressing. So lets have salad for dinner for a change? $15 per head including juice.
After the dinner lets cross the road and adjourn to The Tower Club of which i am a founder member, for coffee and tea , where we can further explore some business opportunities that members have to offer. The SHC members will have 5 minutes to introduce their business and another 5 for questions and answers.
So here it goes:
Date:   Friday 23rd March 2012
Time:   7:30 pm SHARP
Venue: 7:30 To 8:30 pm – The Salad Stop  1 Raffles Place, #B1-02A, OUB Centre, Singapore 048616

8:30 to 10 pm    THE TOWER CLUB SINGAPORE 9 Raffles Place Penthouse (62nd – 64th floors) Republic Plaza Tower, Singapore 048619

Thank you for supporting my first time as an EO for round table.  To show my appreciation i will be inviting all of you to coffee or tea at Tower Club( you can also pay for other beverages if you like ), and also free test on your dirnking water( please bring a small sample of your tap water).


  1. Henry Foo (EO)
  2. Jeff Lim
  3. Sue Chan
  4. Wong Hong Jeng
  5. Andrew Koh
  6. Judy Lim
  7. Chew Wai Jin
  8. Christina Pan
  9. Primrose Kok
  10. Constance Wong
  11. Lau Kong Chee
  12. Lily Ho Willocq
  13. Mega Abdullah
  14. Lynn Tai
  15. Molly Quek
  16. Dolly Lim  

    17.Lily Ho

    18. Agnes seow


    1. Lily Ho Willocq Says: 
      March 14th, 2012 at 12:35 am e

      Hi Henry

      Kindly register Dolly Lim as well. Thank you.

    2. Agnes Seow Says: 
      March 14th, 2012 at 9:39 am e

      Hi Henry

      Please sign me in.



Monthly Walk-Labrador Boardwalk/Keppel Bay

This is posted on behalf of Ms Lydia Soh, she will be back next Tuesday.


If you love Sunset, Plants, Small Animals, Waters, Swamps, Mangroves, Boats, Clippers, join us
for our second Walk of the year as we ‘creek’ down the natural & historical LABRADOR PARK.     emoticon

Date         :      Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time         :       4.15pm        

Meeting Place      :    Labrador MRT Station – Exit A, near but away from the top of the escalator

Getting There      :    Circle Line (CC27)
                                 Bus Nos. 10, 30, 57, 61, 93, 97, 100, 143, 166, 176, 188, 963
EOs        :    Lydia Soh & Charles Wee

Come in your walking gears, with umbrella/cap, drinking water and an open mind to explore.
Do sign up and we see you there.

Our Walk Team EOs: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong and Conrad Tang, ChristinaCL Chan and me,  Lydia Soh,,,,, signing off


1. Winnie K-Tan
2. Gabriella Chua
3. Margaret Chua
4. Eddy Lee
5. Long Ai Ling (presently ?)
6. Grace Goh (presently ?)
7. Tang Cheng Luang (presently ?)
8. Tan Aik Hua (presently ?)
9. Danny Lye
10. June Tan
11. Charles Chua
12. Johnny Pow
13. Annie Tan
14. Jane Chua
15. Pauline Chew
16. Abu Bakar Abrahim
17. Oi Cheng
18. Jimmy Tsin
19. Goh Seow Yong
20. Suzhang
21. Lee Ah Nee
22. Lina Ng
23. Lee Hou Chong
24. Angie Ng
25. Alice Seah
26. Evelyn Ong
27. Catherine Chong
28. Karen Thio
29. Sally Kang
30. Pauline Choo
31. Daisy Yeo
32. Maureen Lee
33. Lilian Teo
34. Lydia Soh
35. Charles Wee
36. ChristinaCL Chan
37. Peng Peng
38. Arthur   (can’t recall your surname!)
39. Peggy    (Arthur’s wife)
40. Christina Pan
41. Janis
42. Annie Lim
43. Julie Toh
44. Jimmy Chew
45. Sally Chew
46. Wee Chin
47. Steven Yuen
48. Victor Chee
49. Janet Ng
50. Cheryl Ho
51. Gingko Tay
52. Irene Poh
53. Leong Kum Hong
54. Rosalind Soh
55. Dorothy Lee
56. Caroline Gee
57. Grace Ng
58. Richard Lim
59. Evelyn Yeo
60. Vincent Lim
61. Sockie
62. Joy Chuang
63. Lee Keng Seng
64. Ann Lim
65. SK Chua
66. Josephine Yap
67. Angie Chiaw

CLICK here to view photos

SHC Round Table 15 FEB 2012 (Wed)

Posted on behalf of Jessie Teo

Venue:     Padang Palace Restaurant at Singapore Recreation Club, Level 2

                8 Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682

 Nearest MRT: City Hall

Park at Raffles City and walk over as the parking at the Club cost more.

Dinner cost estimated at $35 ++ p/pax

Dinner at 7.00pm. After dinner meeting, we may adjourn to the Barker’s  Lounge on the same level for music and songs by a live band.

Please sign up here:

  1. Jessie Teo (EO)
  2. Dan Huang (Co-EO)
  3. Jeffrey Lim
  4. Sue Chan
  5. Caroline Gee
  6. Henry Foo
  7. Jeffrey Gan
  8. Mega
  9. Jane Tan
  10. Anne Chee
  11. Audrey Wong
  12. Primrose Kok
  13. Geraldine Ting
  14. Judy Lim
  15. Mary Chan
  16. Lynn Tai
  17. Molly Quek
  18. Andrew Koh (tentative)
  19. Sam Goh
  20. Dolly Lim
  21. Patrick Oei
  22. Linda


SHC Round Table – Fri 22 Jul 2011

Posted on behalf of EO Andrew Koh.

For this month, there is no particular agenda other than a pow wow amongst SHCians in business. Those aspiring to be in business are welcomed to join in too.

Date : Friday, 22nd July 2011

Time : 7.00 pm

Venue : Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine

#11-01 Orchard Central

(Somerset MRT Station)

For those who need directions :

As usual, we’ll split the bill at the end of the evening and it should be about $30/person.

Attendees :

1. Andrew Koh (EO)
2. Jeffrey Lim
3. Sue Chan
4. James Tan
5. Fred Heng
6. Rosalind Lee
7. Audrey Wong
8. Veronica Wong
9. Lee Seok Cheng
10. Patrick Oei
11. Linda Chua

Round Table – May

As mentioned in the first post of the Round Table, the main
purpose of this is to gather together like minded people in business
to network and to know who is who and who does what. As those in
business would already know, your network is the life blood of your
business. The old hands in business also know that very actual
business talk occurs during these sessions.

For this month, there is no particular agenda other that what is
stated above. Those aspiring to be in business are welcomed to join
in too.

Date : Tuesday, 31st May 2011

Time : 7.00 pm

Venue : Mouth Restaurant
#02-01 Chinatown Point
MRT Station)

As usual, we’ll split the bill at the end of the evening and it
should be about $30/person.

Attendees :

1. Jeffrey Lim
2. Andrew Koh
3. Fred Heng
4. Lee Seok Cheng
5. Veronica Ong
6. Rosalind Lee
7. Audrey Wong
8. Sue Chan

Round Table – April 2011

After having a few sessions of the SHC Round Table I noticed that many are interested in business but have no prior experience. Thus our own Francis Mangalam has come to the rescue. Francis has been in the corporate world for the past 20 years with his own company providing accounting, secretarial, corporate taxation, financial reports compilation filing with Government agencies and other related matters.

He is more than happy to share his experience of getting started in business e.g what kind of business structure, sole-proprietorship, partnership or limited company, the pros and cons of each, liablilities of partners and directors etc. In short, the nuts and bolts of business.

Do come to this session of Round Table to know more. It will not be a formal talk but a casual discussion in the manner of the previous Round Tables. Of course, SHCian already in business are welcomed too, to contribute and to network.

Date : Tuesday, 5th April 2011

Time : 7.00 pm

Venue : Paradise Inn
             313 @ Somerset
             (Somerset MRT Station)

As usual, we’ll split the bill at the end of the evening and it should be about $30/person.

Attendees :

1. Jeffrey Lim
2. Sue Chan
3. Francis Mangalam
4. Fred Heng
5. Terence Seah
6. James Tan
7. Andrew Koh

8. Rosalind Lee
9. Frank Kaw
10. Helen Goh
11. Jeffrey Fong
12. Eleanor Chan
13. Patrick Oei

Attend a dating course

There is a WSQ course "Establishig and Managing a Dating business, coming up on 4 April 2011.  I had attended the course, a year ago, and I think it has been useful.  For Singapore, dating meets a national objective, especially for young people with busy work schedule and forgetting to start a family.  For singles SilverHairs, dating is the beginning of a new life.  If you are interested to develop dating as a service business, you may want to consider attending this course.

The course costs $321, and SilverHairsClub will subsidize 50%, if you complete 100% attendance, over 3 days.  The advertisement is published in Today’s STPage B18.

Interested parties, please email me before 20 March 2011.  There is an information session on 17 Mar 2010. A Blue Helmet project.

Terence Seah

Round Table Biz Dinner on 23-Feb-11 (Wed)

On behalf of Jeffrey Lim and Susan Chan, this month business dinner will be held at the
Grassroots Club @ Yio Chu Kang.

The details:

Date and time : 23-Feb-11 (Wed) from 7.30pm-10pm
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fin Restaurant
             3rd floor, Grassroots Club
Food   : Chinese sit down ala carte BUFFET of 30+ dishes
             (will pre-select 10-12 dishes, rest order on the spot)
Price   : $34 – $36 / pax (after discount)
Landmark : Yio Chu Kang MRT station (NS line) (3 min walk)
Parking : Grassroots Club, around YCK stadium/sports hall (URA), Nanyang Poly (foc till 9.30pm)

For this dinner, we have a special appearance by Feztus Lim, our permanent visitor to Yunnan,
China, who will introduce to us business opportunities in Yunnan:

– working with non-government organisation (NGO)
– retirement village
– eco farming
– educational (teaching) opportunities

Reference :

This is going to be an exciting dinner to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.
Come and let’s HOP together into more business opportunities.

Register here:

01)  Jeffrey Lim (EO)
02)  Susan Chan (co-EO)
03)  James Tan (Chairman)
04)  Feztus Lim (special guest and speaker)
05)  Paul Phua
06)  Terence Seah
07)  Cheng-pun
08)  Rosalind Lee
09)  Anna Seet
10) Mary Chan
11) Robert Ong
12) Dave Tan
13) Maria Tan
14) Marg Tian
20) close

Note: You can have a light lunch before you come as the buffet dinner is meant for you to

SHC Round Table January 25, 2011

Next meeting :

Date: January 25 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Tai Seng Restaurant
101 Upper Cross St, #03-32
People’s Park Centre

(Nearest MRT – Chinatown.  Use Exit C)

Do keep the date free.

Members attending:

  1. Yat Sing (EO)
  2. Jeff Lim
  3. Sue Chan
  4. Terence Seah
  5. KC Lau
  6. James Tan
  7. Andrew Koh
  8. Marg Tian
  9. Paul Phua
  10. Fred Heng
  11. Any more keen 2 come???

SHC Round Table 30th November 2010

SHC Round Table November 2010.

Next meeting :

Date: 30 November 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Lao Beijing – Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
#02-11 Velocity @ Novena Square

Do keep the date free. Thank you.

Members attending –

  1. Paul Phua (EO)
  2. Jeffrey Lim
  3. Song Juan
  4. Sue Chan
  5. Yatsing
  6. Marg Tian
  7. Martin Lee
  8. Terence Seah
  9. Fred Heng
  10. Robert Ong
  11. Jessie Teo
  12. Ronald Lee
  13. Peng Peng
  14. Maggie Chua 

SHC Round Table

Following up on Terence’s post ( 25 September 2010 ) the inaugaral SHC Round Table event will be :

Date : 28 October 2010

Time : 7 pm

Venue : Moi Lum Cantonese Restaurant

Peck Seah Street/Maxwell Road (opposite URA HQ)

SHC Round Table like SHC itself will function with a minimum of rules and procedures. The main objective is to serve as a business network platform for SHC members who are in business. However, besides entrepreneurs, the group welcomes aspiring entreprenuers, people providing business services, people with an interest in business in general, in short anybody and everybody who feels that there can never be too many business contacts and friends.

The platform is simple. We gather once a month at a designated place, have a good meal (which is an excellent way to break the ice), get to know who is who, who is where, who is doing what and who can complement and synergise with you. Hopefully this free and easy business socialising will bear fruit for some members. If not, at least through purposeful networking, members will get to know one another better.

Later, when a critical mass is achieved dinner talks can be organised (ala Jaycees/Rotary Club). The group can also look into recce trips in the region, familiarising ourselves about the business terrain and different business culture in the surrounding countries, sussing out business opportunities, looking for regional strategic partners and eventually setting up our ‘second wing’.

Why ‘Round Table’? When we dine out in a group here, the table is usually round isn’t it?

Sign up here :

1. Jeffrey Lim
2. Terence Seah
3. Ronald Lee
4. Ivan Lim
5. Rosalind Lee
6. Jonson Tan
7. Primrose Kok
8. Sue Chan
9. Yatsing
10. Ong Kim Yin
11. KC Lau
12. Anna Seet
13. Andrew Koh
14. Dan Huang
15. Martin Lee
16. Wong Hong Jeng
17. Robert Ong
18. Marg Tian
19. Stephen Low
20. Jessie Teo
21. Sophia Lim
22. Paul Phua

Starting 1st Oct 2010 – The SHC business network

Time to add a new variety of activities to the SilverHairsClub.  SHC is very much a social network, with the club continuing to provide a platform for SHC members to meet new and more friends.  We will now add a business network to SHC.

Jeffrey Lim joined SHC in Jan 2008.  He has accepted the role of leading all business network meetings for SHC members.  These gatherings are intended to cater to SHC members with business interests.  During the gatherings, members can gather together and network, with the objective of finding new business opportunities or extending their own business networks.

Business cards can be freely exchanged.  There can be talks, seminars, regular business chat and business travels.

Jeffrey will set the pace for the SHC business network.  The term is two years, ending Sep 2012.  MLM activities will continue to remain a taboo.

Jeffrey, thank you for accepting this new role.

Members, who would like to participate in the SHC business network, please register your name below.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Jeffrey Lim
  2. Terence Seah
  3. Robert Ong
  4. Fong Ten Meng
  5. Susan Chan
  6. Jassmine Teo
  7. Frank Kaw
  8. Rosalind Lee
  9. Jonathan Ong
  10. Lydia Chin
  11. Francis Mangalam
  12. Joan Wong
  13. Ivan Lim
  14. Christina Chan WH
  15. Laura Wee
  16. Peng Peng
  17. Jessie Teo
  18. Henry Yip
  19. Ronald Lee
  20. Pearlynn Tan
  21. Dave Tan
  22. Dolly Lim
  23. Ann Lim
  24. Rene Leong
  25. Anna Seet
  26. Stephen Low
  27. Sophia Lim
  28. This list will be maintained, and from time to time, you will be informed by Jeffrey on gatherings.

SHC Fleamart – Sat 20 Nov, now changed to Sat 11 Dec 2010

A date has been tentatively set for the next Fleamart, if not most likely, on Sat 20 Nov 2010.  Time is likely from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs.  Location is not firmed yet.

Members interested to take up a stall are encouraged to take note of this date and time.  If you have items for sale, you may indicate them under this Post.  Pre-orders are also encouraged.  Commercial items or products are not allowed.  So, go ahead, whether new items, old items, used items, sealed and packed edible items.

Any form of sale or advertising outside this Post not accepted, and likely will be deleted.  This is a once or twice a year event where selling is permitted, at the SHC Fleamart.

Where possible, the location will be opened to the public for the sale of products.  However, all stalls will be made available to SHCians only.

Suggestions or ideas welcome.  However, please do not be disappointed if any idea is not taken up.  Have fun.  And, of course, if you raise your hands to offer assistance, I will be most pleased; but again, please do not be disappointed if I do not pick it up.  But, no harm, trying too.

The plan is to concide this Fleamart with the November monthly gathering.

Terence Seah

Fleamart stalls list:

  • Stall 1: Terence Seah
  • Stall 2: Hou Chong
  • Stall 3: Anna Seet
  • Stall 4: Rosalind Lee
  • Stall 5: Constance Wong
  • Stall 6: Yat Sing
  • Stall 7: Frisna Tan
  • Stall 8: Lily Ho
  • Stall 9: Caroline Gee
  • Stall 10: Dan Huang
  • Stall 11: Agnes Seow
  • Stall 12: Boon Liang/Thomas Loh
  • Stall 13: James Tan
  • Stall 14: Ann Giri
  • Stall 15:  Alice Teo /And we stop here.  Interested still? You may find someone to co-share a table.

“Party services” for the young and old – maybe another idea

Now, back to my cranky thoughts.  We have discussed a number of ideas, something for our retirement days.  In line with the Blue Helmet concept, I am beginning to think that some of us can gather together to provide party services to the public – young and old.  Something which I think we can do, even if we are over 45.

Singapore has a bigger population of high-end PRs and new citizens.  Maybe more kids, more need to meet with fellow Singaporeans.  Maybe more generous and open to kids parties.  Singaporean families may be looking forward to bringing their kids friends together; and of course in a more relaxed mood.  Maybe as a business, we can provide party services to them.

Then, there is the older generation in Singapore.  I guess parties would be good.  Not simply cooked food in the house.  Maybe parties, at home or somewhere in a untouch spot in Singapore.  Maybe, kids are looking at more than just going to a restaurant.  A birthday party, an anniversary or even a family gathering.  A different father’s day or even a celebration for good school results.

I dont have all the ideas and plans; but I guess for those who are interested, we can get together.  Of course, some would like to be party organisers.  Alot of work; but I think this is something suitable for the over 45s who are looking for some work, hopefully exciting and rewarding.

Broadly, I would think this party services would take in some SHCians in different roles.

If you are interested, please drop a comment here, saying what you would be interested in.  Please do not email or sms me, as I prefer ideas to be shared.

Terence Seah