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I’ve always been interested in starting an online business but have yet to take concrete action because of a reluctance to move out of my comfort zone. Today in the Sunday Times there is an article about an online business in renting – “Just rent and save” – toys, cars, tools.. and once again I started dreaming… I have a few pieces of retro clothing – cat-suit, cheongsam..i think I can rent them out…my mind went.

Hmm, anyone else enthusiastic about starting an online business in renting out things? We could brainstorm over coffee. :) We could collaborate if feasible or start individual platforms. Wonder what the pitfalls are.


The brainstorming session will be held on Thursday 5th June.

Time: 2.30 – 4.30 p.m.

Venue: Dignity Kitchen.

Blk 267, Serangoon Ave 3 #02 -02


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About Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

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  1. Hi Jasmine

    I would like to join your session.

    Online business is now a very lucrative thing. Save money n reap the best profits. There are many modes of conducting online business, much depend on your business sizes. One can choose to do it on Ebay, Blogs n Online website. The cost of conducting online business can simply be zero or very costly depending on which mode you choose.

    • Hi Jassmine,

      I too like to encourage you and other SilverHairs to start an online business. Like what Yew Kwong had suggested, give it a try on eBay, gumtree, you may have it it on the nail with the right product matches the buyers interests.

      Dolly’s giveaways is similar to an online business, except she gives it away free.

      I hope more will participate and crack your heads and come together.

      From my experience with many newspapers in Asia, India and China, the printed media is losing advertising reach to the online media. I think one has to find the match. And the only way is to try.

      Terence Seah

  2. Hi Jassmine,

    I like to add, one of the key requirements of a successful online business is the ability to collect money quickly and conveniently.

    Singapore banks support Paypal/credit card. Collect and have the money transferred to a local bank. If we have enough interest from members, we can organise a session on “How to open a Paypal account”. Let’s see if any of our members can guide us through.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence
    Tks for your encouragement. Tks also for the advice about collecting money quickly. And learning ‘how to open a paypal account’ session is just great!

    Hi Yew Kwong
    Your presence at the brainstorming session will be invaluable. It’ll probably be held in the last week of May, on a weekday afternoon. Hope you could attend. Wonder if there are members with online business? Hope they could give us advice and tips.

    Hi Jac
    Welcome. Think about what you would like to rent out… Hope you could join the brainstorming on a weekday afternoon.


  4. I am keen. Weekday afternoon for the meeting wld be a challenge for me. Can we hv it weekday evenings. Or weekends. Or combine it with the roundtable group?

  5. Hi jassmine et all
    Yes I am interested in this business. lets start making money and get the excitement when the dough coming in without us having to do much!
    But this time it must be open to public (as you know there is not much taker in shc group)
    There are many things one can sell/rent but I would narrow it to more specific things and target the 45 and above.
    We can have 2 sections. 1. Rental only 2. Flea mart

    There are already several sites renting out costumes. We can still do this as long as our price is competitive but I would like to think “our” business is more unique like renting out Xmas tree (plus the decorations if required) parents, grand parents and relatives or guests for someone wedding, banquet, parties etc. (Of course SHE elderly care service can be incorporated or advertise here).

    I might not be able to attend your meeting if held this month but am gonna write you separately what things I can contribute for rentals as well as the website name I have in mind (must register quick once you get it before the site name is grabbed by any body else!).
    With yew kuang onboard there might be no problem about trouble shooting the website but if other IT savvy members would give us a hand it would be much better for the start up. Thank you!

  6. Wah! An online business… But renting out parents and grandparents,relatives and guests for someone’s wedding, banquet, etc…?
    I will certainly volunteer to be a guest as it means free makan and also getting paid… Do grandparents get more?

    It’s also Yew Kwong and not Yew Kuang unless you mean someone
    else… Yew Kwong is an expert at selling things on the internet and I think he can rent Christmas trees out of season; you’ve got a valuable partner!

    I think that ideas for an internet business can be viable but you have to start small before growing into your own website giant.

  7. Hi Lydia, Sally
    Hope to have the first meeting on a weekday afternoon. May be subsequent meetings (if any) could be held on weekends or evenings. Really hope to have your ideas for this online business in renting. :)

    Hi Mary
    Welcome. I may choose the first or second week of June to have the first brainstorming session instead of the last week of May as I have more time during the school holidays. Really hope you could make it. :)

  8. Hi Frisna
    WHOA! You are galloping too fast! lol! Your suggestions are interesting. At the brainstorming session we could discuss and see which ones are feasible. I like the sound of “our business” though. lol!
    The meeting is likely to be in June – 1st or 2nd week. Hope you could join us and we hear it from the horse’s mouth. :)

    Hi Kenneth
    I know there are mourners for hire, so it’s not such a far-fetched idea to have parents, grandparents for rent…lol! Depends on how it’s packaged.
    btw, Frisna spelt “Yew Kuang” coz she was galloping too fast! lol!

  9. Haha Jassmine

    You’re absolutely right… Professional mourners have been used for many societies including Chinese and Jewish funerals.

    However the Japanese do have professional parents, fiancées, and even friends they can hire to make a good impression either for an aspiring job or marriage.
    But they are a weird people… I use the word “weird” to mean odd, strange or puzzling and not as grotesque, horrible or spooky. To the Japanese, we Singaporeans are weirdly normal; but our view of them can be normally weird.

    Yes, Frisna, do continue to explore internet marketing and sales; I may have some items that I want to sell on your site. Hey, that’s an idea: why not get others to put up their items on your site… I know, eBay has already done that!

  10. Hi Jassmine and members,

    We have for almost a year organised our online Fleamart, led by Jassmine. I am glad to see this move on. Various items were put up for sale ie James”s Club memberships, Jass’s books, and Terence’s apartment for rent. Along the way, we had mass purchase ideas like Kenneth’s ovaltine. I too would give your online business, maybe A4 copy paper, toilet paper. And recently, we had Dolly’s project on items to be given away; she calls them Items to be blessed.

    I wish you and team members a successful plan ahead. Whether you go ahead alone, separately or as a team, if you need help, many members have experience in different areas. Keep asking.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Constance
    Welcome. :)

    Hi all enthusiastic members
    A little preliminary…
    The online business I have in mind is either a joint (SHC members) platform or our own individual platforms. I like the idea of members who are joint owners of the online business to be responsible for their part of the business – products…pricing… logistics. This way a more hardworking joint owner can earn more. Is it possible to have such an online business model?

    At the brainstorming session we will play by ear – but hope that we leave with more enthusiasm to start an online business! :)

  12. Hi Terence
    Thanks for the good wishes. Toilet paper I think no market, but A4 copy paper, yes. If price is , say 30% cheaper online, will ask all my friends to buy online. lol!

    Hi All enthusiastic members,
    Though the date for the brainstorming is not picked yet, the venue will be an eatery at Serangoon Central. Time will be 2.30 p.m. – 4.30pm. Will post the agenda asap. Do feel free to suggest a day in the first week of June. :)

    • Jassmine,

      Luckily, I am not in the tissue paper business. But I have to share with you this market info. In Singapore, we have a high percentage use, 8 on a scale of 10 and so little added demand. But, in India, it is 1 on a scale of 10, so plenty of new demand opportunities. So, if your online business covers India, I will join sell on your site.

      But, copy paper is continuing high usage, but prices are competitive. I saw on Giant, price at 3.80 for 1 ream 80 gsm. Now, it back to $4. Wow, your online business asking for 30% off market price. OK, I shall take this offer.

      What about mass buying, like ovaltine for Kenneth’s monthly consumption. Not familiar with prices, but mass buying, we can join your online business.

      Getting exciting. Others, please be comfortable to join the discussion.

      Terence Seah

  13. Copy paper? You’ll have delivery problems! Have you tried carrying one box of 5 reams? I don’t think it is a good product for online marketing… You need something small or light, high mark-up, with a unique and cute (kawaii) appeal.

    Haha, I leave it to the group to discuss and decide. Meantime, Serangoon Central is in my area of the woods, so kindly put my name down.

    And if you need a small aircon meeting room: there’s my condo just around the corner.
    And, at no charge!

  14. Hi Jassmine,
    I’m ok for a Tuesday, Thurs or Friday in the first week of June, i.e. the 3rd, 5th or 6th. Again, keeping my fingers crossed, hehe.
    I have lots of kiddies toys and games.
    May be we could take up Kenneth’s offer of his condo MPH. Btw, where is it?

  15. Hi Terence
    Will bring up the copy paper item and bulk buying at the brainstorming meet. Personally I’m interested in exploring the rental aspect. Didn’t know that 80gsm/ream copy paper is now so cheap at Giant. Did they source it from India? Lol!

    Hi Kenneth
    Welcome to the brainstorming meet and thanks for the offer of the little aircon meeting room in your condo. In this terribly hot weather we are having, we might just need to escape into your woods. :)

    Hi Mary
    Will kiv Thursday.

  16. Hi Jassmine

    Just let me know the date and I will book the room…it can comfortably take 10 to 12 of us. The place is called The Minton at Hougang Street 11/Upper Paya Lebar Road.

    Happy planning!

  17. Hi all enthusiastic members,
    Here it is.

    Brainstorming meeting: Agenda
    1. Introduction: Online business – way to go
    2. Online rental business: existing market -scope
    3. How does it work: The business model
    4. Delivery. Payment. Tracking the items. Indemnity
    5. Our interests: (i) Things to rent out – market potential
    (ii) What do we need to do to manage this business? IT skills?
    (iii) Collaboration: feasibility
    6. Next meeting (if any): agenda-setting

    Feel free to comment :)

    • Hi everybody,

      let’s add to Jassmine idea of an online business. It is going to take a lot of effort, starting an online business.

      If you have sold, bought or rent out items on an online website, please suggest the name of the website, and what you have done. Does it work for you? I am sure we can also learn from you.
      I had a chat with some of my young ex-colleaques, and they told me that online buying is only for young people. Outrightly, they told me seniors do not know how to use the net for online business. It seems they think that seniors do not trust online payment.

      Well Jassmine, from the feedback on your post, it seems that some of us feel otherwise. I have also been thinking what I can rent on your website. I thought of my breadmaker which I rarely use. Hmm, $5 a week, and return me a week later.

      Terence Seah

  18. Jassmine, online business is the way forward. But before we start thinking of how to get it started, we have to satisfy ourselves why are we doing this?

    As you know, I do organise monthly free talks in LKCC, around the 3rd Saturday, at 3PM to 5PM, mainly on IT. I can compliment your group discussion, on a holistic approach to achieve the same objective. At the moment I am quite tied up with my volunteer work in the library (NLB) teaching the 50plus, Internet, E-Comm, E-Entertainment, Social Networking, Facebook, Skype/Facetime and Internet Security. It is a 12-sessions course.

    If everything works well, I will schedule my view of online business sometime in late July. I can only confirm by first week of July.

  19. Dear Hew Lee
    Your free talks/courses are educational and informative. I wish I can attend the ones I’m interested in, but alas, I’m not always free on Sat afternoons. Hope that I can make it to one of your courses/talks in July.

    Your opinion regarding the online business is important to us, the group participating in the brainstorming session. Could you write your view on this thread so that we could refer to it in our discussion? Thanks. :)

    Hi Terence
    I think your bread-maker is a good appliance to rent out. If I were learning to make bread, I’d rent the equipment for practice before buying one. At $5 a week, it’s a real bargain!
    If you are in Spore on Thursday 5th of June (likely date for the brainstorming meeting), do join the brainstorming. Your input is important. :)

  20. Jassmine,
    My views are as follows:
    1. How to plan to make it happened
    2. How to sell (rent out in this case). Your business model. DIY yourself with some external help (some cash outflow) or through some big players like eBay, Amazon, etc. where you have to earn your stripes.
    3. How to reach your targeted customers
    4. Is your items offered still relevant in current lifestyles of Singaporeans.

  21. Hi Hew Lee
    Thanks for showing the content of your talk on e-commerce. The list of topics contains the info we – online entrepreneur wannabes – must know before we start an online business. After the brainstorming meeting, I will try to attend your talk on this in July. Is there a possibility of you joining the brainstorming meeting on Thursday 5th June?

  22. Hi Hew Lee
    It’s alright. Was just trying my luck. Will be using some of the topics in your list.
    at the brainstorming. Looking forward to your talks in July. :)

  23. Hi All enthusiastic members
    It will be good if we could combine our brainstorming meet with a little good deed. Hence I’ll like to choose Dignity Kitchen as the venue for our brainstorming meet. The place is above McCafe (MacDonalds) at Serangoon Central. It is rather quiet after the lunch hours and is more functional than cozy. The vendors are all people with some form of disabilities like deafness, autism etc. The supervisor is normal and can tell us a lot about this social enterprise.

    If you are a stranger to Serangoon Central, you could look for the Town Council block or Giant supermarket to locate McCafe which is at the next block. An escalator next to McCafe will bring you up to Dignity Kitchen.
    Btw, Serangoon Central is 5-10 minutes’ walk from the MRT station (both NE and Circle lines).

    Here are the details of the brainstorming meet:
    Date: Thursday 5th June
    Time: 2.30p.m. – 4.30p.m.
    Venue: Dignity Kitchen. Blk 267 Serangoon Ave 3, #02 – 02.
    Do indicate whether you are free to attend the brainstorming meet. Thanks.

    Frisna, Mary and Kenneth, could you confirm your attendance? Tks.

    You can have lunch at Dignity Kitchen too. It’s quite crowded with old folks but you can sing karaoke to entertain them (serious!). On every wed there’s free Bingo after lunch – may be we can have a date there one wed to sing to the old oldies! lol!

  24. Hi Jassmine,
    Yes I will be going. I’m also curious about Dignity Kitchen. I used to do voluntary work with the CPAS ( cerebral palsy asscn ) at Pasir Ris Dr 1 and enjoyed interacting with the people there.
    It’s a pity Dignity Kitchen is not nearby.

  25. Hi Mary, Ann, May Yoon and Kenneth
    Glad you all can make it. If you are afraid that you might be lost at Serangoon Central, e-mail me and I will give you my phone no. :)

    Hi Terence
    Your younger ex colleagues are generally right about us oldies being afraid of using online payment. I think we don’t like the hassle of pursuing the matter if our online payment goes missing. Methinks, when these IT savvy youngsters become victims of online scams, they’ll very likely sing a different tune!

    • Hi Jassmine and members who have parcels to send to buyers in Singapore,

      I read Singpost starts Saturday and 24 hour delivery in the Straits Times. It’s 5.99 for a parcel under 2kg. Size 32x25x10cm.

      I think it’s next day delivery.

      Was thinking of finding who makes cakes within the club, but then realising it arrives the next day, may be a bit too late.

      Let’s keep thinking.

      Terence Seah

  26. Hi Jassmine,
    As I need to work on most of Thursdays, I will not be able to join all of you for the coming brainstorming session on 5th June 2014.

    If one has the right product, it will be a lucrative business. Can take a look at Qoo10 website to check on the top seller products. Also, we may need to band together to stay lean and trim in cost, eg courier service as retailers may have to provide free shipping to be competitive.

    I hope all of you have a fruitful session.


  27. Hi Frisna
    V. glad that you are able to join us. C u there! :)

    Hi Jac
    Pity you can’t join the brainstorming. You mentioned Qoo10. This company takes 10% commission, so this means we have to factor in the commission when pricing our items. The other thing you mentioned is the ‘right’ product. Yes, we will brainstorm the products we have in mind and see which ones have the potential to be the right products. And banding together to save on some costs is what I thought too. Thanks for your input. Hope to meet you at the second meeting if there’s one. :)

  28. Hi Constance
    Welcome. C u there. :)

    Hi to all who are coming for the brainstorming and to those who are not sure yet,

    I have revised the agenda to include more time for discussion on selling things and have also included a discussion on selling at Qoo10. Here is the revised agenda:

    Brainstorming meeting: Agenda
    1. Introduction: Online business – way to go
    2. Online rental business: existing market -scope
    3. How does it work: The business model
    4. Delivery. Payment. Tracking the items. Indemnity
    5. Our interests: (i) Things to rent out or sell – market potential
    (ii) What do we need to do to manage this business? IT skills?
    (iii) Collaboration: feasibility
    (iv) Selling at Qoo10: pros and cons
    6. Next meeting (if any): agenda-setting

  29. Hi All enthusiastic members
    Good news! There is free wifi at Dignity Kitchen! Do bring your laptop to the brainstorming if it is convenient. We will access Qoo10 and see how this big, online mall operates. :)

  30. Hi Mary
    Noted that you can’t attend the brainstorming because of babysit obligation. Do share your ideas on the forum that we may use them in our brainstorming. :)

    Hi to all enthusiastic members
    Pre-brainstorming preparation
    There are numerous things being sold online and competition is very keen. How are we, the new kids-on-the-block, going to beat the competition? Fellow online business enthusiasts, look at the things you are thinking of selling or renting out (or your ideas) and share at the brainstorming, your solution to beating the competition. If you are not sure, don’t worry, the brainstorming group will, I’m sure, offer some suggestions. ?
    Another thing we can do from now till the brainstorming day is to think up creative ideas for new markets or niche markets. Most probably our minds will draw a blank, but the attempt to think creatively will prime our minds for the brainstorming session. ?
    Finally take a look at Qoo10. Are you interested in selling there for a start?
    Cheers :)

    • Hi Jassmine and members interested in online business,

      I like to share with you something which I find works. In this case, I am the buyer. I wanted to buy a breadmaker in Australia. I got into, search for a breadmaker and found one within 15 mins. Called the owner, drove to her place and bought a used breadmaker for AUD 30, which she had used for 3-4 times. Australians make and eat bread daily.

      In gumtree Singapore, it is difficult to find an used breadmaker because I think we don’t make bread but rather buy. So, different countries have different products.

      In Singapore, what sells? Hitech stuff, branded goods, cars, property, …

      I think we can help Jassmine’s idea by sharing our success stories.

      Terence Seah

  31. Wow! Jass you got very gung-ho spirit indeed!
    We aren’t even the new kids on the block yet and thinking how to beat the competitionalready ! Like the song….”.Th at’s the way, ar ha, ar ha, ….I like it…ar ha ar ha…..”

    I have some ideas to ponder over…

    1) Are we offering recycle, pre-owned items or brand new products?
    2) Who are our targets? Infants, young adults, seniors, male, female?
    3) Capital , cost, administration, space…etc ?

    Shall discuss further when we meet.


  32. Hi Constance
    Yes I already see some of us taking the first steps into online selling! Lol! I shall share an idea I have in mind for a new or niche market and have a good laugh over it if it’s not feasible. I also believe in the value of retro stuff and have a retro product in mind (not clothing) and hope to update this product from a bygone age and make it fashionable again. Let me think some more…lol!

    Hi Terence
    Thank you for sharing your online buying experience. So now we know where you got your breadmaker. Lol!

  33. Hi to enthusiastic members coming to participate in the brainstorming,
    In the ST today there’s an article about the opening of yet another foreign online store in S’pore. Why does a major foreign online store feel the need to jump into the S’pore market when we are such a small market and there are already three big foreign online stores operating here? Hope to discuss the possible reason(s) in the brainstorming for a better understanding of the online business in Spore and globally.

    Hey Yew Kwong
    Are you able to join the brainstorming on Thursday? Your input is important.

    Cheers :)

  34. Hi to all enthusiastic members coming to the brainstorming,
    A gentle reminder: Tomorrow is the meeting day. If we are lucky, we’ll have a guest speaker who has an online business coming to give us her views on doing online business. Keep fingers crossed. See you all tomorrow at 2.30p.m. :)

  35. The rain did not deter the five of us from attending the brainstorming meeting this afternoon. We spoke about advertising on major online stores and about sharing a business website where each partner gets his own page. The latter seems a good idea except that no one is free enough to monitor and perform the admin work. The solution is to pay someone to do it.
    The guest spoke about the frequent demand on one’s time when one runs an online business. The solution again is to pay someone to do the tedious, nitty gritty work. Kenneth shared his relatives’ successful online business of producing little pieces of craftwork.
    There being no other matter the group started to pack up when suddenly they became very excited when they heard there was a turf club outlet nearby! The interested quickly rushed off to buy toto and were pleased as Punch when they got their coupons and the group disbanded on that happy note! :)

  36. Hi all online business wannabes

    There’s always a positive side to things… Yes, Jassmine, you may not have achieved the objective you wanted but we’ve made a start. And just realizing that everything is possible and do-able is just as important as taking that first step!

    I am not really keen on starting an online business… I was more interested to learn what you guys were thinking of doing, kaypoh lah! And yes, opportunity does come to those who knock, or, as in my case, learning and discovering when a subject or topic is discussed… and coincidentally coming across a possible answer to your business quest.

    You see, I was updating myself on the latest news on Bukit Brown cemetery (where some of my illustrious ancestors are buried) when I came across this blog on Bangkok by a Singaporean. He had an impressive article on Tan Tock Seng’s family links to Thailand, but more interestingly he was using a website link he discovered to fulfill his ambition to write or contribute something worthwhile to others.

    Please checkout; I think we can do some things online with the help of this site. At first glance it also works with WordPress so we could maybe link SHC business to it? Could it further our online aspirations?

  37. Hi Kenneth
    This line in your comment caught my attention : “could it further OUR online aspirations?” Are you including yourself in the “ online aspirations”? I hope so. lol!
    The site you mentioned has a wonderful write-up but it is actually selling its products/services. There are free guides on constructing websites. May be we could help one another create a (business?) website based on the free guides available on the net. We could do this at your castle er.. I mean condo meeting room. lol! :)
    Regarding websitelinking, someone at the brainstorming mentioned every click at a link means the website owner has to pay. About linking SHC (SHE?)to our website i.e. if we have one – I think may be Terence can answer whether it’s okay with SHC/SHE.

  38. Heehee, Jassmine

    You noticed my slip… I meant YOUR online aspirations… of course!

    I did not delve further into the site’s features but it was used by this Singaporean guy to started a blog on Bangkok and subsequently made it an online “business”.

    I was only interested in his article tracing my family’s connections with the Thai royalty at that time. Anna Leonowens, the English tutor featured in The King and I, Rogers and Hammerstein musical and the later Anna and the King film with Chow Yun Fatt, was introduced by my family ancestor Tan Kim Ching to the then King Mongkut of Siam.

  39. Hi Jassmine,
    Recently, you had a brain-storm session on the Online Business. Are you thinking and planning your next steps. If there is anthing, we can do to help bring this to fruit, please let us know.

    I am aware a number of members are also interested in thoughts of an online business. Most of some ideas or plans. Athough the thought of success and or failure is a worry.

    Please keep the idea going. Dont give up.
    Hew Lee is starting a talk, so I am sure this will help add in the momentum.l

    Terence Seah

  40. Hi Terence
    I think the idea of a shared business website is good for a start. Some costs will be involved. Will explore the idea further when I have the time. :)

  41. Hi Terence
    Sat mail parcel deliveries is the direct result of increased online shopping. If you send your parcel on Fri before the cut-off time, the parcel will be delivered on Sat. Very fast! Within S’pore we can make personal deliveries at MRT stations or pay someone to do the delivery.
    If you are looking for delivery of home-baked cakes that remain fresh, I’m sure there’s a way. Just need some hard thinking…lol! :)

  42. On Sat 25 Oct, we will have a discussion for members who would like to offer their products or services online. The concept is similar to what earlier groups had discussed.

    ** Sellers decide if their products or services are listed online.
    ** Sellers decide how they will handle payment for their products – online via paypal, credit card or NETs.
    ** Sellers also decide how their products or services are to be despatched or offered to the buyer; by Post, courier or motorcycle delivered, personally or self collect.
    ** Sellers decide how their products or services are to be marketed and advertised.

    I am offering a product “Adult Diapers” which I think all elderlies would need if they have urinary or motions difficulties”.

    Let’s discuss your product or service. We can meet at the next Business networking meeting on Sat 25 Oct 2014 at Hans, Upper Pickering 1500 hours.

    Terence Seah

  43. Here is an update on the set up of the online shop to offer Adult Diapers online. We have commissioned a small IT group to set up the online store, with ecommerce. It is almost finished, and I think the guys will have the site ready very soon.

    Generally, for those who have communicated with me, most of you have a product or service in mind. I am impressed that some of you have products which are suitable for elderlies and seniors. However, many have requested for more time to determine the prices that they would like to sell, how they are going to store and deliver the goods to the buyers. Take your time.

    For a start, an to encourage more participation, the online store will sell Adult Diapers from Certainty, a No 1 seller of adult diapers in Thailand. The diapers will come into Singapore in bulk and in containers.

    I see it will take some time for you to determine the products you have in mind, although you may find it quite challenging to sell online. Dont give up.
    Some experience members have suggested using gumtree, yahoo, and other online classifieds sites. Go ahead and keep your head thinking.

    Terence Seah

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