Freaky tGiF Nite

Freaky tGiF nite
18 Jun
7pm till jus be4 midnite
Oxford Hotel
Hi folks, another party nite…a sequel to Sat nite fever!! 
This time round, I rope in the gracious mamasan aka the warm Northern tea lady aka the dancing Queen, to be co EO…..tada…….our one and only Sue Chan!!!. A small committee has been set up. Several people have been roped in to help make the party THE party for some 40 odd SHC members!!! Oxford is a small place, cant take in more. 
Lets make it a freeeaky nite OK? Feel the music, shake the body, lets dance the nite away…a little bit of funk, a liltle bit of line and a little bit of rock and roooollll! Yea!!!
$18 per pax

(as charged by Oxford Hotel, for the international buffet spread, 11 dishes and free flow of coffee/tea/orange juice)

Those SURE COMING, pls make payment to the following by Sun 9 May midnite:

Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645.

After which, we will open up to the WAIT.

Sure coming :

  1. Pilot June Lim
  2. Mamasan Sue Chan
  3. Captain Terence Seah…..PAID
  4. Dan Huang
  5. Joy Chuang
  6. Bernard Chan
  7. Lena Wang
  8. Henry Yip
  9. Karen Thio……..PAID
  10. Sockie…………..PAID
  11. Irene Poh………PAID
  12. Rene Leong……PAID
  13. Judy Lim………..PAID
  14. Tang Yat Sing
  15. Andrew Yeung
  16. Pauline Ho……PAID
  17. Lee Ah Nee
  18. Lily Ho
  19. Dolly Lim
  20. Oi Cheng
  21. Yew Kwong
  22. Constance Wong
  23. Clarice
  24. Agnes Seow
  25. Eyvonne Chew
  26. Bira
  27. Chin Boon
  28. Boon Liang
  29. Janet Chan
  30. Molly Chua
  31. Ann Giri
  32. Hamidah……….PAID
  33. Karen Wong….PAID
  34. Pharis…………..PAID
  35. Daniel Ong…….PAID
  36. Michael Tan
  37. Ann Lim
  38. Jennifer Lim…..PAID
  39. Xiang Xiang…..PAID
  40. Veronique Lee..PAID
  41. Pat Lee
  42. Alicia Lim
  43. Mary Chan
  44. Freda Lim…….PAID
  45. AndrewKoh

On Wait List :

  1. Susan Tan
  2. James Tan
  3. Ann To
  4. Susan Chang
  5. Norlinda
  6. Thomas Loh
  7. Lina Ng
  8. Kim Leong
  9. Gingko
  10. Ronald Lam
  11. Marg Tian
  12. Francis M
  13. Lydia Chin
  14. Gwyneth
  15. HouChong
  16. Sue(Ann Giri’s fren)
  17. Eileen Thean
  18. LaiFong
  19. Alfred Ang

125 thoughts on “Freaky tGiF Nite

  1. Well done June. You are our TGIF girl. Glad we are able to link the event to your friday message. Also, glad you brought in Sue.

    I have blocked this date in my diary. So, will be looking forward to it. I also think the place is just great too.

    Terence Seah

  2. Way to go! June, in the footsteps of our inspirational Captain, Terence, I’ve also blocked the date, please count me in. Thanks!.

  3. dear june
    thank you for organising this event, pls count us in rene leong, judy lim & myself.(all members)
    cheers !!

  4. wa lala June, glad dat u intend 2 hv another nite fever again, still can remembered our last event lor.. unfortunately dun noe what kind of work sch here so I cant chop a plc 1st lor.. cheers… Dolly

  5. I am getting of the house on June 18 to join your ‘freaky nite’ See you then, June! Thanks. Yatsing

  6. Good morning. Thanks for the support. I see 9 (kau) handsups…auspicous start to 18 (sup fatt) Jun nite……:-)))

    It wld be perfect if my the first Sat nite fever committee makes it. They will surely hve a place in freaky tGiF nite :-))). Very the good man, if they come I will get to see 2 guys!!! I miss one of the guys much..:-))))))))

  7. Hey, karen

    Your C#4, why only you and Sockie, and leave me out, ???.

    Hi June

    One more supporter, count me in please. Thanks

  8. Hi June & Sue

    With you two as the EO and Co-EO plus Irene Poh msging me late last nite, how to say “no”, rite ? ^_^

    Pls reserve one slot for me… (^_~)

    Thanks – Pauline

  9. Ah June wei……I like your Freaky tGiF nite, so don’t leave me out. Will it be a Disco nite or mixture of social dances or simply shake your booties……. ;)

    Ah Nee

  10. Continue…..June, that guy hor, very busy “tak Kar chia”, always said got appointment…..very difficult for him to join leh ????

    Ah Nee

  11. Hi Nee…I think the one I miss dont “”tak kar chia””. Or has he taken up? He belongs to someone we both know. Are we talking abt the same person? :-))))

    Hope Lena can come :-))

  12. In reply to AhNee’s question…””Will it be a Disco nite or mixture of social dances or simply shake your booties…….””
    It will be a mixture of sorts, some disco, some line dancing, some social dancing. If only 1 form, people gets bored.

  13. Dance is a celebration….a celebration of joy, a celebration of freedom etc.

    I see my old mama, a very strong and independant lady now getting less and less mobile bec her legs getting weaker due to diabetes and her knees hurting her more and more. I fear immobility.

    Frankly I am very lazy to do this freaky tgif nite. But then I love dance, esp the hot music…and I recently came across the liner in a book…Dance is a celebration…So ok lah, why not…to hve another nite of joy and laughter in my life.

    And hello, I am not a good dancer OK!!!…stiff like anything and I can never remember dance steps….but I just love the hot music, let go and just feel the music in me!!! Sound like real right? :-))))

  14. I really hope to see people like me, come and enjoy that nite, dance to celebrate mobility!!!….Feel the music in you, get up and dance. U need not wait to hve a guy come ask you for a dance. That is outdated. That is fashionable in the 60s and 70s. This is 2010. Anyway at our age, why wait…jus do it!!! yea NIKE!!!

  15. Dear JuneLim,

    Your post heading “Freaky tGIF Nite” definitely sound exciting and funky…and not to be missed … please include me for a night of bone shaking exercise.(*_*)

    Thank you.

  16. Wah lau eh June

    Suddenly I noticed my name in your committee. This is a case of – “sian chan ho cho”. Haha… you don’t understand this Mandarin adage do you? Nevermind…. nothing bad.

    Yes Ma’am, am honoured to be in your committee. Just let me know what you want me to do.

    At your service
    Lily :)

  17. Hi Sis June and Sue

    I support you! Would like to join the TGIF, pls include me. Thank you:)

  18. Hi June

    This time definitely no “tak kar chia” except “kar tak chia”. I shall park my “kar chia” at home for that nite. Long time no go dancing liao.

  19. Hi June and Sue

    Wow, this is exciting, please count me in. Mmmm…another reason to go dress up and boogie ya


  20. Hi June

    From your C#15, you said there will be line dances, wow, my cup of tea. Can I suggest that when you decide which line dances to be done that night, give their names in advence, so we can practise them at home.

    Hi Lily

    “sian chan ho cho” should be “????“, am I right? Same meaning as “????” ha ha. Sorry, just joking

  21. Halo Andrew Yeung

    “????”very different meaning hor!!
    “????“ is do first, report later, while
    “????” is being forced into marriage due to pregnancy, ie. shortgun marriage leh. WTH.!.!
    Like what Dolly said: at our age “?” also don’t have, where got “?” hah?? You tire of living issit…?

  22. Hi June,
    Missed last year’s TGIF, must support you this year.
    Count me in. Tks

  23. Hi June,

    Good of you and the committee to organise this. I like to be included in this freak-out event. Please include me. I am persuading a friend (Susan Tan) to sign up as member, so can sign up for this too. Please reserve a seat for her first, can?

  24. Hehe…I thot I wait till lunch time to reply..even Sue called me a while back…..So I will make this short..otherwise kena “chiak ka ki”….!!!..Feelong so excited already by the responses.

    Constance, Clarice, Eyvonne, Bira, AnnGiri, ChinBoon…welcome and thanks v much for the support.

    Lily…u come and enjoy yourself that nite pls. Sue is getting some others to help out in the committee. But may get you to lead Nite Fever and Macarena that nite (my favourites)…:-)))

    YewKwong…YES!!!!! so many of us will be very happy. If we dont see u that nite, u habis!!! :-))

    Agnes….u always dress for the occasion….so dress something to freak out the Capitan…:-))))

    Andrew Y….yes some line dances that nite…but simple elementary ones, the EO cant remember more than 5 steps!!! :-)) Sue has roped in Hamidah to do us the honor of leading the line dances.

    BoonLiang…..she is coming too? :-)))

    Molly….yes, we mus do the TWIST!!!

    Btw, Sue is such an enthusiatic lady!!! She adds to the excitement. EOs out there, u know who to target as co EO next time..:-)))

  25. Dear Agnes, Boon Liang & Clarice,

    Great Supporters of all events! The EOs are equally pleased to have your participation on that ‘freaky nite’, come dressed in your ‘Retro Best’!

    Am just as glad to be supporting a vivacious June as Co-EO, one who’s full of ideas & enthusiasm in creating a fulfilling evening for all members.

    Do appreciate members’ support in meeting the targeted headcount as this would certainly facilitate in us making earlier arrangements with the hotel concerned. Cost-wise, the EOs will possibly negotiate for the best minimal charge per pax which will be announced sometime next month.


  26. Andrew-Y, ???????????????????????????? ?? Dan-H’s Chanting Nite ????????????????

    With Andrew’s ??18???, ??????????????June-L, with him around, ?????????

    Lily-H, “no egg” so what’s the problem? In fact, even better. She makes the choice. Insert in an ostrich egg, she gets half an Andrew, half an ostrich……..likewise, if it’s a duck egg. ???? is not unheard of……

  27. Hi June & Sue,
    If U need someone to carry those heavy stuff type of work, just give me a call. Thanks for organising!!

    Prom night is here again !!……..Everybody…..Sing…
    …………………We’re for each other like
    A wop ba-ba lu-mop and wop bam boom
    Just like my brother is
    Sha na na na na na yip-pit-y dip de boom
    Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop
    We’ll always be together
    Wha oooh yeah!
    We’ll always, be together
    We’ll always be together
    We’ll always be together……………….

  28. Dear EO June,

    Do register Alicia Lim who’ll be joining us for that Freaky Nite, as she’s unable to log-in SHC website due to a technical glitch.


  29. Hi June

    Happy to hear another round of Nite Fever as I missed last year’s event due to overseas friend’s visit. Count me in, I support you lah. Pls also register my friends Karen Wong & Pharis (SHC members), tks.

  30. Hi Henry #32,

    Extremely chivalrous of you to offer help to us ladies ~ greatly appreciated!

    Do drop us your contact number at these emailaddresses: @ We shall be happy to have you lead & sing us the song on that Freaky Nite!


  31. Alamak…as usual, gals outnumber guys. Where are all the guys?

    Wei wei EO & Co-EO, you both are excellence! pls put in another name, Michael Tan for this freaky nite. Thank you. ;)

    Ah Nee

  32. Wow !! EOs, only 2 days and the
    numbers are growing fast and furious,
    details or not, nvm, just count me in.

    Cheers …….

  33. Dear Sue
    Pls could you add these names as I cant edit my post…;
    Karen Wong
    Daniel Ong
    Michael Tan
    Ann Lim
    Jennifer Lim
    Xiang Xiang
    Veronique Lee
    Pat Lee…..she cant log in to forum

    Henry Yip…thanks a heap for the offer…doubt there will be any heavy stuff though….u must come and enjoy yourself and that would make Sue and myself very happy already!!!

    Dearest Tim…u coming or not. There will always be a place for you…u need not be a no. to meet my quota…:-)) Fellow members out there, jus want to let u know that this guy may hve a temper but he got the softest heart.
    And then hor, I see JuneL in your #31 with lots of ching ching chong chong characters!!! I took Malay as my 2nd language….so I shuld be thankful that I cant read what u wrote??? :-)))

  34. Oh…add Alicia Lim too….
    I remember her at the Northern tea session….very classy lady. I hope her prescence will make the nite a “hot hot” nite.
    Sorry Alicia…putting pressure on you right? :-))
    I am the one who wore purple with the pearls all over the front.

  35. Talking abt pearls, the one who got “steamed” by my pearls…u coming or not? :-)

  36. Mary…so glad to hear u coming!!

    Wah, several hot babes coming…I mean all coming are hot babes, but there are several hot hot babes among them…:-)))

  37. Hamiday…….some kind of holiday? The day which commemorates Hamid’s first laugh?

    Haha, and I got “Dearest” from you somemore. ”????“???, 2nite cant sleep liao.

    And better that you dunno what I told Andrew-Y…….element of surprise when you see what acrobatics he can do at yr TGIF.

    Seriously, I dont think I have ghost of a chance to make up the number this time. Because of very good responsee – credit to you – good if others have the first bite. ????????

    So fun, can interspersed my write with Chinese words now………

  38. Hi Ann Giri

    As this is a SHC’s event, partcipants must be confirmed members. Pls get Susan Tan to sign up soonest. As there are also members holding similar names, please submit full name. Thanks.


  39. Hi June/Sue

    I’ll be coming. Wow already 41 people anyway i won’t take up space on the dance floor as I can’t dance………


  40. Hi June / Sue Chan,

    Pls include James Tan & me in this ‘hot hot’ nite!

    susan tan

  41. June, your freaky nite is getting hotter & hotter, how can MAS gals don’t support you…pls include Ann To, Norlinda and Susan Chang. Also @#13, you are calling out for Lena, I think you meant Lina Ng. Pls put her name down too….. :)

    Ah Nee

  42. June Dear,

    Just got a call from Thomas Loh who’s game to join us for this Freaky Nite, not sure if you’re able to register his name or Admin to do the necessary editing.


  43. June

    Please put in another supporter “Janet Chan” on the wait list.


  44. No price stated but still sold-out in under 40 hours…….must be a SHC record !

    Now, if June-L lets her entrepreneurial juice work a bit harder, she will price it at a very affordable SGD250/pax since nobody has asked for the price so it’s not an issue at all.

    And with a wait list building up weeks ahead of the funtastic nite, she can satisfy the binge by getting me to erect……………………………a temporary tent next to the Oxford but of cos in here, she will have to charge closer to SGD25, still with a lot of $$$ left to pom-cha-pom with me after midnite at the more pompous D’Amigo opposite.

  45. Sorry Hamidah, type too fast:-))).

    FredaLim…u sure u will enjoy yourself sitting by the side? “”Ka Ka””(brave brave) go down and shake your booties..

    Hey Sue…the lawyer has spoken…shall we? That’s a lot of money…we can go with Lily to Taiwan and visit Dolly in Haikou and still hve plenty left.

    Susan Tan/James Tan…u are in wait list but got hope…nearer date, sure got dropouts..:-))

    KimLeong…your name is in wait list.:-)

    ha lah…GingKo..u missed Sat Nite fever right? But it is still early. U may get to go freaky :-))

    My dear CatYeo..where art thou? :-))

  46. Wah … so fast wait list already, ah! Selling like hot cakes!

    Please put me on wait list also, can?

    Thanks, Lydia.

  47. Hi Tim

    ??, ??

    Ha, ha Lily,

    like that, make the sentence into a pair lor

    “????“then “????” ??

  48. Dear TGIF June,

    Yes I can hear you calling #55.

    I can still remember the first Sat Nite fever at Oxford and it was certainly a success. Now a sequel to that first dance nite how exciting!

    Regrettably though, on that date I should be somewhere onboard a liner and cruising the Alaskan coastline. Yup all reservations made and desposits paid so I am not able to change the dates. What a pity I am going to miss the excitement.

    However you have a superb Co-EO onboard and it will be another roaring nite no doubt. Will definitely participate in the next one, next year?

    Have fun guys and gals!!!!

  49. Oh yeah…..EO & Co-EO, another guy is coming, please include Hou Chong in your name list. Thanks!

    Ah Nee

  50. Hi Admin,

    As requested in 46, Friend Susan Tan has registered as Sue. June, can please register her as one of the participants. Thanks

  51. Names added in as requested, thanks.

    CatYeo…Bon Voyage..! :-)

    Sue….did we miss adding Andrew Koh’s name to the top list? He is in the committee right?..Suddenly this guy with 2 flat heads came to mind..!?!

  52. June Dear,

    Andrew Koh did sms me that he maybe travelling during that particular week, hence, he’s unable to confirm his participation. Nonetheless, Andrew will certainly be sharing with us some inspirational jokes/games closer to the event. Preferably, his name should be added to the Registration List too.

    Like that phrase of yours, ..’guy with 2 flat heads’?? haha

    Cheers Sweetie!

  53. Hi June

    I know I’m late, most likely going to miss this Freaky nite!!!
    Anyway put me on WAITING LIST….

    Lai Fong

  54. helo2..
    Bootie or boogie..i shall sell chapatti outside Oxford if im unable to joget2!..also fun!..hahaha

  55. Hi Norlinda

    Good idea, I have chopped a place for the night. May be you sell chapatti outside and I sell inside to gain a pretty fortune.

    Long time have not say hello to you, how are you.

  56. Hi AndrewY..
    Finally u are back!..not only din see u for quite a while…
    u seem vanish in the mist somewhere?…hehe
    Im fine,thank you …but u dont potong jalan la…don curi my chapatti idea…can u sell something else inside?..surely
    u hve better than roti …hahaha

  57. Hi Folks,
    Alamak alrdy overcrowded. Got room to squeeeze me in ?
    Maybe must try the kitchen door lah!
    I was out of town past week , just got back .
    Hey Norlinda,
    we can joget outside if nobody buys yr chapati …hehe!

  58. Ronald and Alfred, your names are in the wait list liao.

    fip..Oxford says they are expanding their cafe space…so next round Wild Wild West should be able to take up to 100 members…:-)

  59. Hi EOs June #29 & Sue

    Thank you for giving me the honor to lead the linedancing session during your TGIF nite.

    Hello Andrew #23

    I’m now searching for simple line dances so that any linedancers would be able to dance them. I need to check first with the EOs on time duration given for LDance session. Don’t worry once confirmed I will list them down at this post so that you and other linedancers can practise these dances at home.

  60. thank u thank u so much Hamidah …and yes, simple elementary line dances pls so that 2-left footed June can join in. :-)….pls include One Step Forward, Two steps Back. Cant remember other names. Leave in your good hands.

  61. Thanks Hamidah, you see, have not done the linedances for so many months, my left leg are becoming the right leg, (different from the 2- left footed June), so may be some operation is required to change it back again before that night, ha ha

    Happy to follow you dance once again.

  62. Helo EO Junie

    Apa macam must wait next round..?
    Extend now kesian so many of us all lineup at the gate..hey…boleh gatecrash,susah tau!..haha

  63. Hi June #72 & Andrew #73

    You’re most welcome & will take note on your request for 1 step Fwd dance.

    Haha Andrew you’re no different to June lah. she’s got 2 left foot & you 2 right, so to conclude, still NO PERFECT legs. Suggest both of you go for Op asap & swop legs so that you all can get adapted using each others legs & be ready to dance for TGIF nite. Me too looking fwd to dance beside you dat nite hee..hee.

    Hi Nor #74
    Kesian you kena wait outside the gate. You go chiak hong too long lah dats why kena wait list.

  64. Alamak Midah&75…
    Mana ada chiak hong? was posted Saturday 3Apr..that time me & family were at PortDickson(went up on Thurs)..balek on Sunday,where got time to peep at pc…
    When gelek2 to ofis on Monday all tickets snapped up like super hot cakes!..apa macam?…hhmmm

    Aiyo! bopian la…hopefully EO can ‘pang chan’!…hehe

  65. Hi June,

    What’s the cost of this event and does it cover food?
    When is payment due date?


  66. Hi James, will post the cost and tentative programe soon. I target myself to do it by end this week or early next week.

  67. James-T, for standard cost you get standard food consisting of 1 lormaigai, 1 humchimpan, 2 charsiew pau, 1 banana and 2 rambutans.

    Pay a bit more, you’ll get a mermaid swimming to you…….every additional $ cuts 1 year off her age.

    Pay thrice as much at d amigo across the road, you’ll get to feast on abalones and be spoilt like a duke till you puke and fill the chute.

  68. Hi folks…time to make payment pls..

    Food (International Buffet Dinner)
    11 dishes and free flow of coffee/tea/orange juice
    $18 per pax (as charged by Oxford Hotel)

    Those on the confirmed list, pls make payment to the following by Sun 9 May midnite:
    Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645.
    After which, we will open up to the wait list.


  69. And here’s what in store that nite….

    8-11 pm thereabt…Dance (disco, line dances, social dances) and games.
    In all, 3 hrs of dancing, 1 hr of games and laughter, thereabt.

    Dan is in charge of the games.
    Hamidah is taking care of the line dances.
    JamesTan and SueChan are taking charge of the social dances.
    It is a dance nite, so there wont be any performances.
    Hamidah will come up with easy to do/follow line dances so that all can participate.
    The titles of the line dances would be made known at a later date.

    For those attending tgif nite, who are keen to learn or revise the Line dances, pls feel free to contact Hamidah.
    Practices would be held in her house (near Jln Kayu) either on a Sat or Sun afternoon, on her hubby’s working day.
    Not more than 10 pax per group pls.

    10Q :-)

  70. Well done, our TGIF girl and assistants. I like your positive spirit, and I hope many more will adopt some of your footsteps. Well, I am going to let me hair down, and for those who think you cannot dance, come join the fun.

    Terence Seah

  71. Hi Joy

    1st time remitting $$ to your account but the Standard Chartered Bank that I use; is requesting me to insert the account holder’s name…. (>O<)

    Just wanna check and confirm that “Joy Chuang” is the account name… or if you’re using your Chinese name, could you pls send it to my email (if you wish to keep it as confidential)… ^_^

    Sorry for the trouble ya… (#_#)

    Cheers – Pauline

  72. Hi JuneL,

    As usual, I love songs and dances which just allows me to move my left and right foot sideways. Dont mean to be chicky, but 15 mins, can? So, I can get ready?

    Terence Seah

  73. Tsk-tsk…. Tim-san

    Behave ya… ~(=_=)~ Don’t anyhow make fun of people’s name… not very nice ‘k….

    Ah dui… you make me sound like my mom liao lah.. (!_!)

  74. Good Morning…took me a full minute to figure out whats move left and right foot sideways….:-))))) aiyah just say “lumsing”!!! Sure have boss. JamesTan has included some lumsing music.

  75. Die, my freaky tgif post is now buried by other posts. And I know that not many members look at latest comments (I am one of them). So members who signed up for freaky tgif, may not know tht it is time to pay up now….

  76. dear june/joy
    had transfer $18/= this morning, thank you and looking forward to a nite of fUn. hooray !!


  77. ??Pauline-H,????????????

    It was a direct translation of “joy” which can mean ???????????????????? are surnames. The word “?” in “??” puns on the correct word “?” which means to “make payment”. In any case, “??” means to “get into the fold” i.e into the party where it will all happen.

    So, far from making fun of another’s name, I can envision Joy Chuang now in delirious mirth celebrating what that beautiful name can also convey………

    ???????, ????????????

  78. June,
    You are very sharp. Now I’ve the pressure (or pleasure) of
    choosing good “lumsing” music.

    If you have chosen your hot “disco” numbers, pls zip
    and send them to for compilation to
    CD. As Hamidah is bring her own line dance CD, I’ll leave
    out her portion.

    Thank you.


  79. ??(haha)… Tim-san

    ????????????????????? ?????? !! (>_<)
    (I know lah.. Just play a joke with you only. Also I don’t wanna play liao.. Call until I’m so “old”…).. (^_~)

    ???Joy????.. (I go “chat” with Joy better…)..

    Hi Joy

    Hope you’ve received my “long” email last nite… Same as Irene Poh, I’ve paid up too… Erh.. got “kiasu” discount anot… (hahaha….) (^_~)

  80. Yes why not? for the freaky fun of it!!

    Irene Poh and Pauline Ho gets $2 off each. :-))
    I am serious. And I am sure my co host Sue will not come after me. :-)

    Kiasu discount good for today only. ;-)

  81. Hi JuneLim #93

    For the Freaky FUN of it, I have already made paymt 1 hr ago ( UOB 2 days delay ).

    It pays to be Kiasu !! Hooray!! LOL

  82. OK…I owe you and Irene Poh $2 each. :-)
    Pls remind me that nite…u know lah at my age, lots of reminders needed :-))))

  83. Waaahhhh… June-san

    ????????… !! (Joodan desu yo..)

    I mean I was only joking leh…. (@_@)

  84. PaulineHo, I am having fun doing this….:-) So let me hve my fun. But hor, I hope not too many pay up today.:-))))

    By the way, this morning, I was talking to Sue abt the freaky nite and soon pian asked her who Pauline Ho is. :-)Now I know. You are the one who has long hair and full straight fringe…u remind me of the asian version of Cher!!!! :-)

  85. (O_H)…

    (o_k)… I understand…will not deprive you of your “fun” too… so let’s “siao” together ba…. ^_^

    (a_h)… (#^_^#) thank you for the compliment ya…

    So see you on that nite…. (!_!)

  86. Ok, June-L, I also pay today….pay for what, let me know lateer hor.

    “Long hair” = “??”???????????????????????

    ”???“? These 3 words remind me of a joke heard some years ago and it goes like this.

    A maiden was ripe to be married off and she wasnt short of suitors. After several rounds of elimination, it was down to ?? and ??.

    After separately meeting them in privacy, the maiden chose ??. Asked why she replied coyly : “?????“.

    Happily, her parents nodded in approval.

  87. June????

    Just did a early bird payment using my girl’s POSB a/c and did the transfer of S$16.00 to joy account!!


  88. Dear June

    #81 – i wud like to learn from Hamidah how to do the line dance, i lived near her, may i have her email?


  89. hi june

    just transferred $18.02 at 12.49pm from marine parade branch via transaction no 8836 to joy’s posb savings account no 159-13164-5; kindly confirm same in due course; thank you;

  90. Hi Freda…thanks for the $16. Emailed you Hamidah’s email address.

    Hi Daniel, how come $18.02? why not $16.02? :-)

  91. Hi JoyC,

    Getting feeky fast. I just drop $18 at the ATM. Ref 9405.

    Terence Seah

  92. hi june

    i thought the amount payable is $18 and not $16 right?
    the $0.02 is to make it unique and easy for joy to check whose payment it refers to;


  93. Hi

    Received on 27 Apr 10 :-

    1) $18 from Irene Poh via ATR #89
    2) $18.02 from Daniel Ong via ATR #102
    3) $18 from Terence via ATR #104
    4) $16 from Freda via ITR #100

    I suppose Pauline Ho’s and Henry Yip’s will take a couple of days.

    Those who have paid, please write a comment here.



  94. Hi Joy & June

    I hv tsf $16 last nite at 7.15pm Ref: 6165 to Joy a/c.

    My friend Karen Wong not awared early bird discount have tsf $36 for herself & hubby Pharis yesterday afternoon under Ref: 9789.


  95. Good morning, Joy & June… (wow, double Js)

    Called SCB this morning and they confirmed it will take 2 days.. (#_#) aarggghhh…. ?..?..?.. (fish.. prawn.. crab..)… hahahaha….

    Looks like I may have to open a new account with DBS/POSB since majority of SHCians are great supporters for this bank… (^_^)

    Cheers – Pauline…

  96. Hi all.
    Jus to let you know that this will be my only comment for today, as I will be tied up till very late tonite.
    This is in case, u write to me and u hear nothing from me…:-)))

    Hi Joy
    I will update those who hve paid in the post tomorrow.

    kam sia

  97. “…..I will be tied up till very late tonite.”

    June-L, whether yyou’re in the hands of kidnappers or under the thighs of dacoits, fear not and hold it out for a while. Tell me your location and I shall immediately dispatch Rambo Terence in his red underpants worn over his yellow leotards to rescue you.

    SCB becomes “???”. ????????… !! (Joodan desu yo..)

    ??????????????????? ?????????? ???????

  98. Yo Tim-san…

    Wrong analysis to my symbols lah..(>O<)..

    My “???” don’t refer to SCB at all.. that goes to show you don’t read chinese or japanese manga/comics.. ^_^

    In those books, whenever a character got angry or upset, it’s difficult to express such feelings in words so in place of those supposedly “nasty” words/thoughts, they just draw pics of fish, prawn, crab or sometimes got symbols like “#%$@^..”… so since WordPress cannot support drawings, I “improvise” them lor… hahahaha… (+_+)

    Aiyoh.. what’s there to be ?? (angry) at.. (9_9)? It’s just part and parcel of having fun in teasing the party concerned then “period” lor.. **(^o^)** … but just don’t overkill by going for the jugular vein with a straw ya.. – that will certainly make the person not only angry but MAD.. !! (^_~)

  99. ????liao?????

    Lucky you. I was quite deprived as a kid. Other than ???????, ??? and later ???????? ?? ? ?? ???the one comic I got to read was ????a robot out to fight evil and save the world.

    Perhaps, too inebriated in Chinese classics and this gigantor comic, there’s a tinge of ?? inside and a lot of comic madness………

  100. Hi JoyC,

    Transferred $38 for two persons Rene and Venika Leong. 2848465537 ref.

    Terence Seah

  101. Hi

    Received on 27 Apr 10 :-

    5) $18 from Pauline Ho via IBG #83
    6) $16 from Hamidah via ATR #107
    7/8) $36 from Karen Wong and Pharis via ATR #107

    Received on 28 Apr 10 :-

    9/10) $36 from Karen Thio and Sockie via ATR #113
    11/12) $36 from Terence for Rene and Venika via ITR #114



  102. Dear EOs,

    Transferred of $18/= under transaction ref: 7825 for my share.

    Thank you.


  103. Hi Joy & June

    Very sorry I think I must have misunderstood abt the early bird payment. As such, I have short paid you by $2. Will pass the $2 to June when she comes over to my hse to collect my CD.


  104. Hi June,

    Just transferred $54.00 for Xiang Xiang, Veronique and Jennifer Lim under ref No. 6884 at 1755 hrs 30 April. Thanks

    Jennifer Lim

  105. Hi

    Received on 28 Apr 10 :-

    13) $18 from Judy Lim via ATR #116

    Received on 30 Apr 10 :-

    14/15/16) $54 from Xiang Xiang, Veronique, Jennifer #119


  106. Hi June at #117

    Venika and Veronique are two u-nik and u-nique individuals.

    I don’t see Venika’s name on the list, but Terence has paid for her.

    So how, EO and Chief?


  107. thanks Judy, Xiang2, Veron and JenniferLim for the payment.

    Hi Joy
    We can only accept payment for those in the Sure Coming list. Thnks.

    And for a moment I thot Venika was the pet name for Veron..:-)))

  108. Hi June, noted. Terence, may I have your bank account details so that I may refund $18 to you.


  109. Hi Joy, JuneL,

    Yes, plse take out Venika’s name. I was too eager and excited, thought she was in the sure list.

    Terence Seah

  110. Hi June, Joy
    Just transferred $18.00 to Joy’s a/c for myself under ref No. 4022, please check. Thanks.

    As mentioned in your C#88, your post is missed from the web.
    Luckily I still remember the ‘Search’ function and the event name, I can found the post and paid on time (but lost the early bird payment, wo…., $2 enough for my Sunday breakfast lah)

    I suggest you bring forward the post to May, or put a new post for the Sure Coming List to pay, otherwise it will be unfair for those who want to join but no way to pay.

    Sorry for my ?????

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