Do you have a topic that you can stand up and share with us?

Many of us have wide expereince and skills.  Especially after reaching 45, we must have collected a lot of knowledge.  Some of us have also  picked up social skills and entrepreneurial experience.  Then, there are others who have picked up CARE skills, crafts and hobbies.  Talk about dogs, flowers, plants, deep sea fishing, vitamins, herbs, aeroplanes, dress, cakes, bakery, computers.  Talk about find a friend or a soul mate, a favourite topic of mine.

You too can share these skills and knowledge.  Tell us what you can talk about, we will organise the ideas and then have a session on it.  Anybody who is interested can come along.  You can listen, and you can share the thoughts, views and comments in return.

Only members can talk.  We will co-ordinate the topics,  but you have to submit them here on this forum by 30 April.  I believe we can spread all the topics from now to end of 2010.  Go ahead, and speak your mind.  Please do not send me any emails on this subject.

Terence Seah

12 thoughts on “Do you have a topic that you can stand up and share with us?

  1. I am now having my two weeks holiday, and as usual, my brainwires go haywire, whenever the skies are clear. Here is an example of a topic which I like to do, this year. The topic is “Why are men shy, and why are women are even more shy?”.

    The talk will focus on issues like why MEN (male and female) can fall in love many times in their lifetime, there is such a thing as “love at first sight” and “why no one will make the first move?”.

    If you like to speak on a similar topic, at the same time as the above topic, you are welcome, if deemed suitable.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi All,
    Today, was abit free aft so many moons at Haikou so decided 2 take a car 2 go downtown 4 a shopping spree. 4 me, shopping spree, must b good buy, best buy n must buy types hor.. but den, was reli disappointed dat a regular night market around Ming Zhu shopping areas no longer there liao.. was told dat d Cina Garmen had decided 2 demolish tis night market n re-build a grand & expensive shopping centre liao.. sigh..

    Tis place is always in my mind 2 bring any one 2c wen they r here 4 holi 1 cos it is reli vry much different from d nite market at SG (not pasar malam type lor) n d sa jia can be as much as 50% 1..

    d last trip wif 11 lotus, we hardly got much tx 2 reli scout around lor… so ker xi lor..

    Will hv 2 ask around, where got nite market liao.. till den, I will update again … Cheers.. Dolly

  3. Poor Ah Doll.

    I remember that night well. Suddenly, you disappeared among the stalls. We covered every corner searching for you but could not find you, then you appeared smiling from ear to ear, happy to have been lost.

    But hey, that was a long time ago and you’ve not been visiting this night market despite being in Haikou all these while?

    You sure you’ve been to the right site?

  4. Hi Dolly,

    Mr Soros is now promoting Hainan Island lah. So now got more flights to Hainan, every year got beauty shows, and the PRC govt also cooperating with Hainan. Got money but house in Sanya, unless it is too late. But things will get more expensive from now on. So better go fast before price go up faster. Even the ‘kampong’ chicken rice will cost more

    Last time Singapore govt promote Sanya as Changi beach, nobody know what or where is Changi. Now PRC govt promote Hainan as “Hawaii” of Asia. Many many men now want to go and learn how to dance Chinese ‘hula-hula’.

    Your biz sure expand one lah.

  5. Hi Terence @# 1,

    Where is the venue of your talk? If it’s not in Bangkok, but in S’pore (better lagi, in Serangoon Central vicinity! ), I’ll like to go and listen, so reserve a place for me, hor. :)


  6. Jass-T, most probably, the talk will he held at the Hong Lim Park. There, he can speak ????????curry, ?baby, ?? lao sai dan mati……..

    Maybe you can also talk on the biggest “Women Liberation” i.e. how to break the walls, seduce the guards and get the gals out of Moon Crescent. I will definitely attend.

  7. Yes, Christina and I will be interested to attend the talk, too. Let us know the date earlier so that we can attend and learn from the experts.

  8. Hey Tim @# 6

    Terence will speak on issues related to “ai”. His fav gal, Shuhua, is there, that’s why he’s chosen this theme.

    Aiya, ‘women lib’ already happened so many, many moons ago – don’t want to flog an old horse, lah. How about you giving an introductory talk on Li Pai? :)


  9. “Terence…………fav gal, Shuhua, is there….”.

    Jass-T, I didnt know that Terence’s gf is called ?? . No wonder he never touches another papaya or another’s papaya.

    “Aiya, ‘women lib’ already happened so many, many moons ago????????. How about you giving an introductory talk on Li Pai?”

    No,this Women’s Lib is unprecedented and certainly no child’s play. It’ll get monsieur wong who cant sing, singing a tirade angrily and non stop. You’ll rescue, free, release & liberate them all from the changi bungalow.

    No Li Pai for me but can consider speaking on smthg with the same acronyms. Hehe, wanna a sneak preview?

  10. Gee, the hands are slow to come up, when it comes to sharing your knowledge.

    Reading the comments, I see another topic is “The beauty of Haikou island”. Havent decided how we are going to do the topic yet.

    And, yes, I shall move ahead with the topic of “Why are men shy, and why are women are even more shy?”. Stay in touch, and I shall give you a date and place. Hope that this series of topics can help more SHCians to come together and share their knowledge and ideas, not always makan.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi Terence

    I read a book called ‘Men are from Mars and women from Venus’ last year and found it very interesting. Although this book has been around for a very long time, it really gives you an insight to how a man and woman can interpret the same situation differently.

    We can also talk about what we Asians call ‘FACE’ and Angmohs call PRIDE. Why is ‘FACE’ or ‘PRIDE’ so important?

    How many of us can face ugly truths about ourselves or laugh at ourselves? Answer – not everyone is made from the same stock so therefore everyone is different.

    Am I on the right track? If not, just ignore all of above.

  12. Hi MaggieT @11,

    Your suggestion on how men and women handle situations differently will definitely add spice to the topic. Let’s keep this on the agenda.

    Terence Seah

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