Should we have an agenda for the monthly meeting?

Most of us are glad to be a member at the Silverhairs Club and appreciate what Terence has done in providing a platform for us to meet. So far Terence has suggested and introduce many activities and carry it through in the last few years. As member we are happy to be part of this and look forward to more participation to come.

Is there something we could do or suggest to bring the club to the next level? Out of this Club many smaller groups are formed and they in turn meet up privately and persue their common interest.

The September meeting will be different from what we had previously. Live singing  by Jeffrey Gan on the keyboard and karoeke singing where member brings their own cd wll be the happenings of the day! Board and card games will also be encourage where member can look for other member sharing similar interest.

I would like to see more participation from member, how about meeting up and have a time where various member can share their thought and mission in life, something in line with Toastmaster International. Having our meeting in Han’s may not provide the privacy needed in such sharing by public speaking. We need to find a place more enclosed for such.

We all come from various background, there will be something exciting to share. Having to make comment on the post may be prohibiting as certain topic may be sensitive. When we meet and listen to fellow member share their goals and ideal in life, a certain bond are created.

Volunteers will be ask to share something about their life that  is memorable and enriching. Do you know that I have tried bungee jumping just because I was trying to get someone’s attention. Oh, there are so much to share and talk about.

It may be just meeting up and sharing each other profile and ideal in life. So, fellow member come to this September gathering. I would want to try something out where we allocate a time frame for each of us to speak out and suggest what they want to see happening in this unigue Club! So many thing I would want to share, my life, my passion and motivation in life and of course some of you may want to share too. Let’s hear from you?

Desperate Dan

7 thoughts on “Should we have an agenda for the monthly meeting?

  1. Hi Dan,

    I support the setting up of an agenda in one of the monthly

    For this to happen, here’s my suggestions:

    1. A good agenda with several important items to discuss.
    2. A good venue (preferably a meeting room and not a public
    3. A chair person to conduct the meeting as well as to
    maintain order.
    4. Appointment of key members to implement the programs
    in yr agenda.
    5. Such agenda-meeting to be conducted on a quarterly or
    half yearly basis.

    Good luck.


  2. Hi Dan,

    We need more people like you to think far and wide. Yes, I do support having an agenda for gatherings. I guess sometimes this is possible.

    As a guideline, I can comfortably leave it to the EO of the monthly gathering to decide. In many ways, there is a lot of flexibility. If the EO plans it well, the event will work; cannot be a half past six job. If the EO wishes to have an agenda, yes, go for it.

    Every member is encouraged to organise an activity, at least once in the lifetime of their membership. We leave a lot of discretion and flexibility to the EO. This explains why many events are successful. The EO does not need approval of a committee or myself.

    Monthly gatherings are just like a weekend Sunday club gathering. Members come in, meet one another and chat over private issues. But, again the EO decides how the activity is to be conducted.

    Everybody is welcome to be an EO. If you have an idea, simply, raise your hand. The agenda is yours to plan.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Dan,

    Yes, I’m in favor of an agenda for the monthly meetings. And the EO should appoint several co-EOs to plan to meeting + venue etc.

    So may we know what is the agenda for the next meeting on 15th Sep? If you need help, I can volunteer. Just let me know what you want me to do? Drop me an email or sms.

    Cheers, Lydia.

  4. Hi Lydia,

    This Sepember gathering by itself will be different from what we have before. We are having live and karoeke singing which have not been done before.

    We are also having a presentation of a special gift to Steven Chan. If the situation permit, I will moderate a time of sharing and discussion.

    We are open to any suggestion from fellow member!


  5. Hi Dan
    Finally we have a constructive suggestion.I fully agree with James. We need a proper private hall. Many members stay in pte condos with club houses, country club memberships, etc. maybe we hv to pay for room rental. ok check it need expensive . form a committee FIRST.
    Mthly meetings must have agendas .. I hv heard some members who say its just a waste of time. Maybe a quarterly meeting to give enough time for EOs to plan a good one.


  6. Hi RonaldL #5,

    Usually we have always called the monthly event as monthly gathering.

    I was just thinking aloud that it would be nice if James Tan do the Nov 2010 monthly gathering, and we can have an agenda too.

    RonaldL, would you like to volunteer to be the EO for the Dec 2010 SHC monthly gathering? Yes, an agenda would be tempting.

    Looks like our 2010 monthly gatherings all set.

    Terence Seah

  7. I am not sure – but I think if we want it to be formal, i.e. notice of meeting, agenda, minutes, secretary etc, we may have to be registered as a society. The Garment would like to know what the heck we are talking about. Can somebody enlighten ???

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