Looking for Foot Reflexology kakis.

I m looking for kakis, literally, to join me for FOOT MASSAGE  or  FOOT REFLEX (occasionally or regularly).
 Good place to chit chat with buddies (ladies and gents also boleh) and have some "exercise" at the same time.  Don’t know  about  other places but People’s Park Complex have several such shops. Price ranges from $15 to $60 per session, depending on duration. 

This post is suggested by Daniel Chan who have a problem putting it up.

Well, anyone interested may indicate here and even suggest a good and cheap place to go.

Daniel Chan

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    Great that you try putting this up….
    Anyway, will join you people occasionally for this….
    Would be heavenly if it’s a good China (male) sifu with the joint conveinently accessible by MRT….
    And no hanky-panky….no dark glass screens, no private cubicle etc……just kidding lah!!!

  2. Hi Daniel,

    At first I tot it was a spam mail using your address to lentice SHCians
    and there was a Yahoo warning which block some of your images.

    I prefer full body massage.
    Do they have it down there and the price pls per hr. ?

    When it comes to pampering massages, nothing ever beats the skilful human hands not even the best in design Osam, Otok etc.reflexology massage chairs. I still prefers the human touch than the robotic ones. Instead of shiok can be painful with someone as skinny as me as the roller glides down my entire back bone. Aiyoh! :(

    Sorry Daniel to borrow yr thread . I am also looking for kakis for full body massages / foot reflexology in Johor Baru Thai Odyssey massage spa with good ambience with Thai skilful trained masseurs but 1/2 the price. After that can visit Starbucks for coffee or shopping.and in the evening makan at the stalls along Jalan Meldrum in the vicinity of City Square where the massage centre is.

    Fyi, City Square is directly opp the new Immigratn n Customs Cebtre.
    If interested, pls. comment at my Bangkok Free n Easy post.

  3. Hi Daniel/Dan,
    Sorry to borrow your thread, but I am also interested in foot reflexology as well as pedicure. If any ladies interested, please let me know via my email at laurawee@hotmail.com. We can go for those 1-for-1 promotion and split the cost.

    Laura Wee

  4. Dear Dan,

    Nothing beats Thai massage for me! No oil, just fingers, palm, elbow, feet and heels strength used. The more strength the better!

    I go to the Thai massage place 2 levels above McDonalds at Holiday Plaza, JB. One hour = RM58. All the masseuses and masseurs are Thai and they are not young nor pretty.


  5. Daniel Chan, waiting for your responses.

    Thanks Ivan, Debbie, June, Gabriella, Steven, James, Francis, Laura and Rosalind for your interest.

    Look like we need to take a train either to Danga Bay or City Square or Holiday Plaza on one of the weekend to have our massage cum meals cum shopping. How many of you will yea and amen?

    Let’s wait for Daniel to reply and suggest a date, how dat?


  6. Hi Daniel Chan/Dan Huang,

    No need to take train, a lot of hassle. Leave yr cars at home and we can take the MRT train direct to Kranji and alight either bus SBS 170 or Causeway Express to go direct to JB CIQ customs and walk inside the v.spacious and airy air con customs bldg to cross a bridge that will link us directly to 3rd. level of City Square. From there if you want to go to holiday plaza also can.

    Hope both of you can agree to make it on a Sat/Sun next year.
    If possible not on Jan 15 as I had to fly back to attend my cousin’s son wedding in K.L. Mont Kiara. Let’s see how the responses go.

  7. Hi Dan #11 and Steven #12

    Pl count me in for the trip to JB for massage (or foot reflex), shopping and makan etc.

    Thanks & regards,
    Gabriella Chua

  8. Oooops..DAN you are fast. Yah I had a problem putting the post here so thank you for doing it on my behalf.

    SO we have many itchy kakis. Ok will arrange a walk gawk and talk soon, with your help of course my dear namesake.

  9. Steven Chan re – #6

    Ha ha, different folks different strokes.
    Noted your preference for body massage. Your vivid description already makes my body very itcheeeee. Will keep in touch with you (not literally) about your preference.

    To all – Thanks for the response. Dan, lets do some work for the sake of our feet.

  10. #17 Daniel Chan,

    I do not have ST only New Paper but if the Foot Detox is an equipment whereby the water turns murky after soaking in it, I HAVE the equipment at home! I know how to use it also.

    Maybe one day arrange for those who are interested to make use of my Foot Detox apparatus ya? Sorry cannot borrow hor. I paid quite a lot for it. :p


  11. Hi all itchy kakis….

    Let us REALLY give our feet a treat.

    Date : Monday 6 Dec
    Time : 11 AM
    Venue : either People’s Park Complex or the new NEX shopping centre at Serangoon Central (indicate preference, majority wins)

    Meet at Chinatown or Serangoon MRT station, respectively, depending on the venue chosen.

    ADVISE DON’T DRIVE, unless you are those who find it challenging to fight for a parking space.

    This is a warm up exercise for our feet.
    Next destination JB.

  12. #18 Thanks Rosalind, yes I would like to try your detox machine. I m sure there are other interested kakis.

    #21 Debbie, I am not sure about the fee charged. Can check it out.

    For those interested to go JB, we shall discuss it on Monday. Lets meet and talk about feet.

  13. I am okay for either venue, let’s go with the flow.

    Steven Chan, I like your idea of taking a train to Kranji and from there catch a bus to City Square, we hope to do it soon and not wait for next year!


  14. Hi Daniel #22

    I’m interested in the JB trip. However, I’m not free to attend the meeting on Monday.

    I would appreciate if you could advise us on the final decision?

    Thank you.


  15. Daniel#22,
    Ai ya ya …. Monday 6Dec 11AM ….
    Wrong day and time for me …..
    So, will have to give this a miss ….
    Regarding Venue; was at NEX last friday evening ….
    Very packed with human-traffic ….. shopping wise ….
    Many more “makan-joints” than consumer goods …. may be due to some shops still not open for biz yet ….
    Didn’t see any Foot Sexflexology Place there …. may be I missed it as eye-balls were focusing on more curvy meat ….
    Have a great SUNDAY ….. Eveybody!

  16. Ya Ivan. The place is crazy. Something like inside the MRT train at peak hours. Every floor has a BIG square “hole” in the centre, leaving only a narrow path at the perimeter for walking. Dumb design, in my opinion.

    For info, the footstuff is at #04-27, known as Chen Kang Wellness. Dan and I will be there Monday for our “maiden flight”. As for Sexflexology, or somewhere between the feet, I am searching for it too. Will let you know if we manage to find one.

  17. Ivan Lim & Daniel Chan…

    NEX has got 300 hundreds over shops and eateries….that place is crazy. So crowded with people ready to spend their $$$$….. I think I come across one miserable foot reflexology and fish spa shop.

    Ah Nee

  18. Noted, ah nee…don’t know whether the shop you mentioned is the one we are going to. Anyway, there is only one way to find out – will let you know whether it is memorable or miserable after our visit. :)

  19. Dan and I were at the NEX MALL this morning. RELATIVELY less crowded on a Monday morning. School holidays so there are many young children in groups. The adults must be school teachers.

    Now, about the footstuff shop we visited. No fish spa here.
    The place is clean, cool and comfortable. We were required to undress (footwear) at the entrance. Then we were told to wash our feet at a washroom before the process began.

    $20 for a full 40 mins rub and while our legs were twisted and turned, we talked about the next rondevooooo. Don’t know about Dan but the fella who did my legs was “big, strong and friendly”. OOOUCH !!! Not for those who cannot take the pain.

    For those interested to go JB to treat your feet or meat, Dan may come up with something soon. Cheers !!!

  20. Hi Daniel,
    Thanks for your updates…..

    Please remember to drink at least 1litre of plain water today….just to pass-out the toxins ‘pressed-out” from the Foot Reflexology session….IF that “big, strong and friendly” fell did not remind you to take it…..he should be “shot”……..

    As for the JB version, Dan, do keep us in the loop….thks!

    Wow! Ah Nee #28, u oredi shop shop every shop there…..no wonder best biz to be in is to sell “all-kind-of-stuff” that the female gender will buy; regardless of whether any use for it or not – rite??

  21. Hi people
    I just came back from JB. I saw at Holiday Plaza a booth at the foyer doing foot reflexology. Cost for 40 Min is RM35 and for 1 hour is RM50. Today’s exchange rate is S$100= RM239.
    Classic Pedicure = RM 35
    Classic manicure = RM 25
    Package manicure & pedicure = RM 50

    I don’t mind going again, at least for makan at the “chomp chomp” for cheap and good seafood.

  22. Hi Daniel,

    Would be nice if the trip to JB can be during these school holidays, at least some of us don’t have to worry about getting kids to/from school/CCA etc.

    Paul Phua

  23. Hi Laura Wee,

    Appreciate your feedback and pricing for the massage at Holiday Plaza. Can you let us know how did you get there?

    After meeting up with Daniel, we have set the date on December 17, 2010, a Friday. We will meet at Kranji MRT at 9.00am and take the bus in to City Square and walk to Holiday Plaza.

    I may need to recce the place this weekend and check whether there is a shorter route. The itinerary will be massage, seafood lunch and shopping. We should head home by 6.00pm.

    Anyone keen to come along?

    Dan, Daniel

  24. Hi Dan
    I went in with car. However, I was told one can catch the local bus from opposite City Square same side as the CIQ complex to Jalan Tebrau and stop at Crown Hotel. Then from there walk in through the road that leads to Holiday Plaza. I also saw a new Shopping complex near that hotel. It will open on Dec 12 by our very own comedian Mark Lee. Across the hotel is another road where the “chomp chomp” is situated but I think the stalls are open later for dinner. They have zhi char food like cereal prawns, black fat noodle fried Hokkien style like thos found in KL, barbecued stingray, hayko (a type of fresh water crustacean, meat taste like prawns and lobster), etc.

    I wont be in town from Dec 17 as I already have planned to go malaysia with my kids. Enjoy yoursleves!


  25. Hi Dan/Laura

    I usually take bus no 950 to the Woodlands checkpoint. Alight and take the escalator up to the Singapore immigration counter to get my passport stamped and then go to the bus bay to take the same service number to JB. After going through Malaysian immigration checkpoint, I walk to Jalan Wong Ah Fook to take a taxi to the old shophouses near Holiday Plaza for my wanton mee and xio bak rice. It costs about RM6-8 dollars per trip. Dont take from the custom checkpoint cos they will ketok you. Sometimes I walk to a coffeeshop a few blocks away from the Malaysian Customs checkpoint for my nasi melayu, roti kaya and teh C and then go to the run-down bakery across the street to buy breads baked in charcoal stove.

    If in JB, I go to Lien Ho Complex which is slightly further than Holiday Plaza, maybe 2 to 3 km more. There is a shop at the complex at the end of the row of shops, next to a hairdressing salon (know how to get there but dont know the shop name). I usually have a full body massage for about S$52 for two hours. The masseurs there are quite good. I have a favourite which I usually request for. They also offer foot reflexology but I dont know the cost. If you all are interested, I can find out more.



  26. Thanks Carly for sharing with us your experience. Yes, we do need to know the rates.

    As what Laura describes, it seems a good idea to visit Holiday Plaza because of the new shopping centre and their new ‘chomp chomp’.


  27. Hi Dan

    No worries. Haven’t been there much since the chicken scare at the Malaysian Checkpoint.

    This time round, you may want to visit Holiday Plaza so will not hurry as you will only need rates for future visits. Will be in Gentings so you guys enjoy!


  28. Hi Caroline Gee at message #37,

    Oh you must be a Malaysian or else Singapore immigration will never stamped your passport.

    I prefer to take a bus at Kranji MRT station as the frequency of the buses are much greater than 950 at woodland regional bus interchange. I can take 170 and 160 apart from causeway express.

    Taking a cab will be a good option especially if you have 3 to 4 sharing the cost. Nowadays they are using meter-fare as it cost more to the passengers and benefit the taxi-driver. Taking a bus is cheaper but you will need to wait a while and know where to drop or else you end up at the wrong place. Here are some information about holiday plaza – http://www.limsimi.com/leisure-entertainment-johor-bahru/johor-bahru-shopping/holiday-plaza/ and http://www.malaysiasite.nl/johorbahrueng.htm

  29. halo SHCIANS ,

    aa poh ho …( good afternoon lah ) ,

    ah dan hiah wei & daniel chan ,many moons back went i went to city square hor…they ve free bus transport to holiday plaza & pelangi shopping centre vice versa journey too…

    you may check out in city square de information counter wheter this free service ker wu bo lor…. aa chai i ,kong si mi bo har ??? do u understand wat i am saying bo ???

    have a nice klkk hor…

    sam huat huat huat

  30. Hi Dan!

    Do count me in this time!

    I used to go JB City Sq wif my frenz during schol holis!

    She brought me in for free buffet breakfast, free Karaoke but U have to pay for the lunch which is bet M$12-20 only depending on yr choice of fd. There’s a wide spread of Asian & Continental fd 4 breakfast bet 10am – 12 plus. Lunch will be served at 1 latest.
    After which some of us wd shop & some will go for the Thai massage there, same building. Sori, I don’t the prices, we can always check it out there. If not then we cd proceed to Holi Inn.
    In bet, Karaoke must book a room a day before gg.

  31. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for the additional information, now we should be able to move around comfortably.

    Margaret and William, glad to have both of you joining us. No worries, I wish my surname can be ‘heng’ then I would be lucky!

    Sam Huat3 thanks, so there are shuttle bus to Holiday Plaza, that belly good as it save me a trip to JB to recce.

    Cat Ho and Gabriella welcome, we going to have a fun time and feasting.

    So far those coming, Dan, Daniel, Joy, Margaret, William, Cat and Gariella coming or going?.


  32. December 17, 2010, Friday.
    Meet at Kranji MRT station 9.00am (Somewhere near the Passenger Service Counter).
    Take bus to City Square and walk to Holiday Plaza.

    What to bring ?

    1. MONEY, ringgit
    2. M’sia Immigration White Card (if you have it).
    3. An umbrella (as usual, wet season leh)
    4. Last but not least, your passport (repeat YOUR passport)

    CHEERS !!! JB here we come !!!!

    (DanC + DanZ)

  33. Hi Dan and Daniel #50

    Will meet you all at Kranji MRT Station.

    However, I do not have the Immigration White Card. Wd appreciate if you could spare one for me?

    Thanks & regards,

  34. Hi Anna,

    Hope that you can join us.

    June, perhaps another time on a weekend.

    James, it confirmed, see you at the Kranji station.

    Daniel, do you or anyone have spare white cards?

    Gabriella, see you too at the station. Up to now there will be 10 of us having our toes tickled, good and yummy meals and going shopping for Christmas!

    We will take the train to Kranji and bus to City Square, spend an hour there and then proceed to Holidsy Plaza by taxi. Curry fish head for lunch at Jalan Wong Ah Fook and depending on consensus may stay for seafood dinner, how dat?

    Dan, Daniel

  35. Danz, DanC,

    I’ve applied my leave for 17/12 and ready to have my HK feet scratched and tummy loaded. See you next Friday.

    I’ve a couple of white cards to spare but not many as the
    immigration only allowed 2 cards per pax.


  36. Re- #51 and 52 : I have 3 extra white cards –
    One for my master(Dan)and one for my dear(Gabriella)
    And one for that kind soul who buys me a beer(if any)

  37. Hi Dan and Daniel #52/56

    Thanks for all the arrangements.

    Daniel – tks for the white card.

    Dinner is fine with me if all are game.

    Looking forward to the 1-day in JB trip!


  38. Hi, folks. Thank you for your response.

    Please visit the new post, “Foot for taut” by Dan Huang.

    We shall continue all related discussions over there.

  39. Dear Dan & Daniel

    It’s great you are getting good response. I regret to say that I cannot join as I will be away with my family out of Singapore for the next 2 weeks.

    The “Chomp chomp” is just like an old hawker centre and its location is across the Crown Hotel inside some estate. If you walk along the road in the opposite direction to Holiday Plaza and the new Shopping Centre (KZW?? not so sure of the name) , you will reach a market and next to market is the hawker centre.

    Happy getting your feet “man-handled” and your stomachs “exercised”.

    A blessed Christmas and prosperous new year to all…


  40. Dan has compiled a list of willing kakis in our new post, “Foot for taut”. Our apologies if there are names that we have missed. Kindly remind us in the new post.

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