Kopitiam Play + Canto Karaoke + Afternoon Tea Get-Together, 27 Nov 2011

Hi SHC Friends,

Join us for an afternoon of food, fun & laughter, YAY!!

    1/A Tampines Street 92, Basement 

  • ( Nearest MRTs are Bedok MRT & Tampines MRT )
  • Buses to Safra Tampines: Nos 5, 8, 15, 18, 21, 23, 28, 59, 65, 67, 168 & 518.
  • Date : 27 November 201
  • Time : 1.30pm to 6pm
  • Check In : 1.00pm
**You can bring your own KRK Disc as there will be an ‘in-house’ KJ to help you with your songs.
Beer can be served at $4 & $5 a glass.

Free flow of coffee & tea.

Strictly for SHC Members Only. Please bring along your name tag.
Cost: $10 per person
Payment: Please transfer money to:
POSB Saving Account no. 085-46543-0.

Account Name: TAN SOK CHENG

Dress Code: Weekend Happy Colors….whooh!!

EO: Pearl Wong. Co-EO: Sally Tan.
Friends coming for a wonderful time are:
  1. Pearl Wong – EO   (paid 27 Oct)
  2. Sally Tan – Co-EO  (paid 27 Oct)
  3. Catherine Koh  (paid 27 Oct)
  4. Shirleen Kao  (paid 27 Oct)
  5. Judy Lim   (paid 27 Oct)
  6. Andrew Yeung  (paid 27 Oct)
  7. Ronnie Sow  (paid 27 Oct)
  8. Daniel Chan  (TT 28 Oct)
  9. Lai Fong  (TT 29 Oct)
  10. Thomas Loh   (paid 31 Oct)
Click here to see Photo
  1. Sarah Kassim  (paid 31 Oct)
  2. Ivy Lim  (TT 31 Oct)
  3. Rene Leong  (TT 2 Nov)
  4. Rose White  (paid 2 Nov)
  5. Hamidah  (paid 3 Nov)
  6. Steven Chan  (TT 5 Nov)
  7. Bernie Chung  (TT 5 Nov)
  8. May Lee  (TT 7 Nov)
  9. Alex Woo  (TT 7 Nov)
  10. Janet Chan  (paid 8 Nov)
  11. Boon Liang  (paid 8 Nov)
  12. Lydia Poh  (paid 8 Nov)
  13. Dan Huang  (paid 8 Nov)
  14. Henry Yip  (TT 10 Nov)
  15. Bobby Bok  (TT 10 Nov)
  16. Alyn Lee  (TT 13 Nov)
  17. Clara Chay  (paid 15 Nov)
  18. Ann Lim  (paid 17 Nov)
  19. Rose Chuang  (paid 17 Nov)
  20. Bernadette Lee  (paid 17 Nov)
  21. Ronald Lam  (paid 18 Nov)
  22. Vincent Lim  (TT 19 Nov)
  23. Debbie Oh  (TT 20 NOv)
  24. Janet Loo  (TT 21 Nov)
  25. Allan Lim  (paid 21 Nov)
  26. K C Lau  (to pay on 27 Nov)
  27. Lilian Teo  (to pay on 27 Nov)

173 thoughts on “Kopitiam Play + Canto Karaoke + Afternoon Tea Get-Together, 27 Nov 2011

  1. Hi Pearl,

    Well done, finally we get to hear from you on this Canto Karaoke and Kopitiam play.

    I made some adjust to your post, to make it look more compact.

    Have a successful event Pearl and Sally.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,

    Yes, finally, hehe…
    Thanks very much for your encouragement & support, as always!
    With Sally’s help & guidance here, I’m sure everything will be fine.
    My drama & krk friends will also chip in to help on the very day –
    hope the day’s get-together will be fun & enjoyable.


  3. Hi Pearl Wong, and others,

    Finally I got to hear SHCians sinbging my favouritte CANTON POPS .

    Thanks Pearl for being the EO of this event. :)

    Pls. register me and look 4 ward to see the Kopitiam drama.

  4. Hello Steven Chan,

    Thank you so much for your support.
    The fun here is singing your own favourite songs,
    and participating in our drama skit too.
    Its gonna be an enjoyable day for everyone.

    See You!

  5. Hi..Pearl, Sally.
    Thank you for including me in your CANTO EVENT

    I’ve just t/f $10.
    (Ref. 9599 — 28 Oct 11.40am)

    Is there anything else I can help?

  6. Hey Daniel Chan,

    Its our pleasures and thanks lots for your support & your payment!
    Yes, help us by singing those lovely songs that I requested.
    Need you for our drama too…sshhhh .. tell you later, hee.

    See You!

  7. Hi Lai Fong,

    Nice to hear from you..its been awhile since we last met singing away.,
    thanks so much for your support – what are you gonna sing for us.. hee.

    See you real soon!

  8. Hi PearlW,

    It’s good to see more Cantonese singers particpating. And, of course, to other members who enjoy listening to the songs.

    Please try to get a photographer for the event. Even, the point and shoot will do. Then, send them off to Sockie after the event. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Pearl, Steven, Andrew, Daniel, Lai Fong and Henry,

    I love listening to Cantonese songs. My first wife was a Cantonese, and during our 11 years, my place was stocked with Cantonese CDs. I remembered at that time, I could manage a Cantonese conversation. Unfortunately, today I have difficulties listening.

    Most Singaporeans can speak Cantonese, and can converse in the dialect at work or with friends. I wasnt too sure what song you would like to listen to, but I have picked one that depicts “The Old HK”. Hope you enjoy it; and if not, let me know an alternative.

    Terence Seah

  10. Hi Terence

    You have choose a very nice song “?????”

    The music is nice. But in my opinion, its lyrics even better.

    I copy the lyrics below. Fellow SHC members, if you like the song, try to sing together when you listen. To me, quite enjoy.

    ????, ??????
    ???, ??????,

    ????, ??????
    ????, ?????,


    There is another verson of the last two line, as

  11. Wow Terence, that was a very nice pick indeed, thank you!!

    Hi Andrew..thanks so much for your efforts & time to post in the lyrics..
    thats very thoughtful of you., and now..we all can sing along..?..???????..

  12. Hi Terence,
    May be you don’t understand the lyrics,

    I try to write down the meaning of the 1st paragraph for you to have some understanding of the song

    – Always confusing, when think of the past
    – Happiness and sorrow, half and half
    – If life is like a dream
    – Why not company the happiness with our daily life
    – And save the sorrow in the dark side of the mind
    – Time past when the seasons gone
    – Let bygone be by gone
    – Every night when the moon appear
    – We know the time has passed away already.

    Due to my limited English, must stop here.

  13. Hi Andrew #22,

    The script makes the song very meaningful. And, I love this song. Thank you.

    And Daniel #23,
    I change the song video clip, this time sung by a man. Very nice.

    Terence Seah



    Dear Friends who had registered for the Canto Karaoke get-togther.,
    we had changed the venue to SAFRA TAMPINES instead of Singtel’s Recreation Club as their karaoke system did not have all the Canto songs that we need.
    We only found out when we were there 31 Oct night.

    Please refer to the new info details of the event.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  15. Hi all SHC conto pop singers, I hve been SHC member quite a
    while but only active with the golf kakis cos my weekend is either tennis or golf am not a canto pop singer but wld like to join in the fun since the venue is very near to my hse. Pls include me will trsf the money asap.
    PS/May being along a fren and get her to join as member of SHC cheers Janet Loo

  16. Hi Andrew#29,

    Yes, thanks to Shirleen who called to enquire,
    then I went right away to recce before I booked it.
    First thing is..checked out all the songs…lots!
    Whats great is.. there’s a decent dance floor followed by a narrow raised stage.
    and the seats were lined in a cosy semi-circle…
    best of all.. Boon Liang can now join in the fun without manning the K System!!


  17. Hello Janet Loo#30,

    Welcome to our drama & songs get-together,
    and bringing a fren along too .. thank you!

    As you know all events that are strictly for SHC members…
    your fren must join SHC first before I can register her for the Canto event.

    Hope both of you will have an enjoyable afternoon with us all.

    Be There!!

  18. Hi Pearl,

    Wow, capable lady. It seems that the new venue is better than the old one. Thanks Shirleen.

    Hi Boon Liang, my dear brother,

    Peal said you are now free to join in the fun. You are the mix of Rod Stewart and John Travolta (aka the Grease boy). You can sing very very good, but pity that you cannot do canto songs, how you join in the fun!!!

    Have two proposals for you:

    1. learn some (1 or 2) canto songs and be the singer that night. It is easy for you, you have a good tutor – our singing queen JC, you can do duet with her as well as one single (cannot be too much hor)

    2. to serve us, see what we need – drinks, foods….., if the floor make dirty by us, you clean it etc, etc.

    How, please mull over it

  19. Hey Andrew#34,

    Boon Liang already have something more interesting to do.
    Most times he’s always busy helping around during events –
    Now he can sit back, relax and enjoy the day’s fun mah..

    Yam Seng!!

  20. Andrew#34,
    I know what I should be doing…pour tea on your lap….pour coffee on your head to keep me busy…ALL NIGHT LONG! Ye, for once I’m a tourist!

  21. Hi Pearl Wong,

    I have transferred $10 to your account

    Ref 5807 on 05/11/2011. Please acknowledge.

    Thanks to the FULL support of Terence Seah and other members that the Canton KOK and Kopitiam Play is able to materialise.

    That should be the RIGHT spirit of SHCians to encourage and NOT “stabbing behind each other’s back.

    Looking 4 ward to the KOK and DRAMA.

  22. Hi Pearl Wong,

    I have transferred $10.00 via ATM into your designated POSB Savings account today, 05/11/2011 for the Canto KoK event.

    Ref. No. is 2477. Please Acknowledge receipt.



  23. Hi Steven Chan#39

    Noted your payment today 5 Nov, thanks very much!
    Also appreciate your emphasis on the ‘RIGHT spirit to encourage’ –
    I’ll say, “come with an open mind & heart, all else will be enjoyable”.

    See you soon!

  24. Hey Steven Chan,

    Its too far to walk to Safra Tampines from Tampines MRT.
    From Tampines Interchange, these are the buses that stop outside ST.
    Bus Nos: 8, 18, 23, 28, 65 & 67. Its about 5mins walk to B2 Music Point, ST.
    Hope that helps.


  25. Wei Steven Chan,

    Your 5 mins walk is from Tampines MRT or the Bus Stop outside Safra Tampines main road to Music Point which I mentioned above?

    These 2 distances are absolutely different.
    The Bus Nos I gave you were from my Bus Guide Book – it shows all the buses from Tampines Bus Interchange (usually near to the MRTs) to Safra Tampines.

    From what I see from my Google Map,
    Safra Tampines is opposite Blk 935 in-between Tampines Ave 4 & 5.
    You will alight at the bus stop opposite Blk 934.

    I think thats the best I can help taking the 2 HDB blocks opposite Safra as the landmark. I could only check point to point where the buses ply.

    If you think this area is quite alien to you after all the directions –
    I shall come pick you up at Tampines Mall then.

    We shall make this arrangement via email then ya.

    Don Worry, Be Happy!

  26. Hi all,
    My advice is better take bus no 65 as this will be the faster way to reach Tampines Safra, alight at the 3rd bus stop from the Tampines bus Terminal. However, you may take those buses mention by Pearl to have slight seeing around Tampines.

    Best regards,


  27. ??????, ??????,
    ??????, ???????.

    ????, ???????????…

    1. ?????(??? – ???)
    2. ???? (???)
    3. ???? (???)
    4. ???? (???)
    5. ???? (???)
    6. ?? (??)
    7. ???? (??)
    8. ??? (???)
    9. ?????(???)
    10. ??????? (???)

    ???? !

  28. Hi Daniel Chan #49

    Since there are 3 Malay members attending this event & reading this post, could you please translate a little bit in English what you wrote….haha I guessed by the numbering may be those are the song requests is it? Sorry to trouble you.

    Tks & Rgds

  29. OOoops!!! Maaf lah.

    Thank you, Hamidah for giving me the opportunity to translate. YES the 10 songs mentioned are some of my favourite songs. They were theme songs of popular HongKong TV serials from the 1970s to 1990s. I believe all of them were shown in Ch8, some still in Cantonese dialect before the AXE came down. And I wish I can hear these songs again on the Canto Day.

    Loosely translated, they mean

    1. Forget all the love and hatred
    2. Just laugh it off
    3. Withdrawing from the rushing torrent
    4. A vagabond’s revelation
    5. What else can I ask for?
    6. Strong man
    7. Swordsman Lee
    8. The lipstick connection
    9. My good friend is coming
    10. The days when we walk together

    The name of the respective original singer is in each bracket. This is as close as I can get. Other comments are welcome.

    To all our Malay/Muslim friends — Selamat Hari Raya Haji

  30. Hi DanielC #50,

    Wow, I am sure you will become very popular, helpful and one of those members fluent in both Chinese and English. I hope you will continue to help those who would need your translation skills, me included.

    Terence Seah

  31. Below is an email from May Woo and I’ve asked for her consent to post it here as I would like to share how she feels about our Canto event.
    She said she had problems logging in.

    *** 7 Nov 2011, 1610 (Mon)

    Hi there,

    Thank you for the admin work to add my hubby, Alex as an official member of SHC.

    He is so excited to meet new friends and is eagerly looking forward to our first participating event. He loves to sing but doesn’t have an excellent voice. He croaks and probably will blast his lungs out. I hope he doesn’t break anyone’s eardrums when he sings.

    For me, I can’t sing, I can’t dance and I don’t know what to say…. ?? (sounds familiar – borrowed Simon Cowell’s line, I’m the female William Hung). Will share more about ourselves at the event.

    Sorry, I’m not able to attach an image of our ATM transfer. I can pass the transaction slip to you Pearl, when we meet. OK kah?

    Yeah! we will have great fun on 27 Nov.


  32. Hi May & Alex,

    Welcome to our Canto Get-Together event!

    Thanks very much to your payments and most of all your enthusiasm and excitement of our Canto event. Hope both of you will have a whale of a time with us and really look forward to meeting you both, ‘the happy couple’!!

    Yeah! Have fun!!

  33. Hi Terence and Pearl

    Thank you for the warm welcome in your emails.

    Pearl, Sally and team organisers, thank you for taking the great effort and time to organise the Canto Get-Together. Alex and I are sure that we will enjoy ourselves with the ‘fun’ factors that you have in store for all of us.

    Let’s have great fun singing and dancing and rolling with laughter on 27 November! Yeah!

  34. Hi Daniel Chan #51

    Thanks for your English translation, much appreciated.

    I told Pearl that I like Samuel Hui’s song which till today I never felt sian listening to it esp the fast tempo “Pun Ker Pat Leung” haha not sure I got the sound right..hopefully someone will sing this song for me on 27/11. Due to it’s fast tempo I could’nt catch the lyrics so much so I can sing only 1 verse hee..hee so sad.
    Can someone provide me the lyrics of this song in romanise or hanyu pinyin if any?

    Looking forward to have fun during this event.


  35. Hi May#55,

    Thanks so much for such heart-warming support from you & Alex.
    The greatest fun is in participating – yes, lets sing, dance n laugh away…


  36. Hi Terence thank you for the compliments (#52). My several years of working in HK have had helped me to learn Chinese to quite a good extent (Cantonese, to be exact). My pleasure to help translate if needed.
    Hi Hamidah (#56) …indeed Sam Hui is one of my favourite singers. All his rowdy and romantic songs are equally PIE (philosophical, inspirational and enjoyable). The song you mentioned was lamenting about the plight of the average workers in the 1980s. It still applies today. I have the lyrics in Cantonese (pinyin? hmmm….try try lah)

  37. ANOTHER ONE of my favourite singers is Roman Tam. He is gone but his voice remains in many people’s heart.
    Here is one song I like very much and would like to share with all canto-song lovers. The link to the song is below and the lyrics (in both Cantonese and English) are provided.

    Very soul-searching narration by the song-writer (the honourable late James Wong):

    ??????, ????.
    ??????, ??????

    ??????, ??????
    ??????, ?????.

    My translation – sorry to have twisted slightly to suit the rhyme

    True or false, who can say right or not?
    Angst and pain, who can tell who is at fault?
    Foes and friends bicker, you and I jitter.

    Where is the line between hatred and love?
    Forever the answer will remain a blur.

    Look around us.
    Success or failure is but a blink.
    Strong or feeble all will surely sink.

    Forget it whether you have lost or won.
    Never mind that hatred and love are frowned upon.
    Just remember, for old time sake, together we sing another song.

    Enjoy :


  38. Hi Daniel & Steven

    Thank you for your Hari Raya Haji wishes and also the youtube on Roman Tam & Sam Hui’s songs. Another of my favourite song is “Kow Fung Yee Mo” that has nice cha2 music don’t know who is the singer & not sure if the title sounds right or not. Song begin with “Tung ling sung lim yee sung yum, tai ka seng cheng kan. Cho chung noy kan kay chang ma, sum sum sung yan mo son yum”

    I’m so happy cos I heard someone will be singing this song on that day.

    Steven, can you sing cantonese song?


  39. Hi Hamidah @62,

    U r welcome. @ 60, The 1st. ” Sam Money ” song Cheen.. cheen…. cheen lai la la la … is the ugly truth of the greed of money.

    Alamak ! I can ‘t even know how to read Chinese characters what more to sing in Cantonese ? However, I love to listen to Cantonese pops and oldies songs. Maybe because my deceased mum used to play it daily and I slowly begin to appreciate them. Don’t understand the exact meaning but I love their rythym and melody.

    Hi all ,

    I particularly like this Chinese opera song but I do not know its title. Anyone can help ? that has chorus and sound like this … Joe jaw sun sin mei peek moon choek , lau toh tay yolk jau keen tho lean wong … literally means ” Become a goddess, still NOT satisfied , went down to Hell and met the Hell Demon King….and after become demon king also not satisfied…….

    I can ” croak ” in English and Bahasa Melayu only. Ha ! ha ! :)

    I can sing in Bahasa Melayu for fun lah. Seladang mak Inang seladang …

  40. Hi there

    I put up a post at 1.28 pm today with some comments and links. Not sure what happened to it. It was marked 63.

    Hi Hamidah @62, here’s the link to your song, the cha cha piece ‘Past Love or Old flame – a dream’

    Another version to motivate the SHC guys, must view till end of clip so you would dance when someone sings this song.

    Hamidah, learn how to sing ‘Shanghai Beach’ like Jamilah Abu Bakar in this clip

    See you on 27 Nov.

  41. May #65 – thats a nice cha cha song. There is another version by Tam Beng Mun (another joker).

    Steven Chan #64 – Your wish is my command. Here goes…


    The tile of the song is ????? (all things not enough)

    or in Malay, “Barang barang semua pun tak cukup”

    Correct me if I am wrong, Hamidah. Thank you for your interest in canto songs.

    I hope more people can join in this chat of sharing our once upon a time canto pops. If anything, lets refresh ourselves before the “GRANDEUR” on 27th.

  42. Hi Pearl Wong,

    Thanks for your directions to SAFRA. It has been very useful.

    It is OK I can find my way. Appreciate your kind offer of a lift from you. See ya soon.

  43. Hi Steven, Daniel & May

    Alamak we’ve been talking so much about Sam Hui, yesterday my HK colleague informed me Ricky Hui passed away. Such a pity another talented person gone.

    Steven #64
    The malay song you mentioned shld be spelt as salendang, a malay word for “shawl”.

    May #65
    Thanks for your youtube attachment. Ok I shall sing “Shanghai Beach” for you & Steven on 27/11 not Jamilah style but the hantam style haa..haa. Looking forward to meet you too.

    Bdway, are you the same May that attended my linedance class organised by Oi Cheng at Toa Payoh many years back . I remembered there was this slim lady name also May.

    Daniel #66
    Wah, your malay translation boleh tahan lah. Fyi, I like songs in whatever language as long as the music is nice. I like to hear cantonese songs because the sound is more soothing but I find it’s more difficult to pronounce unlike Hokkien or Teochew songs which sounds a bit choloh (rough) sorry no offence hor cos that’s how I felt.


  44. Hi Daniel#49,

    Thanks for proposing those lovely Canto songs.
    I know you will sing for us Nos 1 & 2.. Yay!

    Hey Hamidah#56, your request for Sam Hui’s ???? will be granted, hehe.,
    and more songs by popular male singers Lesley Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Roman Tam, George Lam & Adam Cheng to name a few.

    Hi May#65… I’ve already got a ‘mysterious singer’ to sing ??? & ???.
    There will also be songs such as ???, ???, ???, ????, ??????.
    Its a very casual get-together, therefore..those who are not comfortable coming forward to sing can sing from their seat and those who love to dance, the lovely dance floor is all theirs…most of all…everyone is happy..Yipee!!

    Wei Steven Chan, I believe you can find your way. See you!

  45. Hi Pearl

    Yay, glad to hear someone going to sing my favourite Sam Hui’s song. Since I cannot sing the song will just kepo kepo be the backup singer repeating certain part of the song haha & dancing to the music lah can? hee..hee..

    Those who are like me cannot understand the meaning of the songs, never mind just relax, enjoy the music while watching others singing & just dance for happy happy sake.

  46. Hamidah Sayang,

    I like your ‘happy happy’ spirit and dancing is one way to show you are truly happy inside out – mari kita gelek gelek lah..oo la la!!

    Mmm, you can guess who’s singing your favourite song right…Shhhhh…

  47. Pearl Dear #72

    At this age what more we looking for other than happiness, ageing gracefully & make sure have enough money to pull us through till our last day without having to burden our children. Most importantly is to stay close, spent more valuable time with our spouse cos we never know how long more we could see each other and of course with our children too & grandchildren if any.

    Yeah! lets gelek2 and gila2 on that day…don’t worry be happy. I wanna for autograph lah when he sing my favourite song hee..

  48. Steven..the song is very meaningful.

    To cut a long story short, the lady singer, through her song, is passing snide remarks at the emperor who obviously is falling head over heel at her beauty.

    She claims that some people are never satisfied. Abundance of wealth, hundreds of concubines and absolute power are not enough. Such people, even when they go to hell, will want to become the KING there. One verse, a famous Chinese idiom is, “A greedy person is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant”. You can see the reaction on the emperor’s face but he likes her so he is controlling.

    AND the last verse is, “WHEN WILL YOU BE SATISFIED?”, a question for the mighty emperor.

  49. Hi Hamidah#74,

    Thats very wise thinking, also..enjoy while we can hor, hee.
    As for autograph, might be 2 singing stars if they sing duet for u, haha., enjoy!

  50. I am a NEW member and has just join Botanic Gardens Walk (first activity) Will be glad to go karaoke. Singing is my greatest and longest LOVE and I had been doing it for more tahn 30 years. Looking forwarded to meet like minded people there. Count me in. Next question, how to make payment. How do you know it is from my account???

  51. Hello Vincent#78,

    Welcome to our Canto Get-together!!
    Nice to know singing is your greatest & longest love…more than 30yrs!!
    Wow, you must know a lot of Canto songs –
    which are your favourites?

    As for the payment,
    I have a sample for you from my post here at No:13….

    #13 Andrew Yeung Says:
    October 29th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Pearl

    Lai Fong has transfer $10 to your account
    Ref 7835; time 13:43 29/10/2011.
    Please check. Thanks

    Hope thats clear to you.

    See you!!

  52. Hi Pearl,

    I’m a newbie, yeah! Pls count me in. This is gonna be my first participating event. I can’t sing nor croak, gonna join u guys to have fun!

    Wld love to particate in your bowling event if there’s one coming up soon… :)

    I’ve just transferred $10, pls check.
    13 Nov 2011 10:35 PM

    Thank you for coordinating! Great job!
    C ya soon. Cheers

  53. Hello Alyn#80,

    Yeah! Welcome to SHC and thanks for joining our Canto Get-together…
    also noted your prompt payment – thanks very much!!

    Its ok if you cant sing, just gelek with the music ..
    there’s a nice dance hall, hee.

    As for bowling, there’s another group who organise this.
    If you go thru the older posts, you will come across it somewhere.
    If not, you can ask around during the Canto event,
    hope you find a buddy bowler, hehe.

    Yes, see ya soon!

  54. Hihi Pearl,
    Thank you for your warm welcome :)

    Er…er…am kinda a shy person…will see if I can gelek…haha

    Thank you for highlighting, ok will run thru the list of older posts.


  55. Hey Alyn#82,

    I will get you a dancing partner, see that you have fun ya.
    With your happy spirit & energy, you’ll enjoy yourself, surely!

    Cheers too!




  57. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for registering Clara Chay over my email.
    Appreciate banyak banyak!

    Hi Clara, thanks for your support and your payment noted.
    Will update once my web-page is running as per normal, Xie Xie!!

    See both of you soon!

  58. Hi Pearl/Sally

    Just manage to find some time to run thru the whole list….wow, so many barang barang. Its gonna to be very exciting and all the canto song….

    Well done !!!

    Lai Fong

  59. Wei Wei..Lai Fong,

    Nice to hear from you!
    Yes many barang barang especially the drama ..
    its very different from ‘Homecoming’, hope you find it entertaining.

    As for the Canto songs, am delighted that non Cantonese participants are singing too. And yourself .. thanks for singing those lovely songs for us all.

    See you in about 2wks, whooh!

  60. Hi Clara

    Welcome, don’t expect you will come. Just come to hear me sing or you will also sing?

    Seems that never heard you sing canto before. Will that night be your virgin show. Waiting, expecting and longing (my neck). See you there.

  61. Hi Pearl,

    I notice you have no text in your Post.
    Any idea what happened?

    Another point to note:
    For EO events, you can only admit registered SHC members.
    For EC events, you can allow non-members to participate.

    Terence Seah

  62. Hi Terence#89,

    I couldnt edit/update my post 2 days ago.
    Each time I do, many staggered 1 1 1 1 1 1 appeared at the bottom.
    I know these were hot numbers on 11 Nov, it seemed to linger on, haha.

    Most times, I cant delete them.
    The times that I can after updating names & payments, I cant ‘save’.
    Each time I click ‘save’, there’s this color ball that keep circling endlessly, nothing works. Restarting my computor gotten the same problem again.

    At times, a message poped out, saying….
    “Fatal error: maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
    /formatting.php on line 547”

    Any idea what happened?

  63. Hi Pearl #90,

    Noted your experience. I am not sure why this problem happens, although I have noticed that when the Post gets too busy with a lot of indexing, numbers and bullets, it tends to do a mumbo jumbo.

    For the moment, we cannot bring back the text, except if you have a copy of the text somewhere. Then, we will try to do a recopy and paste.


    Terence Seah

  64. Hamidah #68

    I have not attended any SHC event before and therefore have not met any SHC member yet. The Canto K will be my first.
    Looks like this event has attracted quite a few newbies. Looking forward to have a real good time with all SHCs!

  65. Hi Terence#91,

    Thanks very much for your concern and help, deeply appreciated!
    Had just emailed you a ‘saved copy’ of my Canto Karaoke event’s text and name list to you, hope all is fine.

    Thanks once again!

  66. Hi Pearl,

    I have removed all the hidden codes; not sure how they got there in the first place. Have kept the Post simple.

    Please go ahead and update as you see fit. I wish everybody great fun in this Canto pop karaoke activity. And, to you, well done and thank you for the initiative.

    Terence Seah

  67. Wow Terence, your magic wand did wonders!!
    Now all the text and names are back – nice & neat..
    Thanks a million … Kisses & HUGS!!!

    Mmm, from all those who are coming,
    you already can sense their excitement in the comments.
    They are so looking forward to our Kopitiam play –
    hope they’ll be teased and blushed, kekeke.

    I have these talented & dedicated actors/singers to thank for –
    their team spirit is fantastic, putting in time & effort rehearsing whenever.,
    helping me in a very big way in making this event successful & enjoyable.

    Terence, we would love to invite you to our show –
    I’ll buy you a beer and sing for you ????? which you dedicated it on the web not too long ago. Do we hear a ‘YES’?, hehe.

    See you & Be There!!
    pearl & d/s team.

  68. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for registering & payment for Ann Lim on her behalf.
    Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to my faulty web-page.

    See you both real soon!

  69. Hello Rose Chuang,

    Thats a very pleasant surprise call and the good news that you are bringing in a NEW FREN, Bernadette Lee to join our SHC club and our Canto Get-together.
    Thanks very much to both your supports & payments!!

    Hi Bernadette Lee .. Welcome to our SHC & our Canto event!!!
    Will see you and Rose real soon – next Sunday 27 Nov!!

    Have Fun!!

  70. Hi Vincent#103,

    Thanks very much for your payment & support.
    Hope its gonna be a fun afternoon for you since you love singing.
    This is specially organised for the fun of it – we are all learning too.
    Being able to laugh at ourselves is healthy, kekeke.

  71. Dear Daniel,
    I received a sms this morning informing about your post ref to my post #102 mysteriously disappearing into thin air. Must be the tyranny of the “bug”. hahaha

    Anyway your goodwill message very warmly received my me. thanks. I’ll be puntual. cheers!

  72. Hi Andrew#106,

    Thanks very much for registering Debbie Oh.
    Will take note of the payment as well. XieXie!!

    Hi Debbie, Thanks very much for your support.
    Hope you’ll enjoy the afternoon’s fun this 27 Nov.

    See you & Andrew next Sunday!

  73. Hi HenryY #107,

    I am not sure how or why your comment got lost. We dont have a habit of losing comments, unless of course, Fairy Godmother goes berserk.

    I dont understand your comment #102. However, to get you back on your feet, I have just the right song for you. It’s in our KOK corner. By the way, the guy is just something while she looks hip.

    And to our many members, I hope one day, we will be able to organise an event, similar to what you see in the KOK corner.

    Terence Seah

  74. Hi Pearl

    Alamak you so excited oredi kah? Sorry to correct you, your event is this Sunday 27/Nov and not next Sunday 3/Dec. Wait Janet Loo go on the wrong Sunday, no SHCians at Music Point hee..hee

  75. Hi All,

    Being Cantonese myself, I naturally love to sing Cantonese songs. But, this coming Sunday apart from regular late morning service (10.30am – 12.00pm) in Bt. Batok, co-incidentally, I’m tied down by another activity which ends at 3.00pm. It is too late for me to take the bus-MRT trip down to Safra Tampines for Pearl’s drama show and subsequent Canto karaoke.

    I am comforted in the knowledge and hope that, perhaps, another Canto K-OK opportunity would present itself whereby I don’t have any commitments.



  76. Hamidah Sayang#114,

    Alamak .. thought today is Sunday,
    so tell Janet Loo next Sunday lah, kekeke.
    Thanks so much for the correction, dear.

    Hi Janet Loo … my apologies!!
    Shall see you 27 NOV.

    Be There!!

  77. halo halo EO ah pearl wong ,

    okay de shc banner is in my hong chia liao ( my lam bo g string saloon car lah hahahaha )..

    calling our handsome thomas loh…this pai 5 ( friday )

    u.coming for de yat sing money gathering bo har ?

    or we meet up on thursday nite lor…

    sorry lei..i can not come & siow siow wif u all on sunday ..i damn bo eng 1 hor…

    here wishing u all a good siow siow & enjoy hor….

    i wan to take my 40 winks liao lah….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    sam huat

  78. Hi Terry#115,

    Wouldnt it be wonderful if you create that opportunity yourself and EO another Canto KOK event to suit your busy schedule cos nobody knows when you wont have any committments wor. Others might make time to participate lor.
    As Terence mentioned – every member should EO at least one event wor.


  79. Halo damn bo eng 1 Ah Huat Kor Kor#117,

    Thanks very much for lending us your SHC banner hor.
    Paiseh mah huan you pass to our handsome Thomas lah, kum siah!!

    We know you always bo kao kun so better have your afternoon beauty sleep while we siao siao our drama & karaoke lah hor.

    Here, I also wish you an enjoyable monthly gathering hor.

    Have fun!!





  81. My hubby Alex, Alyn and I would like to sincerely thank
    one and all for making our day
    At SHC’s first Canto K and Kopitiam play today.

    Although new today
    We never felt this way
    Pearl and Sally, you have been great hosts

    To EO Pearl, Co-EO Sally and Kopitiam Gang
    Your great talents were all acted out in your funny, funky and hilarious musical play.
    We salute to you for the well rehearsed in this play

    Glad to have come on time today
    Didn’t have to joget and gelek all the way
    We enjoyed the tea, kopi and Begawan Solo kueh kueh
    And also the souvenirs from Thomas Loh, leh

    Couldn’t stop laughing when Daniel Chan and Vincent Tan
    Started the Kopitian play with a dialogue wrong from the start
    To Daniel, a Cantonese
    Every station in the east
    Phonetically sounded like a ‘bad’ omen in a mist

    Can’t understand why they were named like these –
    Pasir Ris, Tampines and Simei
    Daniel, Daniel, when you read this
    Could you please explain your piece
    To the rest who follow the Canto K’s threadline
    From their home at anytime

    Those who missed the play must hear Hamidah sing in Cantonese
    Men in the Net and Shanghai Tan
    Rose White sang a Malay piece and
    Sarah sang a lovely piece
    Which I would like to learn and tease
    (Give me some time, a Malay song I would sing for you someday)

    The Kopitiam girls sang and danced
    To their Hokkien slang
    Blended in the play was a pretty lady
    Who came with a basket of bak chang filled with meat
    To the men who came to drink and eat

    Someone came and peddled some crunchy biscuits and sexy stuffs
    Which we thought was very creative
    To make the afternoon tea more meaningful

    Aiyo, can’t help rolling off my chair
    Till it broke into the air
    The finale of the play was a song of the heydays
    Where we all went on stage to sing and rock down the cafe

    When the sun came down, we all sat down
    On the floor and stage to take our spot
    For a group photo shot

    Dear friends we made today
    Pearly, Sally, Catherine, Judy, Andrew, Daniel, Lai Fong, Thomas
    Sarah, Ivy, Rose, Hamidah, Bernie, Janet (s), Boon Liang, Henry
    Bobby, Vincent, KC Lau, Victor and some whose names I may have missed
    Thank you for giving us a great time and memorable day

  82. Ha ha May…good question… why did they name the stations like that?

    I actually overheard the conversation between 2 elderly ladies from Hong Kong, when I was travelling inside the train sometime ago. I found it very funny and dramatise it a bit for our play – EXCLUSIVELY for our Canto KRK participants. There are 3 other stations that sounded more funny but crude. Next show lah….

    Indeed we all had a great time. The audience was spontaneous and hilarious. I left early with Vincent because (????) we were going to another KRK in the city area.

  83. Dear Pearl, Sally & all the wonderfull old & new friends who made this immensely enjoyable event possible & a success, A BIG THANK YOU!!!

    …You looked inside our fantasies and made each one come true,
    something no one else had ever found a way to do.
    We’ll keep the mem’ries one by one…..

  84. Hi Pearl,

    Following up the feedback on the drama, you must have a history and career path, organising dramas.

    Can you be our Queen of Dramas?

    Terence Seah

  85. Hi Pearl(y) & Sally

    Terima kasih for orgainising this CANTO High tea — it is very fun and indeed successful!!!

    Well Done and of course I did enjoy very much.

    Hi May, nice to know you and Welcome to the Club…

    Hi Andrew – thank you for singing a duet with me..hehehe..

    Hi Rene – “Oi Ni Yat sai Yat Sang” or Oi Ni Yat Sanf Yat Sai”, enjoy singing with you.

    Hamidah – Not enough le, want more of the canto hits!!!

    To all the Crooners —- thank you for all the lovely numbers….

    Lai Fong

  86. Dear Rene, THANK YOU for singing “perng you” for us. My legs goes wobbly everytime I hear tht song, brings back those “nostalgia”

    When I first joined SHC & met you, we were friends, now after many moons, we are still friends……cheers to that!!!

  87. Dear Pearl,

    Congrate to you for the success of another wonderful event in “Kopitiam play + Canto Karaoke”. Well done!
    Thanks to all the participants in the drama & the great support from the audiences for making the event successful. Thanks to Boon Liang who captured the enjoyable moment for everyone for good memorize.
    #121 May, appreciate that your comments to motivate us for the future drama.

  88. Hi Pearl & Sally

    Well done & thanks for the great fun. Doing registration I happy get to meet & talk to new & old members.

    Too bad I don’t understand Daniel & Vincent cantonese skit but I see everyone laughing so it must be someting very funny. What is it abt huh???

    May #121
    I’m glad to know that you, your hubby Alex & friend Alyn enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable. Alex had a good voice & sang very well. Thanks for your compliment, fyi I like to hear cantonese songs & I’m still trying to learn more songs & still struggling to perfect my pronouciation hee..hee. I like most of the songs they sing during the event but too bad I cannot sing those songs.

    May, I hope to hear you sing “Madu & Racun” one day and also to hear Alyn sing “Benci Tapi Rindu”

    Lai Fong #127
    Give me more time to learn more canto songs as I’m learning it on my own. U want to be my Mentor?

    Boon Liang
    Well done, you did it man! See what I told you in the past you can do it if you want to and most importantly don’t feel shy. In March 2011 you’re my “John Travolta” and now “Canto Singer”.


  89. #130

    Hi Hamidah

    Cannot imagine to be your mentor la, cause I only pick up the canto song about 4months ago. Still learning le…but sure will help if I could:-)))
    But you really did very well for both numbers:-)))

    Lai Fong

  90. Dear Pearl,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your skit.

    #121@ May Woo

    Exquisite composed poem as a token of appreciation, courtesy of you.

    #131@ Lai Fong

    Help me too.I love to hear cantonese songs.

    Rose White

  91. #130
    Kak Hamidah sayang, saya bukan kawan May la, saya adek May .. sama darah, sama bapak, sama mak … muka tak sama ka? hahaha…. satu hari, I’ll try to sing dat song “benci tapi rindu” with your guidance, k? kix :)

    hey guys, it was indeed a great pleasure knowing so many great ppl! I really had a fantastic time though i didnt croon with a mic on stage! I am still shy la, i’ve stage fright u noe…*wink wink*
    GREAT thanks to my sis, May Woo, who encouraged me to join this FUN Club! yeah!! (hush hush…she likes to talk alot and i suka!) wahahaha…. sorry babe… :)

    Thanks to Thomas for turning me around on the dance floor, sorry kawan, i catch no ball la…am not good at learning dance steps…. i can only gelek abit here and there….

    Most importantly, GREAT thanks to Pearl and her fantastic boys and gals for making this event so so so fun! Thunbs up, well done!! Cheers to all!

    Just Me…..tak mau tak mau….meow….hahaha….
    tada for now… :)

  92. On behalf of Catherine Koh …..

    Hi Pearl and All,

    I enjoyed very much for the whole afternoon….
    still feel very excited now. Believe all of you enjoyed too.

    Thanks to our 2 great customers Daniel & Vincent, without you our beer ladies will not be able to continue.

    This is my first act and a very good experience for me.
    Hope i can improve my skill with Pearl and everybody’s guidance.

    Hope our shining Pearl can plan something after Chinese New Year,
    may be around March 2012. Ha ha… get addicted liao…

    Thanks Pearl and Regards,
    Catherine Koh

  93. Paiseh, so many people thank me. Thanks to all who were present at our Canto event.

    The drama was fantastic especially with our 2 sexy and alluring beer girls (Catherine/Shirleen); Vincent/Daniel; Judy; Sarah/Hamidah; Rose White; Thomas/Sally who had made it very successful.

    Thanks All Attendees – Lai Fong/Ivy/Rene/Andrew; Alex/May/Alyn; Janet (2x); Henry; Clara; Lilian; KC Lau; Bernadette; Rose; Allan; Vincent; Daniel; Debbie; Ronald, Ann; Bobby, Lydia; Bernice; etc, etc, all of whom were so lively & creative, have sung so well and had made our canto event in history.

    First timer: Steven & Boon Liang, congratulations both of you made it to sing on stage.
    Lastly, thanks our Drama Queen (new coveted title), Pearl Wong for all her hard work, patience, rehearsals, directing & guidance.

    Sally SC Tan

  94. Hello Adik Alyn #133

    Sori I tak tau lah you adik May cos your kakak did not introduce you as her adik. Wah boleh tahan lah your bahasa Melayu, you orang Baba (peranakan)kah? If Baba, Baba Black Sheep or Baba White Sheep? Hee..hee jangan marah ya, I joke saja lah. You marah2 nanti cepat tua tau. Glad to know you & May, seems dat day we can talk macam sudah kenal lama..like hokkien said “ay hup” (get along) haha. Hope will meet again at other SHC events.


  95. Aiyo Sally…I also paiseh leh..so many thank us for such a casual show –
    Anyway, i am very happy that they enjoyed our event even just to gelek on the dance floor and some singing with such expressions & dances. Thank You Everyone!!

    Indeed, our ‘actors’ were fantastic, including you lah –
    even with so little rehearsals, all did very well, thank you all!!

    And yes – Bravo to Boon Liang & Steven Chan ..
    first time singing a Canto song!!

    Ooohh…Drama Queen?
    Am sure there will be a real Drama Queen especially with so many new members now. Terence will soon know after the monthly gathering at Hans. I’m just here with all of you to have fun with drama nia. Hard work, patience &
    rehearsals are part & parcel of drama – you guys were great to work with, Xie Xie!!

    Thanks very much Sally for your excellent assistance & guidance in many ways that I’m new to especially being a first time EO. You are wonderful to work with. Thanks again, Pretty Lady!!


  96. To All the Wonderful & Cheerful SHC Frens who attended our Canto Event –

    All of you came with such high spirits, friendliness & enthusiasms –
    you made our event so thrilled & vibrant, you ‘rock the cafe down’ as May Woo put it. Woo-hoo!!

    Pardon me if there are areas that I had neglected or overlooked.



    Casts for the Kopitiam Musical Play are:
    Daniel Chan – Customer A
    Vincent Lim – Customer B
    Shirleen Kao – Beer Lady Siao Mei –
    Catherine Koh – Beer Lady Siao Hua, both sang a Hokkien song ‘???’.
    Judy Lim – Bah Zhang Lady, sang a Hokkien song ‘???’
    Sarah Kassim – Honey Lady, sang a Malay song ‘Madu dan Racun’
    Hamidah – Honey Lady’s Old Kampong Neighbour
    Rose White – Flower/Condom Lady, dance & sang ‘Si Jantung Hati’
    Thomas Loh – Drunken G-String Salesman
    Sally Tan – Cookie Soh & Thomas sang ‘?????’

    The songs were specially picked for the trade & role they play.

  98. Hi May#121,

    We finally met after some emails & sms regarding the Canto songs that Alex is going to sing. Gee, you were so bubbly, cheerful, friendly & warm –
    hugged me as tho I’m your buddy! I like that..thks a lot!!
    You Sis Alyn is quite like you too huh – shy nia lah hor, hehe.
    Alex .. the great opera singer – thanks for dueting some songs with me but not enough hor… we’ll all have more at Aranda if time permits for you ya.

    May, Daniel didnt tell you in details regarding the MRT jokes,
    here it is …. for the ‘home audience’ …
    What he told Vincent during the drama skit was –
    Pasir Ris MRT = ” ???”
    Tampines MRT = “???”
    Simei MRT = ”??”?

    May, Hubby Alex & Alyn,
    Thanks very much for your attendance & support.
    I know I can count on you all … wooh – hoo!!


  99. Hi Henry#124,

    Glad you could relate to those cheeky playful men …
    most times harmless-just-wanna-have-fun drinkers, hee.
    Thanks so much for being the earliest to arrive to support…
    and adding much oomph to the event –
    I know I can count on you always – HUGS!!


  100. Hello Steven Chan

    Alamak, I forgot to congratulate and salute 2u2 for your attempt to sing in cantonese…I remember you told me you can’t read chinese characters, I see ok lah you can sing chinese song, bagus pun. Haha next time we duet sing Malay song ok? If you sing with me, you must remember to sit down, cannot both standing wait my neck sprain looking up at you hee…


  101. Hi Terence#126,

    Am delighted that you had positive feedbacks of our Kopitiam play –
    Mmm…the drama queen’s tiara is too heavy & big for my small head.,
    even Miss Universe got it wobbling on her victorious head.

    Thanks anyway!

  102. Hi Lai Fong#127,

    Wow..you are the live-wire of the day!
    You really spiced up the singer’s song by your background dance with Rene.,
    and you sing so well – you are our Canto Queen of our event!
    Glad you had fun and thanks so much for yours, Rene & Andrew’s support!!


  103. Hi Judy#129,

    Team work & team spirit are all there is to make an event successful –
    I am so thankful that all of you are so supportive & helpful in so many ways.
    Yes, Boon Liang, our photographer – THANKS VERY MUCH!!
    Sweet memories of events captured by him will always be cherished.


  104. Hi Hamidah#130,

    Terma Kasih Banyak Banyak for helping with the registration and to be Sarah’s kampong neighbour in Kopitiam – ‘Beautician Hanidah’..you are such a natural.
    You really surprised us with your ??? & ??? , everyone is impressed, Bravo!

    We’ll sing again!

  105. halo ah thomas loh hiah ti ah ,

    so de shc banner still intact bo har ?

    dun u 4get 2 safe keep 4 me hor…since we are meeting up tis pai 5 ( friday ) pls bring along hor…

    got keep in a safe plc bo ? must under lock ,wif cctv playing 24 hrs 9 body guards 1 hor…..

    sam huat huat huat ai koon liao zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  106. Halo Ah Huat Kor Kor,

    You can trust Thomas Loh Broder to keep your SHC banner safe safe lah hor,
    surely you’ll get it tis pai 5 one – return to you swee swee lah.
    Thank you very much for lending us for our event – HUGS!!

  107. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for taking care of the SilverHairsClub Banner. From today onwards, we shall call you “Safe Keeper of the SHC Banner).

    Terence Seah

  108. Hi Rosna Rose White#132,

    I see a very vibrant & bubbly person in you –
    Deeply appreciate you limping with an injured knee to rehearse,
    sing, act & dance for our Kopitiam play – Xie Xie Ni!!


  109. Hi Pearl

    I am using May’s password as I am unable to sign in.

    Singing with a professional singer like you is really ‘shiokadoo’. Hope we can duet again.

    If there’s an opportunity, I would also like to duet with Hamidah, Lai Fong and Rene.

    Thank you for organising such a great event!

    Alex Woo

  110. Hi Catherine Koh#134,

    I can feel your excitement after reading your comments.
    I also know you put in tremendously hard work & time practising your dance & script for our Kopitiam play. I can see your total committment and your anxiety to perfect your role as best as you can – you did it!

    Xie Xie!

    Bro.Sam Huat- his great generousity for lending us the SHC Banner.
    Sally Tan – our most capable & helpful Co-EO & treasurer.
    Boon Liang – our silent hero/great supporter & professional photographer.
    Thomas Loh – our silent hero & perpetual great supporter of all events.,
    absolutely friendly & helpful – first to come and last to go.,
    always a little gift to give – ‘make people happy happy’ wor.
    Talented actor & great supporter of our SHC Drama Group.
    Hamidah – took good care of all registration & cash collections.,
    helped us as ‘kampong neighbour Hanidah’ in Kopitiam play.
    Sarah Kassim – helped made the beautiful & creative Canto Event Poster.,
    actress and great supporter for our SHC drama group.
    Shirleen Kao
    & Judy Lim – helped collect all the heavy kuey kuey from Bangawan Solo.
    actresses/singers/great supporters of our SHC drama group.
    Daniel Chan
    & Vincent Lim – talented actors who helped as ‘Kopitiam Customers A & B’.
    Rose White &
    Catherine Koh -actresses/singers/best supporter of SHC Drama Group.

    Kisses & Hugs!!!

  112. Hi Alex#151,

    Glad it was Shiokadoo for you –
    I am still learning, not professional lah.
    I would like to learn Canto opera from you too,
    since you asked if I’m into operas –
    maybe can have a Canto opera skit in English,
    you & May can be the leads, hehe.

    We’ll try inviting Hamidah, Lai Fong and Rene,
    you can arrange a weekend cos all of them work.

    See you then,

  113. Hi Lai Fong #131
    When wanna start tuition class for canto songs? hee..
    You already have 2 students on hand now, me & Rose

    Hi Pearl #146 & 153
    Thanks for your compliments. My pleasure to help in whatever ways I can.

    Hi Alex #151
    Haha brother you wanna duet with me in Cantonese songs??
    “Le Moh Kow Chor ah” my knowledge of cantonese songs are so limited, how to duet with you..? You got to provide me with the music & lyrics in advance and give me 1 mth grace to master it, then I dare to duet with you, boleh?


  114. #136 Yo! kak Hamidah, saya tak marah marah la, tak hendak lebih ‘railway track’..nak forever look ‘muda’hahaha, kulit terbal yo!.. Saya Mama bukan Baba, malam jadi mamasan wahahaha…oopz… No my dear, am a pure Chinese :)
    Sure, we will meet again soon.

    Hi Rose Putih, hope your knee is recovering well. Take good care ya.

    #140.. Pearl, I’ll try to overcome my shyness, k? but dun stop me when I am real notty haha… hope to see u and the rest soon… cherios…

    God Bless,

  115. Aiyoyo Alyn#157,

    I kena tipu pada you lah, haha…
    sekarang saya tau lah you mamang notty, ah ha…
    lain kali I tak kasih you duduk diam diam ya, hehe.
    Baik lah, kita sama bersama pergi bowling ya –
    itu yang sports spesial you kan?
    Kalau saya main – terus masuk ‘longkang’, kekeke.

    see you!

    Without them, as Catherine Koh put it –
    “our beer ladies will not be able to continue”.

    You guys are amazingly talented –
    acting and singing at our Canto event.

    All the Very Best!!
    pearl & drama group.

  117. AIYOOOOO…Pearl. ??? ??…

    We are in the same boat…just an sms will do lah.

    Anyway, thank you for the credit, although Vincent and I only did what anybody could have done – talk nonsense – haha. On the other hand, I salute you for attempting the unenviable task of being EO for such a complicated event. You have to take care of the personal, logistical as well as financial matters – headache-problems not many care or dare to face. And you have done it successfully, with many crying ENCORE.

    I hope more people can come forward to help, even if it is for just a brief moment in a play. The world is a stage and we are all players.

    Let me quote a verse from the nice song a few in the audience had sung on that Canto Day :


    Keep it up Pearl.

  118. Wei Daniel Chan#160,

    You and Vincent well deserved the credit, thanks again!

    Aiya, how can I manage everything myself. I had a whole team helping me organising this Canto event wor, didnt you see all those I mentioned and thanked #153 meh. We have very good team work – like the bees, each helped in one area and the whole job is done lor, hehehe.

    Next KRK event … you be EO,
    am sure many will come forward to .. help .. sing some songs, hee!

  119. Daniel, you openly admit you are too ???
    Remember your song ?????
    Like Freda’s song above .. ??????!
    Thanks Freda for such lovely lyrics.

    My next event could just be a private invite, hee.

    Thanks for that lovely song for our drama group –
    it says it all – Xie Xie!

  120. Thanks Freda. Some of these songs are so inspiring and aptly describe our encounters and experiences. Must also thank the YouTube for letting us share such lovely songs.

    Oh yes Pearl…many people have told me that I am ??. It has been an asset in my course of work, but perhaps a liability on other occasions. Well for better or for worse, that is what mother nature has provided for me.

    While still in a singing mood, let me share another one….


    it starts with….


  121. #158 Helo Mutiara sayang, saya tak tipu orang, only orang tipu saya wahahaha… bowling? suka main tapi tak pandai la..mari la, kita main bersama sama dengan masuk longkang bersama also….hahha

    Sorry for the late reply, hv bn busy…We shall meet again.

  122. Hi Alyn#167,

    Baik lah kita masuk longkang sekali-kali lah, kekeke.
    Orang kira berapa goals, kita kira berapa longkangs, hee.
    Lihat-lah email I berkataan tarikh dan tempat ya.

    Be there!

  123. #156

    Hi Hamidah – I’m still trying to do my canto better, if we happen to meet – sure will try and help..hehehe

    Hi Alex – most welcome but please do not laugh at my cantonese as I just learn to sign some 4 mths ago…

    Yes! Pearl – weekend afternoon is best…

    very sorry for my late reply…

    Lai Fong

  124. Hi All Drama & SHC Frens,


    They are all NOT in sequence as King Seng couldnt placed it they way I had numbered them as his software couldnt follow.

    Go to the ‘Name List’ above this page –
    Look out for ‘No 10. Thomas Loh’.

    Below ‘No 10’ you will see “CLICK here to see Photo”.



  125. Hi Pearl
    Thank you for your understanding.
    We have only acquire his new software less than 10 days ago and I am still learning how to used the various function in uploading the photos to our website.
    I will keep on learning to use this new software and make the uploaded album more acceptable.

    King Seng

  126. Hi King Seng,

    You are super nice & quick to rush these photos out for us despite me sending them to you only yesterday. We do understand and accept having them whichever way you placed them. We really appreciate your time & effort posting them here even as you struggle to get it right so we all can have fun enjoying laughing at ourselves in the photos thats so candidly taken by Boon Liang.

    Well, have fun with your new photo-software.

    Thanks again!

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