“2-IN-1” WeekDAY Event 15/12/11 (Thursday)


Hi friends,

Sorry.. I’ve lost my original posting on the "2-In-1" Weekday Event when im doing my editing.  


Below is the summary of the participants options :

(A)  Ala-carte buffet lunch  at Ban Heng Seafood Paradise @ Aranda)  –  < EVENT CANCELLED >

Time  : 11.30pm to 2pm   ($21.55/pax)

1.  Clara

2.  Charles Wee

3.  King Seng



(B)  Karaoke Session at "Ten Dollar Club" Family KTV  – < EVENT PROCEED @ REGISTRATION CLOSED >

Time  :  2pm to 7pm   ($10/pax)

1.  Clara  (Paid)

2.  Charles Wee  (Paid)

3.  Annie Loh  (Paid)

4.  Ann Lim  (Paid)

5.  Zahriah  (Paid)

6.  Alice Seah  (Paid)

7.  Jassmine Teo  (Paid)

8.  Janet Heng  (Paid)

9.  Terry Tang  (Paid)

10. KC Lau  (Paid)

11. Robert Ong   (Paid)



** Kindly make your payment to Clara Chay (POSB savings account 060-19689-3) by 4/12/2011 Sunday.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to meet up with you soon !

Cheers,  < CLARA, EO >

23 thoughts on ““2-IN-1” WeekDAY Event 15/12/11 (Thursday)

  1. Clara, actually would like to join you all, especially to look up for my friend, Charles,but unfortunately can’t go on weekday. Next time, perhaps. Music, Singing, Magic, Edifying conversation, count me in.


  2. Sorry Clara.

    I wanted to attend this function to support you but being old and forgetful, I forgot it will be on my golfing day. My golf kakis now threaten my life if I do not turn up. They are all at least 10 years younger then me, so I better obey. I was also looking forward to talk to Charles Wee and King Seng.

    I will try to attend your next function.

  3. Hi Charles & King Seng,
    Just to let u know that the min. charges of the buffet lunch per pax of $21.55 only applies with a min. of 4 pax reservation. As such, due to tian soo withdrawal from this lunch event, we only have 3 pax, therefore we are not entitled to this offer rate….Just want to know whether u are still keen to proceed with this..If not i will cancel this lunch event..we will just proceed for the kok session only. Would appreciate ur reply asap. Thks.
    (will let u know the actual price again).

  4. Hi Clara
    Thank you for organising the event. However, I think I would not join the lunch this time round. Sorry for the late response.
    King Seng

  5. Hi Charles and King Seng,
    I’ve decided to call off the Buffet lunch event. Therefore we will just proceed for the karaoke session only.. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. See u at the KTV. Cheers.

  6. Hi Clara,

    To-morrow, I’ll get my friends to guide me to transfer $10.00 to your POSB a/c. Hopefully, they’ll lend a hand to my earnest request. If I fail to enlist their assistance, would you mind if I pay you at the k-ok venue itself? I’m a man of my word.

    Before my last “outing” with SHCians at Oxford Hotel/Victoria St., I had to beg a POSB lady supv. to come to an ATM outside her POSB to help me effect a transfer to Sally Tan Sok Cheng’s POSB a/c. After having left work for a decade, I have somewhat become almost semi-illiterate on computer literacy. I asked her to tell me the steps so that I could record the details on a piece of paper, she said she was in a hurry and had no time for it.

    By the way, is the the Ten Dollar Club Family KTV located at 31A Smith Street?

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi Terry,
    The venue is located at :
    60, Pasir Ris Drive 3,
    Singapore 519497
    Aranda Country Club (3rd floor)
    (Downtown East)

    Wld be fine if you pay on the actual day too..
    Thks for your support too.

  8. Hi Clara,

    I need to clarify with you on the following.

    Am I right in saying that over at the event designated Family KTV lounge, a karaoke disc jockey is provided, and patrons are allowed to bring their own VCDs, meaning they are able to sing in a variety of languages – English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese or whatever apart from the usual dialect songs on Hokkien, Teochew or Cantonese?

    If this is the case, the whole event should be very electrifying to the senses, rather than being restricted to singing wholly Hokkien songs or wholly Canto-pops.

    Thks a lot, Clara.


  9. Hi Terry,
    Re your enquiries .. list of songs are programmed inside the computer for your selection (with different languages/dialects)although a song menu in booklet form is provided for your reference too. There will be no KJ,and you are not required to bring your own VCD’s.
    You will have an enjoyable singing session with all these participants !

  10. The room – invitingly dim and cozy;
    The people – not too many;
    Above, a silver disco ball flashing;
    Below, the music started – loud and pulsating.
    All eager,
    Every amateur singer.

    “Grab the mic – your song!
    But something’s wrong-
    The key’s too high!
    Never mind-
    Annie will adjust for you.
    Now it’s nice. Phew!

    Something’s wrong!
    The bass! It’s missing! The singing’s flat!
    Press here! Now the bass’s back!

    Something’s wrong!
    Midway my song’s gone!
    Sorry. Press the wrong one.
    Hey! The song’s starting again!
    Can sing second time – so happy!
    Three times it happens to me – only to me!
    So weird! A-ha-ha-ha-ha…so funny!

    Soon, no more hiccups.
    Ann, the KJ subs,
    The ropes had learnt perfectly.
    Now, song after song – Chinese, English, Malay –
    With Rasa Sayang – “What? Wrong melody?
    Delete.” Next song came – smooth like tofu;
    The subs KJ knew exactly what to do.

    Soon the happy Karaoke hours came to an end,
    But the Karaoke party did not disband.
    To dinner they happily went,
    And in good fellowship ended the Karaoke event.

    Thanks, Clara, for the happy Karaoke hours. :)

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