Monthly Walk Saturday 12 January 2013 Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park Connectors

Date: Saturday 12 January 2013
Meeting Place/Time: Bishan MRT Exit B nearby passenger service control station by 4.30pm sharp
Duration:  about 2 hours
EOs for this walk :  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan
Easy walk flat terrain but be prepared almost towards the end of the walk to take up the challenge to climb
140 steps up to the Plaza Garden top.
Enjoy the parks’ beauty and serenity, and appreciate the flora and fauna that flourish in the park.
Walk the stretch of the Kallang River that used to run in a concrete canal but now meanders through the park
complete with gentle slopes and plant-covered banks. 
At the "Friendship Bridge" walkists to bond and "chain" hands together for group photo taking.  Also, at the steps
before starting the 140 steps climb, another group photo taking for archive in SHC walks photo collection. 
At end of walk, for those who wish can adjourn for dinner at Ang Mo Kio Central Blk 724 hawker centre, 
S11 food centre at Blk 711 or the many eateries in Ang Mo Kio Hub.
Our Walk Team EOs: ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Conrad Tang, Serene Low,
Lydia Soh, Alice Seah and KC Lau.              


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58 thoughts on “Monthly Walk Saturday 12 January 2013 Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park Connectors

  1. Veronica Wong and Mary Tan,

    I have missed the last 2 walks due to my personal involvement with other activities, so should not want to miss this New Year 1st Walk for 2013.

    Please include me in the list. My spouse (June Tan) will not be joining us for the walk for the next few months as she need time to recover from her knee injury.

    See you and the rest on that day. I would also like to take this oppportunity to wish everyone in SHC “A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013”.

  2. Simply love to walk, gawk and talk.
    Unless my foot swells or my nose runs, I shall be there.
    Noted the meeting place is just opp my house.
    Happy New Year folks !!

  3. Hi Mary/ walk team

    Love Nature n walking n dinner afterwards in gd company.

    Tks for organising 2013 walks.

    Cu @ Bishan MRT.

    Happy , healthy 2013 to all.

  4. I will try to be there on 12/1. Only 4 of us went for the first morning walk from Queenstown MRT to Gardens by the Bay last Thurs but we had a good time. Mr K C Lau joined us at Clarke Quay.
    Plans for February’s morning walk should be out soon.
    Hope more of you can join in.

  5. Hi Veronica Wong/Mary Tan,

    Our belated greetings to all SHCians – A Happy, Healthy & Eventful Year 2013!

    Pls include both of us


  6. Hi Veronica & Mary,

    Was riding with CharlesC yesterday evening and we thot why not the Cyclists Group meet up with your Walkists Group at AMK during dinner-time on 12Jan?

    i.e. Walkists start from Bishan while Cyclists start from Punggol/Hougang and both groups meet during dinner-time at AMK…..around 6:30pm?

    As we have to find sufficient space to “park” our bikes, may we propose dinner-time at S11 Food Court, Blk 711 AMK Ave 8, S(560711)? Cos it’s a bit difficult to park our bikes at Hawker Centre, Blk 724 AMK Ave 6 or AMK Hub…LoLzz

    The Cyclists will then ride the “short” route back to Punggol/Hougang after dinner …..

    What say you both before putting up the post for cycling event?

  7. Hi Ivan

    You are welcome to put up your cycling event to coincide with our walk. We can then meet up at Blk 711 for dinner together.

    Note: Our walks will stay on 2nd Saturday of the month unless otherwise informed.


  8. Hi Mary,
    For info, I had submitted the Post on Cycling Event two days ago.
    It appears to be still under review and pending publish…
    Dun know why. Most probably due to Website WordPress Upgrading…
    Hope that the Cycling Event Post will be “released” soon by fairy godmother. LoLzzOoops!!

  9. Hi Seow Mai, your request is noted but sorry the Edit button is missing from the post so unable to delete the extras. Checking with Admin on this.

  10. Hi Ivan

    Post on cycling already published.

    Hope you don’t mind me asking. Just curious, is this the regular monthly cycling and why date coincide with monthly walk?


  11. Dear All walkers,

    apparently the EDIT is unavailable till 1Feb2013, likely due to the ongoing upgrading as informed by Terence.

    Your registration has been noted.

    We appreciate your support!
    See you on 12Jan.

    ChristinaCL Chan

  12. Dear EOs….

    Please put Lily and myself in your WALK list. Looking forward to meet the walkists after MIA for quite a few sessions.

    Thank you and much appreciated for organising this healthy and FUN WALK!

    Ah Nee

  13. Hi Eddy #13,

    We have many Margaret’s in our membership, and therefore I hope you would understand our need for clarification.

    We are also not aware that Margaret Chua is your wife as you and Margaret Chua have registered as individual members. To avoid complications, our application form indicate you can register together as husband and wife.

    Please contact to re-register to avoid future similar issues.

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence #26,

    It’s better to clarify. Hopefully no systems failure or whatever upon registration.

    I shall request her “to re-register to avoid similar issues”.

    Eddy Lee

  15. Hi Walkists

    Those registered coming for this walk:

    1) Gabriella Chua
    2) Danny Lye
    3) Daniel Chan
    4) Serene Ho
    5) Terry Tang
    6) Margaret Wee
    7) Eddy Lee
    8) Margaret Chua (re-registering)
    9) Tan Seow Mai
    10) Hwee Lee
    11) Lee Ah Nee
    12) Lily

  16. Tan Mary,

    Just to keep you update on my presence for the walk. I might not be able to make it on that day as I am down with very bad flu for the past 2 wks and is still not fully recover and fit yet. Just seen the doctor yesterday and is on medication and need rest.

    My apologies for the cancellation.

  17. Hi Walkists

    Those registered coming for this walk:

    1) Gabriella Chua
    2) Daniel Chan
    3) Serene Ho
    4) Terry Tang
    5) Margaret Wee
    6) Eddy Lee
    7) Margaret Chua (re-registering)
    8) Tan Seow Mai
    9) Shirley Tan
    10) Sally Kang
    11) Hwee Lee
    12) Lee Ah Nee
    13) Lily
    14) Sue Tan
    15) Joy Chuang
    16) Steven Yuen
    17) Victor Chee
    18) Wee Chin

  18. Hi Mary & Veron:
    Please count me in, since this is the first walk of the year should not miss it! Calling other walkists come join the fun, move your limbs before they get too stiff…………ha ha he he):

    Simply enjoy the fellowship.

    Lastly here wishing everybody “Happy 2013”

    Maureen Lee

  19. #30 Danny Lye,

    A lot of us SHC fellows might be similarly down with flu despite strong chilly winds and periodic heavy rainstorms lately. Please accept it as our traditional phenomena during closing monsoon months at year-end crossing over to the early months following new year.

    Thank goodness, I have just recovered from an almost unstoppable running nose condition and severe coughing. Most have been shivering under blankets, particularly so, at slumbertime from the unpleasantly cold monsoon season. This is when private clinic doctors traditionally receive their fat bonuses from endless streams of queueing clients just in time to celebrate their bountiful Chinese New Year of the Snake. (Don’t know whether true or not, snake women are said be beautiful and intelligent.)

    Well, there is nothing we can do about weather conditions as we are living in the hot and often wet tropical climate that may or may not to get us sick depending on each individual’s robust health.

    We need to come to terms with what we cannot change about our recurring inclement weather. Our grass and tree leaves, if they are to be dressed in a lovely green tone again, soothing to the eyes after turning brown from our humid season from late May through early October, must require abundant sustenance from heavy rainfalls again from middle October onwards.

    Are we aware that it is only through lightning, thunder and accompanying heavy rainfall that green our fields and trees again as they are being fed with naturally occuring nitrogen necessary to shape their health? Chlorine free rainwater is way healthier than our PUB supplied processed water from a concoction of chlorine treated rainwater, and a mixture of urine and human shit.

    I sincerely pray that all our seniors from both genders of all dialect groups continue in their best of health, still doing their usual things they have been so happily accustomed with for years without outside help from paid assistance from Filipina and Indonesian maids.

    See you all at the walk.



  20. With June and Theresa coming, list of walkists registered is updated :

    1) Gabriella Chua
    2) Daniel Chan
    3) Serene Ho
    4) Terry Tang
    5) Margaret Wee
    6) Eddy Lee
    7) Margaret Chua (re-registering)
    8) Tan Seow Mai
    9) Shirley Tan
    10) Sally Kang
    11) Hwee Lee
    12) Lee Ah Nee
    13) Lily
    14) Sue Tan
    15) Joy Chuang
    16) Steven Yuen
    17) Victor Chee
    18) Wee Chin
    19) Andrew Yeung
    20) Jimmy Tsin
    21) Maureen Lee
    22) Lawrence Khan
    23) June Koh
    24) Theresa Seow


  21. Latest update of walkists coming for this walk:

    1) Gabriella Chua
    2) Daniel Chan
    3) Serene Ho
    4) Terry Tang
    5) Margaret Wee
    6) Tan Seow Mai
    7) Shirley Tan
    8) Sally Kang
    9) Hwee Lee
    10) Lee Ah Nee
    11) Lily
    12) Sue Tan
    13) Joy Chuang
    14) Steven Yuen
    15) Victor Chee
    16) Wee Chin
    17) Andrew Yeung
    18) Jimmy Tsin
    19) Maureen Lee
    20) Lawrence Khan
    21) June Koh
    22) Theresa Seow
    23) Myra Chia
    24) Debbie Oh

  22. Hi EOs

    Thank you so much for organising this walk.

    Except for a very short period of drizzling, I really did enjoy this walk.

    Looking forward very much to meeting you guys again in the March walk.


  23. Hi Veronica, Mary and Walk Team Members,

    TQ v much for organising yet another interesting and scenic walk for SHC members.

    Good exercise and fellowship among all.

    Till we meet again,


  24. Hi All,

    From today’s walk observation, I would like to conclude that our SHC members definitely have the following attributes worthy of emulation by outsiders:

    S: Everybody is making everybody feel “SPECIAL” in a big way. Applause!

    H: Everybody is “HELPFUL” and accomodating.

    C: Everybody is “CARING” cum “CHARISMATIC”, inspiring one another to become well-mannered, balanced individuals best suited for today’s society.



  25. Hi EO

    Thanks for leading the walk. Although ???????, there was a heavy rain, luckily just for a while. The other time was windy and suitable for walking.

    Today I tried to talk more with the other members, hope have not made them boring. I also tried to remember some members’ name. If I continue like that, may be in the walk of Dec 2013, I can call out all the walkers’ name, haha.

    Sorry Christina, leave earlier without joining the dinner again. ??.

  26. Dear EOs,

    If not for your effort in organising this WALK, I would not be bothered to go all the way there to explore Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park. It was a good workout for me, thank you for being the EOs!

    :) Ah Nee

  27. Hi Participants of the above event,
    From the listing we note that there are many keen photographers.
    If you have taken some photos and wanted to share them, please email them to me and I will upload them to our website My email address is

    Please give ourselves one week to send the photos. On 20 Jan 2013, I will upload whatever photos received.


  28. Myra, Gabriella, Terry, Andrew, Ah Nee and all walkists who came for the walk

    Thanks to all you folks for your support. Luckily we decided to skip the other part of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park otherwise we would have been caught in the heavy rain. It’s quite tiring for some but all made it to the the Plaza Garden top. Hope all your legs are rested after all the climbing.


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