Chinese New Year lunch dim-sum in Feb 2013

Hi everybody,

It’s probably a good time of the year to start thinking about our CNY lunch/dim-sum.  In previous years, we hold the event at the Red restaurant or the old Lucky restaurant at Toa Payoh Central.  Let’s give the event some tonight.

Personally, I always prefer the event to be a dim-sum or maybe a buffet.  But, more importantly I like the event to stay low-cost, somewhere in the region of <$20.  It can be held in a restaurant or a Club house.  Some difficulties we faced in previous years are unless we have a firm booking, we cannot get a place.  I remembered once we had to go to the Toa Payoh restaurant at 7.30am, queue and leave the place by 10am.

Maybe the difficulty is to find a $20 place.  We do not need the peak hous of 12-2pm; anytime after or before this time is fine.

If someone has a club house or a big house, and able to host a lunch, around this price, for 40-50 people, this would be fine and fun.  We can also have mahjong, maybe with prata or non-Chinese food.  We keep our options open.

Date or day-wise, we can go for the first suggestion.  Same with time.

Ideas or suggestions welcome.

Terence Seah 

46 thoughts on “Chinese New Year lunch dim-sum in Feb 2013

  1. Hi Terence

    Dim sum/lunch at restaurants costing less than S$20 is hard to come by.

    If we cannot get a member’s clubhouse, we could always have an informal gathering at a kopi tiam that serves dim sum and nowadays, zhi char stalls sells yu sheng. We can get our teh C or kopi C besides Chinese tea.

    We can still have registration to gauge the number of people who are interested in coming. Those who are early could sit down and order their drinks first. After the stated time of gathering, we can start to order and eat while waiting for the late comers. The EO could collect the money say $15 or $20 upfront or at the end of the meal, get the total cost and split amongst attendees.

    Just a suggestion


  2. Hi Caroline and members,

    A good suggestion too. Let’s toss around where we can have a place for a dim sum lunch.

    Do you know a place.

    Terence Seah

  3. Whatever, wherever, it’s fine with me. Count me in, in principle (need to know which day, if it’s a working day, pai-seh, pai-seh).

  4. Let’s do it at the beach else at coffee shop is fine. Booking a place in a restaurant maybe tough because of advanced bookings already made.

    I’m joining.

  5. It’s always impossible to crack one’s head to think of a place for an event, especially when one spends less than 5% of the time in Singapore. With the help of members, sometimes help is always available.

    We have a few suggestions so far.

    1. At an eatery at Changi airport.
    2. At a coffee shop.
    3. At the beach.
    4. At Ronald Restaurant.

    We can hold our CNY lunch during a weekend. Any comments before we select a place?

    Terence Seah

  6. Greetings to all,
    Thumbs up for a weekend please. Anywhere will go – most important, let’s get together. Yeah, yeah.
    Cheers, winnie tan

  7. I am in too.

    Last year (or was it year before last), I called up several restaurant to find out the prices for CNY and Roland was one of the restaurants and I am sure it does not meet the budget we are looking at.

    I am game for anywhere, like Winnie, so long as we do it together :)

    There are several bao stalls that make their baos and dim sum on the spot at the hawker centres. I know of two at Bedok and another two at Marine Parade Central (the latter two do not make theirs on the spot) and maybe other members may know about their areas. I think it will be fun to have a morning dimsum brunch at the hawker centre for a change.


  8. Hi Terence

    Pl count me in ~ will join in the CNY celebration if I’m free on the date/time (still unknown) decided.

    Cheerio ~

  9. Hi guys!

    I’m all for a dim sum brunch… on Saturday or most weekdays.

    May I suggest Chinatown… great for cheap and good dim sum and, also throw in a “yee sang” at a very affordable price!

    But, with the way some complaint posts are developing, I’d better throw in some disclaimers:

    1. Eating with other SHC members are entirely at your own risk.

    2. There is no guarantee that the food you consume will be to your expectations, and any medical or adverse psychological conditions experienced will be at your own costs.

    3. You are required to have a good time. If you object to any person, dish, or costs: Please remove yourself from the event.

    Hahaha and Happy New Year!

  10. Someone thinking of this?…… Hmm maybe but a lil’ hesitant? Imagine our very own buffet spread, balanced menu all done by our very own SHC people. Time for the “inactive” ones to come out and do something while the regular EOs and ECs can rest their leg a little. It’s been done very successfully before – remember the picnic done by Rosalind? Except hor, the CNY lunch will not have picnic food, hope you understand, but CNY food theme, of course – cod fish in asparagus and mushroom, siew yoke, ter kar chor, chap chye, chicken, bubor chacha ……

    Ladies do the food, guys get the heavy stuff like drinks, ice, water melon.

    But everybody to pool in X dollars.

    Someone can offer a function hall in a condo? No hall, no do.

    Is this just an imagination?

  11. Hi All,

    The best traditional Cantonese dim sum dishes in Singapore are those from Mosque Street’s Nam Tong & Dai Tung. Elderly
    Cantonese have been patronising these eateries for decades.
    Newspapers and foodie magazines periodically have been singing skyhigh praises about them for a long, long time. As the saying goes, the taste of the pudding is in eating. So please try out some at your own expense for an awesome “tastebud” journey of self-discovery to be convinced.

    I do not know for sure whether those dim sum outlets, also offering takeaways, are airconditioned nowadays. Urgency over keeping up with the times, chances are, they are. No operating commercial entity would like to be seen operating on out-of-date, ugly “dinosaur” techniques.

    Over past decades, they have been still using antiquated ceiling fans and floor stand fans.



  12. Hi Terence,

    Traditional of the Chinese New Year is to gather everyone in the family sit together for chatting and having the delicious meals/Laney and exchange the oranges for blessing to everybody.

    SHC is just like a big family, so if we are able to locate a comfortable& suitable place and reasonable price, we should go for it to celebrate the special festival. As for picnic/potluck, it can always be arrange it at any moment.

    The above is only my view and I shall follow the majority feedback, will support in any gathering if timing permit.

    Thank you


  13. The Cantonese legend of dim sum:

    Dim(touch): referring to the lustful act of His Majesty, the Emperor: touching with his 2nd right hand finger on………..

    Sum(heart): the tender heart of an exotic, porcelain white skinned, most beautiful and highly desirable Imperial Concubine. A lecherous (hum sub/chiko/serk larng or sex fiendish) emperor could never be guilty of molest in broad daylight. However outrageously lecherous he was in public, all his subjects must remain silent or risked losing his/her head.

    In the ancient Yueh Kingdom of Kwangtung in the early days of a largely disunited China, the ruling Emperor had his Queen and hundreds of beautiful concubines housed in a gigantic and sprawlling palace complex with, expectedly, hundreds of imperial luxuriously adorned bedrooms.

    The Emperor had, one day, heard from his Chief Eunuch that there was a very fair young maiden with “plain Jane” looks but she had exceptional culinary skills. She lived in a small faraway town from his palace. Thereupon His Majesty issued an Imperial Edict to have her brought before him soonest possible. A large retinue of senior Imperial Officers and palace chambermaids went out to fetch the said girl in a horse-drawn royal carriage back to the palace. The crime of disobeying an Imperial Edict was unpardonable and could attract an immediate death sentence by decapitation(beheading) in ancient China.

    When the girl reached the palace, she was predictably dressed in the finest of royal robes befitting a favourite concubine. After that, she was sent to the Imperial kitchen to whip out her exquisitely most mouth-watering dishes. The emperor was “over the moon” – exceptionally thrilled – and asked what kinds of food were those she had made which he consumed without hesitation. She gently replied in soft and sweet Cantonese, “Your Majesty, this is ‘Dim Sum’ meaning ‘touching heart’.”

    End of a lengend……not a self-concocted bullshit!

    To this day, Cantonese language is still being referred to as the “Yueh” language in Singapore, China and elsewhere.

    Interestingly, just as our ancient Yueh language(Cantonese) has survived in modern times, so has the Tang Dynasty language which is Fujianese or Hokkien. Bravo!


  14. Hello Uncles & Unties,

    Time is money. For spending an inordinate amount of time reading my longwinded written piece, perhaps I have caused some of you to lose precious time and precious money.

    Sorry from the bottom of my heart, dear Uncles & Unties.

    Please don’t scold me. I am old and have a weak heart. I may die from a sudden heart attack.

    Thank you very much for your kind co-operation.



  15. Hi EO(s),
    When date and place settled, pls remind us of this event. OK?
    In the meantime, I cope one place first…TQ!

    Honestly, it’s ok to be looooong-winded. SHC website has lots of words storage capacity lah!!! You can write a whole book into it – Terence, No problems rite?
    Btw….what you writing?!?! I didn’t bother to read at all…only saw the words loooooong-winded…that’s all I read! Hahahahaa!

  16. In the most recent SHC walk through rural Singapore, one male fellow walker told me directly in the face that my written English has often been “beating about the bush” and “not straight to the point” and, therefore, in his personal opinion, not considered good enough.

    Far from being angry with this fellow, my question is can he write as well as me? He should challenge me by writing very long passages in our SHC forum just as I frequently did to prove that he is way ahead of me in written English fluency.

    This is the only right thing to do going forward to salvage his dignity. When Mr. A pinpoints Mr. B’s English proficiency as needing much improvement, the onus is on the former(Mr. A) on writing something awesomely impressive and grammatically perfect, way better than his perceived rival Mr. B.

    In society, typically many can talk hell of a lot, but when it comes to doing, they get stuck shortly afterwards, not knowing what to do next. Sometimes, it pays to keep one’s big mouth tightly shut.



  17. #18 Bro Ivan Lim,

    Whatever you do, if it so pleases you, it is all that matters. Others are left out of the picture.

    Jiak gau bah, bah! Hua Hee Ah Ho. Siu siang der kia. Tiok bo, ah chek?


  18. Hi SueT, JudyL and everybody,

    I am sure all of us treasure the good memories of the way we celebrate the Lunar New Year, many of the practices we have likely forgotten or no longer practise.

    What you have suggested remind me of gatherings at friends’ house, where we can walk in any time of the day, sit down for a good mahjong session, plenty of beers, water melon seeds, a huge pot of porridge and plenty of chat. Yes, why not. It is possible that if someone has a huge place, and we chip in, we can have an all day gathering. If not, yes a function room would be great.

    Keep the ideas coming. The more realitic, the more it will become a reality.

    Terence Seah

  19. Hi Terence,

    I don’t mind doing a few ‘big” dishes. I think some prefer to bring potluck food – it’s OK, we can combine. I have the buffet chafin dish sets and drinks dispenser. How about it? Can la, remember the last CNY get-together at Frisna’s Home Team Chalet? Everybody chipped in and we had the whole works – everybody had a good time, remember?

    Dont wait until nothing happens, then it will be a very quiet SHC CNY.

    Actually we can also call in a caterer who charges around $15 per head.

  20. How about booking the void deck of someone’s HDB block and have it like the Malay wedding – with food & drinks (catered/potluck), Karaoke and card games??(but mahjong got to be at the resident’s house) :)

  21. Hi All

    How about the HKG D/S at Chao Yue Xuan Seafood Restaurant @ #01-51~54 Mohamed Sultan Rd, UE Sq? They offer 40% off – it’s for all day.

  22. Thank you all for the suggestions. There are many good suggestions this year. We have very little time. Usually, convenience is important to make it easy for members to come join this event. And I would like to see the cost at less than $20 per serson.

    1. First, I have picked a date for the event: Sunday, 17 Feb afternoon.

    2. The place is at Parc Oasis, just opposite the Chinese Garden MRT is.

    3. Tthough I have not met the person, I am asking Susan CH Tan to be my Assistant EO, and she has agreed.

    4. Within the next 48 hours, we will confirm the food concept. Congee or porridge is one item. We are likely to have a caterer, so less work for everybody. Non-Chinese food acceptable.

    5. The event means you can walk in anytime, even late.

    6. Mahjong and card games – yes. Can I have sonmeone to lead this, and set the rules.

    Please keep track of this event. More updates soon. And if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

    For members who have been discussing with me on the venues, and I have decided otherwise, my apology.

    Terence Seah

  23. Count me in. Love to join you all on 17 Feb. Nothing like welcoming the year of the snake with food and camaraderie!

  24. ????????????…??????, ?????, ??
    ??????,??????????. Relax…folks !!


    ?? – Sunday, 17 Feb afternoon. (?????)
    ??????? (??????)
    ?? – Parc Oasis, just opposite the Chinese Garden MRT

    ?? Susan CH Tan ?????? – ?????

    ????????…???????? (????????)
    ?????, ???????? – ????,?????…???????, ????????. ?????????….???????

    ????????…??. ???????, ?????????, ?“???” ? “ ???” ???. ???????. ????.
    ??????…????????? ,??????. ????????.

    ????, ????

    Make yourself free on 17 Feb. Sunday

    ?? Daniel Chan
    ??? Terence Seah ??

  25. hi Terence
    glad Susan can help you. 17 I can’t join wonder if it is still possible to change the date to 16th Sat? thanks

  26. Hi Frisna,

    I actually tried the 2 Saturdays but the slots were all taken up by others already. No choice but to book Sunday 17th lor.

  27. Hi Terence! Thank you for organizing the CNY Lohei get-together for SHC members.

    Please count me in if it is on Sunday 17th February. If you change the day/date to Saturday the 16th I regret I will not be able to attend as I have a family gathering on that day.


  28. Hi EOs,
    If 17Feb2013, please count me in….
    If you change to 16Feb, I most probably cannot make it…
    16Feb has prior Secondary School Mates CNY Gathering liao….

  29. Hi Susan,

    Please include Lee Seok Cheng and myself for the gathering.

    Thank you

  30. Hello Christina and Seok Cheng,
    and to the first batch who pre-registered – Caroline Kenneth Judy Ros Ivan Winnie Daniel Linda and the tentative ones,

    Terence must be very busy looking after his flock now holidaying in Thailand

    Thanks for registering, we’re all looking forward to our CNY party. Got quite a few exciting ideas in the pipeline. Actually any one in SHC can start coming to register now. Capping at 50 only so as to make it comfortable for everybody. I think we’ve got 10 liao!

    Cost is $20.00 per head.

    Please register soon.

    Thank you.


  31. By the way, food is certified halal – caterer has Muslim kitchen.

    Have a good day.

  32. So, so sorry, Susan

    I see that you’ve put my name down for this lunch…
    much as I’d like to… I can’t make it on the 17th Feb as I’ll be away to my favourite destination: Thailand.

    This time I’m going to Phuket to try and catch the Old Town Festival which features the first Chinese immigrants who inter-married and developed a culture much like our Peranakans (their womenfolk are called Nya-nyas). The Hokkien community in Phuket still maintain their religious beliefs and celebrate the Chinese New Year with all the ceremonies and festivities of our Chinese forefathers.

    The Phuket Chinese are also well-known for their annual Vegetarian Festival which features temple ceremonies like firewalking, procession of mediums, firecrackers and vegetarian foods.

    Do have a great Chinese New Year lunch!

  33. #30 Daniel Chan,

    Alamak Daniel! I studied English and Malay. My Mandarin very very terok – can converse and understand the spoken language but cannot read nor write…:(


  34. Hi Kenneth,

    It’s all right. Enjoy your cultural visit to Thailand. Maybe you’ll join SHC events at another opportunity.

  35. Hi Ros…tidak apa lah. The Chinese text is a translation of what Terence has written above, at the beginning. Except added some niceties for the occasion. I know a bit of Malay – sedikit-sedikit boleh lah…jangan ketawa hoh

  36. Hi Ros and everybody,

    Yes, DanielC has taken the initiative to translate some of the key pointers, for the benefit of our members who are more comfortable with Chinese. Thanks Daniel.

    Well, Susan Tan has been very active making all the arrangements in the background. We should hear more from her soon. We plan to make Mahjong and card games a festive season attraction. If you can help organise the mahjong sessions, please raise your hand. I am hopeless with mahjong. Susan was planning to extend the session to the evening, but the evening slot has been taken.

    Susan is now organising the food catering, so we can leave this to her. As I mentioned earlier, I have not met Susan. But from here and there, I heard she’s active and fast.

    We need a treasurer. Can you help?

    Now, let the ideas flow.

    Terence Seah

  37. Hi Terence,

    Yo, I met you once, oh well only once, so you are forgiven. But of course you dont know me but I know you.
    It was at Han’s and I remember the chocolate birthday cake and I even went over to your table – had a few words with you. I was also at a SHC picnic at East Coast Park few years ago – my maiden participation at SHC events. Lied low for a while then slowly slowly began to join Christina’s Walks, Dan Huang & Pat Oei’s Westerly (and even Robert’s Easterly) meetings,Ros’s picnic and even Pearl’s karaoke, OK!

    Of course now I do my part organising Social Dance class at Kg Ubi. Maybe one more course – after that, have to stop. Too far from my house.

    By the way, reminder for new ones to sign up for next course starting on 1 Feb (Disco Rock and Rhumba). Heard that some of you are signing up but never mind if you dont want to put up your names at my thread. Almost all are from SHC – it’s really a very nice bunch of SHC friends and we usually adjourn for a drink after the class. Got so many jams organised by the teacher – some have bought tickets there already.

    We’re looking forward to our party this Friday – “graduation day” – no lesson, but plenty of rock and chacha!

  38. Dear SusanCHT & Terence,

    Like the informal “drop in anytime”,,, I’ll drop by! but with prior payment hehe

    Shall we bring 2x Mandarin Oranges to exchange (part of the custom, rite?)

    #10 KT: like the disclaimer… #39 so sorry you’re won’t be dropping by :(

    ChristinaCL Chan

  39. Terence, Susan CH Tan is a very nice lady – very helpful and an excellent cook to boot!


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