Phone for Skype TBB

Skype phone

Hi Members,
Another item to be blessed – Brand new phone for Skype chatters – I am not sure of its useability as I had never tried it myself.  It was given by my Ex-Boss.

Collection at Bukit Panjang – Please indicate your interest here soonest possible.

Best regards…. Dolly

3 thoughts on “Phone for Skype TBB

  1. Hi Dolly,
    Thank you for this post, yes I would like to have this skype phone. Will contact you later on arrangement for collection. Thank you..

  2. Yes, Bobby, I like your style. Fast and quick to chope. Now is yours.. Pls calll to arrange for pick up ya…..

    Item reserved for Bobby and closed.

    Best regards,

  3. Bobby,
    Till today, this item is still not collected by your goodself. Are you still keen? Pls respond asap by this week…. If not, I will recycle at FB for taker….

    Regards, Dolly

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