7 thoughts on “Reading Glasses – To be blessed

  1. Aiyo, I dont know this leh… Someone hv spares to bless and I just write the post to bless lor…

    If you want, you will need to take them as what they were given as in the first time lor…

    Cheers… Dolly

  2. Hi Dolly

    After my cataract operation, my myopia gone. I can see the things clear when I walk in the street. But when I am sitting in front of my PC, I found that my presbyopia (???) still there and become more serious. I need the reading glasses.

    I already got one from my friend, I use it at home. I want another one for going out. I don’t know my degree (have to wait for the doctor to confirm on 29/4). I don’t want to waste your reading glasses if they are not suitable to me. Can I try first and take if suitable? If yes, I would like to have one. If too trouble for you, just forget about my request.

    Of course, if you have time (I know you are very busy). I can buy you a drink, and you let me try the reading glasses. How?

  3. Hi Dolly

    Thanks for the reading class

    Due to the time, still owe you a drink. See what time we can, sit, drink and have a long chat. Quite missing the good old SHC day when we doing this, haha.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    You are welcome lah…

    Yeap, too bad as I had other errand to run, we dont hv enough time for nice chat over a coffee or tea…. long time never did that liao….

    But no worry la… we will arrange a meet up again with some other SHCians next time.. ok…

    Cheers… Dolly

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