Foldable Trolley Bag TBB

Hi All,
Another white elephant from me but might be of good use to some….

Foldable trolley bag (hardly used) to be blessed to 1 member here  – So hurry to indicate your interest here if any before I re-bless to other category.

Kindly note that this item had to be pick up at Bukit Panjang and please refrain from giving me option.  Kind understanding much appreciated.

Best regards…. Dolly

trolley bag2 trolley bag1

3 thoughts on “Foldable Trolley Bag TBB

  1. Hi All,
    Trolley taken by Moon tonight.

    BTW, these days, I hardly got time to read my emails so I had decided that if I put up things to be blessed, those interested will have to indicate their interest here as Karen will help me to look into this if I am not available due to some personal commitment.

    Your kind understanding much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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