Trip to Yangon, Myanmar in July 2014 (tentatively 8 – 14 July)


Dear fellow members,

I am going up to Yangon in July on business. I will be there for a few days. I shall also meet up with other fellow Singaporeans who are living, working and doing their business in Myanmar.

SHC members who would like to visit Yangon for the first time, and get to experience Yangon, its culture, its people, its sights and its vibrance, can join me at the end of my business trip. For those who are looking at opportunities, you can also join.

I will likely use the same travel group to organise the travel itinery. Please register your interest here.

Terence Seah

Interested list:

  1. Jane Chua

7 thoughts on “Trip to Yangon, Myanmar in July 2014 (tentatively 8 – 14 July)

  1. Hi Terence
    I am interested but would like to have an indication of dates please, i.e. tail end of your business.
    Many thanks – Jane

  2. I used to serve my distributor for about 5 years in Myanmar before the country opens up. There are much more opportunities now. Hope you can share a summary of your experience after your trip and more when we get to meet you in one of those face to face session. I have a small investment in a hotel devlopment in the Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar. Got to have lot of patience as our hotel project was delayed by more than a year due to bureacracy. Dont expect the kind of pace or productivity we Singaporean are used to.
    Love to get more involved with this country in my future plan.


    • Hi Leon, and members,

      You are someone I see with a vision, and who persue patience and principles. Many people are frightened off by what they hear. I believe that if one makes an effort to visit Myanmar and understand the country and its progress, we will realise that progress comes with patience. Nothing improves overnight.

      In my case, I track the progress of newspapers in Myanmar. Many of us know that newspapers are highly controlled and monitored in Myanmar, just not too many years ago. But today, there is relaxation and more freedom of speech.

      Many Singaporeans have made it in Myanmar. Some have been there almost 20 years. We see them in copier machine supplies, property and land development, restaurants, car washing saloons, international schools, advertising, finance and many more. They treasure the business opportunities, and the ability to start almost from scratch.

      For members who wish to take this opportunity to see Myanmar as it is still green and bare, this is the time. I encourage you to visit Yangon, eyed by many countries in the world.

      Terence Seah

      • For members who wish to join a trip to Yangon, I have a tentative date for 8-14 July to be in Yangon.

        Please note you need a tourist visa which you can apply from the Myanmar embassy at St Martin Drive, opp Tanglin Mall.

        Please indicate interest. You will have to organise your own flight and hotel. Local tour will be handled by local operator.

        Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence,

    Is this Myanmar trip confirmed? Michael will also be going on the same week with you on business trip. He would like to meet up with you if possible over a lunch or dinner. I am not sure which email address to give him, the admin@… or Terenceseah@……please updates me. Alternatively, he can call you and hopefully you pick up his call (know you are a buzzzy man). Thank you. :)

    Ah Nee

    • Hi Ah Nee,

      I will be in Yangon next week. Yes, I shall. Try to catch Michael, altho I am quite likely to miss him. No worries, I shall contact him.

      Myanmar Business is hotting up indeed.

      Terence Seah

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