Travelling Tales

Event Organisers always have hard time dealing with unwanted charecters. After reading my tales you should feel better and be encouraged. The bad and Ugly usually purnish ownself

Tales 1- Anyway this was a real happening 9 years ago.

Company A sponsored 50% her Staff recreation club a tour to Xiamen. 30 participants , 29 were easy going except 1 female X( always right charector ). There were 13 pairing; 1 husband/wife team; 1 single man and this female X- she cannot accept rooming as a problems to tour leader until the tour leader compromised to let her have room by herself on condition that if tour leader cannot find her a rooming mate. There no subsequent participant. The leader knowing her headach and went ahead with travelling plan. On arrival the hotel, there were NO extra room available for booking. The Tour leader approach the husband/wife and agreement were reached. Tour leader happily distribute room keys.The husband were rooming with the single man, Female X were to room with the wife. Female X was not happy and frailed up, throwing tantrum, shouting and creating a scene until the Boss of the hotel ( Happens to be CompanyA boss’s brother) appeared. After chating with the tour leader and calling his brother in Singapore. A few minutes later , 2 hotel security guards appeared, the hotel boss gave the female X some money ( were supposed to be the portion she paid for the tour ) told the guards to make sure she board the next flight home. It was horror to female X had to pay the full price of a ticket  ( 4 x she paid for her tour), Worse ,she was terminated the day she reported for work.

Want to hear more story, come to coffee talk .

Tony Ang

3 thoughts on “Travelling Tales

  1. Hi Tony
    I like your last sentence “Want to hear more ……… coffee talk.” Haha
    Btw, I’ve put in two travel cartoon pictures in the media library for your use if you wish.

  2. Hi Charles,
    She was terminated on the day she reported for work NOT as you mentioned the Next day.
    Why do you think she has rooming problems with all her colleages ? Altitude problems in work place.
    One don’t terminate a worker due to Job performance but oblige to train a worker to better her performance
    Brought shame outside Singapore alone reserved to be sacked. I believe most HR personnel will agreed with me, Is not a matter of China man style.There is a different between Sacked N terminated.
    Termination require compensation to be paid according to employment agreement


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