Farewell to Daniel Ong

Daniel Ong Teck Hock had passed away at 2.45 pm today.

Daniel Ong was known to us as one of a few SHC members who dedicated his own time and finance in teaching other willing members. He spent every Saturday evening for more than a year in sharing his dancing skills and knowledge with a group of SHC friends at the Braddell Height Club House. We hereby wish to bid him farewell to a journey well travelled.

The wake will be held at Telok Blangah Tower, Street 31 Block 80-D. Funeral on Saturday.

BH Dance Group

12 thoughts on “Farewell to Daniel Ong

  1. Goodbye Daniel my friend. Thanks for the time you spent with us in the Monthly Walks , Organizing dancing sessions and Sharing your knowledge on Investment charting.
    May your soul find true happiness and peace, wherever you may be.

  2. Daniel.. May your spirit lives on..and find eternal rest. You hv left behind many good thoughts n memories. Especially for those who had the chance to meet u in person.

  3. I was a guest member at BH Dance Group and had danced with Daniel for a few sessions; he could lead.
    It was at BH Dance Group that I made some new friends. Thank you Daniel and Goodbye. Rest in Peace.

  4. It would have been better if the SHC website had reported Daniel’s illness before he passed away. His wife said he had been ill for over 5 months. There are some, myself included who would have visited him earlier.

  5. Something which I like to add to Charles Chua’s comment that members could have been informed earlier of Daniel Ong’s sickness. The Club encourages members to know one another better. As we age, some of us may become sick or unwell. Members are free to share if they are unwell or if their other member friends are unwell, provided permission or acceptance is given.

    Club does not allow publication of matters relating to non-members. Thank you Charles for raising this issue. It is up to you and members.

    Daniel Ong has been a patient, kind and soft spoken member. I remembered him for initating a dance group which has attracted a number of members. Good bye, Daniel.

    Terence Seah

  6. Have a long time not log in the site. When I log in today, I surprisingly found this post, and feeling sad.

    I am one of the SHC member joining Daniel Ong’s dancing class. I joint very late, not learn much from him, but my social dance is started from there (previously I only do line dance)

    Hope he rest in peace.

  7. It is sad news to hear a friend has passed on. He came for a couple of our walks and we have had chatted.

    I share similar sentiments as CharlesC & TerenceS.

    It is good to let members know if one is seriously unwell or hospitalised. It should not be deemed to be an inconvenience… am sure members who know will come by to visit and cheer up the unwell.

    I was busy tending to my grandsons this weekend. So unable to attend the wake.

    DanielO, pray that your soul will REST IN PEACE! and your family will find peace as well.

  8. Just got back from out town . Its sad to hear of Daniels demise. I was also part of this dance group who had enjoyed & learnt much this weekly gathering at Braddell Height , making new friends and the kopu sessions after class.

    Goodbye Daniel! Rest in Peace!
    Ronald Lam

  9. Yes, it would have been better to know of his illness and visited him at the hospital. Unfortunately, I only found out about his illness the same time as his demise. It was also uncanny that I found out thru my sister who happened to visit a friend in the same hospital as Daniel. There, sis bumped into a FB friend who was Daniel’s partner. This partner recognised me through sis’s FB and asked sis to convey the sad news to me. I do not know her and my sis did not know Daniel. How I wish I knew of his illness sooner. I would have rallied all his ‘students’ to visit him at the hospital.

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