I.T. Learning at YWCA (Aug 08)

I.T. workshops at Y.W.C.A., Outram Road premises

  1. Sat. 2 Aug 08 – PowerPoint (basic) – lesson 2
  2. Sat, 23 Aug 08 – Word (basic) – lesson 1
  3. Sat, 30 Aug 08 – Word (basic) – lesson 2

Time Schedule : 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

1) Helpers Wanted – If our gals n guys can spare the time, pls join us to assist or teach.

2) Participants – If our gals n guys wish to join the workshops, please let us know. Fee for the workshop is $6 per lesson payable to YWCA on actual dy.

Please post ur comments here if u guys are keen in one or both.

TQ, SHC I.T Learning Volunteer Gp

Members coming 2 assist –

  1. Chan Kwong Wah
  2. Yew Kwong (30 Aug 08)
  3. King Seng
  4. Dora Lim
  5. Andrew Yeung (23 n 30 Aug 08)
  6. Seok Cheng

24 thoughts on “I.T. Learning at YWCA (Aug 08)

  1. Hi Yew Kwong

    I would like to join in to assist on 23 Aug and 30 Aug.

    I am not ready to teach words yet. Let me see how you people teach and what are the contents, before I venture to teach.

    Thank you and regards

    King Sneg

  2. Hi Yew Kwong,

    May I interrupt on a different matter and ask for your help? In the SHC website, under “Choose Your Category” on the top right corner, I cannot access any of the categories listed therein. Whenever I select a site, the category remains at “SHC Main Bulletin”. Where have I gone wrong and what must I do to access the interesting categories? You may email me separately at girlie.chan@lloyds.com.sg if you wish. Appreciate your help.

  3. Hi Yew Kwong,

    Thanks for your advice. What do I expect to find in the various categories? Do I get see forum discussions with announcements of future and past events when I click “view” after selecting the category I want?

  4. Girlie, you hv asked what category? Obviosuly it’s adult rated and so adulterated that you’ll be very curious after watching it (and want to try it with Boy Boy) and then start telling everyone you hv grown up.

    Sis Mary has just come of age so she’s free to click click here & click click there to watch the whole day…..and clicks again when she cant sleep at nite till she’s into a fit.

    So you still want to click? Or prefer to play with matchsticks that doesnt even need parental or my guidance?

  5. Hi. I would like to sign up for the Sat. 2nd Aug Power Point (Basic) Lesson 2 at YWCA Outram. Tks.
    Diana – tks for your email regarding golf on Sat 2nd Aug. Looks like we’ve to schedule it for another day? Can you play weekday 9am?

  6. Hi Florence @ #8

    If u hv some knowledge of PowerPt, it wld be fine 2 attend lesson #2 which is continuation of lesson #1 on 26 Jul 08. Tis basic PwrPt workshop comes in 2 lessons.

    Just drop in at YWCA tis Sat.

  7. Hi Janet

    It happened to me too the last banner.

    Someome told me go to ‘view’ and click on the ‘refresh’
    button. It works. Try it.

  8. Hi Yew Kwong – thanks.

    Hi Tim – Must be I am not grown up yet, no wonder when I click nothing happens! hee hee! On a more serious note, I was expecting “non-forum” type of information to pop up.

  9. Hi Yew Kwong

    Thanks very much for your help.Can view the banner picture now.

    Hi Ann Lim

    Thanks very much for your advice.Now I know what to do if it happens again.

    Goodnight, JanetH.

  10. Hi JanetH

    Actually I din do anything. I believe it hs sth 2 do wif ur computer’s settings at hm.

    Hi Guys

    Each n every time wen u cant view pic or banner, u seek my help. Aft a while things were fine. Actually I hd done nothing 2 make it magically appeared.

    Pls pls pls dun thank me leh. I felt so unez hor.

  11. I want to echo what YK says. I too did not do anything to make it happen.

    What I did find out from Terence was one just needs to click refresh, and the new banner will appear. It has something to do with your cache memory so on that topic, YK can explain better.

  12. Hi Oi Cheng

    TQ 4 sharing.

    Hi All

    Story will go a long way if I explain. Like Tim hd suggested, just click click here n click click there.

  13. Hi Yew Kwong. Many thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I can’t attend this Saturday’s programme at the YWCA Outram (sudden urgent matter to attend to).
    Diana Loo: sorry, have to put golf on hold for a while.
    Terence : People’s Association has many locations. Check http://www.pa.gov.sg I’m only familiar with Bt. Timah CC & Jurong Spring.
    Have a good weekend y’all.

  14. Hi Andrew

    No wori. TQ.

    Hi All

    Classes on 23 n 30 Aug are cancelled. In place, 2 lessons on using WORD will be held on 30 Aug n 6 Sep but subjects 2 final confirmation.

  15. Hi Yew Kwong

    Luckily, the classes has been changed to 30 Aug 08 and 6 Sep 08. I will come on both days.

    Do you have Steven Chan’s email address. I need to contact him regarding the lunch at Chilli Padi. I was not able to locate the thread.

    He can email me at lee_kijgseng@yahoo.com.sg or SMS me.


    King Seng

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