June 2015 Online Fleamart

flea3   The online flea mart site is up again, and available to members with extra items or unwanted stuff in the home.  If you have a lot of stuff, and would like to sell them or give them away, you can invite members over for a garage sale.  Guess, many of us don’t have a garage nowardays.  Simply sell or give away your items here.  If you are looking for something, you can also use this Post too.  Personal services and pictures encouraged.


  1. Each advertisement not longer than 10 lines.
  2. Can be stuffs from your wardrobe or your personal skills.  No Corporate items.
  3. MLM and Email address collecting for other purposes not permitted.
  4. If you are looking for something which you think some members may have, please ask for it here.
  5. Pictures of item and services are allowed.  Simply start a comment here, and insert your pictures.  URLs are not permitted.
  6. If unsure, please whatsapp +6594894360 or email admin@silverhairsclub.com.

Terence Seah

26 thoughts on “June 2015 Online Fleamart

  1. Ha ha Terence I literally have the whole house for sale!

    1. Furniture (sofa, beds, cabinets, pc desk, antique chest, shelves , carpets etc)
    2. Electronics (fridge, washing machine, 40″ TV, fan, air purifier etc)
    3. Grill, juicers, pressured cookers etc
    4. Plates, wine glasses, bowls.crystal vases, knives (mostly new)
    5. Musical instruments (drum, guitar, small organ, ukelele, etc)
    6. Books (adult, children, cook book, house design etc)
    7. Vcd, Dvd,Toys, clothes, lights/lamp, bed sheets/cover/blankets, picture/frames
    8. Lots of new jewelry (ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, loose semi precious stones etc)


    Thank you[image=IMG-20150520-WA0019.jpg]

  2. Hi SusanT and Frisna,
    Although you make a mess of this Post, I think that your photos of the stuffs you intend to sell are encouraging interests at this online fleamart. Dont forget to give a caption to your photographs.

    And to fellow members, I encourage you to look into your storerooms, kitchens, below your beds and your garden.

    Go ahead and make a mess of this fleamart. Enjoy and good luck.

    And SusanT, I wish you successful sales and a song dedication for your effort.

    Terence Seah

  3. Sio Ba Zhang! Sio Ba Zhang!

    Anyone interested? Dumpling Festival coming…… June 20.
    As you can see, this is Nyonya Zhang.
    $3.50 each.
    Will do up to 100 zhangs only.
    Delivery on 19 June at City Hall only (sorry cannot go too far) at 7.00 pm.
    Ingredients fresh, non-oily, no MSG, high-quality.
    Order confirmed on payment by bank transfer by 2 Jun.
    Thank you

  4. [image=Pasta-maker.jpg]

    I am looking for a pasta-maker, a small one, manual will do. It is also a noodle maker. If you have it in your kitchen, or storeroom, and it is not used, please consider selling it to me.

    Terence Seah

  5. Alamak, Terence, why didnt you mention about the pasta maker 10 years ago. I had exactly the same one but gave away cos I didnt like the hard-to-reach inside space that cannot be cleaned.

  6. Terence,
    Do you want a breadmaker? Hardly used. Bought it on impulse. I can give it to you, free, but you will have to pick it up yourself.

  7. Hi MaryC,

    Thank you very much for the breadmaker. I would love to have it, as I take bread more than rice and noodles. I shall contact you and pick it up when I am in Singapore, sometime mid June.

    So sorry ChristinaP. But, I shall share with you some of the bread that I plan to make. Mary too.

    Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  8. Terence,

    congratulations on your free breadmaker. I have some very good bread recipes that you may like. Do let me know. I make very soft buns and with my bread maker.


  9. Hi Friends,

    Just want to say that I’ve reached my “sales target” liao, haha. Cannot do too much as I’m working full-time and I know that it’s not convenient to collect from me outside.

    See you next, Cheers!


  10. Selling this elegant dress for $25, worn only once, bought for over $80.
    Brand M)phosis
    Size L

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