Monthly Walk – Changi Point Boardwalk, Saturday 13 Sep 08

Start Time: 4.30pm             
Duration:  about 2 hours / 4km.

Meeting Point : Changi Village Bus Terminal.

Getting There : Bedok or Tanah Merah MRT Station take No 2, 2A;
Tampines MRT Station/Interchange take No 29;
Bishan Bus Interchange/MRT take No. 59;
Serangoon Central Bus Interchange /MRT No. 109

For those who are driving, parking is nearby the hawker centre.

Leaders for this walk:  Mary Tan & ChristinaCL Chan

This time round, it is not just the Boardwalk that you gonna walk!  We have planned some extras so you will be stretched……….but it is easy for your feet, the route is beautiful and very scenic; lots of greenery and water…..

A favourite family and recreational destination since colonial times, Changi Point today continues to draw people with its idyllic setting and laid-back charm. With its lure of lush greenery, breezy corners, gentle seas and colonial charm, Changi Point provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A walk along the rustic Changi Point coastline is not to be missed!  A charming boardwalk takes you through lush greenery and undulating terrain along the rugged western coastline, while a meandering waterfront walkway along the eastern beachfront creates an interesting tropical experience of sea and sand.  Viewing decks and pavilions along the way enable you to pause, soak in the sea breeze and enjoy the excellent views out at sea.

The Changi Point Coastal Walk is divided into six segments, each with its unique experience :
–  Sunset Walk, has beautiful view of the sunset, hence its name
–   Kelong Walk, reminisce the good old kelong days as you tramp on wooden stilts
–   Cliff Walk takes you through the rugged western coastline
–   Sailing Point Walk, enjoy views of the sailboats and the expanse of the sea
–   Beach Walk, a relaxing coastal walk along sandy beaches,  along the way pause, soak in the sea breeze and enjoy the views out to sea  
–   Creek Walk, appreciate the views, sights and sounds of the bumboat activities ferrying the public to and from the offshore islands.


At the end of the walk there is —
1)  Changi Village hawker centre where there are various food stalls,  including the International      Muslim Food Stall at #01-57 for its famous Nasi Lemak and perpectually long queue.

2)  An International Buffet dinner with BBQ items, at the Saltwater Cafe in Changi Village Hotel.  
     Per head $37.70 after 20% discount (DBS credit card). 
If you wish to join in the buffet dinner, please indicate so that we can make reservations.


Register HERE!

See you at the walk! emoticon

Mary Tan, ChristinaCL Chan and
other Walk Team members:  CharlesWee, Veronica Wong & Jeffrey Lim

Members Confirmed Coming –

  1. Mary Tan
  2. ChristinaCL Chan
  3. Rene Leong
  4. Bobby Yee
  5. Bernie Chung
  6. Ah Nee
  7. Charles Wee
  8. Charles Chua
  9. Caroline Gee
  10. Judy Lim
  11. Lydia Chin
  12. Alan Bok
  13. Ann Bok
  14. Boon Liang
  15. Susan Tan
  16. James Tan
  17. Alice Seah
  18. June Chin
  19. Paul Leong
  20. Jenny Leong
  21. King Seng
  22. Helen Kuek
  23. Helen Wong
  24. Veronica Wong
  25. Daisy Phua
  26. Patsy Lim
  27. Kristin Leong
  28. Venika
  29. Daisy Yeo
  30. Aaron How
  31. Ivy Low SH
  32. Josephine Yap
  33. Eliza
  34. Lin


Click here to view photos

69 thoughts on “Monthly Walk – Changi Point Boardwalk, Saturday 13 Sep 08

  1. MaryT, ChristinaCL and all walk leaders,

    Neither will I take public transport nor drive to the meeting place. I will cycle there from Ron wie’s bungalow. Park my bike and join you all for a relaxing walk (no time no see ya!) and makan at Changi V Hawker Centre.


  2. Rene,

    Good idea, how long is the distance from Ron wie’s bungalow to Changi Point? Just thinking, if I can join you, seems like very fun leh. :)

    Ah Nee

  3. Hi Mary Tan,

    Please include me in the Changi Point Broadwalk event. However, it coincides with Ronald Wie’s East Coast Bungalow’s Pot-luck event on that Sat. I want to join them there for dinner so I won’t join you all for dinner after the walk.



  4. #1 Dear CharlesW, ‘keep what fire’ ‘huh! where art thou?
    Rene & Ah Nee plans to cycle over… wat about you, eh?

    #3, #4 Rene/Ah Nee… that’s the spirit! TVM!

  5. Hi..hi..Ah Nee @4

    Hope that you can join me. Long time no cycling together ya! How about all your buddies? Coming?

    I assume is Changi Village Bus Terminal since the Post mentioned all the buses which stop at the Terminal.

    The distance is the same that you did the trial run prior to T Pengerang trip.


  6. Hi Rene @ #15,

    I cannot cycle yet due to a minor op so cannot join you and Ah Nee on the tracks.

    Hi Charles

    I am going to Ronald Wie’s chalet and most probably will not be driving there. May I take a lift from you to Changi Village for the walk? Many thanks

    Caroline Gee

  7. Hi Mary.

    I hope to be able to join you for this walk. It is a very scenic route. I’ve taken it a few times. I’ll be bringing my digial camera along, and we can shoot the sunset if we’re lucky.

    Can we end the walk @ Ron Wie’s NSRCC chalet and join in the evening activity?

    Cheers, Lydia.

  8. Hi Rene, Ah Nee, Charles Chua, Bobby, Bernie, Caroline, Judy, Lydia, Alan, Ann and Boon Liang

    Thanks all for your responses to join the walk. Catch up with you gals and guys on that day.

    Lydia, we did think of it but decided not to. You may wish to join those who are going there after the walk.

    Cheers, Mary Tan

  9. Mary/Christina,
    Tentatively put myself and wife, Jenny down for the walk.
    By the way, the Food Centre at Changi Village will be closed for renovation works etc from 8th September 2008 to 7th October 2008. During this period, those wanting to have their dinner after the walk will either patronize the coffee shops/curry joints around, or perhaps at the restaurant around the clubs nearby. For once, after your long and tiring walk, you could drop in at the Changi Beach Club Chinese restaurant to have your favourite dishes (The Palms Sea-food Restaurant)which is opened to the public.For reservation please call Tel: 65422653 Fax: 65450398 or Email:

  10. Hi Mary/Christina and other EOs of this event.

    I would like to join in the walk and have dinner at the Changi Village Food Centre


    King Seng

  11. Hi King Seng

    You are included to join the walk.

    As the food centre will be closed for renovation, for dinner there are other nearby eateries and coffee shops.

    See you at the walk!

    Mary Tan

  12. Hi Mary, Chris & Charles
    Long time no C. Me back in Singapore alredi. Forgot the p/w then, so not able to log in to apologise for not helping out. Only 1 mth and not able to catch up with the many writeups on the website.
    Glad to say – Able to join the walk and hope one of you can update me during the walk.
    C U

  13. Hi Mary T, Christina CL Chan and other EOs,
    Please cancel my name (#8) for the walk as I cannot join you now. Last minute change of plans.
    Apologies for inconvenience caused.
    Wish you good weather on that day, cheers.

  14. Hi Mary, Chris and all the walker

    Do drop by after your walk for the Mid Autumn gathering. Easy way is to get four in a taxi and for pot luck just chip in and order pizza or kentucky and you can all enjoy a nice evening with new and old friends eating, playing games or just talking after your walk. The Changi Beach sunset is breath taking if do try to find the time to appreciate it sometimes with friends, etc. Caroline and a few of us will sing you some songs of yesteryears amidst the lights from the lanterns, by the beach.

    All the same Mary, enjoy your walk and is good to see you back actively in SHC. Cheers

  15. Hi Ronald

    Thank you for the invitation.

    If the walkists go to the mid autumn gathering, may join too. Shall see the response on that day yah.


  16. Hi Walkists,

    Photos already uploaded.

    Please go the website and under category, select walking. The link is at the end of the walking post.

    Happy viewing.

  17. Hi Judy

    Pleased to meet up with you again and thank you for recommending the Tiong Bahru boneless chicken rice. Enjoyed the dinner which was good and not expensive.

    Have a good week ahead.


  18. Mary & Christina,

    It is such a wonderful day & also scenic place you chose for this walk. This is my first time participating and looking forward to most of these activitiess. Also nice meeting all of you.

    Thank you for your effort and also to Oi Cheng, always have to upload those pics for our viewing.

    Yip Yip horray!

  19. Hi Christina & Mary

    Thanks for organizing the event. I enjoyed the walk very much and will look forward to joining more walks of yours. It was nice too meeting more fellow SHCians.


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