Talk on Core Skills in Using Smartphones

Title: Talk on Core Skills in Using Smartphones
Date: 23 Jan 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Venue: Woodlands Community Club (1 Woodlands Street 81, Postal Code 738526)
Walk-in registration is welcome.

Course Contents:
1st hour – Core smartphone skills (iPhones & android phones)
2nd hour – Learning the “Toggle” App (from Mediacorp)
3rd hour – Any other smartphone questions.

hew lee (EC)


6 thoughts on “Talk on Core Skills in Using Smartphones

  1. Seok Cheng – this is a final year project undertaken by four NTU undergrads from Mass Comm trying to reach out to us seniors who are interested to embrace a digital lifestyle. Sometimes we seniors do not know how to help them to help ourselves.

    They really organised the events very well with well printed instruction (color) manuals and a mini buffet break! Where can you get an IT talk complete with a mini buffet! Yes, the event is still on.

  2. Heehee Lilian

    Did you learn to use the smartphone to locate the course venue?

    Oops, you have to get to the place before learning how to use your phone t get there!

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