Mahjong anyone?

Hi all,
Mahjong helps to exercise the mind, like Sudoku, Scrabble, Chess etc.
I am not a good or regular mahjong player.
My aim is to have a non gambling game, that is, chips will be used. The idea is to learn to build on the doubles, not just to game small. To exercise the mind and also to socialise.
I would like to start with a small group of 4.
You may be a beginner, a regular or someone who has not played the game before.
I have a mahjong set and table at my place, which is in Pasir Ris.
I’m willing to teach the game if you are a beginner.
If there are people who wish to add some excitement to the game and not use chips only, I’m not averse to it but I play very small.
Do let me know your preference and I can have a separate group for that.
Just email me at .

Author: Mary Chan


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  1. Hi everyone,
    I’m enjoying my mahjong games so much, I’m considering forming a group for Sunday afternoons. Do drop me a note if you are interested.

    I play Scrabble too .

    At the moment, I have a group of 4 for Mahjong and sometimes Scrabble,on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoons, although the mahjong interest is greater than Scrabble, haha. Occasionally, one person can’t make it, so we play 3 kakis, If there is anyone who is keen to play or learn to play on these two days, let me know. Then I can keep you in mind.

    Frisna and Weng Cheong, on the contrary, we have had such a lot of fun without using money. We dare to build and take our time building and exercising our minds, which is the aim of our games. The euphoria of winning is still there. Without the stress over losing.

    So, anyone interested, come and join us!

  2. Hi Mary and Frisna,
    Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend.
    I believe it does not matter whether one is a good player or a not so good player, a beginner or seasoned player. If you would agree with me, mahjong is 30% strategy and 70% luck. Even being a good and seasoned player, if the card does not come for one to game, but a card goes to newbie to game, the seasoned player or good player still lose :)

    Yes. Frisna. Shooter pay is exciting :) because one does not have to pay for one’s mistake.

  3. Hi Mary: but some people think playing money is “gambling” which is not allowed by religion. I agree not to play big stake if your aim is just for brain exercise. some players can’t afford to lose , it might become physical “exercise” if stake is too high ha2.
    yes, Weng Cheong shooter is a better way of playing not just for paying more attention but we don’t need to pay for other players “mistakes” as well!


  4. Weng Cheong, I believe you are a good mahjong player. If you join my present group, they might feel intimidated.
    Anyway, we shall see.

  5. Regarding the Scrabble game, I have 2 persons interested but they are also interested in the mahjong game.
    Presently, the mahjong game is on Tuesdays, except for this Tuesday as I will be busy. Perhaps I could make the Scrabble game on a Friday?
    I prefer to have at least 3 players for Scrabble. 4 is the max.

  6. I have played shooter pays for all also. This is more challenging because being shooter pays, one is more careful and not anyhow throw the card for someone else to game. This is the excitement of what mahjong is all about. We can play and exercise our mind together :)

  7. I like to play mahjong very much. I didn’t play for a long while now. Would like to play once again and socialize. Like Frisna said, there is no kick with no cash incentive. Yes. we tend to play with more care and attention and concentrate more with the game when there is cash involved. We can play no so big. Just to past time and socialize. I am living in the west.

  8. Frisna,
    I realised one thing about not using cash incentives.
    I was told that there was no ‘kick’ to the game if no cash was involved.. People play better games and pay closer attention when cash is involved. I guess it becomes a kind of challenge to them.
    Any opinions on that?

  9. I would like to add something to my own post.
    I’m open to anyone who wants to learn basic mahjong. I’m not a good player and I want only to exercise my mind. I will teach newbies for free, no charges imposed,o cash involved but please don’t expect anything other than my hydrogen water. My room is air conditioned and well lit. That’s the most I can do.
    Another thing that irks me is, that there are people who will or won’t play because ‘so and so’ is playing. It’s my game and my place and I can invite anyone to play. If someone has a problem with another, it’s not my problem. My aim is also to socialise, so I don’t need such ugliness.

    I’m still looking for kakis to form another game on a different day. I’m short of newbies, so if anyone is a newbie and can recruit another newbie, not necessarily a SHC member, it would be appreciated.
    So, let’s PONG and CHI away!

  10. Hi Frisna,
    I dare not play with you. You are too good. :-)
    I have formed a table and the first session is today. When I have enough experience (which may take ages), perhaps I will venture to play with you again. Haha.

  11. Hello Mary: good that you finally decided to use mahjong for brain exercise! (but I am too advance to play chip only ha2)

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