Learn how to Create a Blog (Hands-on)

For those who has a laptop computer and preferably with a smartphone & data plan, wish to learn how to create a blog account and go about publishing topics of your choice, an opportunity has arrived!

A two-days (3-hours each) Creating a Blog Course (hands-on) is organised. Details as follows:

Dates: 23th & 24th of August 2016
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Course fee: free (no charge)
Direction: Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru. Exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 851 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library. Ask for direction if necessary.

hew lee (EC)


Author: Hew Lee

After retirement, I help seniors to bridge the digital divide. Web: https://itforseniors.wordpress.com YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/faberlodge

2 thoughts on “Learn how to Create a Blog (Hands-on)”

  1. Hi Mitchell, I do strongly recommend you come for the Preview talk on Creating a Blog on the 13th Aug (Sat), at Bukit Merah Library from 3PM to 5PM. You can register for this talk via http://nlb.gov.sg/golibrary. To ensure this lifelong learning is comprehensive, there are actually three events all packaged within the month of Aug and they are:
    1) Preview talk to ensure you know what you are committing to in Creating and Publishing a Blog (on 13/8 – Sat – @ Bukit Merah Library, 3PM to 5PM)
    2) Coffee-Chat on 17/8 – Wed – @ HarbourFront Food Court, 3rd level, 6.30PM to 8.30PM to assist you to create a Blog account. This will allow more time spend on hands-on in learning the skills required to publish a Blog.
    3) Hands-on on 23/24 of Aug @ Bukit Merah Library, 2PM to 5PM to guide you all the steps required in writing and publishing your blog. The library will print and handout all the notes relating to this Blogging Course and is totally FREE!

    If you have the will and the time, I assure you will start blogging after these lessons. For more details, you can visit blog via http://itforseniors.wordpress.com

    hew lee

  2. Hello hew Lee
    My name is Mitchell Lim, new member
    Do I need to register personally with the library, for the class to learn blog
    For your advise and guidance, please
    Thank you
    Mitchell lim
    M 98314273

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