A properous and healthy Rooster year to all members

Dear fellow SilverHairsClub members,
The Rooster is here.  This bird wakes up early in the morning, way before most of us are up and running.  Sometimes, they get confused and start to crow at the wrong time of the day.  But roosters are strong birds.  Fighting cocks will jump, kick and claw, well only with another rooster.

I have rarely seen an old Rooster.  They always walk tall and upright.  They dont hunch, or limp.  The feathers are always bright and colourful.  So nice, if we can all be like roosters when we get older.

Let’s take this opportunity to wish one another “A happy, healthy and properous year ahead”.  To the many lucky members who are enjoying their retirement, let’s remember there are many other members who are still working or have to work after 67.
Look at all the elderly persons around us.  We will all be like them sometime soon.  For those who have annoyed us in 2016, let’s not hold the grudge.  Not always possible, but let’s try to forgive and forget.

And finally, if you are enjoy your Raw Fish salad, this picture and cheat sheet explanations may be useful while having Lo Hei.

Enoy the Rooster year.  Look forward to your participation in SHC.

Send your wishes to fellow members here.  We want to know you are still around.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


5 thoughts on “A properous and healthy Rooster year to all members”

  1. The rooster is calling –
    Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!
    (Oops! Sorry, that’s a hen.)
    Dawn’s cryer’s morning call;
    Past melody missed by all!

    Golden rooster
    (I just bought one – 2 gm)
    Claws like talons;
    Great fighter, charging
    Into the new lunar year,
    Flapping over the monkey’s receding rear!

    Rooster, if the economy improves not
    We’ll pull out your tail feathers
    And make chateh!
    What a lusty reply
    With a wink of his bright, beady eye!


  2. Hi Sam, Kristy and all SHCians,

    The weather report points to very wet days during this CNY season. Well, I woke up this money, and the skies look pretty clear.

    My best wishes, a healthy year to all members during this strong Rooster year.

    Terence Seah

  3. hohohohohoo hahahahhahha , here in JB wishing everyone a HUAT ,ONG HENG

    MAY D YEAR OF ROOSTER , bring more events ,happiness & a more vibrant club to our SHC . Cheers Bro Sam Huat

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