Like to join me to Yangon between 8 and 12 Dec 2017

I am going to Yangon for a few days on business and holiday. If you like, you can join me.

I will fly from Singapore on the 8 Dec and then to Bkk. You book your own air tickets. Visa not required. I shall pick a hotel and let you know. You can use any airline and any hotel.

Likely, we have common meeting times, likely at breakfast, Lunch or dinner.

If you like, we can get to meet other long stay Singaporeans in Yangon. We may have to share costs to get them to come for lunch or dinner. You can talk business or you can talk sweet things.

Weather is dry mainly. And by Dec, it will be cool. If you have not been to Yangon before, this is one of last few countries open to the world. Come see before it becomes another HCMC or JB. There are beautiful famous temples, an exotic Chinatown with food you have not eaten since young, a booming city centre and a number of Singapore restaurants. I like street Myanmar food and it’s scented local tea.

Singaporeans staying there for years are many. Most lead their own life and business. The community is closed knit and many are well connected with other business.

Dates are not changeable. Plenty of large cockcroaches flying around in hotels and restaurants. Roads are dusty and rocky. Food, you may need to go to the rest room 5 mins after a drink. Bring your mama noodles. Credit cards are acceptable but not as common as you expect. USD is king. It’s Tiger beer is fantastic. Local beer, better still. There is entertainment but Yangon is not Bkk, Manila or Jakarta. Traffic jam is not unusual. And, do not expect your English to be understood everywhere.

So, if you are still interested, let me know. We meet there.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “Like to join me to Yangon between 8 and 12 Dec 2017

    I am interesting in travel to Yangoon on 8/12/2017. Please keep a place for me.
    PS. Outsider no ShC member can join wlth me please?

    • Hi Alan, let’s start looking at flights possibilities from Singapore to Yangon.

      Return dates, every body, plse stay flexible if you wish to stay longer.

      Terence Seah

  2. Haha
    Plenty of cockcroaches flying around in hotel.
    No way

    Thank you very much for the invitation.


  3. May I know
    1) what is the ideal arrival & departure date & time as per your posting
    2) is there sharing of room w SHC member
    cost per pax (sharing/non sharing)
    3) is there a tour guide thru out these trip
    how much does it cost
    4) how much should I prepare for this trip
    5) is it raining season, weather like spore
    6) meal at restaurants
    7) any recommendation for hotel (4 star) & budget airline
    8) no of pax on the confirm list

  4. Hi Kheng Lim,

    Flr this trip, it will be free and easy. There won’t be an Itinery. We only meet. Maybe have breakfast or dinner together.

    1. Date is fixed. Time, every one decides. Of course, we can try to time and meet together.

    2. Rooming, this is left to individuals. As for me, I amn going with my wife.

    3. No, we have no tour guide. Due to time, I will only do Yangon.

    4. Meals, anywhere, from street food to Singapore restaurants to Myanmese food house.

    5. Hotel, I shall come up with some hotel names. But likely a 4* hotel.

    6. So far, only Alan Ang and you and me/wife expressed interests.

    Terence Seah

  5. TQ Alan, Peter and members who have expressed interest in the Yangon trip.
    This trip is now closed.

    Terence Seah

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