China Tour – 10th March 2018

This tour is for those who are relax and participate in the modification /fine tune the route itineraries .
I can get hold of 2 Executives Buses ( 16 seats) and 2 Mercedes MPV (10 seater) from Chengdu. Total numbers Max 50 people.

Inland Tour expenses Only
Accommodation : Discounted rate of 4-5 stars Hotel @ Y 300-400 ( S$60-80) twin share per day
Meals : S$30 per person per day. All lunches/Dinners guarantee more than 10 course at Restaurants. Breakfasts are provided by the hotels

Transports cost : S$20-30 per day depends on Bus or MPV

Day 1 – Fly to Chengdu – Sichuan Airline/Air china having 4 hours Direct flights
Day 2 – Day 13th – Journey starts after Breakfast around 9 am

Planned ( subjects to modification based on participants’ consensus )
Chengdu – Head south East to Chongqing then enter Guizhou
Guizhou – Guiyang, Qiannan(Minority tribes) ,Anshun,Quijing
Yunnan – Kunming, Yuxi, Pu’er, Linchang, Dali (Minority tribes),Lijiang
Sichuan- Panzhihua, Liangshan,Garze (Minority tribes),Ya’an

From Ya’an will return to Chengdu or…..

Note 1. Those going to Chiang Mai to attend Terrence’s retirement evaluation can board flight from Kunming- China Eastern Airline 1 hour flight cost Y500
Continue from Pu’er by Bus to Xishuangbanna and travel along the boarders of Myanmar and laos to Chiang Rai then head to Chiang Mai

Please response your interest within ONE Week as I have to chop the transport. Will only Add you to my chat line when you are interested. Whatsapp 81578136


2 thoughts on “China Tour – 10th March 2018

  1. Will appreciate those going can group together to nego for a group discount on air tickets.
    Once you have your air ticket confirming your participation, no further payment needed until you arrived in Chengdu.You need to pay transport cost upfront, Meals and accommodation will be settled daily.


  2. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for organising this trip. It sound interesting and also at an economically reasonable & effortable prices. If you have written & given us this plan earlier while we are considering to buy airtickets to Chiang Mai last week we would have seriously give this China trip some indepth consideration but many of us going to Terence Chiang Mai retirement resort(22nd-29th mar 2018) have already purchased our confirmed airtickets . Hope you can still organised such trip in future and we shall give you the support if the timing is right. Thank you .

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