SHC May monthly gathering, Sat 18 May 2019

Most of our monthly gathering have been held on weekdays in the city area for the convenience of working members.

We shall move East this time, and we hope to bring in more members who live in the East, and who have time during weekends.

Date: Sat 18 May 2019

Time: 2pm to 5 pm

Venue: Koufu Sengkang General Hospital, 110 Sengkang E Way, #01-21, Singapore 544886.

Nearest MRT: Sengkang

This koufu foodcourt is clean and spacious. I look forward to your coming.

Please register your coming below:

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. David Ong
  2. Lillian Ong
  3. Howard Yong
  4. Stella Sheng
  5. Alan Ang
  6. Jenny Lim
  7. Lee Ah Nee
  8. Ong Chew Teck
  9. Yap Siew King
  10. Doris &
  11. Graham Smith
  12. Chan Keng Ngee
  13. Leon Lau
  14. Christine Teo
  15. Paul Phua
  16. Sharon Lim
  17. Terence Seah
  18. Andrew Lim
  19. Agnes Lim
  20. Dolly Lim
  21. Richard Lean
  22. Anne Boey
  23. Sally Tan
  24. Bernie Chung
  25. Dennis Har
  26. Bobby Bok
  27. Richard Wong
  28. Daisy Wee
  29. Victor Khor
  30. Olivia Ros Jiang
  31. Sandra Tay
  32. Steven Chan
  33. Thomas Goh
  34. Yoong Chin
  35. Sherry Wong

44 thoughts on “SHC May monthly gathering, Sat 18 May 2019”

  1. When you turn up for the gathering tomorrow, plse see Howard Yong for attendance to be noted. Cannot miss him. He has white hair. I am in Jakarta now. C u everybody.

    Terence Seah

  2. Members who are unable to log into because you have not registered or lost your password, can seek the help of other members who are present.

    You can also download the WordPress app, and update and participate in events with this app

    Just got to make the effort.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Dear all
    There have many complains about the SengKang General Hospital Kou Fu food court food very expensive please ask the price before you buy.
    Alan Ang.

    1. I told Terence there were price $2.80 from different stall so i dun think is expensive since i personally ever eat there.

      Spacious, quiet and nothing to do with the hospital building – for those member to be have a mindset change.

      Embrace to move one with the world but not rigid mindset.

      My toe laughing for some member think hospital canteen/food court is no no for gathering.

    2. Hi Alan,

      I have not been to the Sengkang hospital Koufu food court. If I had known the food there is expensive, I might have moved the venue to another location.

      Tell me where have you read or heard that Seng Kang hospital food prices are very expensive. Perhaps, share a few prices, and I definitely will avoid the stalls.

      Terence Seah

  4. For those who have registered to attend this monthly gathering at Sengkang Hospital Koufu, I look forward to your attendance.

    Many of our monthly gatherings do not have a fixed agenda, as they are designed to enable members to meet other members, new and old. Free free to come and get to know one another.

    If you have an agenda or topic for future monthly gatherings, please contact me via WhatsApp. The Club hopes that members can organise at least one monthly gathering during the lifetime of your membership.

    The next monthly gathering is likely to be held in North or Central Singapore.

    Catch up this Sat.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi everybody,

    Calling all May babies.

    Whatever your age, if you are borned in May, we will celebrate your birthday with a beautiful cake. No need to keep it a secret, it’s May. Plus a family photograph with all of us.

    Terence Seah

  6. Dear Terence
    I do not have any problem eating in a hospital canteen but I can’t make it as its play day with grandson.

  7. Looks like we will have a small group meeting on Sat 18 may. Some members have expressed phobia about going to a hospital for makan.

    Meeting is still on. Look forward to seeing those who can make it

    Terence Seah

  8. Looks like we will have a small group meeting on Sat 18 may. Many have expressed phobia and going to a hospital.

    Meeting is still on. Look forward to seeing those who can make it

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Terence, I guess finding an appropriate meeting place is not a chore in consideration of space than of all places we all hv to meet @hospital :))

    1. Hi Vivian, we have many considerations before deciding on a venue for the monthly gathering.

      Very often, we have the event in the CBD but then those who live in the North, East and West say the CBD is not convenient.

      Somehow many attendees expect food and drinks to be available, and silverhairs truly are the most fuzzy when it comes to food, after price. The foodcourt has flexibility as we have seen after all these years. Spacious, food variety and flexibility with number of people.

      The hospital compounday seem an odd place to meet. Already 30 mins after this announcement, 6 people whatsapp me that a hospital is a bad place to meet.

      Members are always encouraged to suggest places.

      Terencr Seah

          1. Howard, tq for making time to come to this Sengkang hospital Koufu gathering.

  10. Lilian Ong and David Ong attanding the coming SHC Monthly Gathering on 18th May at Seng Kang GH Koufu. Kindly include both of us. Thanks

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