Monthly Walk Sat 10 Sep 11 Alexandra Linear Park Connector

Date: 10 September 2011 (Saturday)

Meeting Place: Queeenstown MRT Station, nearby control station by 4.30pm.

Duration:  around 2 hours

EOs for this walk:  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan

Starting from Queenstown MRT Station, we will walk towards Alexandra Canal Linear Park (1.4km), easy walk passing by Strathmore Estate, Dawson Estate all the way towards Tanglin Road.   As we walk along the park, do stop by the story boards which give visitors the history of these estates.    Trees, flowering plants and scrubs have been planted to create a garden-like atmosphere.  Bring along your camera to take pictures along the way  of the pretty colourful flowers .   Look out for the Rukam Tree planted by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, then Minister Mentor, during the official launch of Alexandra Canal Linear Park on 1 November 2007.   The Rukam fruits can be eaten raw or sweetened with sugar to make jam.   New high-rise flats under the HDB SERS Scheme (Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme) to resettle particularly the residents who lived there before their old flats were demolished to make way for the SERS flats are now in place at Strathmore Avenue.  Dotted along the park are playgrounds, mini -skate parks, fitness areas and multi-purpose courts , catering to all ages and are located near the housing estates and schools.       

From across the junction of Margaret Drive and Tanglin Rd where Masjid Jamek Queenstown mosque stands, we will arrive at Alexandra Park Connector (1.7km).  This is where we find the floating wetland, one of the many Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters projects that PUB has implemented as part of its island-wide makeover of our reservoirs and waterways.   New facilities like parks, ponds and pavilions have been constructed alongside the huge Alexandra Canal.    Viewing galleries have been included on one side of the canal .  We continue walking this urban Park Connector at the beginning and towards the end, passing by on both sides of the canal scenery of high-rise buildings of various private condos with fantastic architectural details.  Shelters are found along the park connector for visitors to rest their tired feet or take a short break to enjoy the view.   Towards the end of the Park Connector is Zion Riverside Food Centre where we end the walk.  For those who wish to have dinner, there are the popular the No 18 char kway teow,  Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway, sweet Asian dessert at Mohammed Sultan Road Cheng Tng at stall 32 and many more.   Those who wish to shop, across the road there’s the Great World Shopping Centre and also the Kim Seng Promenade.

Bring drinking water, an umbrella (for rain or sun), mosquito repellent, camera, cap and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Other Walk Team members:  ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Conrad Tang and Andrew Thio.

Those coming for this walk :

  1. Danny Lye
  2. June
  3. Jimmy Tsin
  4. Jama Hameed
  5. Daniel Ong
  6. Susan CH Tan
  7. Terry Tang
  8. Winnie K Tan
  9. Goh Ah Lam
  10. Charles Wee
  11. Alice Seah
  12. Lydia Soh
  13. Evelyn
  14. Malcolm Chen
  15. Jane Chua
  16. Peng Peng
  17. Angie Ng
  18. John Howe
  19. Catherine Chong
  20. Joyce Tan
  21. Maureen Lee
  22. Hew Lee
  23. Seok Cheng
  24. Juliana Kok
  25. Stephen Low
  26. Serene Leow
  27. Robert Tan
  28. Winnie Lim
  29. Eddy Lee
  30. Margaret
  31. Andrew Yeung

Photos by Charles Wee, Andrew Koh & Danny Lye

56 thoughts on “Monthly Walk Sat 10 Sep 11 Alexandra Linear Park Connector

  1. Christina,

    I think I will be the 1st to register the walk together with June. Please put us in. Looking forward to see all of u again.

    Cheer !
    Danny & June

  2. Sorry for the earlier post which I should be addressing to Veronica Wong and Mary Tan instead (Gosh!!!…so use to Christina as most of the walks was organised by her). A Thousand apologies to the EOs.


  3. #3 June,

    Even with abt 80 going to Kovan, I believe there are others still available for the walk. Let’s us not be discouraged on this. We must be positive, even with a smaller group, we still can proceed with the walk, right ?

  4. Will the man who planted d tree be on d tree to wait for d walkists? Tat matters more than planting a tree or breeding tortoises. Wil b wif june on tat sept day.

  5. #4 Danny

    Just a prompting on why many regulars could not made it, so that no one will be in surprise.

    Definitely there will be many who are interested in the walk.


  6. hi Mary Tan,

    I have been inactive member for more than 3-4 years.
    I must make the positive step to rejoin.
    I am submitting myself for the Sept Walk.

  7. Hi Veronica and Mary,

    I have been watching this blog for a very long time and now found it suitable for me. Only 2 hours walk which is very achieveable. There is the a 970 bus which plies from my hse to Qtown and then by side of GWCity to home – very convenient. But…, it coincides with the 1 Nite in C/town celebration which I am attending.

    Like others, may i ask if you are able to consider doing this walk again soon while we have the good weather?

    Thank you Veronica and Mary.

    Geok Suan

  8. Hi Veronica, Mary and Members of the Walk Team

    Oh dear, I’m torn between two lovers – viz. the ever interesting monthly walk and One Night in Chinatown which I’ve signed and paid up.

    Hence, I’ll have to reluctantly give this month’s walk a miss … sigh :-(

    Enjoy yourselves,

  9. Hi Veronica and Mary,

    I would like to join this walk, looking forward to seeing some of the members I met during my first walk at the Railway track.

    Jama Hameed (JAM)

  10. how any anyone miss this – all the “ingredients” thought of, well-crafted to make this a beautiful walk. Of course, please add me. Thank you.

  11. Hi Veronica & Mary,

    I am a 67 year-old new member of the SHC, and am interested in
    long nature walks. At the same time, I will be able to meet up with people with identical interests.

    Please count me in on the 10 Sept/11 walk led by you both.

    Terry Tang

  12. Hi Mary & Veronica,
    Please sign me in for the walk. Looking forward to it.

    Sorry that the attendees for the “One nite in Chinatown” could not join us. Is there anyway of postponing this walk to the following Saturday?

    cheers, winnie k-tan

  13. Good idea if the Sept Walk Date can be moved esp after Mary-T has written so much to give us a good feel of what it is like, but disappointing if the turn-up is not as many as the usual 30-infinity.

    But it will be a bit out of sorts with practice to hold it other than on a month’s 2nd Saturday. Practice can be broken if it’s practical tho.

    If this Walk is held a day or week later, I will cancel all appointments to join the Walk.

  14. Hi Danny, glad June and you are coming. Walk is still on no matter how many walkists there are.

    June, thanks for prompting. It’s walk day every 2nd Sat of the month so we will go ahead. Enjoy yourself and have fun at the One Nite in Chinatown.

    Tim, even though numbers may be small walk will proceed as scheduled so as not to disappoint those walkists who are going for this walk. Perhaps, we can consider doing again this walk another time.

    Jimmy, great to know you are rejoining and starting with this walk.

    Geok Suan and Gabriella, both of you have a great time at One Nite in Chinatown.

    Jama, Daniel, Susan, Terry, Winnie and Ah Lam, looking forward to meeting all you on walk day.

  15. Sure, Mary-T.

    In fact, if the group size is small, then walkists might get to cuddle and huddle as they walk, unlike the half km apart the first walkist is from the last when the group is big.

    Enjoy yourselves. If you folks are still game to join in the Chinatown finale singalong, I suppose you all can come as will be the many members of the public there to watch us.

    Let’s all hope for good weather.

  16. Hi Mary #17,

    I am very pleased that you have made the decision to go ahead with the walk, if thought the two major events falls on the same date. There will always be limited Saturdays and Sundays in a month.

    Well done to you and all the other co-EOs. The monthly walking event has always been very impressive. And, to the co-EOs, for the very detailed walking arrangements.

    Terence Seah

  17. #4 Danny: yup, fyi, many moons ago ie., in the early years the monthly walk once have had only 4 participants, the walk goes on…..

    It is not just a habit though, for the past years our scheduled walks on 2nd Saturday of the Month has not changed and shall proceed unless weather is inclement, we the EOs for the walk will still be present to meet whoever who will show up even for a HOT drink :D

    To all participants — THANK YOU!

    ChristinaCL Chan

  18. Dear Mary / Veronica,

    thanks for organizing.
    As I have informed, I have something personal on the same evening but the start point is so beary near my home, how can I not come even to wave you guys off? hehehe

    C you guys!

  19. Hi Christina

    Yeh Yeh-you are great and thanks to all the other EOs who organised the monthly walk without fail.

    On the last count listed it is double 4-onward we shall go regardless.


  20. Tim, you too have fun and enjoy yourself at One Nite in Chinatown.

    Terence, thanks for your compliments to us walk team.

    Charles, good you are coming and as usual will be taking photos yah?

    Christina, be seeing you then.

    Alice, we meet again at the walk.

  21. As a non-participant of the Chinatown event @ Kovan, I was subtly prodded to partake in this walk. So, EOs Mary & Veronica, could you kindly add me to your list? I look forward to a great afternoon walking alongside my sifu, Daniel, and other long-time buddies CharlesW, Malcolm, Alice and Peng Peng. And also the chance to say ‘Hi’ to you, Christina and other members whom I’ve yet to meet.


  22. Hi Mary/Veronica
    Thanks for organising the walk. I am coming.
    After the walk, members are welcome to sample the following products in my house (5 minute walk from Great World City):(1) Pan-fried carrot cake (tim sum style):(2)Nonya Otak-Otak:(3)Durian Spring Roll:(4)Freshly-made 100% NATURAL fruit jam- apple,pear,mango & banana (no preservative, no artificial colouring & no sugar added),besides being a healthy product, it is also suitable for diabetics.
    Presently I am experimenting & developing the above products and after sampling, any feedback from members will be much appreciated.

    stephen low

  23. Hew Lee, Seok Cheng and Juliana

    Counted three of you in for the walk.

    Stephen, glad you are coming. Hmmm……re invite to sample your products, we will see the response on the day ok?

  24. #40 Stephen LOW
    Sampling does it mean that we are “obligated to “buy” or are you trying to “promote your products” or on behalf of someone else ? I thought this is the monthly walk forum we are discussing and not the food forum.

    Sorry if I have been “naughty” on this issue.

  25. #42 Hi Danny Lye

    Thanks for your comment and may I clarify the position. I will prepare a small quantity for free sampling only and nothing else.No gimmicks no obligations and nothing to buy. I only hope to get some feedback on the taste and quality of the products.

  26. #43 Stephen,

    Better understanding now. So, no “sale” involved. It is just a “tasting invitation” to sample your or your wife cooking skills. It is like food sampling and we become your gourmet testers. A very good and friendly way to welcome your friends.

    I support your initiative. Hope the misunderstanding will be cleared. Thank you.

  27. Firstly, I would like to thanks Mary and her team to lead us for the walk even under the slight drizzle rain. I believed everyone are happy to complete the journey ending at Zion Riverside Food Centre for their dinner.

    Some of us were invited to Steven LOW’s house to sample his home made products of fruits “jam”, durian spring roll, radish cake (Lor Por Kau) and Otak-Otak. Various feedbacks were given to him to help him and his wife to improve on the tastes. Everyone enjoy his food and would like to thanks him for his hospitality.

    I have uploaded some of the photos on my facebook and will also be forwarding it to Sockie for uploading onto our SHC’s photo page.

  28. Hi Danny and all, despite dark clouds threatening rainfall, glad to see 36 of you turned up for the walk. Had intended it to be a much leisure walk but apparently we had to rush at a much faster pace in case of heavy downpour. Not much of photo taking and in the rush, we also missed the usual group photo taking….sigh! Anyway, thank you all for coming, till we meet again, have a great week ahead.

  29. Haha, Mary-T, dont you agree that God is very fair……that He has dealt a royal flush hand on you shows.

    See, you waylaid 36 off the Kovan track for your Walk and had to rush thru it (some even ran with their umbrellas upside down and one thought she could ran quiker without shoes, right?), wondering what the hell it was all for.

    Of cos not.

    The Walk was the catalyst to a get-together of friends. inspite of the weather not being its best, I am sure you all had a good time for chats and catching up. Literally.

    Looking forward to wlaking my talk (and dog) with you the next time.

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