Round Table 23 rd March 2012

Hi all of you SHC members, greetings from Henry Foo.

Lets try something very different folks, for round table this month.

But I would like to stress again that Round Table is an event meant to encourage exchanges of business ideas and opportunity. So any one who has something he could offer to SHC member, or if you are looking for some business opportunities, please join us.
I have never enjoyed my salad bowl (with meat of course ) this much until i was recommended this salad restaurant called "Salad Stop", run by Father and Son team from Switzerland.
I love especially their original chilly crab dressing. So lets have salad for dinner for a change? $15 per head including juice.
After the dinner lets cross the road and adjourn to The Tower Club of which i am a founder member, for coffee and tea , where we can further explore some business opportunities that members have to offer. The SHC members will have 5 minutes to introduce their business and another 5 for questions and answers.
So here it goes:
Date:   Friday 23rd March 2012
Time:   7:30 pm SHARP
Venue: 7:30 To 8:30 pm – The Salad Stop  1 Raffles Place, #B1-02A, OUB Centre, Singapore 048616

8:30 to 10 pm    THE TOWER CLUB SINGAPORE 9 Raffles Place Penthouse (62nd – 64th floors) Republic Plaza Tower, Singapore 048619

Thank you for supporting my first time as an EO for round table.  To show my appreciation i will be inviting all of you to coffee or tea at Tower Club( you can also pay for other beverages if you like ), and also free test on your dirnking water( please bring a small sample of your tap water).


  1. Henry Foo (EO)
  2. Jeff Lim
  3. Sue Chan
  4. Wong Hong Jeng
  5. Andrew Koh
  6. Judy Lim
  7. Chew Wai Jin
  8. Christina Pan
  9. Primrose Kok
  10. Constance Wong
  11. Lau Kong Chee
  12. Lily Ho Willocq
  13. Mega Abdullah
  14. Lynn Tai
  15. Molly Quek
  16. Dolly Lim  

    17.Lily Ho

    18. Agnes seow


    1. Lily Ho Willocq Says: 
      March 14th, 2012 at 12:35 am e

      Hi Henry

      Kindly register Dolly Lim as well. Thank you.

    2. Agnes Seow Says: 
      March 14th, 2012 at 9:39 am e

      Hi Henry

      Please sign me in.



24 thoughts on “Round Table 23 rd March 2012

  1. Hi Henry Foo.

    Fri 23rd March 2012 events

    Please put me on 7.30pm to 8.30pm The Salad Stop.
    Also the 8.30pm to 10pm The Tower Club.

    Is it a pre-pay event? If so, how do I make payment to you?

    My email address is

  2. Dear Henry Foo,
    Tantalising salad is also my cup of tea. Hence,during my 5-minute food business talk,I shall focus my agenda on food and thereafter the question and answer session on the food theme.I hope the presentation will be interesting and exhilarating to all my fellow comrades.See you.Bye!

  3. Hi Henry,

    I’m definitely curious about your invite, “if you are looking for some business opportunities, please join us”

    Please include me in this meet-up.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Christina, look forward to see you;))
    And thank you Primrose, look forward to your agenda on food. Food is always a tantalizing issue for us all!
    Thank you Constance, i am sure we will have some food for thought to take home after the dinner.
    dont forget what Silver hair has that others envy;;
    1. Network
    2. Wisdom
    3. Time of our own..

  5. Thank you so much Dolly and Agnes. See you there.
    By the way, to thank you for your warm response to the round table. I will be inviting all the attendants for coffee or tea at Tower club (you can also pay for other drinks of your choice. ) Also, there will be a free test on your drinking water.

  6. You’re most welcome Henry.

    I look forward to this evening of good food and friends. I’m sure we will leave, gaining some knowledge one way or another from each other.

    Kam Siah


  7. Hi Henry,

    Kindly enlighten what’s this “free test on your drinking water”? Test on ionise content or quality of water ?
    Each of us to bring some tap water from home for testing?


  8. Yes Constance , we will test the quality of the water, by testing the alkalinity and oxidation of your drinking water.
    Yes bring your tap water if thats the water you boil and drink. But if you have filter, bring the filtered water.
    lets have some fun!

  9. It was my first time attending the “Round Table” event and it turned out to be a very pleasant evening well spent.

    It started with a healthy salad dinner and getting acquainted with fellow SHCians. This was followed by a “guided tour” of Tower Club and a magnificent view of Marina Bay at 62nd Floor of the Club.
    We then proceeded to a private room for our discussion.
    Coffee/tea was served and the environment with formal plush furnishing/wall paper was akin to some boardroom meeting.

    Issues of health, illnesses and diseases, environment and water were discussed.
    Thanks to Henry, we were alerted to potential harm of various types of water sources & liquids
    we consumed daily. He also demonstrated and shared his entrepreneurial skills and marketing strategies.

    Indeed, it had been a very insightful and beneficial experience for all who attended.

    Our appreciation and a BIG ‘ Thank You’ to Henry for being such a generous and hospitable host (EO) for the event.


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