Weekly Karaoke Sessions

Love Singing or Listening to songs?

At SHC’s weekly Zoom sessions. You can either get ready to sing your YouTube songs or select songs and listen to others singing. You can also simply come to enjoy listening to songs selected by enthusiastic Members. So join in the FUN….

Karaoke Crooners: Every Monday & Tuesday from 09:00pm – 11:00pm

Room 1 – Mandarin/Hokkien session

Room 2 – English Session

Room 3 – Cantonese Session

EOs: Cheryl Tiong / Vincent Hee

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About Cheryl Tiong

Cheryl Tiong has been an SHC member since Mar 2020 and enjoys most zoom programmes ever since then. She has met new friends and learned much from them and through the enriching zoom programmes hosted by the respective EOs. Together with Vincent Hee, they are both EOs of the 9 pm Mondays and Tuesdays Karaoke sessions. These sessions are for anyone who loves to listen to songs, regardless of whether they enjoy singing.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Karaoke Sessions

  1. Yeah, tbis Karaoke Zoom sessions are ongoing every mon and tue at 9pm to 11pm. Lots of singing and fun. So you singers and karaoke enthusiasts out there. Come and join us on mon and tue. Have a whale of a time singing.

    From the EOs Cheryl Tiong & Vincent Hee come in to

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