Weekly ENTREPRENEUR Zoom Mtg – Sunday @ 10:00am

Thank you to all SHC members for your time joining me in the Entrepreneur last zoom session on 10 Jan 2021.I shared with members how to generate ideas. An idea is to address a pain or gap.

I used Rest.com.sg as an example. Rest.com.sg is an online portal for advertiser to place their ads at an affordable price.

Currently, most online ads are control by big techs. There are also many types of payments. Not many SMEs and startups have the financial resources to place ads on those current online social media.  Thus Rest.com.sg is to address this gap.

During the next session, I will share with members how to validate your idea.
Also next session, will have the honor to let our member, Dennis H, to share more info for a complimentary tour of GUI.

Please do zoom in this Sunday 17 Jan.
Till we meet again, have a great week ahead.

19 thoughts on “Weekly ENTREPRENEUR Zoom Mtg – Sunday @ 10:00am

  1. Hi David
    I saluted for you efforts in chairing the Entrepreneur zoom sessions since Y2020 and still continuing in Y2021 too.

    Attended your 1st meeting today (Jan 10 2021) together with DennisHar, ChanKN, FredaLim and SallyFoo which overrun for another 30mins as topics in discussion seems endless..

    David, you shared your part of interest, e.g. REST which simply to b broken Rest, Exchanges, Sales and Travels and a domain name had been registered under http://www.rest.com.sg and hopefully will be able to put in use soon. David, please further elaborate if needed. David’s goal s to get REST to be operational internationally which he is hopeful that it can be. Any members are proficient in Chinese, can help to share any good name in Chinese – Was told that there will be a prize if the name is selected and put in use. Currently, what run into his mind is “Zhu Huan Yi You”… Any more interesting names, any challenges, start to put on your thinking cap and let us heard from you…… :)

    DennisH shared another interesting project named “GUI” – Ground-Up-Initiative program. You can google more details under https://groundupinitiative.org/farm and he most willing to conduct a free tour for members whom had been participating the Entrepreneur Zoom sessions to showcase his start-up project. Another post with details on date and time will be published once all details have been finalised. As we are still in safe distancing rule, only 8 members can attend for a start. He also will be considering to open up other members too after the 1st meet-up tour. FYI, usually this is a paid tour for viewing but DennisHar will be giving the selected members FOC. A very kind gesture of his too…

    Looking forward to see more members for this Entrepreneur Zoom session every Sunday, at 10am..

    Cheers… Dolly

  2. Have you met Ground-Up Initiative [GUI]?

    Click on this video link and view.

    DennisH is in a midst on Vermicomposting project. He is proposing to conduct a complimentary tour for keen SHC Entrepreneur participants. Please do zoom in this Sunday, 17 January 2021 to understand better on…

    VERMICOMPOSTING: Recycling Wastes into Valuable Organic Fertilizer.

  3. Fellow SHC members. During our last zoom session, I shared with members about ideas. There 2 types of ideas. One is incremental eg iPhone from 10 to 11, small changes in the feature. The other is radical, eg from VCD to DVD.
    More important, you have to validate your assumption if the idea is feasible.
    Thus you have to conduct market survey.
    The next session, will share with members types of market research.
    Also Mr. Dennis H is conducting a tour to GUI with some of the members. They will share their experience of the trip next Sunday session.
    Look forward to members coming to next Sunday Entrepreneur zoom at 10.00am.
    Thank you and stay safe

  4. Fellow SHC members. During the last zoom session, I shared with members how to validate your ideas. Members also shared their outing experience at GUI. We discovered the importance of recycle and reuse. Members also touch on operations of kitchen process. From here I like to share with members, as an entrepreneur, you must have basic knowledge in Management Practice.
    For the next session, I will share with members drafting a business plan using a Business Model Canvas.
    I look forward to have new audience, as this session is not meant for entrepreneurs only. All SHC members are welcome to join the session.
    Also after next Sunday session on 31 Jan, we shall take a break for members to prepare CNY. We will commence the next session on 21 Feb 2021 same timing at 10am.
    Till the, see you guys on this Sunday 31 Jan at 100am.

  5. Fellow SHC members
    During the last zoom session, shared with members how to prepare a business plan. A Business Model Canvas was introduced to members. Its a 1 page business plan. Mr. Chan shared with members, he had many business plan templates. Mr. Dennis H is progressing well with his project. Mr. Dennis also shared with members he plan to organize another trip, somewhere in March, to Edible Garden City.
    Members are very excited cos of the previous trip to GUI.
    Once again gentle reminder there will not be any session on 7 Feb and 14 Feb both dates inclusive. Our session will commence on 21Feb 10am.
    May I take this opportunity wishing all SHC members Gong Xi Fatt Cai.

    • David, Happy Lunar New Year and will zoom on 21/2.

      Hi Dennis,
      Wow, exciting, another visit after GUI for eye opener. Thank you too and Happy New Year.

      Cheers. DollyL

  6. My Fellow SHC members. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Since this is the Year of OX, We must think outside the box.
    Looking forward to our next Zoom session this coming Sunday 21 Feb at 10am.
    Just to recap our past session.
    We talk about identify any pain point or gap. We offer a solution which what we call IDEA. We have to validate the idea to test the assumption. We talk about creating a business plan by using Business Canvas Model. Next session I will share with members how to create a landing page before we develop a MVP.
    Entrepreneurship is a long journey. Trust members who joined the session find some useful tips to go along with your entrepreneurship journey.
    See you SOON. Take care for now. Any members are more then welcome to attend the session.

  7. My fellow SHC members.
    The session had a positive start last Sunday 21 Feb. There are many members who have extensive work experience and knowledge. I have almost shared what I learn from my NUS Venture Program. This Sunday, 28 Feb, I strongly urge members from different activity group to join in. The purpose is perhaps we can form a TEAM to smell any gaps or brainstorm for any suggestions how to upkeep the Club looking forward.

  8. Dear fellow SHC members. The next session on this Sunday 7 March, I will share with members what is SWOT. Perhaps some members are aware of SWOT.
    SWOT is important when you evaluating a plan for a startup.
    We shall discuss this more in details during this Sunday session.
    Till then, stay safe.

  9. Fellow SHC members. For tomorrow session, we will discuss worms and feed.
    We will also find out the children enrichment progress.
    So lets meet up for our next zoom

  10. Fellow SHC members.
    Thank you for your previous time on a Sunday morning to tune in zoom session for entrepreneurship.
    We must acknowledge the hardest part in a startup journey, is to assemble a team to execute the plan.
    There are several ideas been brought up.
    Do zoom this Sunday 28 March, to catch up with members to the progress. We must emphasis, does not mean when a idea is floated we wan to see action.
    Members are not in a hurry to spear ahead their ideas.
    We will help members one way or another to go through with them the journey.
    Good to do this at your own pace, cos most of us are doing this out of passion.
    Will be good all members channel their experiences and assist one another to turn their ideas to action.
    Till then, stay safe and see you guys this Sunday 10am.

  11. Fellow SHC members. We have an interesting discussion on food truck.
    Some members express keen interest. More information available at Singapore Food Agency website to apply for a food retail license.
    Tomorrow we can expand our Founder concept of members home cooking.
    So do tune in this Sunday 10am to discover your entrepreneurship especially those are keen to participate in the home cooking and delivery.
    Till then stay safe

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