Results of Treasure Hunt on 23 Jan 2021

Results of Treasure Hunt on 23 Jan 2021.
First : Treasure Seekers (lead by Cheryl Tiong).
Second : Water Melon (lead by Lydia Chin).
Third :J & D (lead by Jessie Ow).

Thank you all for your participation. Congratulations to all the winners. Each team will receive something.

First prize : 4 × $10 voucher
Second prize : 4 × premium chocolate.
Third prize : 2 × can of coke

Special thanks to Terence Seah, our SHC founder for his Treasure Hunt idea and Daniel Chan for contributing the vouchers.

Not forgetting my two fellow committee members and judges, Anne Choi who does the writeup and Jasmine Wong for tabulation chart. Together we spent quite a rounds of discussions. Thank you ladies.

Author: Vincent HEE

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  1. Thanks to the 3 Judges who made it possible for us all to join this treasure hunt. Thanks for all your hard work, Judges. Thanks too, to my amazing team, who so enthusiastically and in unity with harmony, helped to seek out the 10 treasures. Last but not least, Praise God, our wonderful Father In Heaven,.

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