Hawker without digital knowlege – Let discuss


Morning everyone,came across this new clip that sad me but hope everyone to read with open mind.

During a recent zoom meeting, someone say that we must embrace the new technology with open arm – to like it or not also must accept it as move on. Cannot give any excuses but try your best through trial and errors.I strongly urge everyone to step out to try, to fail and to learn with persistence.

I hope those members who stay nearby those wet market, please help them to buy/order their food,taobao or share with your friends in order for the non digital hawker to sustain this difficult period of times.

ps : i will try my best to guide SHC members with this digital knowledge to equip their New order in our future zoom training.

Put on your request to Terrence what are the topic you like to learn : How to use

  1. SingPass
  2. Telegram
  3. PayLah
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