How to use different mobile Apps from your Android phone? EO Howard Yong

I guess the moment you have a mobilephone, you will notice an App called “Playstore’. There are so many Apps, sometimes different versions.

Howard Yong plays around with different Apps. He is very talented when it comes to mobile devices. For the benefit of seniors, he will be conducting live zoom sessions on how to use certain Apps. He will put up a program schedule, so keep track of learning sessions.

There is no limit to the number of Apps eg Singpass, Maps, Grab, polyclinic appointment, weather forecast, MeWatch, etc.

All sessions are recorded live and available on YouTube for review.

Day/time: Thurs 10.30 am, starting 3 Jun 2021.

If u wish to be reminded, RSVP “Mobile Apps” whatsapp 9489 4360.

Feel free to ask Howard here. He can be very funny. You can also suggest Apps commonly used by seniors.

Thank you Howard for volunteering to conduct this session.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “How to use different mobile Apps from your Android phone? EO Howard Yong

  1. This morning we completed our first session on mobile apps. EO Howard Yong covered topics on carousel and Pay Now. For this session, I forgotten to do the recording. Sorry folks.

    Plse whatsapp “RSVP MOBILE APPS” to 9489 4360 to be alerted on this weekly program Thur 10.30am.

    Terence Seah

    • Thank you Howard for such an engaging session – the topics discussed and shared are indeed relevant to our daily needs. Glad that I can make it this morning have a fair share of your presentation. Thumbs Up, Bro!

      This is the video link to view and understand how u go about to Download your SingPass Mobile App and recognize the Step-by-Step procedures – it is not difficult.

      For those who are still unable to understand or proceed – I am here to guide you all too coz I have been doing it for the senior citizen at the CC where my workplace is. Enjoy this video.

      SingPass & SingPass Mobile Application (Captions Available) – 5:51 minutes

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