About Constance Wong

Hi All, I'm Constance and was surfing the net for taiqi lesson when I was led to the SHC site. Running thru the site, I've found it very interesting with so many activities. I love cooking especially food that improve & maintain good health in the "silver" years. I'm looking forward to meet you gals & guys and believe life will never be the same again with so many activities to take part. Cheers!

Wedding Dinner and The Moral of giving….

In less than 2 weeks, the wedding dinners will be in vogue during the lunar eighth month. I myself, received an invitation.

This bring to mind, a recent viral condemnation of a bride who chastised her friend through social media, after receiving $50 each from her and partner as wedding ang pow. In the message, the bride even listed down the cost of the dinner, reception & cocktails, that worked out to $200 per head. As a result she and husband were very much short on paying off the reception.

With above in mind, I’m wondering …….
a) Do wedding couples have great expectations that guests must give enough to cover cost of their wedding banquet? (even if wedding couples choose to be extravagant and throw high end dinner?)
b) Is it obligatory for invited guests to give enough to cover for wedding couple’s banquet?
c) Is it not acceptable for invited guests to give whatever they are comfortable with. (Case in point – If one only earns $1000/mth or unemployed, is he or she expected to give $200 ? What if there’s more than one invitation during the wedding season, that person will be in financial difficulty for that month.
d) Is it not totally rude and unbecoming of newly weds to demand and confront your friends for giving too little ?

Let’s hear from one and all your takes on this .