Hello From Bob & Julie Mong

Hi Everyone ,
My wife and I first heard about your organization through some friends. It’s good to know that members share the common interest in our golden years. Our interest include music, dancing and travelling. We hope see some of you soon.

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  1. Hi Bob and Julie
    Welcome to the shc big family! I’m sure you’ll get to know many new friends when both of you join the many activities available.

    Perhaps for a start, come and join in the first coffee meet in 2014 viz: 9.1.14.
    See details in the blog.


  2. Dear Julie & Bob,
    Welcome to SHC.
    An excellent start to the New Year in meeting the extended family.
    Hope to meet up with you pretty soon.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hi Bob and Julie
    A warm welcome to our Club. I have known this loving couple for quite a few years now. Bob, a member of the Serangoon Gardens Country Club (SGCC), leads a band called “Sound Sensation” and they are the resident band for SGCC’s tea dance every Tuesday from 2-5 pm. All are welcome to this tea dance and I think Bob would be most happy to sign you in as a guest.
    Best wishes

  4. Dear Mega, Wiinnie & Gabriella. Thannk you for making me feel so welcomed. I certainly look forward meeting some of you on 9 Jan 2014 . Do feel free to contact me if you want to come to our Tuesday “Musical Session”. My mobile is xxxxxxxx. If you are not free in the afternoon on Tuesdays, you can also come on Wednesday nights when I am playing with another band . Both groups are just as entertaining. You can make more friends , dance and enjoy yourselves .

  5. Hi Bob

    You’re welcome. I’ve registered both you and Julie for the coffee meet on 9 Jan (see coffee meet blog). I’m the EO for this event. I’ve met you at SGCC on Wed nights. May ‘pop’ in at SGCC on Tuesday afternoons as and when my friends and I are free.

    Happy New Year 2014 to you and Julie.


  6. Aiyayah!
    I’d better welcome you both to the club… seeing that we would be meeting soon on the 9th!
    Please don’t be put off by some of my recent comments…it’s all in jest. Just like you, I hope to add color and hue to our activities!
    I’m more interested in the tea than the dance, and we also have a common interest in travel. So see you guys!

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