A gathering for online investors, traders, date not confirmed

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Many members trade daily or frequently in Singapore, regional and US markets. We have not many of such activities, but a number of members have requested for such gatherings.  The most recent event was on US options.

Let’s try to have one such event soon.  Our Kenneth Tan has been very supportive, and he would help us hold this event at this condo’s function room.

  1. Date:  Haha, not confirmed.  Preference for a weekday as weekends maybe crowded.
  2. Venue:  Club’s function room, located near the swimming pool at Kenneth’s condo.
  3. Objective:  provide a platform for investors and traders to share what they are doing in stocks and shares, options, commodities.
  4. Entrance Fee:  will announce one we have an idea of numbers, what we want and costs.
  5. Number of pax:  Likely limited to the size of the function room; and on a first registered and paying basis.

Keep yourself updated.  Do let us know whether you prefer a weekend or weekday.  We will try to accommodate your preference.

Thank you Kenneth.

Terence Seah

Those attending:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Kenneth Tan
  3. Leon Lau
  4. SB Khoo
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Frisna Tan
  7. Jonathan Ong (will attend if it’s held during the weekend)
  8. Andrew Yeung (attending?)
  9. Lim Tiang Soon (attending?)
  10. Bobby Bok
  11. Lilian Teo
  12. Daisy Yeo

22 thoughts on “A gathering for online investors, traders, date not confirmed

  1. Terence,
    I am for such an event. There are spoilt for choice SHC gathering that focus on eating, travel, outing or casual chat. And they seem to be sustainable which ironically shown we are not serious on serious topic like investment and trading.
    As you mentioned there is a number of members who requested for such event, I would expect them to register unless you fabricate such requests to get the event kick off (sic). No worries. I would have done the same. However, it cannot be wrong that there are members who trade or invest.
    I like the objective : Trader and investor to share their experience and strategies.
    Even disastrous mistake for fellow members to avoid. We learn from mistake but it is best to learn from other or rather each other mistake.

    I wont comment or suggest on the fee and venue as this is my least concern but how to make this event successful and of value and to be sustainable on a regular basis.

    I have joined and am member of some of these club founded by “well known” investors. It sizzle in the beginning and fizzle in the end. Some last a good number of years and I have benefitted. A strong leader or leaders are required. Active members to share their trading experience or brainstorm hot picks. While we want it to be informal, some form of structure is required to have discipline and . This first event can be a start to form a structure for such sustainability like how regular we want it to be, what would be the regular topics.

    Personally, I would like to hear further experience and tips on forex trading from any fellow members as I have been waiting on the sideline for a very long time to join in this. Reason being I failed my own template of “What it take to succeed concept” for the time being.

    I have not make a request for this event but go ahead and register me.So for those who actually make such request dont let Terence or Kenneth down.


  2. Hi Terence and all

    I have always been interested in investing and trading since my retirement.

    Therefore, count me in as an attendee, if it is ok with you.

    Although I have been trading for a number of years, I am really just a novice,

    and I don’t really have any strategy. Put it this way, I am am an intuitive investor,

    ha!ha!. I win some, I lose some, but my interest is strong (that is the only thing

    I can claim).


  3. QUOTE, “And they seem to be sustainable which ironically shown we are not serious on serious topic like investment and trading”.

    Who is not serious? Are you volunteering to give a talk? Where and when? Or are you blaming somebody for not arranging anything soon enough for you when you said Terence “fabricate such requests to get the event kick off”?

    Nobody owes anybody anything here. By and large, SHC members are sensible and grateful people who appreciate and support the event organisers, with little or no noise. No one insinuates or provokes a happening for his or her own benefit. OK, almost no one.

    While the blog allows anybody to write loads and loads of irrelevant stuffs to glorify himself, we also expect the same person to make a contribution – to make things happen. If you are any good, do something. If not, just keep quiet and wait for something to happen.

    In any system there are these things called bugs, doing more harm than good. In the digestive system, we call it parasites, and when a parasite blows its own trumpet it is called fart. It stinks.

    Happy labour day. Have fun.


  4. Try hard but cannot find any value in your comment. Sorry about that. Either better to shut up or stay in the army if you enjoy throwing grenade. It might just explode in your face elsewhere. Cannot take any of your comments seriously if you wish to continue
    despite wasting words replying this. Enough said.

    Have fun with your grenades.

  5. I am a newbie about stocks shares etc. would like to learn from ??(shifu) if meeting time is good for me. thanks

  6. Frisna and all,
    Most people including myself hesitate to join an event unless they know what to expect or gain from attending.
    For those who sign up, I shall take the lead in the discussion on the suggested topics
    1) Is it better to be a trader or investor ? What is the difference?
    All investor will hear of this quote “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”
    2) Technical versus Fundamental approach. Never ending debate in these two
    different school of thoughts. My stand.
    3) Are there any more safe investment ? A little sharing of the initially safe
    investment by Profitable Plot (UK) and Eco (Brazilian) where we know by
    now those who invested via them lose all their money.
    4) Investment framework for Retiree. Time Frame for returns ? Capital Outlay ? etc.

    These are heavy and interesting topic to me and will not be cover in depth for the first session. Perhaps that should be incentive enough to have a sequel session.
    I am taking the lead but it will be interactive and informal as I believe I will learn as much from each one of you as I share.

    A little bonus for those who are attending : A sharing from me on
    1) Why and how we age ? No more than 5 minute on this. Scientists are working hard on this and truly believe that living up to 100 can be a norm. We know quite a few of our old PAP cabinet ministers live up to 90.

    We have 6 sign up thus far and I do hope few more and then we can firm up the date and time. Thank to Kenneth for the venue though I dont know where it is yet.
    The credit of the EO belong to Terence and Kenneth.


  7. Hi all SHC members. This year is NOT a favorable year to trade the US market. The US$ is being devalued and may be valueless when the gold standard is adopted. There is chaos in the US market and this is NOT made known in the main news media. What is published in the CNN, Fox news, Bloomberg, and even Singapore’s news media are false and misleading. Almost all US big corps. are located in China and therefore, the whole economy of US is collapsing. The FED has been printing paper money with no value.
    Many big shopping malls were closed and unemployment has reached over 20%. But the media falsified the number to be 2.5% !!!
    What a BIG lie?
    Come Sept. 2015 there will be revelation about the banking bubble bursting, worse than 2008.

  8. Lim Tiang Soon,
    Interesting revelation. Sign up and share more of what you know. It is such sharing that help each other especially SHC members not to plunge in blindly with their hard earn savings. Still we need to find ways to beat inflation.


  9. Wow Tiang Soon,

    You are giving a shocking bad news, but will it be true??? Where do you got these kind of news if they are not from all the main news??? Do you got any secret channels for these kind of information (can share?)???

    In my mind, all the countries in the world (including China), their economic is now dropping (more or less) except USA and SEA (which now in the limelight). USA is in the leading post.

    In 2008, China was there to support the world’s economic when it dropped seriously. But now, if what you say is true, not a single country in the world can support the world’s economic (SEA sure cannot and they will be affected seriously). YES, it will be much worse than the 2008, if what you say is true.

    But will the gold standard which is waived by the USA after WWII be adopted again??? Is that means we should transfer all our other kind of investments and money to stack the gold??? I really wonder!!!

    NO matter how, let’s open our eyes, sit and wait for the hard time to come after Sept 2015, it is already around the corner, haha.

  10. Sorry, want to say one more thing

    Now, most major countries in the world (including Europe, Japan, and even China) are practicing QE (printing paper money as what you said) and lower their interest rate. In contrary, USA has just stopped its QE3 and it is sure that its interest rate will raise sooner or later in a very slow step. So I have planned to short the Euro against the US dollar, and close my eyes to hold it until I double my investment. Now …….. sigh, I think I should plan to stack gold.

  11. Hi all SHCs.
    I have been trading the US market scince 1999. So news are plentiful from professional hedge fund institutions. Main stream news media are lying about the current economy as they are own by the members of the Congress and bankers, like JP Morgan and the Rockefeller and Rothschild. Do you know that the FED Bank is a private bank? It issues money to the banks out of Nothing and earn interest from the banks. That’s why fiat currency has NO value. It is an IOU.
    Here are some web sites that you should visit to learn from these professionals.
    Keiser Report
    V the guerrilla economist
    Finance and Liberty
    You can view and listen to the reports in YOUTUBE.

    Enjoy , T S Lim

  12. Although I started this investment post and discussion with Kenneth Tan, I think I wont be able to find another place, other than Kenneth’s condo function room.

    There will be some costs to use the function room which is nice, cosy and comfortable. I shall discuss with Kenneth and come back. Ken, I will be in touch.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terence, Leon & T S Lim,
    This gathering sound interesting, thank you all of you for the interesting inputs. Please register me for the gathering. Few years ago, I took a course in forex & commodity trading by this so called Guru Kishore & he even advertised 100% success I will share with you all what he does to achieve this so claimed 100% success. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  14. We have been planning to have an interest group gathering for online investors and traders. So far, the number of interested particants is small. We are unable to work on a date.

    Not sure what to do. Maybe, we leave it for now. Do you have any suggestions?

    Terence Seah

  15. Not really… We have Leon and Bobby who have volunteered to share…
    So what we really need is to fix a time and place; I have my condo library meeting room which can accommodate 10 to 12 and available most weekdays or even Saturdays for free. What about Friday 6th June at 6pm or Saturday 7th June? My condo is at Hougang Street 11 near Nex and Paya Lebar MGS.

  16. Hi Terence

    Topic interests me too but can attend only on non-working hours.

    Thank you “gurus” for your willingness to share.


  17. Hi Kenneth, and fellow interests in online trading and investments,

    I see you have the incorrect date. Seems no one has expressed their coming on this weekend. How about you pick another date? and if the attendance meets the minimum pax, go ahead. Then, share the cost of the use of the premises.

    Terence Seah

  18. This post is getting lost with all the newer activities crowding out the older posts.

    Anyway, the meeting room in my condo is available for free and I can arrange for its use from 6.00pm to 10.00pm…but I can only /bookconfirm it seven days in advance.

    So Terence, get hold of our esteemed speakers and see when they are available…and I’ll get the room booked.

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