Global consumption has dropped. Demand is not there yet. Is this the right time to buy the dip? And when is the right time?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the current world situation? Govts, WHO and businesses are taking precautions to prevent a pandemic. Others are preparing for a rebound with a vengeance.

Many markets have dropped since end of 2019. Is this the right time to buy the dip?

We cannot meet face to face. But let’s share your thoughts and hear from other members.

Suggestions appreciated.

Terence Seah

Bitcoins – Talk and discussion

By now, many people in the world must have heard of Bitcoins. The word is cryptocurrency. Many banks don’t recognise Bitcoins. Government don’t accept it as legal tender. But millions of people today are still wondering what is Bitcoins. Why?

People are buying high end computers to do Bitcoins mining? Internet networks are being tapped for its roaming capability. Reports suggest that tapping onto public WiFi leads to your notebook power being used to mine. What is mining? Why are so many people jumping onto this Bitcoin?

This Post and planned gathering is not intended to get anyone to buy into Bitcoins or any crypthocurrency. Please be warned risks are likely and experts have warned of a big bubble happening.

I am planning to organise a talk and discussion. Venue, date and time not available yet. There will be a cost, subject to venue and speaker. Not idea yet. Someone is assisting to piece together a known speaker. Venue likely a hotel.

As a show of hands, please raise your hands if you are interested, so that planning can go ahead. Unfortunately, I am travelling, but I will have someone to EO this gathering. Strictly for registered SilverHairsClub members only.

Govts are looking at bringing cryptocurrency and Bitcoins under control. There will be new legislation. But how and what and why?

Please continue discussions here. And if you are interested, please register here.

Terence Seah

Another Equities Sharing gathering in May 2017

Following the last Equities Sharing gathering on 1 Apr 2017, there have been more requests for similar gatherings. The interests range from very basic like “Starting a share trading account”, to “how other members are performing” to the usual “Tips”.

Yes, we can do another gathering. From the last event, I note that members wish to know who are the speakers. We do have issues with getting a venue, as participants have indicated not wanting to pay for the facility, and prefer to just buying their F&B from the counter. And, I see requests to have free F&B to listen to speakers. Sometimes, I am not sure how to have someone organise these activities, provide a free venue, provide audio and projection facilities, provide snacks and drinks and get value for money. We have always difficulties convincing F&B venue owners to let us use their place, for a token purchased drinks. Ok, so much for all the stumbling blocks.

Any suggestions? If you can provide any of the above facilities, please let me know. Let’s look at May.

Terence Seah

The equities markets have come alive. Come and share what and how other members are reacting to global market changes?”

We are organising a gathering on Sat 1st April 2017 (April Fool’s day) from 2pm to 5.30pm at GreenDots cafe, right at STAR Vista, Bourna Vista MRT.

The equities markets have indeed come alive, from America, to Europe and Asia. It may be a reaction from the Trump effect, a possible trade war between the US and China, a lower un-employment in the States, and confidence that the world will swing either left or right. Now that TPP is off, interest rates are expected to climb and American companies will be going home.

Online Equities trading is a popular activity among seniors. With changes going around the world fast, we can hear what others are doing.

Please jot this date in your diary.

Price $20 per person.
Early bird (before 20 Mar 2017) $15.
A dish and dessert is included.
Strictly SilverHairsClub members only.

Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.
Payment update will be handled by Christina Chan.

Plse register here.

  1.   Terence Seah
  2.   Joo Tian
  3.   Simon Wong
  4.   Richard Lean
  5.   Doreen Ong
  6.   Stella Sheng
  7.   Robert Ong
  8.   Andrew Koh
  9.   SS James
  10.   Bobby Yee
  11.   Doreen Chan
  12.   Susan CH Tan
  13.   Bobby Bok
  14.   Leon Lau
  15.   Laura Wee
  16.   Stanley Ang
  17.   Cheng Yau Kun
  18.   Daisy Yeo
  19.   Kim  Leong
  20.   Lee CC
  21.   Helen Wong Pow
  22.   Daisy Wee
  23.   Sally Kang

Terence Seah

Britain has exited the European Union. It’s now a fact. Why leave and How will this separation affect you?


Many of us SilverHairs, now in our 50s and 60s, have been associated with Britain ever since we started our early education. We learn English, our laws are based on the English system, we go to London, Scotland for our holidays.Some of us send our kids to study in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.  In recent years, many SilverHairs have bought properties in Central London,  We saw the ups and downs of Britain; and many of us tracked the growth of the English empire, and its association with the European Union.

Yesterday, at noon, the shock came as Britains voted to exit the EU.  The financial markets tumbled, governments come out to stabilise their currencies and economies.  What’s next?  How will this BREXIT affect you?  What happens to your properties?  Your kid’s education? And how does this affect your business, your equities and your savings?

Let’s discuss and share your thoughts?  A turmoil few of us expect.

Terence Seah

Coming together for a gathering of online investors,, Thur 25 Jun 2015 evening

invest1   invest2

Since the beginning of this year,  we have been talking about organising a gathering for online investors  to meet and share their experience. Finally, with Kenneth Tan’s helping us to book a function room at his condo, we are now able to announce the gathering details.

  1. Venue:  The Milton, Hougang Street 11, Singapore 534079
  2. Date:  Thur 25 June 2015
  3. Time:  6pm
  4. Topic:  Online trading in stocks, shares, options, US or local markets.
  5. Number of participants:  10 members (max)
  6. Cost:  $5 per person
  7. F&B:  Food not included.  Please have your dinner before coming.

If you wish to make a 10 min presentation, please feel free to indicate your topic here.

Thank you Kenneth for making this gathering possible.

Terence Seah

Registration (on a first paid basis).

  1. Kenneth (Moderator)
  2. Bobby Bok
  3. Leon Lau
  4. Ann Giri
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Jennifer Wu
  7. Jazz Soh
  8. Robert Kwok
  9. Mega Abdullah
  10. Peter Goh
  11. This gathering is now closed.  Anymore will be put on waiting list.


A gathering for online investors, traders, date not confirmed

money3  invest2

Many members trade daily or frequently in Singapore, regional and US markets. We have not many of such activities, but a number of members have requested for such gatherings.  The most recent event was on US options.

Let’s try to have one such event soon.  Our Kenneth Tan has been very supportive, and he would help us hold this event at this condo’s function room.

  1. Date:  Haha, not confirmed.  Preference for a weekday as weekends maybe crowded.
  2. Venue:  Club’s function room, located near the swimming pool at Kenneth’s condo.
  3. Objective:  provide a platform for investors and traders to share what they are doing in stocks and shares, options, commodities.
  4. Entrance Fee:  will announce one we have an idea of numbers, what we want and costs.
  5. Number of pax:  Likely limited to the size of the function room; and on a first registered and paying basis.

Keep yourself updated.  Do let us know whether you prefer a weekend or weekday.  We will try to accommodate your preference.

Thank you Kenneth.

Terence Seah

Those attending:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Kenneth Tan
  3. Leon Lau
  4. SB Khoo
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Frisna Tan
  7. Jonathan Ong (will attend if it’s held during the weekend)
  8. Andrew Yeung (attending?)
  9. Lim Tiang Soon (attending?)
  10. Bobby Bok
  11. Lilian Teo
  12. Daisy Yeo

Investments interest groups and talks

investtalk3   investtalk2  investtalk1

Following our last gathering on “Intro to US options” at the Oxford Hotel, there has been request to organise smaller talks to follow up on various investment options.  Many of the investment talks that are advertised in the newspapers and open to the public, cost in the few thousand dollars. For members that are looking to learn from these gurus, they usually register with different institutions, and spend a couple of days at these investment talks. For SilverHairsClub, we are looking at a smaller scale, subject to the speakers, and available and cost of location.  And perhaps, consideration to internet access for participants bringing their minipads, IPADS, Laptops or smartphones.  Maybe not in the 2000 to 3000 SGD range; but in the SGD 300 range and for about 5-8 participants. The structure could include “How to open a trading acccount”, specific to the investment type.  If it is on US options, then the session could include “How to open a US trading account”.  Then, the speaker can focus on the speaker’s strategies and live trades.  And, ample examples and actual trade results.

1.  If you are a regular trader, and would like to teach on a small scale, along the concept above, for a fee, please contact

2.  And, as a member, if you are looking for a fellow member who has been trading, please indicate your investment interest, and we will organise small groups, as per above concept.

Please also give your suggestions, so that we can link fellow investors.  And thank you to the members who have shared and helped me structure the concept of investment talks.

Terence Seah

Investments: Online trading and what works for you? an activity in July 2014

investment2investment1     investment3

In July 2014, we shall have another session on “Investments: Online trading – What works for you?”  This topic has been suggested by Jonathan Ong.  Some of us trade, on a daily basis.  Some of us work only at night.  Some of us go for courses, conducted by broker companies.  Some of us swear we can make money even if we live outside Singapore, in a resort on top of the mountain, or on a cruise or somewhere in Penang.

Of course, many of us have our good days.  While some of us swear of success by adopting certain techniques, philosophy and psychology.  This Sat 17 May, we have a session on “Investments and US markets”.  Depending on how participants react to this session, we can have another session in July.  Date and place not decided yet.

While the planning is ongoing, you are invited to contribute ideas to make this session interesting.  We can adopt some of your ideas.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Terence Seah

Registered List: 

  1. Maggie Neo
  2. Kristy Quek

Sharing about the markets. “Investment and US market gathering” – 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe (3.00 pm sharp – 5.30 pm)

monthly meetingstock market2stock market3stock market1   I have better put this down in writing before I leave Singapore next week.  Then i shall be away for a few weeks.  Some of you think, wow, I come up with marvel ideas and interesting events.  Honestly, my upstairs is quite crowded, or I rather say clouded.  The real ideas come from SilverHairs members.  These are the members who have enjoyed the friendship they had made from SHC events.  They want to help others come out of their apartments. I feel very good and satisfied when someone calls me and say, Terence, you wont believe it.  I had a tea party this after, and then followed by a movie, and ….  Well I cannot enjoy this rush, but many have.

Back to May.  What shall we have?  Do you know how many members spend their waking up hours as well as sleeping hours?  Yes, in the financial markets, buying and selling local equities, European and US too.  Recently, some made money from the fall in penny stalks. Others made a bundle.  The typical question is always “What tips do you have”.  For some, it will be how to sign up and with who, which ….

How about we have a day or late afternoon?  May be a Saturday afternoon.  The experts come and share.  The regulars talk with other regulars.  The newbies, come hear from the other newbies.    Share what you are doing in the US markets,in the European markets, what’s new.

We will gather in small groups.  Maybe by markets.  maybe by the type of markets – currencies, stocks, bonds, …..Tell us here what you are interested here.  You will be surprised how many will come up to help you.

Somewhere in the middle of April, we will come up with a place, if you dont say anything, I may consider suggesting Hans.


Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. Let us know your transfer reference number.


  • Charge: $12.


Strictly for SilverHairsClub members,

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah (confirmed)
  2. Hou Chong (confirmed) (Paid)
  3. SB Khoo (confirmed) (will pay on the day of the talk)
  4. Kenneth Tan (confirmed) (Paid)
  5. Christina Pan (tentative)
  6. Peter Lim (tentative)
  7. Wong Yoke Moon (confirmed) (Paid)
  8. Maria Tan
  9. Lina Ng (confirmed) (Paid)
  10. Lee Ah Nee (confirmed) (Paid)
  11. Janie Leong (confirmed) (Paid)
  12. Thomas Goh (confirmed)
  13. Ong Lin Khim (confirmed)
  14. Esther Mok (confirmed) (paid)
  15. Sockie (Sock Cheng) (confirmed) (paid)
  16. ?? anymore  –  one more day before the event……………….

(pl confirm your attendance ~ tks) 


Trip to Bangkok to look at condo properties, 3-6 March 2014

thailand1  thailandcondo2  bus3

This is not a trip to look at retirement opportunities.  This a trip to view new properties in Bangkok and Pattaya, both of which have changed dramatically over the last few years.  I cannot make Chiangmai due to my schedule, maybe early next year.  So, for whatever your reasons, if you wish to see many properties within a short time, join this trip.

James SS Tan and wife are the first to confirm the dates, and i have already booked a 9-seater coach to take us around.

3 and 4 Mar 2014 – pattaya
5 and 6 Mar 2014 – bangkok.

Arrival and hotel:
Please book your flights and hotel to arrive bkk by Sun 2 Mar.  And departure, earliest 6 Mar.

Coach, guide, driver, tips and petrol will be shared.  Food shared or individual.  There will be no planned sightseeing or entertainment.  The trip is scenic and varied in the new Pattaya region.

So far, these names are confirmed.  If you wish to join the trip, book your tickets and you are confirmed.  If you stay outside the Sukhumvit, please try to stay near a train station, so you can get to our meeting points.

I have no plans as to which properties we will visit, but we will discuss during the next monthly gathering at Hans on the 21 Jan.  If you wish to buy the Home buyer’s guide magazine, let me know.  It’s $5.  If you wish to buy the English book on Buying properties in Thailand and i would recommend you to buy it, it’s about $50.  I shall bring it on 21 Jan.

On this trip, we shall only view 4 and 5 star properties.  Likely 1 0r 2 room apartments.  If you have a specific property, we can go too.

If you have interest to join the trip, please register here.  Only 7 seats left.  Strictly for SHC members.

Terence Seah

Registration list:
1.  SS James Tan
2.  James Tan wife
9.  Last pax

Kenneth Tan has booked the Home buyers guide.

Investing our nest egg

I give up!!!

I just lost the comments I made for this post… really silly and

I wanted to look for a recent comment on a past investment-related post…
and I just couldn’t find it despite trolling through pages of comments and
months of post topics.

This lady wanted to know if it is a good time to buy bank stocks now; I guess
she means Singapore bank stocks. I think she deserves a response but I cannot
give more than a basic answer:

I think you can buy Singapore bank stocks but use only up to 5 percent of
your investment capital. Can Singapore banks fail? If they do, you’d only have
lost only 5 percent of your investment total.

I want to urge other SHC members who are more savvy about the market and
investing to give their comments and suggestions. The present economic and world
situation is getting very critical: EU and US financial systems are breaking
down, Mid-east tensions with Iran, world economic slowdown or even depression,
rising inflation and costs: How should we view these and what should we do?

Can we have some views from our SHC gurus?

Trading club get – together Thur 25 Nov 2010

From the last trading club gathering, it appears interesting to have attendees bring along their notebooks and laptops.  We can share our knowledge on trading platforms.  It does not matter which company you are using to trade forex or stocks.  Perhaps, next year, when we have more people interested, we can split into different groups – forex and equities.

For those who are interested, feel free to join in.  Time:  1400 – 1800 hrs. Place: inside MPH bookstore, Robinson Road.

It would be nice if  you register your interest here.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Rene Leong
  3. SB Khoo
  4. Hou Chong
  5. Weng Hon
  6. Ronald Lee
  7. Maggie Chua
  8. Peng Peng
  9. Lina Ng

Starting an SHC trading group

The idea of an SHC trading group has cropped up a few times; so maybe it’s type we give it a kick or kickstart.  We can gather together, just for the purpose of discussing trading tips, trading platforms, and sharing knowledge.

To make it simple, we keep the group small and manageable.  Let’s meet at the MPH cafe, as usual 1500 to 1800 hrs.  The date is Thurs 28 Oct 2010.

Can we have an EO for this event?  Perhaps, to lead this through for one year.

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Weng Hon
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. SB Khoo
  5. Alice Seah
  6. Able Tan
  7. Simon Lee
  8. Jazz Soh
  9. Ronald Lee
  10. Andrew Thio

Terence Seah

China has just raised its interest rate; what does it mean?

Developing  countries have been seeing inflation, with cheap money coming in from the US.  We may have seen this with higher property prices.  Our US friends have been happily printing more money in the hope of getting its people to spend.  China has been doing well in its exports, while trying to contain domestic inflation too.

China has just increased its interest rates by a quarter %.  Is this just a small increase; and will more interest rates hikes follow in the coming months?  What does this mean to the Singapore $?  HenryY, Weng Hon, what do you think will happen to the world’s ETFs and equity markets?

Share your thoughts o the US$ and Euro pair.  Will China continue to boom?  Abel, do you see any fast drop with your counters? Still a good time to go to the US will cheaper USD?

There will be a SHC trading club meeting, scheduled for Thur Oct 28, 2010 from 3pm to 7 pm at the MPH cafe, along Robinson Road.  Strictly for those with interests in equities, ETFs, currencies, trading platforms and other  trading instruments, and SHC members only.   Limited to 40 pax.

Terence Seah 

Sharing trading knowledge – the Weng Hon’s way, Thur Sep 16, 2010

Weng Hon has been very kind to agree to share with us his knowledge on share trading. He has attended two option courses years ago but he still feels the few days of learning is not enough.   However, he believes success begins with using one’s own hands, coupled with determination to succeed.  Putting in one’s own money also helps;

I have not set a date yet, although I will announce soon.  Asian equity markets are showing signs of upward movements.  And, economists are still unsure with US job data.  Seems good news dont last; bad news too.

Abel, RonaldL, HenryY, ChristinaP, RichardB, RobertO, HouChong, let’s keep hearing from you.  What’s your view this week?

The daet is now firmed for Thur Sep 16, 2010 from 1600 to 1800 hrs at the MPH cafe.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Weng Hon
  3. Daniel Ong
  4. Alice Seah
  5. Peng Peng
  6. Steve Seah
  7. Peter Goh
  8. Bobby Bok
  9. SB Khoo
  10. Hou Chong
  11. Tricia Har
  12. Veron Wong
  13. Steven Ng
  14. Lina Ng

An introduction into Forex trading – the Bobby Bok’s experience

Bobby Bok is into Forex trading.  Following the heels of other SHCians who have offered to share their knowledge on their own private investments,  Bobby would be giving an introduction into Forex trading. 

  • Date:  Thurs, 26 Aug 2010.
  • Time:  1600 – 1800 hrs.
  • Place:  Cafe, inside MPH Bookstore, 63 Robinson Road.

As with all investments, there are risks and rewards.  So, come along with open eyes and ears.

Thanks Bobby.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Bobby Bok
  3. Kenneth Tan
  4. Richard Baey
  5. Lydia Chin
  6. Weng Hong
  7. Lawrence Lee
  8. Ronald Lee
  9. Hou Chong
  10. Peng Peng
  11. Charles Chua
  12. Keep coming.

Chit-chat with Henry Yip on Trading Indexes, 19 Aug 2010

As part of our series of discussions and chitchats on investments, we will be having a chitchat session with Henry Yip on Thurs 19 Aug 2010, from 1600 – 1800 hrs.  This event will be held at the cafe inside MPH Robinson Road.

Henry Yip is trading actively in Indexes only.  As such, he will recommend highly ETFs for those who are investing for the medium term.  Do note if you plan to come for this session.  Strictly for SHC members only.


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Henry Yip
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Charles Chua
  5. Hou Chong
  6. Caroline Gee
  7. Peter Lim
  8. Lydia Chin
  9. Nina Choo
  10. Lilian Teo
  11. Lawrence Lee
  12. Sam Goh
  13. Weng Hon
  14. Frisna Tan
  15. Ronald Lee
  16. Bobby Bok
  17. Dave Tan
  18. Peng Peng
  19. Thomas Loh
  20. Strictly for SHC members only.

Share trading – the Steve Seah’s way, Thur 29 July 2010

This Thursday 29 July 2010, we will have another session on trading.  Steve Seah is a remiser; and he will be available to moderate the session.  SHCians who are interested in using the services of a remiser and to meet and chat around share trading activities, please do come along.

  • Place: Cafe Brastilava, inside MPH Robinson, 63 Robinson Road.
  • Date/Time:  Thurs, 29 July, 4pm – 6pm.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Steve Seah
  3. Weng Hon
  4. Vince Wong
  5. Kenneth Tan
  6. Cheng Pun
  7. Lillian Teo
  8. Juliette Ong
  9. Rosalind Ong
  10. Christina Pan
  11. Kelly Wee Jee
  12. Bobby Bok
  13. Henry Yip
  14. Freda Lim
  15. Jean Tan
  16. Pleae add a comment here to let us know you are comiing.

Trading shares – the Abel’s way, Wed 7 July 2010

Talking about buying and selling shares; we all have our own ways to play shares.  There are the brokers and there are the online platforms.  There are charts, and there are gut feels, and there are hear says.

I shall be organising a series for those who are interested in buying and selling shares.  I have met SHCians from different trading companies.  The dates have still to be confirmed.  But, to start with, we have someone Abel Tan, who buys and sells almost daily.  I would classify his style as gambling; and he is not shy about it.

Next week, Wed 7 July, Abel will be at the Brastilava Caffe.  Starts 4.30 pm and ends 6pm.  He will share with us his style of buying and selling shares.  No statistical proofs; And, he stresses its gambling stocks with merely acquired experience.  If you are interested, put your name here to get a seat.

Terence Seah 

Participants:  Weng Hon, Daniel Ong, Christina Pan, Rosalind Ong

Online trading chit chats – every Tues and Thurs

It’s been a long time since we chat about online trading.  In our earlier days, we had talks on shares and currency markets.  We had speakers. Small groups were formed and some are still on-going.  Our good old Ben Foo used to conduct online trading courses.  A number of SHCians trade online on a daily basis.  Some make some money; others, we will never know. 

I just spotted a new member reviving an old post by Ronald Wie.  It was titled "Group strategy" vs "Individual investor".  Maybe this would have made a lot more sense than the title itself.  I wonder how many SHCians are doing online trading, be it stocks or currencies.

The MPH cafe is pretty quiet in the afternoon, and ideal to discuss online trading tips.  There is WIFI connection, so you can have a good internet link with your broker’s server.  For a start, I like to invite 4-5 SHCians to come together, link up to their own broker’s server and share and enjoy trading tips.  So sorry, the cafe has only one or two power points.

My office is just two blocks away; so I shall come and see see.  Rene is also there; so she can learn from the more experienced ones.

Days:  Every Tuesday and Thursday, 2pm to 5pm sharp; except public holidays.  It starts after 2pm as lunch hours would be over then.

If you are keen to share online trading knowledge, tips, warnings and surprises, please register your name here, so we can expect your coming and allocate a corner for you.

Terence Seah

Online Trading Training postphoned to 30 Jan Sat 11am

We have had a wonderful time at our investment event yesterday (Sat) but have to postphone the online trading training due to system maintenance.

There are those who had registered for the training during the event, names below.

I suggest this Sat, 30 Jan, same Phillip venue at Balestier Rd, where there are 8 PCs available for hands-on, at 11am. We can go for lunch at the hawker center nearby (good food & kopi I hear) after that.

I shall be conducting the training and timing can be flexible, 10am, 11am or 12noon (I suggest 11). The place closes at 1pm as we shall be using the PCs in the common area.

As we can only take in 16 trainees, plse confirm your attendances. Available space shall be given to others on 1st-come-1st serve basis.

1. Constance Wong

2. Jacqueline Han

3. Lilian Teo

4. Rose White

5. Peggy Ho

6. Kenneth Tan

7. Andrew Koh

8. Thomas Goh

9. Ginko

10. Tham Weng Hon


(6 places available, register is you want)

Those who has taken the forms, plse remember to mail to me asap to get the POEMS access.

Cheers, Ben

Jan 2010 Investment Meeting & Online Trading Lesson

Dear SHCians,

The new year brings in the beginning of a bull rally in the stock market. The much awaited downward correction never came end of last year, instead we have indications of USA and Asian economies on the mend.

Yes, we are expecting the stock market to pick up for the next 6 months and it is good news for those who have been preparing to be ready to trade and for online trading.

So, we are back to school again in Jan 2010. I shall be conducting stock picks, when to buy/sell sessions with hands-on lesson on online trading.

Place: Phillip Investor Center, Shan Rd (junction with Balestier Rd (check for maps, location). Can take bus from Novena MRT station. Cashcard parking available inside, $1/hr.

Date & Time: 23 Jan 2010 (Sat) 2:00 to 4:00PM

Charges: Free use of the facilities

F&B: Buy your own, big Balestier hawker center nearby

The training room can take about 15-20 persons, plse indicate if you are coming.

I wish SHC investors will make it good this year.

Cheers, Ben

Consolidating our retirement investments and moving towards 2010

This year, Ben Foo took some time to share with us his knowledge on equities and online trading.  I am sure a number of us have benefitted from the knowledge share.

The year 2009 is coming to a close, and 2010 is just round the corner.  We read about the Dubai debt wores, and its impact on global markets.  Some SHCians feel the Dubai debt is not significantly lare enough to plunge the world into another recession.  For others, they may consider liquidating to avoid another exposure.

We have a number of SHCians with long experience and background in various industries.  I think it is nice to hear from them their views.  And for some of us, who are recovering from the early 2009 shock, we may have questions.  Go ahead, and again, dont be shy.  What’s your view?

Calling Ben Foo, Roger Lim, Tian Soo, Ronald Wie, Jonathan, Nina,  …..

Terence Seah

Oct Investment Update

Dear all,

I have wirtten a post yesterday morning but discovered now that it’s content is empty pending review. There is a bug in the system.

So here goes again…

1. Instead of organising our own meeting this month, I am inviting our kakis and those who are interested in investing to join a talk on 24 Oct 09 at Phillip Investor Center at Shan Rd/Balestier RD from 9.30am to 12.30pm. It is free, and light refreshment will be served. I will conduct training on POEMS for those who are keen and willing to stay back for 30mins after the meeting. Plse reply to this post, thanks.

2. I have started Twitter braodcast and you are invited to "follow me" for stock market news, stock alerts, US indexes and STI directions, stock chart analyses, US econmic data, etc. You can join Twitter at and "Search" for benfoo88 and "Follow Me" and read all my braodcasts or tweets. This is faster and I will try to keep it short and relevant to help you in the decisions to invest. I have made some recommendation before opening yesterday morning after the STI trashing on Monday and DOW trashing last Friday.

Cheers, Ben

Retirement planning – CPF Life!

What to do with the $$ you know you have; can see cannot touch!

SELF-HELP — Register yourself for a complimentary talk, read on,,,,         emoticon

Turning 55?  
How much money can I withdraw? 
What happens if I sell my property after reaching 55?  

OR turning 62??
How to get L- and V-Bonuses?  
How can I get monthly payout from my Retirement Account?  
What is CPF Life?  

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Reaching 55, 23 Sep 2009

Reaching 62, 15 Sep 2009

Reaching 55 (Mandarin Talk), 9 Sep 2009

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Date :  5 September 2009 (Saturday)
Time:  12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Venue:  WestMall Open Plaza, Level 1, 1 Bukit Batok Central Link Singapore 658713.

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Sept Monthly Investment Meeting

Hi gals and guys,

I thought a new post will help grab your attention.

We got lucky and have managed to booked the Presentation Room at Phillip City Tower Level 6 (same place lah) from 1.30 to 4.30pm on Sat, 5 Sep 2009.

We shall have our next meeting then and there are some feedback the last meeting that I would like to address in the agenda.

1. Online Trading has been well requested and learning this skill will be an important step to manage your money and trade better. I will conduct a 30-min training session using live POEMS, I will see if we can have access to the terminals there for some hands-on during a short break. Those who wants to open POEMS account (free) beforehand, plse email me separately (

2. Stock Picks & Fundamentals – I shall talk about this in more details. We can also share and identify some attractive small & mid cap stocks and get organised to do some research on them as a team (investor club).

3. Review the stock market (STI) and anticipate potential upcoming correction levels.

4. Analyse the stocks you want to know more about. From feedback, some listen to “tips” and buy without knowledge; some got burnt badly before, are stuck with loads of shares and don’t know how to move on to take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up now.

5. Re-visit money management, timing market entry & exits and stop loss (auto with POEMS ProTrader).

6. Initiate discussion on Investor Club. Suggestion to call it SHC Top & Bottom Club (like sell top and buy bottom as motto)?

7. There will be a 30min break for socialising and chatting as we now have 3 hours. I know the last time was rush rush.

I have been asked if I can handle the buying and selling shares as a Phillip Security Consultant. Yes, contactually I am a Remisier with Phillip but have the flexibility of operating a mobile office as a consultant. Yes, I can open your trading account with online POEMS free of charge (even if you already have one) and yes, I can meet you anytime and place to do it. And yes, I will answer your questions, meet you, advise on shares and guide you to trade online to save on brokerage fees (0.28% vs 0.5/0.4%) if you so desire (especially for SHCians, to help you save money).

Lastly, any further feedback for the agenda are welcome. I know few have asked for coffees and soft drinks the last time. There is a great coffee shop at City Link about 50M from the City Hall MRT entrance and good local coffee O only 90cents. Maybe can buy during break (we will have a break this time, note the time is longer).

Same thing as usual, plse leave you name behind if you are coming so that we know how many will be there.

Thanks for your kind co-operation and looking forward to “siow liao lah” positive energy greeting again.

Investment Update Aug 09

Dear all, I thought it might be more convenient to start a new post, troblesome to "scrull" around for some or maybe not at all emoticon

Thanks to the 43 or so SHCians who overwhemingly support the last Sat talk and meeting. It was a lively meeting and I am sure all have enjoyed it. We ran out of time and had to rush through at the end and ommitted the discussion on inevestor club. Also due to time, regretfully only half duly complete the feedback form.

It is encouranging to have positive feedback from Kenneth and LH Jie in their respective earlier postings; and also supportive comments from Terence and Tim. Thanks guys!

As suggested by Kenneth, a short summary for those who have not attended is duely.

The theme: Stock Market: Preparedness to meet Opportunity = Managed Luck and topics included

1. Positive Energy Attracts Opportunity

>> Happiness is the source of goodwill and positive energy. We are only as happy as those around us. By way of introduction, we tell one another how "good" we were feeling to the tune of James Brown’s song with same tiltle. High "5"s all around for re-inforcement. So now we can get lucky.

2. ST Index: 1998 to 2009 – Technical Analysis & Opportunities

>> We looked at the last boom and bust cycle and identified support lines and retracement patterns. From technical analysis, we have looked at possible retracement level around STI 2700-2750 points, following Fibonacchi’s retracement method and identifying strong resistenace turned support level. Next, we looked at possbile correction levels at 2420, 2244, 2112 & 1936 that we need to watch out for as prossible Fibonacchi’s turning points (buying 4D also suggested).

3. Investment Planning

>> We covered Basic Technical Analysis using Fibonacchi’s retracement; trend, resistance and support lines, top & bottom turning-point indicators, and divergence indicators to help us identify an opportunity when it arises and to prepare for entering or exiting a position (WHEN TO BUY). We then see how to enter a trade looking for candles confirmation and breaching of resistance lines; and how to exit with confirmation of breaching of support lines (HOW TO BUY). And of cource, a STOP loss plan (HOW TO CUT LOSS).

>> We tackled the question of "I only want to buy at $1 and then sell at $1.20 to make 20 cents, why should I be bothered with all these technical analysis?" with topic on Trading Psychology and see how FEAR, GREED, HOPE and EGO go trading shares. The picture becomes obvious that we need to cleard away all our emotion when investing or trading and follow the rules. If you don’t know the rules, go learn or rely on somebody in cahoot who knows the rule.

>> Next up, Fundamental Analsysis and Stock Pick which dealt with boring facts and figures about companies – price pattern and volatility, see the future and look at the past of the company, news and institution buyers. In USA, this is largely automated with a scoring system and available for subcription on the web. We are still backward, can this be a opportunity for SHC to develop and offer such services for Sgp and Asean market?Investor club members can share such info and save time (WHAT TO BUY).

>> Money & Risk Management – we talked about float and max 2% risk per trade (HOW MUCH TO INVEST). Allocation plan is such that the no. of successive losses is less than the 2% max risk. The idea is trade to survive (loose less money) rather than how much I want to make. Determine risk appetite, return, time frame, which instruments and apply risk managenet. We examine different investment scenerios as different types of risk management.

>> The emphasis on Online Trading and the basic skills needed to get started. I can start a class with POEMS and it is free to open a Phillip account (I will be happy to help) that comes with free access to the online POEMS. There is no rule to restrict you to only one trading account. You can have as many as you want and all free. Feedback needed if you want to attend. Commission is lower for online trading, so better learn.

4. Admin & Trading Rules

>> The do & don’ts in trading, the credit limit and what does it mean, the settlement date and forced selling, the wrong keying in of orders online and how to appeal, the opening of trading account and the service level of your remisier/ dealer. You can open as many Phillip accounts as you want and trade with the remisier who gives you the best service in making and protecting your money.

5. Investor Club – no time to discuss, postphone to next time. Feedback here is welcomed. For starter, I am suggesting we meet socially once a month and see how it goes.

Lastly, the feedback form is great for us to plan our talks better in future and to reach out to specific requests from the group. I have only received 19 on Sat and I would like to request those who have not done so to send an email to me or sms XXXXXXX your email address so that I can forward you the soft copy for you to fill in and return via email. Or just drop you email address here in the post if your are too busy.

Please feel free to comment, ask or suggest. However, do give me some days if any lengthy respond is expected. And just call me if it is about the stock market price movements, it is time to watch for buying opportunities as most blue chips have started to pullback already. Crucial news from USA this Friday includes CPI, capacity untilization, industrial production and consumer sentiments.

Will keep you post on the next talk… cheers, ben

This Saturday’s Investment Talk cum Meeting

Dear all who have registered (in total 51 SHCians),

Plse be reminded the talk cum meeting is this Sat 080809 (auspicious day, double ‘fatt’) from 2.00 to 4.00PM at Raffles City Tower level 6 Phillip Presentation Room.

The STI index has briefly touched 2,700 points this mroning and retracted. The 2700 point is the very strong support turned resistance level. It is also the 50% retracement between the Oct07 high  at 3907 and Mar09 1455 low, in line with Fibonacchi’s retracement projection. So, are we due for a correction? If so, how much will the STI pullback? Is this my second chance accumulate at reduced risk? If I have shares now (CPF or others), should I be selling now?

Well, to add some spice to this Sat’s talk, I shall include a Technical Analysis of the STI (from the past to now what’s next?), looking at possible retracement and support levels in the coming months.

So, don’t miss the Sat’s event. The theme is Stock Market: Preparedness (when meeting Opportunity = Managed Luck).  Plse refer July 12 Post for topics and details.

Cheers, Ben

Sharing Stock and Investment Market Info and Happenings

Dear SHCians,

The STI Index has moved up more than 40% since Mar 09. Most economists believe the worst is behind us, but nobody knows how fast and how soon our economy will recover. However, we know the stock markets move much faster and earlier than the actual economy.

For those with interest, it is wise to get prepared so that you do not miss the next rally and bull run in the stock market. There are also new instruments such as Exchange Trade Funds (EFTs) and Extended Settlement (ES) contracts much like stock option in the stock market today.

Drop me an email to receive stock info and invitations to selective investment talks and events. If the response is good, we can consider starting our own Investor Club to help educate our members and share knowledge and experiences so that we can be better traders and investors.