SilverHairsClub celebrates its 10th anniversary in Oct 2015

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Dear members,

Many of you have been with SilverHairsClub since Oct 2015 2005.  Many are still around, while some have gone quiet, and some can only see us from afar.

I have uploaded a video (right column) showing the  faces of members during our early days.  See if your face is there.  I remember many faces; and this video brings back good memories.

October is our 10th Anniversary; and we can look forward to a fun celebration.  At this moment, we have kept our options open.  Give us your thoughts on what you think the celebration can be like.  I look forward to your suggestions; and if you like to be part of the organising committee, feel free to write to me.

This event will be held in Oct 2014 2015.

Terence Seah


15 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub celebrates its 10th anniversary in Oct 2015

  1. Enjoy this video clip which was made some time ago. Few members have seen it. As we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary, it is a good time to bring this video out. Where are you in the video?

    Terence Seah

  2. Nostalgic recollections….those were the days…3,650 days ago (almost).
    I wasn’t part of it then. But Terence, does your last statement in the main post suggest we go thru a time tunnel?


  3. Hi Boss
    You are testing us with regards to the ‘years’

    Oct 2005 or Oct 2015
    Oct 2014 or Oct 2015

    I am confused

  4. Hi Doug, DanielC,

    Thank you for pointing out the time inaccuracies. It was a mistake. I have corrected it. Strange, I couldn’t see the two errors.

    Terence Seah

  5. I just got home, and I decided to look at the video clip again. It was truly memorable. Maybe the 6th time I am looking at since the last few days. Well, I suddenly realise I have turned very old; compared to the picture I took with Tim Liu many many moons ago. Cant believe we were both so handsome then. Sorry, for the show-off review.

    Then, there was this Kelong trip, and SB Khoo showed off the grouper which he had caught. Again, he looked so suave and fit. Now, today, he still looks about the same. On the same trip, you can also see a picture of our world-class origamist Ron Koh, lying on his side on a domitory style bed. He was very active, and he had presented us a few times his paper origamy designs. Unfortunately, Ronald has difficulties joining us nowadays; and I hope he can participate in our activities sometimes.

    Our Stars-in-Concert was top class. I still remember the concert was held at the Serangoon Gardens Country club. I remembered our Norlinda in her beautiful dress, big wide smile and cheery face. She seemed to have disappeared from from our activities; and the last I remembered was she tracked Tiger Woods from Hole 1 to Hold 18. I cannot get enough of her nonsense. It was a pleasure to
    have her around always.

    Then, somewhere in the video is Andrew Koh, a very supportive SHC member, but who has yet to be an EO. Andrew is very often behind the scene, and I have always appreciated what he says and feels about SHC. Andrew, I hope to see you around for another 20 – 30 years.

    Somehow, I remembered our Stars-in-Concert was full house; and yet I was surprised to see Agnes Seow sitting alone, laughing and enjoying herself at the concern audience.

    Thank you for being a part of SHC history. I shall stop here, review the video and write about my memories. Please feel free to write your memories.

    Terence Seah

  6. Thank you very much for the lovely video,Terence.
    It really brings back fond memories.
    Philip & I joined SHC in June 2006.
    We have met so many nice people & enjoyed several activities.
    Yes, we saw the younger faces of ourselves in some of the video.
    Since our first grandchild’s arrival in 2008, we have not been able to join SHC activities more frequently although we would like to.


    Priscilla Wee : )

  7. Hey Terence,
    That’s a very nice video. Brings back memories. Wish I had participated more in the activities, but who knows? I may be able to do so in the near future.
    Tks for the memories.

  8. Hi MaryC and PriscilliaW,

    Yes, the video brings back plenty of memories. I think for many of us, it goes to show how young we were then, and then. I shall organise another video in another 10 years time.

    And, fellow members, we have started the planning for our 10th anniversay event. Still very open, and good ideas flowing in. I look forward to hearing your suggestions at Whatsapp +6594894360.

    Terence Seah

  9. Sweet memories. Video well made with nice appropriate songs in the background. Love it.

    Not very active in the forum these days but still around.

  10. Hi Dolly, Caroline and Lily,
    I always remember you are one of the most senior members in SHC. Glad to always have your participation; but more important, I always know you support SHC well in the background.

    I am thinking of having something crazy for our 10th anniversary. And that is to piece together a few ideas from members. Not looking at a dance or a gathering in a foodcourt. Something different.

    How about celebrating our 10th anniversary in a cinema? Or we make our dream come true in an orgy. Maybe we gather at the Sentosa acquarium. Nah, not right. Cant be that suitable for SilverHairs. Food should be last on the agenda. Music, I think we should have music. Music makes the world go round.

    A high-tea in a hotel. Sounds more like it. How about at the top of the tallest hotel in Singapore or at Suntec city, if it is not under renovation.

    Let us keep cracking.

    Terence Seah

  11. Terence,
    I love Talentime. I would love to have a live band with participants belting out songs of the 60s/70s when we were teenagers. In a nice setting – at an afternoon high tea. Remembering the good old days. Its been a long time since we had a singing contest. So it will be nice.

  12. Whatsapp seems to be one of the fastest communication channels in today’s modern world, largely because of smartphones. I hope more of you will come join the May monthly gathering.

    We send out a news update today, to request for ideas on our 10th anniversary celebrations. We have many suggestions; and some of them include:

    1. An Asian buffet lunch at Bayview.
    2. Keep it a simple celebration, just chitchat, no music and no dancing.
    3. A cruise, with island hopping
    4. Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.
    5. A function at a void deck, similar to weddings
    6. A function at JCC, with the 60s as the theme, or men dressed in skirts and ladies in pants.
    7. Have the event at Orchard Grand.
    8. A BBQ at Park mall, Kublai Khan
    9. A talentime, at an afternoon high tea.

    Thank you to the members who have taken the effort to share their thoughts and ideas. We still have some time before we decide on the theme and venue of the SilverHairsClub 10th anniversary.

    ** And, if you had not received any Whatsapp announcement from the Club on the above update, it is likely you have not update your contact information with SHC.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terence
    I like the idea of the cinema. Cool and relaxing. Movie to be followed by chit chat and makan session either in a restaurant or food court is fine too.

  14. Hi Terence,
    Again would like to thanks you for your initiative to gather members together to enjoy in our golden age.

    Yes, we may have high tea or buffet lunch / dinner hold at the hotel for the chit chat and fellowship for the coming 10 years anniversary celebration as think SHC have not have such gathering before.


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