North Philippines Tour Sat 20 Feb to Sun 28 Feb, 2016

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This itinerary has been revised close to 10 times in the last 2 weeks to suit the SHC community. I have also listed the Difficulty Levels. I planned the entire itinerary.
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For those who are interested, please register by this Saturday, 9 Jan if possible. If you are keen, but need more time, do let me know else we will close the registration.

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If you are interested, please register by replying to this post or personal message (pm) me. If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. Press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously to reduce.

Moon Wong (EC)

1. Moon Wong
2. Jane Chua
3. Ann Giri
4. Andrew Yeung
5. Daisy Phua
6. Friend
7. Pauline Chew
8. Johnny Pow
9. Annie Pow
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15 thoughts on “North Philippines Tour Sat 20 Feb to Sun 28 Feb, 2016

  1. Dear Ann and Andrew,

    The tour is confirmed and the period of travel is more or less confirmed. I have a quick question for both of you. Are you alright if the tour is extended by 1 day, i.e. from 20-29 Feb? I expect to have the final itinerary and cost by early next year.

    Sorry I cannot update your registration on this post once it is published as I do not have the edit rights. Unlike other EO or EC, who can edit with comments. I need to check with the admin.

    Terence or Admin, if you are reading this, do you know why?

    Andrew, can you email your email address and mobile no. to if you do not mind. This is to facilitate future correspondence.

    Thank you.

  2. I am alright with the additional day. Let me know the possible flights and the costs. Please remember, I am a budget traveller.

    Thanks for working out all the details. I am also lazy traveller.

  3. This is a very interesting trip which I have done way, way back in 1984 covering Baguio, Sagada and Banaue. I cheated though, driving through the entire itinerary in a rented car which I returned at the end with quite a few knocks and scratches.

    For those who have not ventured beyond the usual touristy Baguio circuit, this is one trip you’d want to be on.

  4. Thanks Jeffrey for the encouraging words. You visited those places 31 years ago. Another SHC member told me that she was there 35 years ago. We are late by some 30 over years, but it is better to be late than never.

  5. Hi Daisy,

    The tour is confirmed. For those who are still considering and are working, please take note of the travel dates and times. We plan to take Tiger Air.

    Depart SIN Sat 20 Feb 01:50 – 05:25 Manila
    Depart Manila Sun 28 Feb 21:40 – 01:15 (+1) 29 Feb SIN

    Fare as of 30 Dec:
    $191(incl taxes) + $60 ($30 check-in 25kg luggage per flight) + $9 (booking fee) = $260

    Ann and Andrew, please do not book any flight, until you get the green light from me. We plan to travel together. I will confirm the flight time after the final itinerary is known, hopeful by next week.

    Andrew, can you email me with your mobile number so that I can alert you if there is any promotion as we have to act fast.

  6. Hi Moon, thanks for the information, will wait for your advise.

    About sending my phone no, I don’t have your e-mail address. Is there some previous post you have mentioned it? Please advise and I will check. Or you can give me here if allowed and convenient. Thanks.

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