New Members


We would like to take a moment in welcoming our new members who joined us recently…….. 

Philip Quek Janie Ng  Vincent Chee Rose Ong

Lim J T Stella Sheng Agnes Tan

We look forward to your participations in this Forum and

events organised by our members.

Have FUN ………..

   Club Admin


4 thoughts on “New Members

  1. Ms Yoon Chin has been managing members lost passwords in the last two years.

    If you have lost your passworld, please request for a temp passwprd from Yoon Chin at Remember to give her your username name, using your registered email address.

    If you are a new member, our clubadmin will give you a new username and password, provided you complete the application form. Click on to membership at the top of the website.

    Thank you Yoon Chin for supporting the Club admin.

    Terence Seah

  2. My pleasure, Terence. Its a small contribution….
    Thanks Inez for the encouragement…

    We don’t loss passwords, we forget passwords …. and it happen almost every time….
    No worry, just email to and a new password will be sent out soonest …

    Yoon Chin

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