A likely trip to Perth in Mar/Apr 2009

The fishing adventure on a kelong seemed to have been invaded by a likely trip to Perth.  So, let’s start a new Post here.

Joan, Mary, Hou Chong, assuming we have a group of say 7 – 14 pax coming to Perth, and of course, besides meeting you and catching fishes and abalones, we also like to travel south, along the coast and then back to South Perth.  Assuming we come to Perth in Mar or Apr this year.

Assuming we are all blur kings, what would be reasonable form of accommodation and transportation to move around Perth and the southern coastal towns.  If my memories are right, I once took a 7-seater, so an ideal target would be 7 – 14 pax.  I have a preference for a large single house.

Todate date, Jetstar airways are around $420, all tax inclusive.

What do you think are the possibilities of large accommodation, with flexibility to contain 7 – 14 people, with cooking facilities, laundry facilities, a garage, jogging track, a romantic facing of Perth city or a quiet feeling of the ideal retirement, facing a part of the swan river.

Guys, gals, keep the chat on the Perth trip here.  And, if you join the trip, you will be very loved if you can take some hard work like can you drive a 7 seater, be left side navigator, cook spagetthi or hae mee,  prepare eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast, do shopping eg buy orange juice in a supermarket,  go buy the morning newspapers, or clean the car, walk the dog, think of coming to Perth.

Or if you are thinking of 3 month short term retirement living in Perth, consider joining this likely trip and start putting  more money in the kitty box.  I hope we can make this an annual adventure, and meet up with our friends from Singapore.

Terence Seah

Indications (only) of interest to come for this trip:

  1. Terence Seah – (wk of 5 Apr), and lead driver.
  2. Lily Ho – can only give instructions, turn left and turn right.
  3. James Tan – (Week of 15 Mar). Main driver for second car.  Driven in US thousands of miles from California and everywhere.  Hopeless navigator.  Recent cataract.  Can cook fried rice/fried noodles, Terayaki chicken and bee.  Useless when it comes to fishing.  So must go supermarket.
  4. Norhayati  – can only cook maggie mee.  I think can wash car too.
  5. Patrick Lee – He needs a GPS.  Guess can co-drive. (week 15 Mar), can be lead driver.
  6. Sasan Tan – Cannot do any work, only dancing.
  7. Gwyneth Lee – ooh, can cook chicken rice.  yummy.  OK, we get some large Australian chicken.
  8. Veronique Lee – only fish, cannot do work.  Maybe be maid of the house.
  9. Ronald Wie – Jie trusts Ronald, he can drive left or right side.  So, can drive.  Cannot cook. Prefers to go Perth on another date.
  10. Nancy Major Tan – Can drive, but not navigate.  Careful she said short journey only.  Sounds like a great own style spagetti cook,  simple chinese dishes eg curry chicken or nasi lemak ok.

  11. Oi Cheng – hopeless driver or navigator.  But, at least can cook nice dishes.
  12. Karen Thio – cannot do anything.  Just want to be with fun ppl.  When did we start using short forms like ppl?
  13. Grace Wong – ooh, sure can cook, can wash, but I suspect we should share the kitchen washing.
  14. Charles Chua – a driver alright.  Prefers to leave the maggie mee cookers.
  15. Raymond Low – another co-driver.  A golf kaki too.  Any golf kakis enthusiast?
  16. Philip Wee – hoping to join us if the dates are right.  Hope he can do something.
  17. Priscillia Wee –  Hope she can do something too. last tri[ 1983.
  18. Catherine Ho – if holidays coincide.
  19. Annie Loh – if timing is right, and there are ants and toilets.
  20. Lawrence Lee – (wk of 15 Mar), can drive and cook and navigate.
  21. Lawrence Lee’s wife – (wk of 15 Mar).
  22. Bira Lupolo – chief eater.
  23. Ann Lim – can be the breakfast preparer and waitress.  Almost morning call alarm.
  24. Anna Set – can consider.
  25. Mary Chan – (wk of 15 Mar). needs school holidays. 
  26. Chengpun – can drive, (week of 12 April).
  27. Lisa Ong – loves to join Apr group
  28. Lisa Ong’s husband, not sure can do what?
  29. Kristin Leong – (wk of 29 Mar or 5 Apr).  Not sure can do what.
  30. Venika Leong – (Anytime), so nice to volunteer as chicken helper.  No body wants this job.
  31. Helen Wong – (Week of 29 Mar or 5 Apr), did say what she can do? 
  32. Neo Seok Cheng – (any week except 7 – 15 of mth), can do breakfast.
  33. Gwyneth Lee – (all dates ok), dont know can do what tasks).
  34. Paul Kong – can drive, dont know what dates
  35. Paul Kong"s wife – can shop., dont know what dates
  36. Ivy Low – (Week of 5 April), can clean chicken.
  37. Mega Abdullah – (week 5 April), can drive, prefers 10 days.
  38. Lydia Chin – (dates not decided).

Mary (Perth) can join the April group, she can drive and cook.  Oops, she volunteers to do washing.  Aiyah, our holidays and you do the washing.  We shall pick the youngest one in our group to do the washing.

Joan (Perth) can join the March group.  Can provide 2 couples B&B facilities.

216 thoughts on “A likely trip to Perth in Mar/Apr 2009

  1. Hi Terence,

    I’m very interested to go but I can only cook maggi mee. How? Can still go?:)And like Patrick I can only go for a week or two.



  2. Gd morning Joan, Mary, Hou Chong,

    Does any one of you use a GPS to travel around in Australia, am wondering how much would the Aussie & Kiwi maps for the device cost if buy(map only for garmin device) in Australia?

  3. Hi Patrick,

    On my last trip to Perth, I did use a GPS, but with the maps. It was good at making sure I went the right direction, and not in the opposite direction.

    Hi Norlinda,
    Since you can only cook maggie mee, i shall let you feather dust the car each morning. How about it?

    Terence Seah

  4. Gd morning Terence,
    Till date, I would still occasionally miss a turn when traveling to work, believe or not?

    Without that thing, I don’t think I would want to venture out to the streets in a foreign country without a vehicle commander in the passenger seat. Am pretty blur-blob once I’m behind the wheel :)

  5. Hi Terence,

    Who is ‘Sasan Tan – Cannot do any work, only dancing’.

    Susan can want to volunteer to drive. No play play, has Driving licence for >30 years but never drive since passed. Can try there if u dare to risk your life.

    susan tan

  6. Hi Susan Tan,

    I think Terence in holiday mood already lah. He even mistook Norhayati for Norlinda. Like how Norlinda would have said, “Apa macam?”



  7. Actually it is quite easy travelling around in Perth.
    On our last trip we drove from Perth down to Bunbury, passing the smalls towns along the way and did some fishing too.
    Will be making another trip come end Feb to early March, this time we will be driving down to Albany, as usual in a campervan.



  8. Hi Norhayati,

    Hmm, I have quickly changed the name. Wonder how I could have made this mistake. But, it still applies to you. Make maggie noodles and feather dust the car each morning.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Terence

    I have been to most part of Australia except Perth which I would like to venture. Please do include me. I can cook chicken rice for the team, he he!!


  10. Hi Terence,

    Please include me.

    Hi Mary, am looking forward to fishing in Perth.

    Calling Catherine Ho! visit Mary again lah!

    Merry X’mas and enjoy your parties tonight, please remember if you want to drink don’t drive Hor! Ho!Ho!Ho!………


  11. Hi Terence,

    Please include me once the date is confirmed. I have driven around Adelaide last year alone, without GPS, visiting the vineyards, Adelaide Hills, and also Kangaroo island.

    So driving a van for long trips is not a problem for me night or day. Game for anything, diving, deep sea-fishing, golfing or even windsurfing or sailing.

    May also consider your longer stay if there is a plan.

    Have a Merry Xmas in Spore with your family. In 2006 Xmas I alone by myself, last year was better, but this year have many programs everyday.

    What a difference SHC has made for me, so Terence thanks once again and wish that whatever you hope SHC will be is coming true for many of us and looks like SHC will get merrier each year. So Cheers to all everyone and Wishing SHC gets better every year.

    For those who are feeling a little lonely, try to open up a little, use the SMS to get in touch with others with similar interests etc, or just keep in touch here and post your comments and whatever you feel like writing for others to get to know you and you to know others too.

    Merry Xmas everyone.


  12. Hi Terence,

    Thank you Terence for this new post on Perth trip,I can drive but not left side navigator, have tried to drive in a short journey when I was there with my Dad & Mum when I visited my brother years ago.

    Able to cook spagetthi but with my own style and receipe, simple Chinese delicacies should be no problem but someone must be kind enough to carry for me the stuffs when I go marketing, curry puffs, curry chicken or nasi lemak should be no problems,too. But have to bring some of the ingredients there, am sure its easily obtained from the local China Town in Australia, I supposed.:P

    Three months stay will not for me now as I am still working,
    thinking of that long stay when I retire, I was once wanted to migrate to Australia in the 1980’s when Australian government said that as long as you have A$100k but now the sum has increased.

    Will love to join the trip if time permits.

    Have a Wonderful week with your family, please send my regards to your wife & The Little Prince.

    Enjoy while you can.


  13. Hi Terence

    Include me but am sure I can’t drive nor navigate. I can cook but not western recipe.. and I want to be on this trip if the timing is right.

  14. Hi Terence,

    Can include me as a relief driver as well. Have driven in
    US in for thousands of miles from California to Oregon,
    Washington State, British Columbia, Las vegas, Granyon and
    Utah. However, driving needs some refreshing as have not
    driven for > last 5 yrs. No good as a navigator due to
    failing eyesight (just have a cataract opn 10 days ago).

    Can also cook simple dishes like fried rice/fried noodles,
    Terayaki chicken and beef, but with so many good cooks in
    SHC, would rather take a back seat.
    Totally green in fishing.

    Looking forward to this trip again.


  15. Hi Terence,

    Need not have to worry about getting people to drive for the likely trip to Perth, Ronald Wie & James Tan CL are better persons to assist, they are experienced drivers.

    # 17 James Tan CL, here is something for you to read, please take good care for your eyes, my dad has gone through that. :P

    What happens after cataract surgery?
    Itching and mild discomfort are normal after cataract surgery. Some fluid discharge is also common. Your eye may be sensitive to light and touch.

    For a few days after surgery, your doctor may ask you to use eyedrops to help healing and decrease the risk of infection. Ask your doctor about how to use your eyedrops, how often to use them, and what effects they can have. You will need to wear an eye shield or eyeglasses to help protect your eye. Avoid rubbing or pressing on your eye.

    When you are home, try not to bend from the waist to pick up objects on the floor. Do not lift any heavy objects. You can walk, climb stairs, and do light household chores.Avoid sea food e.g. crabs, squid, prawns and so forth.(Important, pls remember.)

    In most cases, healing will be complete within eight weeks. Your doctor will schedule exams to check on your progress.

    Warmest Regards!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  16. Hi Terence,
    I would like to travel to Perth with u guys if timing is good n nothing untowards happen..I can cook n help with kitchen chores .I can drive but im sure there are enough of competent drivers around.I would be very comfortable wth Ronald Wie as our driver.I can testify to that.
    Cheers n A Blessed Xmas to all SHC members

  17. Hi Terence,

    I am keen on this trip too if the dates are right.

    I can’t cook but can drive, with or without GPS,I have driven in all my overseas trips except for SEA. I also have a Garmin GPS but without the A’lian maps. But that is not a problem. Still driving in Perth is also not a problem. Also experienced in driving on gravel roads (meaning I have had a serious accident, driving on gravel). I am also experienced in having other traffic accidents, if that is a plus. Depends on how you view it.

    Norh, car washing in Alia is expensive, (cost me A$80 for a hand wash), so don’t look down on your car-washing experience, you can be a rich lady there just washing cars.

    Will watch this site, if you don’t mind

  18. Hi all,
    Wow, response so good. Terence, I can help with the cooking, washing & driving. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to meeting you all in Perth.

    I better get some sleep now before going for midnight mass.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  19. Terence & ALL,

    It’s great to hear your travel plan to Perth Trip. Do include me if it’s only for a week or two. I can be a co-driver or golf kaki.

    Wish you and your families a peaceful & healthy holiday season and a very happy new year, Cheers!


  20. Hi Veronique!

    Of cz,I would love to join U gals/guys unless it’s during my holis.

    Hi Mary!

    I thought U r coming over to S’pore in March? Now U stay at home & cook us yr delious “baku teh” & Vietnamese spring roll eh?

    Cheers! Merry X’mas to all!

  21. Hi CatHo,
    Yeah, I cannot confirm my Spore trip until early Feb.
    If I am not in Perth, you & SHC members in Perth can lead the group to Geraldton to pick guava and buy land, then to Kalbarri to see the gorges and buy lobsters for steamboat, to Dawsville Cut to catch salmon & herring, to Harbour Town & Fremantle & Kalamunda markets to buy your wares, to Roleystone to buy fruits. Next time, we go for camel-riding at Paulis valley, get close to kangaroos at Serpentine Falls and catch crabs at Bunbury or Busselton.

  22. Hi Terence

    I have been to Perth many years ago. May consider to join if timing is right. I hope the accommodation is without ants and mosquito, proper toilet and water supply.

  23. Yeh Mary!

    Camel-riding & catching crabs would be something I never did b4 in Perth! Something new & it would be in my dream
    for X’mas 2nite!
    The herrings were so sweet & fresh.
    The lobsters that I brought home last June were delicious esp with mayonese!

    Last wk, I went trekking 3km & 12km in Vietnam (SAPA)with the sports shoes that I bought at Harbour Town in Perth.

    Would be nice if we could all go in 2/3 caravans!

    Seasons Greetings to all SHCians!

    CAT HO

  24. Hi Annie #26
    For accomodation, you can take a peek at these apartments :

    Cheaper to stay at caravan parks. If your group is small, you can homestay with Joan and/or myself.

    Hi Catho #27
    Now live lobsters in season ($18 each)- great for sashimi. Harbour Town – factory outlet for branded stuff is favourite shopping spot for Sporeans. We can do a short trek on Bilbulmun Track which stretches from Perth to Albany.

  25. For the likely Perth trip, it now appears we have drivers like RonaldW, JamesT, PatrickL, TerenceS, NancyT, CharlesC and RaymondL. So no worries here. Assuming we have two groups of 7, then we have two drivers and two co-drivers. Nancy can do the drive to the supermarket. We can decide when we firm the trip.

    Now, let’s do some focus on where we stay. If you see the recommendation from Mary, and other Australia accommodation rental sites, usually the rental is for min 7 days. If we book for 7 days, and we want to travel and stay outside Perth, then what do we do with the empty days where we dont stay in. It definitely is nice if we stay in a 3-room house or apartment. What’s your view.

    Terence Seah

  26. Someone read my thoughts exactly.
    Ron Wie’s patience and relaxed driving, whether left or right side, ….relaxes the passengers too. Kudos to you Ron…take a bow.
    That’s how I manage to convince the Joy Luck Club to make the JB trips.
    When this Perth trip was first mooted some months back, for up to 3 months stay, I was enthusiastically all for it. I still am….but circumstances at the home front has dampened it somewhat.
    But nevertheless Terence, keep me in view.
    Hope this trip is a success…even if I don’t make it…Jie

  27. My wife and I would like to join you. Can cook, drive & navigate. Love fishing, cycling and sight-seeing.
    Proposed that organisers work out the number of persons and period of their stays. Booked a few weeks accomodation, share out the cost according to their stay-in, plus a small fee to cover empty accomodation days and purchase of basic items and cheap fishing gears.

    Please keep me informed.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  28. Great suggestion Lawrence.

    Let’s see what suggestions Joan and Mary have. And, all participants, you are invited to share your thoughts on how to handle accommodation.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi Terence,

    If timing is right, would like to join in the fun. I definitely can eat….he he.

    Norlinda, it will be much more fun with you around leh..how?

    Merry Christmas to all.

  30. Hi Terence

    If timing suits, we are keen.
    Enjoy this mode of travelling,free and easy.
    We cant handle the wheels but we can get up
    early to make tea, coffee and roti for breakfast.

    Cheers and Seasons Greetings to all ……..

    Anna Seet / Ann Lim

  31. #30 I personally agree with you that Ronald Wie is a good, patient & experienced driver, Terence, if I have the opportunity to join you in this likely trip to Perth, I would sincerely hope that he could drive me to the market in Perth, I rather relax and enjoy the sceneries along the way as my direction is poor.:P

    Warm regards!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  32. Terence,
    I’m very interested, but like Catherine Ho, the timing has to coincide with my term break, which will be in the 2nd las week of March or the first 2 weeks of June. So put me down as interested.

  33. This is a nice way of sharing idea travels. I dont it is possible that everybody can go at the same time. There will be absolute disagreement. So, let’s share your travel schedule.

    If the trip is on, when do you think you would like to start this Perth holiday? Dont worry about the others, you can change later. Now, look at your diary.

    1. Week of Sun 15 Mar
    2. Week of Sun 22 Mar
    3. Week of Sun 29 Mar
    4. Week of Sun 5 Apr.

    Terence Seah

  34. Hi Drivers,

    Please raise your hands if you can take main lead of one 7 seater car. RonaldW, JamesT, PatrickL, TerenceS, NancyT, CharlesC, RaymondL and LawrenceL.

    Again, this is exploratory. Dont feel obligated as yet, since the dates are not confirmed.

    Terence Seah

  35. Hi..Terence

    I would love to join in the trip if timing is right. At the moment, can only go after June 09. Since there are already so many cooks, will give my 2 hands whereever help is needed.

  36. Hi Terence,

    My preference is Mar 15. I can be the driver for the 2nd
    car or a relief driver.
    However, as mentioned by you in another post, do note that
    end Mar or early Apr will be SHC DnD.
    If timing clashes, I may have to decide if I can be in the
    DnD committee.
    Also those, who intend to go for Perth trip may be affected
    by the DnD date.


  37. Re: @29
    Driving no problem, let me buy the Aussie map for my GPS first. Better standby some non-drinking drivers too.

    Re: @37
    I could only travel from 14/3 to 21/3/09 (school holidays)with wife and daughter.

    As for accommodation and food, I have no preference.

    I’d traveled on shoe-string budget from North to South NZ in a rented car many years back with no advance booking of accommodations. Basically, we decide on the places we would want to visit, book air ticket, got to Auc airport, walked around, rented a car, drove around to find a bpackers accom(about $7 to $15 per bed in a shared dorm) to settle down to plan next destination. Sometimes we cooked our own meals using communal kitchens with cooking utensils provided. We stayed between 2 to 3 days at every location before moving on to the next. From North, ferry crossing to South Island, continued sightseeing, bungee jump and swam with the dolphins etc… Pretty rush for a one month vacation but was fun.

  38. Hi All

    Great!Looks like many of you are planning to visit Perth next Mar/Apr. Took me a while to read all the comments.

    Re: accomodation, you can rent self-contained holiday homes for 1/more days, even weekly/monthly depending on the place. Some can take as many as 10 though 7-8 is more common. The cost quoted can be as low as AUD 150 but may not include linen or may have additional charge for extra ppl.

    Mary and I can help with accomodation if there’s a need. I can do a B & B accomodation with some transfers for up to 2 couples. This may suit those who want to play golf or like to move independently around. Those who want more details on this can email me directly.

    I am able to join in the 1st date, depending on how long , help with driving as I will be leaving for S’pore 31 Mar. Not a good cook like Mary but can assist with preparation. You can hire a 7-8 seater instead of a 5 seater car. The GPS can cost around $5/day. If there are several cars, the leader need to use the GPS. However it’s not too difficult to find the way as road signs are pretty good and people are friendly if you are lost.

    But all this depends on the dates and where and what you want to go/see/do. As it can be quite hot, it’s better to go south. Coastal places I recommend are:
    Mandurah – fishing, food, golf
    Margaret River/Busselton – wineries, food, chocolate, fudge, craft,shopping, fishing, golf
    Around the region are macadamia nut, lavender, cheese farms, fruit wineries etc.
    Mary can give more suggestions I think.


  39. Hmn..Terence,

    You have exceeded 3×7. Are you going on….4×7?

    I am “leave poor” in 2009 after taken extended leave in Chiangmai unless most of the working SHCians want to take advantage of the public holidays fall in Apr 09. My chance of going will be higher.

    Keep my fingers crossed.

    Merry Xmas!

  40. Hi Terence

    Very sorry, something came up (work related) and although it’s not finalised yet, it is quite certain that I won’t be able to travel in the month of Mar/Apr 2009. Kindly remove my name from your list.

    Thank you so much

  41. Hi Marylee (Perth)

    Thanks for the web site for Exec. Apartments, it seems quite expensive. We will prefer cheaper accommodation for the group to stay. I like your recommendation to Albany – a place full of beautiful scenery. I remembered a famous Bakery selling freshly bake pumpkin cake/bread,also not forget one whole stretch of roadside shopping.

    I hope Albany, Margaret River will be included in the places to visit.

  42. Hi Terence and all

    I should be in Perth shortly and would contribute to this post after I have the opportunity to check out various things related to the likely trip.

    About Driving, Most of you will find it pleasant to drive in Perth because most roads and signage are good and other road users are generally courteous and considerate. The highway codes are mostly similar to those here other than a few exceptions eg. those on driving across double-white lines or a broken line backed by a continuous line, proceeding on flashing amber lights. As for road courtesy, you will find that motorists use the left lane always, observe the “invisible yellow box” and would give you space once you signal your intention to switch lanes. It is hostile to sound the horn or cut into the front of another car. We show the “thumbs up” to thank someone for a kind act.
    During your visit, it is important to watch out for Driving Fatigue esp on long trips. Also note that there is Strict Enforcements of rules on switching on of headlights, use of turn indicators, keeping within speed limits, use of seatbelts and use of handsfree mobile.
    If you do not have a GPS, it is ok, just obtain a detailed street map and also a compass esp for night driving.

    It is encouraging to see the enthusiatism expressed by members on this post. Terence has mentioned in the last para. that this maiden outing could lend some ideas to a regular “3 month short term retirement living in Perth”. Let’s follow up on this point in due course.

  43. Hi Terence & All,
    Would love to join in the Apr ’09 group if timing is right but only for 1-2 weeks max. May be able to get hubby to join too, depending on the dates planned. We both can cook as we love good food, so you’ve your list of cooks, drivers, maids & all. I’m sure it’ll be a great fun trip for all if the dates are right. Ron Wie, I can’t agree more on your driving skills, so count me in your group too if there’s space. Look forward to more firm postings on this trip. Merry X’mas and Happy New Year everyone! Lisa

  44. Hi Tereence,

    Very much like to join in this fun. Venika says that
    she is ok anytime. She can help to do the cooking but not the main chef. As for myself, 5th week April or after Mid April will be fine for me.

    Have a nice day

  45. Sounds interesting and if the trip does that straddle the 7th to the 13th of the month (bo pian got to do month ending reporting sigh) I should be able to join the group. Can’t drive to save my one skin but know how to fry an egg and boil water hahahaha

  46. Hi Terence,
    We (wife & I ) are interested. Can drive but don’t know about cooking. Marketing not too good either but shopping my wife would like to be the EO, any place any time.
    Keep me posted.
    Paul Kong

  47. Hi Terence,
    Please count me in. Preferred date: week of 5 Apr or 29 Mar. Can be another “chicken” helper.

    A very happy 2009 to ALL SHCians.


  48. An overseas trip takes time to organise. Not everybody can meet the dates. Please feel free to contact Mary or Joan, should you be unable to join this Mar/Apr period.

    For the likely trip to Perth, many have not indicate your possible dates.

    For the week of 5th April, the group likely include Terence Seah, Ivy Low (HK), Helen Wong, Kristin Leong, Venika Leong, Gwyneth Lee seem to be able to join this group. Local organiser – Mary Lee (Perth).

    James Tan can lead drive on week 15 Mar.
    Ronald Wie waiting for indication.
    Other drivers not indicated the week of availability.
    Let’s see if another group by week can be formed. Please indicate your week of preference.

    Terence Seah

  49. For 5th April homestay:
    Gwyneth will grow veggies & harvest herbs from garden
    Helen to feed the dog & bring him out for walks
    Venika to do the marketing & Ivy the cooking
    Kristin to do the washing & Terence our driver.

    Depending on availability of rooms, I may accomodate all 6 persons together at my place or another house. Homestay gives you a good 200% taste of oz life.

    Amy Soon from SHC is coming soon, we gonna fishing, climb fruit trees and cook dragon curries!

  50. Hi Mary,

    It’s very nice of you to take away the headache of us having to book accmmodations, and house us in the place. Please work out a package for us. Yes, I can take the lead driver. Thanks for being the local organiser.

    Joan has already offered something similar for March. We can hear the details from you. She too will be Perth’s local organiser.

    Terence Seah

  51. Hi Terence and all

    Some plans for another trip to NZ, came up so I have to give this a miss. As Mary, Joan are able to accommodate us SHC at other time, I will prefer also to visit her,when her place is not too crowded.

    Btw, Raymond did you have golfing in mind when visiting Perth? I think Lee Hou Chong plays golf too right ? So there is opportunity for another time with golf too.

    Have a good trip.

  52. Hi Ronald, Terence & other Golfers from SHC

    Re: yr #63

    Yes I play social Golf and would be able to bring you to a number of courses in WA. I am playing at the Vines later today : one of the Courses which I would recommend to you when you visit Perth.


  53. Hi Hou Chong

    You are already back in Perth, what is golfing weather like now?

    Are there any golf courses south of Perth towards Margaret River? I am thinking of getting a group of 4-6 people in a van, play golf half a day and sightseeing the rest of the time for about 10 days. What say you?

  54. Hi Lim TS, Hou Chong

    Will join you if do have such a plan and if this is in NZ or Europe will pack my bags tomorrow subject to getting reasonal flight.

    Have done such a trip for a group of 7 touring in a van at the Canadian rockies and we even had the chance to play at one of the nicest 9 hole course at Banff. The weather in summer was cool, the scenery heavenly with moose(s)gazing at us while you play on their grounds.

    Is something to just travel and shop but another to have time to spend time in the sun and outdoors breathing the fresh cool air while you the game you life or cycling or trekking. An idea how to golf is to bargain half sets at flea markets/pawn shops. Of course you wont have your favorite set to play your best game but then you dont have to lug your bags around costing a bomb as you can easily sell the sets back to them for half the cost. Another option is to pay for a rental set.

    Shopping at garage sales, is also one of my favorite pastime as the things you can find tells a very colorful history of days gone of that era of the place you are visiting.


  55. Hi All

    I am only a beginner at golf and it’s more a social game with senior ladies. However I do enjoy the game and quite committed to it when I’m in Perth. I don’t mind joining in a mixed group if the guys don’t mind. #65 Hou Chong mentioned Vines, Tho I’ve visited the place, never played there. Places I’ve played include Glen Iris (near my home), Whaleback, Meadow Springs(mMndurah), Busselton, Binningup.#66 there is at Margaret River tho I’ve not played there. There are many golf courses around MR.

    Mary suggested homestay and I mentioned B & B. I have 2 double rooms which can take 2 – 4 people. As my hubby and I are retired and are quite laid back, we open our place to those who just need a place to sleep, with simple cooked/toast breakfast. We have a kitchen if they wish to cook simple meals, laundry facilities etc. we are within walking distance to a bus stop/cafes and can be picked up/dropped off at nearby shops/train and bus stations.

    Though I will be away in Apr, if accomodation is needed, my husband will handle the services.

    If a group is coming on Mar 15 with James Tan as the main driver, I can co drive also. If the group is large and 2 cars are needed, I can take 4 others in my station wagon. Perhaps those who can confirm they are coming during this slot can indicate so, so that they can, if they wish, stay with me, Mary or perhaps we’ll try to find other accomodation. Email me directly at joanwong2002@hotmail.com
    Accomodation in Perth is needed only when you arrive or day before departure. You will likely stay at self-contained chalets at Margaret river etc


  56. Hi Terence, 5 April is fine for me too.

    Dear MaryLee, if time permits, I may extend my stay and we could do more fishing and belly dancing. Ai Mai?


  57. Hi Mary

    #61 Thanks for the tasks. Will love it ha ah!!. My favourite pastime is watching my plants. Just too bad my herbs not so good this season as the sun has disappear from my balcony. Will catch up when we meet i.e hopefully the trip materialise.
    Terence – how many days is the trip in Perth? tks.
    Looking forward.

  58. Hi Veronique, ON LAH!
    We can take the boat out for big game.

    Hi Joan,
    Group for 5 April – 4 persons can take your B & B and 3 persons at my place.

    Mary Lee (Perth)

  59. Hi Terence

    Pl reserve a place for me for 5th April, but I can only stay in Perth for about 10 days.

    I have driven in Perth and NZ. Looking forward to meet our Perth members.

  60. Hi Terence

    Perhaps I was not clear in my msg. I have month end reporting to do so my ‘blackout’ period is the from about 7th to 15th of the month.

    And btw hor you got my name spelt wrongly lei….it Sock not Soek lah

  61. Hi Lim TS,

    Re: yr #66

    WA is a hot at the moment. Weather forecast for the week :
    Perth : Mon 34C (below) , Tue 36, Wed 36, Thurs 39, Fri 35 Sat 29, Sun 29
    M River: 26, 24, 23, 26, 24, 22, 22
    Albany: 24, 25, 23, 25, 27, 23, 23
    Note: Perth Mon 34C means a temp range of 17~31C with 20C at 5am and 31C around 3pm.
    Daylight : sunrise 6.12am and sunset 8.25pm.
    Typically, the sea breeze flows in during late afternoon and the conditions are beautiful in the late afternoon. Sun protection is nec when outdoors bec the UV is extreme.

    Joan is right. There are a number of Golf Courses along the West Course South of Perth and into Albany. Will do some homework and write to you in a separate mail, preferably to yr Pte e-mail address so that I can avoid giving personal opinions of commercial names on this open websites.

    BTW the group of 10 who came to Green Circle at 10.30am on Fri was my friends and I – in case you heard fm yr wife.
    Will write again – I have to leave early this morning to avoid the harsh Sun.


  62. For the Perth trip (Joan as local contact and organiser), we now have a group. Joan, please advise as necessary all local plans.

    Week of 15 Mar 2008.
    Patrick Lee – Lead driver
    James Tan can co-driver.
    Neo Sock Cheng
    Gwyneth Lee – got to decide which dates
    Any body else for this group

  63. Terence,
    I’m interested in the week of 15th March 2009, not 2008, (hee hee yet again!). I can leave as early as the 11th but have to be back by the 22nd. How many days will this trip be?

  64. Terence,
    Nora Chia is interested in the week of the 15th March, but would prefer to have more than 7 days there,like me, as I can leave as early as the 11th. So please include her name.

  65. Hi Joan and Mary (Perth),

    It’s really nice of you to offer your bungalows for us to
    bunk in. Some queries further to those raised in this forum:

    1) How many days would be reasonable for some sightseeing,
    fishing (inland and offshore), vineyard visits, golf
    (only for enthusiasts), shopping.

    2) How much would it cost to rent a campervan or 7-seat
    MPV? How much would gas and maybe parking charges cost?

    3) How much would food and occasional restaurant meals cost?

    Pls note that although I’ve driven many miles in USA tru
    unlit highways, congested streets, narrow lanes,
    mountain roads, fog, snow and hailstorm (minor), I’ve never
    set foot in Australia. Would need the help of a good
    navigator and guide in this foreign land.

    Hope you can give me some details to work out both the
    timing and budget as I may be paying a visit to one of
    my relatives in Melborne via this trip to Perth.

    Happy 2009 to all.


  66. Hi James,

    1) 10-12 days enough for fishing, vineyards, golf, shopping,
    weekend markets, orchards.

    2) check rental http://www.m2000car.com.au/car4wd.html
    petrol $1, mostly free parking(except airport/city/
    Fremantle/tourist areas)

    3) Homestay around $50-60 a day per person
    (ranging B & B to fullboard, plus airport transfers)
    Lunch ($5-$10 for fish & chips/chinese food-big portions)
    Dinner ($10-$15), fast food e.g pizza are cheap.

    Dont worry, it is very easy to drive around in Perth during the day & put up your feet for happy hours with SHC friends at night.

    Mary Lee (Perth)

  67. Hi James and All

    OK to answer your questions:
    1) I recommend 2 places to stay down southwest viz Margaret River and Busselton. They are about 3-4 hr drive away and will allow you to do all the things listed – sightseeing, golf, fishing, wineries, shopping etc. All in, you may need a minimum 6N/7D tour for you to relax and have time to do the various things. You can still visit other places around eg Balingup, Nannup, Augusta, Dunsborough, Bunbury etc. On the way to/from these towns, we will visit Mandurah, Bunbury
    2)If you are staying together in a self-contained chalet, you need to rent only a 7-8 seater eg Tarago. I think it may cost close to $140 or more with insurance, surcharge etc. A campervan will enable you to just rent a powered site at a caravan park instead of cabins. You can access the various sites eg britz, apollo, hertz etc for costs.
    I have a station wagon and can take in maximum 3 people.
    3) Petrol cost can be shared by the 7/8 people. Parking is free unless you are in Perth city.
    4) To cut cost, it’s good to do own cooking in the chalets as everything is provided. You may only need to shop for bread, milk, tea/coffee, fruits, instant mee, things easy to cook for breakfast or light meals. You can eat out at fast food outlets or cafes, restaurants. A meal outside can cost $5-10 per person. If it’s large 3 people can share 2 meals.

    It may cost approx. $100 per person per day. For those who travel/ stay with me, I can give a quote if you email me directly.

    For those who are coming 15 Mar – already 7 names #76, please confirm with one another or with Patrick and James and let me know. If you need help with what places to book in Margaret River and Busselton, I can recommend to you. It’s good to compare prices. Then 1 of you can use your visa and book directly.

    For accomodation in Perth, I can take in 2 couples or 1 couple and 2 friends as I have only 2 rooms with double beds. The others will stay elsewhere, nearby. I will help to source accomodation for them. If you wish to stay together, then I will source for a big place.


  68. would love to go. march may still be a little warm – upper 20s. april temperatures seem better – but may not be suitable for fishing and abalone collecting. i don’t fancy fishing, and so, am happy to consider april trip.

  69. Hi Terence

    I would prefer the April group as i think it is cooler in April which is towards winter in Perth.

    Mary Lee – Can confirm if i am right in saying it? I dont like warm climate during travel if I can avoid it. If March is just as cool will consider March which is more ideal. Tks.

  70. Hi Gwyneth,
    March has longer daylight then April and nights are quite cool. Autumn temperatures expected to be cooler. We fish early morning 6am or evening 5pm onwards – depending on the tides.

    For warm weather, arm yourself with sun-glasses, sunblock, long sleeves shirts or Tees, a hat, cold beer & yummy local ice-cream.

  71. Hi Terence,

    After discussing with my wife on our likely trip to Perth during the March ’09 school holidays , we have decided to ponstpone the trip to December’s school holidays for a longer stay to spend more leisurely time there.

    We reckon that 6 to 7 days stay in Perth is a little too short to chill out on Perth’s pristine parkland and beautiful beaches.

    Alternatively, we have decided to book a 2-night stay in Port Dickson at the Avillion Water Chalet instead. Will relax and do fishing and laze around in our very own “kelong chalet” for two days, then en route to KL for one night stay and shopping before heading home.

    Hi JoanWong/MaryLee,

    Thank you for all the information on Perth. We will make plans to visit Perth in December for a longer stay. Will keep in touch with you.

    Wishing all a Happy New Year.


  72. Hi Patrick and All

    Wishing you and all a Happy New Year too. Keep in contact and perhaps hope to see you in Perth in Dec.

    Do let us know about your PD trip, food places etc. It’s been a while that I’ve been there though we keep an empty condo apt there.


  73. Hi Patrick Lee,

    We have not met and I don’t know your interests but I would hazard a comment NOT to go to Port Dickson (PD).

    There was a report, perhaps last year, that they found faecal matter in the waters off PD. This report is probably true and unfortunately, delayed. So think of the seafood you catch which may actually have caught something in turn.

    The water chalet is a disappointment and PD actually should be renamed Dullsville.

    But this is only my personal opinion. You may want to get more opinions on this.

    KL however can be quite ‘happening’.


  74. Hi Joan & Mary (Perth),

    Thank you for your valuable advice. Based on the many pieces
    of information scattered here and there, this is my analysis
    of the itinery (may not be in strict order) that I can put together:

    Day 1 (arrival) – weekend market and familiarisation
    Day 2 – vineyard visit
    Day 3 – orchard visit
    Day 4 – fishing (inland?)
    Day 5 – fishing / abalone catching (offshore?)
    Day 6 – sightseeing
    Day 7 – sightseeing

    Transport – rental car + Joan’s Rolls Royce
    Lodging – Joan’s palace + nearby motel/chalet
    Shopping can be left to the nite time or squeeze in between

    Day 8 – Homestay (is it same as farmstay?)
    Day 9 – Homestay ???
    Is homestay the same as farmstay where we interact with
    the barn animals and play with the farmer’s daughters, and
    lodging/food provided at the home/farm?

    Transport – do we need to drive around?
    Lodging – presume at place of homestay/farmstay

    Day 10 – Last min shopping / packing
    (option of golf/more sightseeing/others for those who want extended stay)

    Pls let me know if the above schedule makes sense and
    correct me if I’m a goondu to simplify too many things.

    To all SHC adventurers –
    As the timing seems to narrow down to 2 dates, pls indicate
    your firm interest if you are joining on 15-Mar or 4-Apr.


  75. JamesT,

    Let’s agree to do this. You co-lead the 15 Mar 2009 trip together with Joan (Perth).

    I shall co-lead the 5 Apr 2009 wuth Mary (Perth). I leave Spore the day after D&D. Time to check on flights.

    For other groups, I suggest you to use the other Post on a “likely Perth trip”, until the drivers are found. You should also use this Post to communicate with Joan and Mary for other dates as they both can host you in their houses.

    Terence Seah

  76. Hi JamesT,
    Just kaypoh abit hor..

    I remembered d last time when I was in Perth, shopping ended at 8pm unless it is pay-check (which I think is Thursday whereby they were stretched beyond 8pm). Not sure if this had been changed lor. Better verify with Joan/Mary on this.


  77. Hi Dolly,
    Shopping hours for Thursday ends at 9p.m. City shopping hours for Friday also ends 9p.m. Weekend markets like Fremantle from Fri – Sun, Kalamunda markets once on 1st Saturday of the month, Sunday markets from 5am to 10am.

  78. Hi Charles Chua,
    Thank you very much for your timely ‘tip-off’ @#92. Was about to make advance booking for two nights. Guess we will stay for a nite just for the fun and experience of it, and spend more time elsewhere.

    Just got feedback from a buddy who returned from PD recently that water is indeed unfit for fishing.

    Here it goes:
    “…..basically it is like a stilt house but make of bricks la.
    It stretches towards the sea. Accomodation is quite spacious with a bath tub triangular in shape and a standing open rooftop shower facilities. Got two glass see through panel, one in the room and the other at the seating toilet bowl.

    Click onto the website you would see the water chalets with seaview at the top. We were lucky to have two units nearer to the sea but not the horizontal ones that is the most outward and have the best view. It is actually about 200M from shore for the furthest unit.

    Not fit for swim at all and doubt able to fish. If you have been to KuKup, then it is the similar type of water muddy seabed that produce dark colour water.

    PD is in Negri Sembilan state, a super quiet town.
    45mins to Malacca via the coastal road and definitely won’t get lost. On the way to Malacca via the coastal road can find beaches where the locals swim and also have some seafood and local food – 20mins drive from The legend Water Chalet.

    We were there for 2 nights 3 days – just about right the duration for PD vacation………”


    Hi Joan Wong,
    Will keep you posted of our experience in PD with pics on our return.


  79. Hi James and All for 15 Mar

    Looks like you are suggesting 10 days – 15 – 24 Mar min. What do you think of following?
    Day 1 – Perth Arrival. Unless arrival is early, you’ll miss the markets which can be done later on.
    Day 2 – Perth/Margaret River. Sightseeing. Golf?
    Day 3 – Margaret River Town. Shopping,Wineries.Sightseeing.
    Day 4 – Busselton. Fishing. Golf.
    Day 5 – Sightseeing of Busselton region. Farmstay?
    Day 6 – Perth fruit, craft markets. Shopping. Golf.
    Day 7 – Perth flea market. Shopping. Golf/Fishing.
    Day 9 – Perth north. New Norcia. Sightseeing.
    Day 10 – Perth.Shopping, packing, golf etc

    Rental of a 5 seater family car costs $35/day. 3 people can follow me, my husband and I will co-drive our station wagon.

    Perth Lodging at my 2BR place (4 people – 2 to share a QB/BR) and another 3 in a 1BR relative’s (1 twin bed and 1 SB. Cost will be single in 1 room 60/night, Twin/double in 1 room $80/night. Comes with breakfast.

    If interested in farmstay, I will source for one suitable place, otherwise 2 nights in Busselton, 2 in Margaret River and 1 in New Norcia. I will give you recommended lodging places/websites for you to access and book for the group. It’s possible to get 1 chalet to house 7 people. If not, book 2 chalets. Each person may need to pay $30-40 per night. New Norcia is a monastery town with museum/art gallery and a shop for souvenirs, Benedictine port wine. Can arrange bed+3 meals for around $70 per person.

    Perth homestay lunch/dinner on your own at nearby food places. You’ll discover pretty good asian food eg char kway teow, vietnamese beef kway teow,dimsum, roast pork/char siew/duck, fish n chips. I’ll bring to these places if you wish.

    When travelling down south, you can do simple cooking eg maggi mee, fried beehoon if you wish or just sandwiches/fast food. In farmstay usually food is not supplied and you may need to takeaway/cook own unless farmer’s wife can arrange breakfast only, dinner?

    Can interat with farm animals, hopefully alpacas etc. Not sure abt their daughters!

    We’ll guide unless lost, then depend on GPS. Petrol costs abt $1/litre. Those with me will share petrol cost eg $100/day for the 3 people. If you cn see/do most things in the areas around, saves on petrol.

    For golf outside Perth eg Margaret River, you will need to book online/call. Within Perth, just call up as sometimes depending on day, can be busy. Weekdays are cheaper. Opens 7 am usually and last flight can be 5 pm for 9 holes. can cost $15-25 for 18 holes.

    Last date of stay for this group at my place will be 29 Mar. Only 3 can stay behind at the other place unless other accomodation is arranged.


  80. Hi Pat Lee,

    Glad you took a 2nd opinion. Your friend’s comment of PD being a ‘super quiet town’ has been correct for the last 20/30 years. You only have to fart once and the whole town will know you.

    Are you driving there? If so I will give you another tip. Make sure your rear wheels have better tread than the front.
    Most people do it the reverse, as they want the front tyres to wear out faster to equalise the usage. This tip is more timely as it is still the rainy season in M’sia now.

    I think there is a beach called the ‘Blue Lagoon” where the locals go. I think it is near the Rachado lighthouse, if you are interested.

    Have a safe trip and happy holidays in PD.

  81. Hi Charles Chua,
    Thank you for the tip about the tyres. Yes, I will be driving there so that I could lug my fishing tackles along and look out for fishing spots along the way. Will find out more about the “Blue Lagoon” from the locals when I get there.

  82. Terence #76,

    With Patrick pulling out (#90), it seems that only 2 are
    confirm going to Perth on the week of 15/3/09. As such,
    would it be more practical for the 2 of us to join in the
    4/4 group? I hope the itinery by Joan still stand and it’s
    not too overcrowded.


  83. Hi JamesT,

    I believe there will be changes as everybody looks at their calendar. If you are agreeable, let’s give a date for everybody to give their preference, and we adjust accordingly.

    Obviously the most important date is when the airticket is bought.

    As Joan and Mary are acceptable with week of 15 Mar and 5 Apr respectively, then perhaps, we work our groups, based on confirmed air tickets.

    Joan and Mary are kind enough to take small groups, but the groups will have to contact Joan and Mary accordingly.

    Meantime, if you are ok, let’s use 15 Mar and 5 April. What do you think?

    Terence Seah

  84. Hi James,

    Let’s use 12th Jan 2009. If we don’t get confirmed participation, then we agree to join together for the week of 5th April. This is after D&D.

    Guys and gals, if you like to confirm your joining for 15 Mar (James Tan) or 5 Apr (Terence Seah), plse indicate asap. Min 7 days, so our local host can be prepared.

    Terence Seah

  85. Amy & Lynn from SHC are now harvesting silverbeet and lime from my garden. Last night we had local flower crabs and fish wings for dinner – then they took my dog Ginger out for a walk and view new houses in the suburb.

    After having some home-made carrot cakes for breakfast, we will be heading to Fremantle weekend markets, Hillarys Boat Quay, Chinatown for tim-sum, Harbourtown for shopping, Kings Park for birds eye view of Swan River and finally to Mongul Lake to feed the black swans. Tonight we will stew beef with silver beet and try our home-made salted duck eggs cooked with spinach – called a 3-treasure vegetables dish.

  86. Hi Terence,

    I really would like to go but can’t give 100% confirmation until much later. However, tentatively, can put my name for 5th April?

    Thanks and regards


  87. Hi Mary Lee,
    We have not met b4 , but its sure nice of u to accomodate us . I hope i wont b too late for u to add in an extra member in yr house for the coming trip on the 5th April.I can cook edible stuff,a kitchen helper,an avid admirer of flower & vegetable gardens.Tks n hoping to c u in Perth.
    grace wong

  88. Hi Grace,
    I will have to work out accommodation depending on the no of people coming for 5th April. Sure, looking forward to meeting you too.

    I brought Amy & Lynn to Kalamunda markets in Perth hills, followed by macadamia farm for honey and oranges picking. They loved the rose garden at Carmel and then to Canning dam for home-cooked crab-meat fried rice with fresh figs, cherries and coffee. Tomorrow morning we are going fishing at 5am.

  89. Hi Terence

    5th April is fine with me(1st choice). If the tour is for 10 days or even extended to 14days it is good. See how the group arrangment is. For cooler climate, April is definitely better.

  90. Hi Mary (Perth), Joan (Perth),

    As of today, it looks like there are two group dates. I am quite sure the actual groupings will be determined by the actual air ticket bookings.

    And for participants who are thinking of coming, plse give your indicative dates. Do not have hanging dates. As of today, only two groups leaving 15 Mar and 5 Apr. Other dates should contact Joan and Mary directly.

    Terence Seah

  91. Hi Terence and Mary

    Yes Terence, will see how the booking dates go. If majority/all prefer 5 Apr, it’s OK to close 15 Mar. Those interested to come later can book directly with Mary or me. I will be away from Apr-May.

    Mary, please come to my place around 8.45am instead of 8am. From here, we’ll drive to pick up Peter’s cousin and also meet the other couple who’s coming. So alotogether there will be 3 cars travelling up to Cervantes.

    I look forward to meeting Amy and her friend and also to introduce to you our Perth friends, who are also keen fisherfolks. Hope to catch a lot of fish when we are there. We’ll also be packing our own lunch and eating it at the roadhouse at Cataby before arriving at Cervantes.


  92. Hi Terence,

    After 12 Jan, I will source for accomodation if group for 5 Apr gets too big for my place. I can homestay other members (from 1-3 persons) in Feb or May.

    Hi Joan,

    We may leave before 7a.m. as I want to bring Amy & Lynn from SHC to explore the Nambung National Park – home to the Pinnacles Desert before we check in at Cervantes Holiday Homes on 7 Jan. I will ring you when I reach Cervantes. Hope we get some tailor at the jetty for dinner.

    5am this morning we fished at Woodman Point jetty – caught 15 mackerels, 5 yellowtails & 2 bony herrings – goreng & eat them with nasi lemak. Planning to fish at Mandurah tomorrow evening.

  93. Hi Mary

    You are really an early bird! 5am, I’m still sleeping till my cat (from S’pore) wakes me up at 6.30am.

    OK, you go ahead and will catch up with you in Cervantes when you give me a call. Enjoy yourself at the national park. Yes, must catch fish there – happy with even yellowtails.


  94. Hi Everyone!

    Like Mary #36, I can only make it during those times where lectures of modules are over, that is, end May or first week of June 2009.

    Besides Jetstar, are there other good airfares on SIA or Qantas to Perth?

    Vivien Ler

  95. Terence

    The week of 5th April 09 is not the right timing for me due to importment family commitment. If you change the date after 8th Apr 09 then you include me.

  96. Hi Terence & Mary (Perth),

    Venika & myself can confirm the 5th April group.
    Can I confirm is this a 7-day trip? As I need to be
    back to work by Mon 13/4. Now must go & apply leave.

    Terence & Mary, tks for the co-ordination &

    Good Day.

  97. Hi Kristin and everybody joinng the April 5th group,

    Yes, it will be 7 days. However,you are free to extend or cut short, subject to Mary’s availabality and accommodation.

    I shall collate a list sometime this week. Do a simple search on tigerair for airfares, in the meantime.

    Terence Seah

  98. Hi Terence and all,

    Just received and email from Air Asia on value fares:

    International fare from
    RM 99.00 / BND 49.00
    Phnom Penh
    RM 99.00 / USD 29
    Siem Reap (Angkor Wat)
    RM 99.00 / USD 29
    RM 99.00 / CNY 209.00
    RM 149.00 / CNY 319.00
    RM 149.00 / CNY 319.00
    Haikou (Hainan)
    RM 149.00 / CNY 319.00
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    RM 149.00 / HKD 359.00
    RM 149.00 / Rs 2189.00
    Banda Aceh
    RM 29.00 / Rp 99.000
    RM 29.00 / Rp 99.000
    RM 59.00 / Rp 199.000
    RM 59.00 / Rp 199.000
    RM 59.00 / Rp 199.000
    RM 59.00 / Rp 199.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / Rp 299.000
    RM 99.00 / USD 39.00
    RM 99.00 / MOP 249
    Clark (Manila)
    RM 99.00 / PHP 1,429
    RM 9.00 / SGD 41.00
    RM 29.00 / THB 309
    RM 59.00 / THB 629
    RM 59.00 / THB 629
    Chiang Mai
    RM 99.00 / THB 1,059
    RM 99.00 / USD 29
    Ho Chi Minh City
    RM 99.00 / USD 29
    Operated By AirAsia X Economy seats XL seats
    Hangzhou (Shanghai)
    RM 259.00 / CNY 488.00

    RM 259.00 / AUD 199.00 *

    Gold Coast (Brisbane)
    RM 499.00 / AUD 299.00 *

    RM 499.00 / AUD 299.00 *

    Travel from 11 March – 30 June 2009
    RM 999.00 /

    Looks like though I do have a lot of time, will need a bigger fun and fund tap also.


  99. Hi Ron,

    I believe all fares quoted do not include taxes and if it is in RM,i don’t think there are flights to Perth from Singapore.You will need to fly from KL.

    If i am correct only JetStar and Tiger Airways fly to Perth from SG,besides the National Carriers.

    Just checked with JetStar, leaving 5th April-returning 15th April.Total cost is S$471/- including taxes.

    Happy hol’s


  100. Hi Terence,

    Tks #121.

    Just checked the air-fare: Tiger Airlines @470.
    Jetstar @ $452 but timing no-good.
    Quantas : $751. (dep. 5th & return 12th)


  101. Hi Terence & Team,

    Thank you for all the hard work in organising this.

    We regret that we are unable to go on either of the chosen dates.

    May you all have a safe and enjoyable trip : )

    Philip & Priscilla Wee

  102. Hi MaryLee,

    Pls include me for the April 5 trip for 7 days. I’ll leave my husband out for now as he can’t confirm with me if he can join me due to his current project at hand, so if he can join me at the last minute, it’ll have to depend on whether or not you can accommodate him at the last minute.

    Thanks for making all the arrangements for us. Appreciate it and look forward to meeting you too. Kind regards, Lisa Ong

  103. hi Terence,

    I did shown my keen interest in this trip but situation is abit different now due to stranded in Chiangmai and shutdown during Xmas & CNY period. It has eat into my this yr leave. Nevertheless, I am still hoping that I can join u guys. Is there a closing date?

    susan tan

  104. Re the trip to Perth in April, I have confirmed the schedule as arrival Sun 5 April and returning Sun 12 April 2009. For those unable to make this trip, please feel free to contact Mary or Joan, at your own time.

    This trip will have a focus on “Getting to know Perth”. I understand Amy and Lynn visited Perth recently, and I hope they will give us their review. We will be accommodated in self-contained caravans/park or chalets. In all likelihood, we would be organised around 7 pax to a vehicle, and in shared-accommodation, depending on the caravan or chalet. Travel during this week would be day travel only, and always returning to the base residence.

    I suggest those who wish to travel outside Perth can carry on after Sun 12 Feb. I guess a week in Perth would help you with your bearings in Western Australia.

    We should start to book our own airticket, with insurance, as and when, each of us are ready. When you have booked your air ticket, please inform us on this forum, and your name will be grouped on a 1st come basis in the same accommodation.

    JamesT, guess you can now decide on your date of travel.

    Terence Seah

  105. Lynn and I had a great time with Mary and her husband, Stephen in our homestay with them in Perth.

    We enjoyed nature rambles, fishing, picnics in the parks and we even drove north to the Pinnacles before staying overnight at Cervantes Holiday Home that we might fish till the sun set.

    We visited Kalamunda market, Melville Rose Garden, tasted wine at Swan Valley and ate the best chocs at the famous Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

    On the way back to Perth, Mary treated us to a meal at the award winning pizza outlet in Mundaring.

    We got to harvest and eat the vegetables and herbs from Mary’s garden, walk her dog and meet her friends.

    At her friends’ farm, we harvested oranges, picked macademia nuts and ate honeycomb dripping with fresh honey from their bee farm.

    Mary even celebrated Lynn’s birthday with an elaborate steamboat and shashimi meal (all of which are her favourites). She extended an invitation to my cousin to have a meal when she wanted to meet up with me.

    She enabled us to have Internet access throughout our stay with them.

    Our flight out of Perth was scheduled at 2.55 am. We were prepared to go to the airport earlier but Mary and Stephen insisted on taking us there at midnight.

    All in all, we had a wonderful and relaxing holiday, thanks to the kindness of Mary and Stephen.

  106. Hi Amy,

    Like Catherine Ho who home-stayed with me in June 08, you & Lynn were fantastic ‘strangers to good friends’ from SHC Spore.

    So amazing that both of you blended with the hot weather, flies, blue-tongue lizards, eating ‘kiam her’ fried rice in the open bushland (you had a net over your face & hat!).

    I fondly remember the ‘how to eat like that’ on your faces when on day one, I served you wholesome flower crabs (lucky no rubber bands) & we ate pasta on wooden tables covered with parrot poo at New Norcia monastery.

    Thank you for buying us dinner & coffee on the last day and helping with the household chores – hanging & folding the clothes & doing the dishes too…also fixing your own breakfast when I overslept. Hope you enjoyed the blueberry nougats, macadamia nuts & honey, Brumby carrot cake, chocolates & jams.

    Thanks for the wonderful friendship! Till we meet in Spore.

  107. Hi MaryL (Perth)

    I tak boleh tahan anymore after reading your post @# 132 and Amy’s @# 131, so have decided to ask:

    I cannot leave on Sunday 5/4 (for Perth). I can leave on Mon evening (6/4) or Tue (7/4). I wonder if we (a friend may join me) could fit into your programme for Terence’ group.

    I think it might be a headache for you…that’s why I didn’t participate in the discussion on this thread. But as I mentioned earlier, I cannot tahan anymore – the hol programme is too good to miss.

    If it’s not possible to fit us in, it’s ok. We can come in Spring (Sept) or next Autumn.

    Hope to see your garden! Happy Lunar New Year!.

  108. Hi MaryL (Perth)

    I’ll get my friend’s input, then we’ll see if we can make it.
    Meanwhile hope to meet you when you come to S’pore.


  109. Hi Marylee and All

    Thanks Mary for the delicious gongbak meal and also Stephen for teaching Peter to tie the hook for our fishing at Jollyfrog. Not much luck as I caught only an undersized bream (short of 2cm). ! friar was happily getting whiting and herring and they stayed on while we left at 10.30pm. Maybe we’ll stay at Woodman Point – see you there again one day.

    #134 – I hope to meet Hou Chong and Linda one day. Yes, if SHCians have other dates of travel, do contact us and we’ll see how we can assist with making arrangements for accomodationa and activities.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

  110. Hi Joan,
    I will email Hou Chong to arrange golf. Linda is returning to Perth next week, then we go to the hills for stone fruits or Swan valley for grapes. Tomorrow I want to buy some roast pork from the butcher at Stock Rd markets – wanna come after mass?

  111. Hi Peggy and Paul,

    I have confirmed both of you for the trip.

    Hi Lisa Ong #127,

    You are also confirmed.

    Hi Kristin, Venika #120,

    Both of you are also confirmed for this trip.

    As of now, the names are Terence, Paul, Peggy, Lisa, KristinL and Venika.
    One more pax to make the 1st vehicle.

    Gwyneth, are you confirmed?

    Terence Seah

  112. Hi Mary

    Will not be free tomorrow but will visit the butcher and get some roast pork one day. Peter and I wish you, Stephen and your family A Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.


  113. Hi Terence,

    Sob, Sob. I was really hoping I could go with you all but unfortunately I have to change my plans now due to family commitments.

    Enjoy your holiday you guys.



  114. Hi Terence & MaryL,

    I cannot confirm yet cos something unexpected happened on the domestic front. I have to wait till early/mid March in order to confirm. Meantime, please proceed with your plans without me. My apologies.

    MaryL, if I don’t see you in Perth, I hope to see you in Sg in mid Apr.


  115. Hi Ivy, Nor, OiCheng,Raymond,

    Very nice of you to update us on your trip status. No worries, this is how trips are planned. Enjoy Perth when you can, and contact our Perth friends whenver you are ready.

    GraceW and Gwyneth, you are confirmed for the trip.

    Terence Seah

  116. Hi Terence

    Veronica Lee has requested that she be included in this trip too i.e 5 April. We will go ahead first – most probably on the 1 of April and meet up with the rest on the 5th April in Perth.
    As for the booking we will go ahead to book our own flight to Perth. For the accommodation to include us from the 5th onwards. Should there be any changes please keep us in the loop. Looking forward to the trip. Thanks


  117. Hi Terence and All

    I just read the email sent out by you and forwarded to me by Mary that the 5 Apr trip is confirmed and that Mary and me are available in Perth at that time. I had earlier posted a comment that I will be away in Apr-May.

    I will be leaving for S’pore on 31 March and probably be back in Perth end May/early June. I will be in S’pore babysitting my 2 grandsons, meeting my sisters, brother, do a bit of travelling to nearby places, meet some SHCians, hit balls at the golf range etc.

    I will therefore miss you and the Apr group coming up. If others plan to come up at other dates when I’m in Perth, I hope to meet and assist them if I can. They can contact me at my email: joanwong2002@hotmail.com.

    I’m certain that you all will have a fun-filled time with lots of sightseeing and activities planned by Mary, Hou Chong, Linda. Mary is fixing a meeting of the 4 of us after CNY in Perth. Looking forward to it and perhaps doing things together in Perth eg fishing, markets, playing golf
    with Hou Chong (hope he won’t lament at my standard!!).

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to ALL SHCians

  118. Hi Hou Chong

    Yes, hope to meet you and Linda too after the CNY. Mary is planning a date I think. Hope to do many things together especially fishing, visiting the markets and also golf.

    I still play now in summer but early in the mornings which thankfully are still cool. I go to Swan (Canningvale) and Whaleback tho I live near Glen Iris. Glen Iris is more challenging with high bunkers and more “lakes”.I play only 9 holes thou I wish to return to 18 holes one day but need to play better and build up my stamina – age catching up. Yes, hope to play with you and other SHCians who come up. Golf here is so much cheaper and members can benefit from this. Hope to get some golf tips from you when we play.

    See you after Chinese New Year then.

  119. Hi JoanW, Linda and Hou Chong,

    I like to encourage you to keep sharing with us here in Singapore the beauty, the air, the costs and the 3 mth short-term retirement options in Perth. I hope together with Mary Lee, all of you can be our close links to new options down under.

    Happy new year.

    Terence Seah

  120. Hi Terence,

    My company (mfg plant)economic situation very uncertain now.
    Have to kiv for a couple of weeks before the cloud is clear.
    Pls go ahead with the trip. Enjoy.


  121. Wow!….this ‘story book’ is very lengthy but interesting & exciting indeed!..

    Miss Bira@33..apa macam invited me then @156,cancel your trip..hehe…anyway,as i said earlier..ive been to Perth,so lazy to go again lah…if Sydney/Melbourn…i will definately raise my hands!..oopss!..sori..:)

    Poor Rene@45..so kesian no leave..nvm..nx time we go shorter trip..perhaps when MaryPerth visit Spore..we go fishing with her..boleh tak Mary?..hehe

    Yati@149..lagi very kesian..i ‘happy’ cos sourgrapes lah..haha…beta cabot b4 kena hantam with rotten eggs!

    But let me recall my trip not too long ago(sudah lupa a bit) visited the WaveRock,Pinnacles(played sand dunes),Margaret River(dried grapevines..wrong timing lah!),Fremantle & my most memorable was climbed the lighthouse at Albany where we saw the 3 beautiful oceans & jumping dolphins!!

    Well…i wish everybody joining this trip…an adventorous & enjoyable trip together..playing & bonding…hhmmm..im envious!..:)

  122. Hi Joan,
    Re #154
    About Golfing, you gave me so much credits in Golfing I may soon be able to auction my Golf Tips on the web. ..ha ha. Jokes aside, Golf has many appeals, the challenge inherent in the game itself, hours of social interaction with flight-mates, physical exercise, diversion of attention from stress, appeal of the beautiful scenery offered on most courses, etc. besides personal development in gamesmanships, patience and self control. So it wld be a pleasure to get together for Golf notwithstanding our differences in the game, if any at all.

  123. To all visitng Perth
    Welcome. April is mid Autumn in Perth, a time when the weather is mild and very pleasant to enjoy the cool outdoors. There are plenty of scenic places in and around Perth esp those with Ocean views, by the River or on the hills. I hope you’ll find time during your drive-about to relax over a cup of coffee in these places so as to savour the natural charm of this country. I am not sure if the crabbing season is still on in mid April. If so, this can also be an interesting outing. There may be other seasonal festivities / activities during that period too. I will offer my suggestions to Mary to consider putting the ones which interest you, in your itinerary.
    Just a gentle reminder, you will need sun protection when outdoors. The UV radiation is very high over here – you will need sunnies, sunscreen and a hat.

  124. Hi Hou Chong,
    Hope you can join 5th April group. I can pick up 2-3 passengers in my car. You can take the ‘golfers’ and ‘boat fishers’ on the Swan.

  125. Hello Hou Chong

    Totally agree that it’s not just the game but the walks, peaceful and beautiful scenery esp early cool mornings and yes, the company. I’ve been encouraged and motivated by some of my golfing friends, a couple in their eighties who put me to shame with their skills, stamina and good advice. That’s why I do my best to turn up on those mornings.

    In golf, you are up against yourself, to improve at every shot and hole. Golf is not my everything tho I’ve said a quite a lot…haha. I enjoy fishing etc too.

    Wishing all SHCians coming in Apr lots enjoyment and fun in Perth. Too bad I can’t join you all but perhaps another time.


  126. Hi Mary
    Golfing – I can bring visitors for Golfing on my free days.
    Boating to fish – not be suitable for some, rather decide at later time.

  127. For the Perth trip, the dates are Sun 5 April to Sun 11 April 2009.

    For RaymondL, JamesT, NancyT, Bira, Norhayati, Oi Cheng, IvyL, SusanT, take your time, and visit Perth when you have the time. Contact Mary, Joan or Hou Chong. They are our Australian ambassadors.

    As of now, the confirmed persons are:
    (1) Terence, (2)Paul (3) Gwyneth, 4)Peggy, (5) Lisa Ong, (6) Kristin Leong, (7) Venika Leong. (8) Veronique Lee, (9) Grace Wong.

    The airfares, as I check today are:
    * Tiger ETA Sin Sun 5 Apr – $174 and ETD Perth Sun 11 Apr – 275. Total $449.
    * Jetstar ETA Sin Sun 5 Apr – 228 and ETD Perth Sun 11 Apr – 273. Total $502.

    I shall book Tiger on 27 Apr 2009. You may book anytime, as you like, subject to price availability, etc.

    Dont forget you need to get your Australia visa on line. If you dont have travel insurance, good to get it when booking your airtickets. And remember, you need to allow for one check-in luggage. We have a Good Friday as a holiday in between.

    Terence Seah

  128. Terence

    Your travelling date is 5 April to Sunday 11 April.
    Please check your calendar. 11 April is a saturday not sunday. Do you mean to be on 12April on sunday? If on 11 April it will be a saturday. Plse confirm and we will book to be on the same day too.


  129. Hi Gwyneth #168,

    Re trip to Perth, the return date is Sun 12 April. My oversight.

    As of now, the confirmed persons are:
    (1) Terence, (2)Paul (3) Gwyneth, 4)Peggy, (5) Lisa Ong, (6) Kristin Leong, (7) Venika Leong. (8) Veronique Lee, (9) Grace Wong.

    The airfares today:
    * Tiger ETA Sin Sun 5 Apr 1550 to 2105 hrs – $176 and ETD Perth Sun 12 Apr 2135 to 0250 hrs (Monday) – $295. Total $471. With check in luggage of $10 per way, total fare should be around 490.

    Terence Seah

  130. Hi Terence

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I have confirmed my flight to Perth and back on the same day, that is 12 April. Looking forward to our trip.
    See you at our CNY lunch on saturday 31 Jan. Remember ya saturday this time!! not sunday he he!! See you!


  131. Hi MaryL, Gwyneth and Perth group,

    I have just booked my Tiger airways ticket.
    Sin/Perth Sun 4 Apr ETD 1550 hrs, Seat 11D
    Perth/Sin Sun 12 Apr ETD 2135 hrs, Seat 11D.

    At the time of this booking, there are 161 empty seats. so you have some time, only prices changes up or down.

    Terence Seah

  132. Hi Terence & the Perth Group

    I have booked the same flight (tiger Airways)on 5th April 09
    & return on 12 April 09. However, Venika said tt she is not able to join us. She ask me to send her apology to you.

    Looking forward for the trip. C U.

  133. Hi Terence

    Veronica and myself have also booked our flight.
    We are going ahead first to extend our stay in Perth as Mary will not be around on the 12 April onwards.

    We will be staying at Mary’s place and we will work out our stay after your arrival. Please let use know of your plan once it is finalised. Thanks.

  134. On the Perth trip, I see the numbers as coming along fine. Latest confirmed are (1) Terence, (2)Paul (3) Gwyneth, 4)Peggy, (5) Lisa Ong, (6) Kristin Leong, (7) Veronique Lee, (9) Grace Wong.

    VenikaL, SusanT, we will miss you though.

    Terence Seah

  135. Hi Paul,

    Yes, I was wrong in the first place. It should be:
    Sin/Perth Sun 5 Apr ETD 1550 hrs, Seat 11D
    Perth/Sin Sun 12 Apr ETD 2135 hrs, Seat 11D.

    See u very soon.

    Terence Seah

  136. Hi Terence,

    4 people confirmed with booked flights to Perth are:
    Terence, Gwyneth, Veronique & Kristin.

    Besides Gwyneth & Veronique, would the rest prefer homestay and B&B.

  137. Hi Mary,

    I’m waiting for Grace Wong’s particulars before I can book our flights together. Most likely we’ll go on the same carrier (i.e. Tiger Airways) departing on 5th Apr and leaving Perth on 12th Apr as well. Pls include us for Homestay with B/B. My apologies for the delay as I’ve not been to SHC site for awhile due to heavy workload in the office. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the team. Thanks & regards, Lisa Ong

  138. Hi Mary,
    Its confirmed that Lisa & I are booked on TigerAirways on the 05 April Flight TR 716 departing Sin 15.50 & arriving Perth 21.05 seat 11B & 11C.
    From Perth to Sin Flight 717@21.35
    Arrive Sin @02.50 next day.
    Plse include us for the Homestay & B/B
    Thanks & Regards

  139. Hi Terence, Lisa, Grace, Kristin, Gwyneth & Veronica,

    Looking forward to meeting you all. Home-stay or B & B confirmed with home-made chai tow kuey, teochew porridge, hei mee, curry puffs, curry chicken, sashimi, etc on the menu – also picnics & BBQ on the hills with the kangaroos.

    Paul & Peggy, have u book your flights?
    Gwyneth & Veronica, pl email your 1st April & 12 April flight details to marytan@iinet.net.au.


  140. Hi Marylee,
    Yes, booking made with Tiger Airways ETD Sun 5th Apr 2009, 15:50 Flight TR 716 arrive Perth 21:05.
    Looking forward 2 meeting U & all those goody food & the kangaroos 2.

    Paul & Peggy

  141. helo..
    I am envious that u all are gg Perth!..hehe
    & lagi jealous BBQing on the hills with Mr kangaroo!

    Nonetheless….I wish all going a happy,enjoyable & fun trip!

  142. Thanks Nor,

    We let you see our photos after the trip, ok?

    and when you come to Perth, kita pergi main2 wild rabbits and blue tongue lizards, ok?

  143. Finally, the trip to Perth is ON. Don’t forget to check your passport expiry and visa application. No foodstuff or agriculture stuffs in your luggage.

    See you in at the budget terminal or in Perth.

    Terence Seah

  144. Hi Terence, Paul, Peggy, Kristin, Lisa & Grace, Gwyneth & Veronique

    If you are bringing shoes in your luggage, please make sure they are cleaned i.e no mud or sand. Also declare any essential medications. Please email marytan@iinet.net.au for my address & mobile phone number – you need this info for your disembarkation form.

  145. “Hi Terence………..If you are bringing shoes in your luggage, please make sure they are cleaned i.e no mud or sand.”

    I have gone out many times with Sengh and I can see that all his shoes have no soles and all his soles have no shoes so it’s more likely to find soiled lingerie in his luggage…….soil of a very different type.

    Wearing his very special shoes, he has become every devout’s darling at fire-walks…………..

  146. Hi MaryLee,

    Many thanks for the accommodation arrangements for us all. Can’t wait to dig in all those goodies you’ve mentioned and most of all meeting up with all Perth’s SHCians. Btw, are you putting us two to a room? If so, can you pls arrange for me and Grace Wong to share a room as I’ve told her I’m going to disturb her sleep with my loud snoring and to bring ear plugs to sleep, ha…ha…ha….

    I understand that we can apply for our Visas on-line, is that true, otherwise I’ll have to go to our travel agent and pay some service fee to do it for me.

    Nor, don’t envy us, I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much when you go with the next group. Looking forward to the trip and counting the days…………. Rgds, Lisa

  147. Hi Lisa, Paul, Peggy, Grace, Kristin, Gwyneth, Veronique,

    I emailed details of car rental & accommodation to Terence as I do not have your email address. Let me know if you have any queries.

    Tomorrow Hou Chong, Joan, Agnes, Patrick & I are having a mini SHC picnic lunch (mushroom glutinous rice & Vietnamese pok piah) at Swan valley.

  148. Hi Agnes (Perth),

    Welcome to the SilverHairsClub, and we look forward to meeting our Perth friends in April. I hope you, Mary, Joan and Hou Chong will be our catalyst for Singaporeans to visit Perth for holidays, if not for 3 month short-term retirement.

    Look forward to meeting Patrick too.

    Terence Seah

  149. Hi Terence, Kristin, Grace, Lisa, Paul & Peggy, Veronique and Gwyneth, Hou Chong & Linda,

    Yes, we are going Cervantes as we managed to book 2 chalets (7 persons each) at the Cervantes Holiday Homes this morning

    Date: Wednesday 8 April

    Time: Breakfast 6a.m at home and we pull off at 7am

    Route: Travel north – Roe Hwy, Great Northern Hwy – meeting place & morning cuppa at Our Lady’s Shrine Church, Chittering Road, Bullsbrook.

    Proceed to Muchea, Brand Hwy, stop at Cataby & Badgingarra to visit sheilas and blokes.

    Head to Nambung National Park – Pinnacles Desert

    At Cervantes
    Check in Cervantes Holiday Homes at 11am.
    Lunch, forty winks, fishing, sightseeing.
    Dinner, TV, fishing under the moon, night out to see wildlife.

    Next morning – breakfast, prepare & pack lunch, check out 10am

    Different route back to Perth – via Moora, New Norcia (lunch), Bindoon, Mundaring (dinner), then home.


  150. Hi Mary & Perth-April Group,

    I spoke to Rose and she said that check out time is 9.30am not 10am. They are full for the Easter long weed-end & need more time for preparing/cleaning etc.


  151. Gee, I was browsing through the “Perth trip” Post, and realise that the title is still “A likely trip to Perth”. Well, no more likely, and we are all set to go this Sunday, one day after our D&D.

    9 SHCians going to Perth to enjoy the open-air airconditiong, fishing, a sub holiday two-day Cervantes trip, markets,shopping, seafoods and house-cleaning for both Mary and Agnes. We are also meeting other Singaporeans in Perth.

    We were hoping to claim our AUD 20m super draw last week, but unfortunately, we had to contribute our Sgd 46 deposit to Western Australian. We were told the beds and fridges are well stocked. So, Mary, Veronique and Gwyneth, here we coming to join you.

    Would you believe I just had my Australian visa approved? See you folks, and keep in touch.

    Terence Seah

  152. Hi Terence

    Indeed this tour have started. Veronique and myself have enjoyed for 4 days already.

    Wow! the weather is so good. But do bring a thick jacket for the night and morning as it is cooler than the mid-day.
    Mary is indeed a good cook with warm hospitality. We talk joke and laugh at night at our free time and over dinner.
    We caught all the fishes in the ocean nothing left for you to fish! We saw dolphin, sea lion and a giant sting ray . So interesting. The dolphin was so pretty, we thought it was a mermaid.All the fishermen at the jetty was ogling at it.

    Waiting for the rest of you to join us in a few hours time he he!!

    See you all and we can n joy together.

  153. Hi Gwyneth and Mary,

    Our group is ready to come over to Perth this afternoon on Tigerairways, and arriving this evening. Assuming no delays, we should be out of Perth airport by 9.30pm (same time as Singapore’s). We will then pick up our Tarago 8-seater car at the airport. See you and Mary then later.

    Terence Seah

  154. Hi Terence and all members visiting Perth

    Welcome on this “SHC Group” maiden trip to Perth. Hope all of you find delight in the cold air that meets you as you come out of the airport this evening. I always loved it.
    I look forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday and enjoying time with you guys esp. the trip to Cervantes. Wishing all of you a pleasant holiday in advance.

  155. Hi Hou Chong,

    Thank you for the warm welcome. We arrived 9.05pm in Perth on Tigerair. Pick up our 7-seater Tarago, and 1st stop at Mary’s place for cheese puffs and fried Bee hoon. Down a glass of red wine from NSW, and Paul Kong drove to Agnes and Patrick’s house where they will stay during this Perth Holidays.

    See u Tuesday.

    Terence Seah

  156. On the 1st day of our Perth trip, we drove up the hills, got into a farm, and walk amongst sheep, chickens and horses. A retired couple owned the land, planted a thousand Macadamia trees. We ravaged the grounds for ripe passion fruits and ducked ourselves as the bees zoomed around collecting nectar to feed their queen bees.

    At AUD $8 per kg, Lisa bought a few tubs of honey and a huge honey-comb for $40. I think the Macadamia nuts went for $4 a kg, so you can imagine the number of trolleys we had to push, to get to our cars.

    Next stop, the rose garden. Under the beautiful cool but sunny day, we were like 7-year olds, feeding the ducks and kois in a pond, set at the entrance to the garden. A walk around the roses, and we set off for lunch at a Singapore Hawker Cafe. I had a huge bowl of laksa, and Kristin ordered beef stew with rice. Paul Kong couldn’t talk, as he had a throat infection, and settled for soup noodle.

    The afternoon was spent at the Gateway Shopping Centre, and the a few ladies, you know who, had a field day, trying to decorate their wardrope. Lisa had to go to a hair saloon to change the colour of her hair.

    And finally, Angnes and Perth, both 10 year residents in Perth, cooked us a sumptuous dinner of bacon bones soup, two large steamed and grilled fishes and fried chicken. After Karaoke at their house, we slept like snoring magpies.

    Terence Seah

  157. Tuesday, after breakfast, we headed for Perth city. A city tour, enjoying the morning traffic and seeing people travelling to work, we also went up the peak and enjoyed a grand view of Perth city and the South Perth suburb.

    After lunch at Hans cafe, we had a scenic tour of Perth beaches and Western Australian oceans. Stopped by a abalone spot, although none at this time of the year, Gwyneth, Kristin and Veronique took pictures of themselves, among rocks and bushes. Hou Chong and myself were contented to look at the ocean, waiting for the whales to pass by and the cool breezes rush by our faces.

    Had a couple of stops along the beaches to have coffee. After a long day, we were about to go Mary’s place for dinner when we were delayed by the ladies at the Serento shopping centre.

    Mary and Stephen cooked Singapore Hae mee. Loads of prawns, Chye Sim vegetables, raw fish and a tasty plate of stir-fried kangaroo meat. Very lean, no fat.

    Got to sleep now, as we are going on a 2-day trip to Cervantes for fishing. Good night.

    Terence Seah.

  158. Guess you all will not miss Hay Street, in Perth city where all the action is. A long shopping paradise with baskering and road shows. I had been there three times.
    My last trip in 2006, I stayed in Arauleun Valley, for about 2 months. A nice golf resort.

    Enjoy your holidays all !

  159. Hi Hou Chong

    Thanks for your great hospitality at you home on Tuesday and today. We had a great day shopping and landed at your home chit chatting with all our teochew jokes and laugher.
    Glad to have the apportunity to see and play with your two lovely dogs.

    So funny! You are a real joker hah. We enjoy the dinner at Mary’s home cooking too. The delicious steam boat dinner
    Thanks for your new friend Luan, if i spell her name correctly.

    So tired now, must go to bed after another great day in Perth. Terence is snoring already I think. Have to rest now for tomorrow event.


  160. Hi Gwyneth,
    Thanks for your kind note.
    Everyone of you are really fun to chit-chat and share other activities with. Hope your visit so far has been up to your expectations and that you will continue to enjoy the rest of your visit here. You may want to see the Street festival at Fremantle today. I have my own appointments today (starting from Squash shortly) and so won’t be able to meet up. Do keep in touch.

  161. Hi Terence, Eileen, Grace, Gwyneth, Kristin, Lisa, Paul & Peggy and Veronigue

    Are all of you are enjoying your short visit to Perth and are able to do some of the things which you aimed to do? I hope this trip has allowed those of you here for the first time, an opportunity to have a reasonable impression of the country and for the others, a chance to refresh old memories as well as discover new things. Keep up your spirit of adventure up for the remaining part of your visit .

    You guys certainly brought lots of fun – thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your company. The reciting of Teochew Peoms session was really funny especially when we have Hokkiens and Cantonese participating.
    Do keep in touch and I hope to see all of you again in the near future.

    Hi Mary & Stephen and Agnes & Patrick

    Thanks a million Mary, Agnes, Steven and Patrick for doing a Great job of organizing the itinerary and the meals over the last few days. At Cervantes, fresh Lobsters, fried mee-hoon, curry mutton for dinner, home-made cakes , curry cuffs pies etc and the array of food for steam food last night – wow, it really blew my mind.


  162. First of all, a BIG thank you to our Aussie friends, Mary & hubby, Agnes & hubby and Hou Chong for making our stay in Perth so enjoyable & memorable.

    Many feedings of good food from Mary and Agnes gave me 3 extra Kilos and hope I will not revert to my feather weight again. Too much of laughing and the repeated reciting of Teochew poems, especially the “ Oldie Li” caused me dumb for 2 days and just regained my voice today.

    Thanks to Hou Chong for inviting the bunch if us to your castle. Very impressed by your beautiful garden, swimming pool and the cosy interior which took a few of us to the slumber land after many days of tiring outings.

    Mary and Steven, special thanks to you both for accommodating us and the fantastic food particularly the prawn noodles.

    Really appreciate Paul Kong for being our photographer throughout. U r very ON men!

    Though the tour ended yesterday, the sweet memories still lingers and hope I’ll be able to be on holiday with this fun-loving group again.

    Cheers to all!


  163. Dear Agnes & Patrick, Mary & Stephen and Hou Chong,

    On behalf of everyone who went for the Perth trip (for me my first visit), I thank you all for all your kind and warm hospitality, not to mention the lovely menus that was placed on the table each and every time when we meet for our meals.

    Honestly, this trip was a “home away from home” for all of us (if I may say so), and I even forgot to call home or bothered to call my hubby as I was having such great fun. Enjoyed the fishing trip and wished I had started earlier which I think I would have caught more as I would then know where to avoid the seaweeds and throw my line where all the fishes were. Will definitely make another trip back there and this time, will not shop as much as bringing it back was no joke and back-breaking.

    Overall trip was fabulous, food was just fantastic, great company and no words can describe the warmth and care we received from our Aussie SHC friends in Perth. Once again, our sincere thanks to Agnes & Pat, Hou Chong, Mary & Stephen & not forgetting their g/son Julyan who’s a brilliant boy and fun to be with. I hope you’ll all keep in touch with us and if/when any of you return to S’pore, don’t forget to contact us so that we can have a tete-a-tete ok? Warm regards, Lisa

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