SilverHairsClub gathering, Tues 14 Jun 2016

June2016 meeting

It’s been sometime since we have the monthly gathering.  We had Hans Cafe, but that place was gone long ago.

  • Date: Tues 14 Jun 2016 (confirmed)
  • Time: 1730 – 2030 hrs (confirmed)
  • Venue:  You make a suggestion on this forum; and we will choose from one of the recommendations. close to MRT.  Available F&B.  Can be a Food court, a huge KOK room, need not have tables, standing room is ok, a rooftop, a BBQ area.  Members’ call.
  • Confirmed venue:
  • Closing date to recommend venue:  31 may 2016.

Keep in touch.

Terence Seah

13 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub gathering, Tues 14 Jun 2016

  1. We have fixed the date for the next monthly gathering but the venue has not been decided.

    For many years, we have successfully held our gatherings at venues such as foodcourts and cafe. This has worked well, as members get to sit where they want, pay for what they eat and there is little administration. No collection of money, no treasurer. The Club just need to finalise the venue, and agree on the place and time.

    There are numerous spots, restaurants, cafes, coffee corners in Singapore. We can just go there at the appointed day and time.

    Unfortunately, this gathering concept does not guarantee a seat. Some of us may not get a seat. We may not get any dining incentives. Four or any number of people can share a table. Just pay for what we eat.

    The objective of providing a platform for SilverHairsClub members to meet is achieved.

    Terence Seah

  2. I just discover a place may be suitable.
    A-one Claypot House
    add: Tampines 1 #05-04
    This is a newly take-over from previous food outlet .Many previous operators didnot succeed in this location.
    I spoke to the manager, she allow us to sit from 2.00 pm until dinner times on conditions we support by dinner there. Food dishes range from 11-13 dollars.


  3. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Sounnds like a Zhe Char place. We keep this place in mind, until we decide end May. Meantime, please let us know how far is this place from the MRT? As this gathering is after work, I give high emphasis to nearness to a MRT for members to reach in time from anywhere in Singapore.

    Terence Seah

  4. Morning Terence,
    TM1 is shopping centre next to Tampines MRT. 3 minutes walk from MRT. This is not a Zhe Char place. It was a site of many unsuccessful restaurant .

  5. HI.. yes, I know that place. It’s usually very quiet. Right next to Kopitiam in Tampines 1. Quite a good place to gather. But in the east. May not be convenient for those staying in the West.

    If you guys looking for karaoke places, I have many in mind. But how many people will sing?

    If we can find an SRC (Singapore Rec Club) member amongst us, who is free & keen to join in, it would be nice. The food there is reasonably priced, and ambience good. Centrally located too. Can adjourn to the music lounge after dinner. Plan it on a Friday, maybe 10th June?

    Cheers, LydiaChin

  6. TQ Tony for the suggestion to hold the SilverHairsClub June mthly gathering at:

    A-one Claypot House
    Tampines 1 #05-04.

    There will be no registration, altho u can indicate here on this Post if you are coming. Free seating, subject to availability. You may share the cost of the food of the table that you join.

    Date: Tues 14 Jun 2016 (confirmed)
    Time: 1700 – 2030 hrs (confirmed)
    Transport: a few minutes fr Tempuinis MRT.

    You may form your own group and arrange what you want to eat and order. You pay according to your own arrangements.

    Terence Seah

  7. Haha, I was thinking this must be a crazy and most disorganised way to have a mthly gathering for SilverHairsClub. Either, no one turns up except me or there will be no seats for some late comers. But, this may be a good way to join other members whom we have not met before.

    We shall try this concept. If it works, we may choose any venue for the next mthly gathering. We can be innovative in our organising mthly gatherings.

    Terence Seah

  8. have not been to monthly gathering for ages, i will join you this time, terence.
    (Ann Lim would like to join too)

  9. Hi TonyA,

    The A-One Claypot house is not quiet. I was there yesterday, and there was a queue of about 15 people at 6.30pm. But I do notice the crowds dwindles at about 7.30pm. Diners eat fast.

    It is located on the 5th floor of Tempinis Mall 1, easily accessible via Tempinis MRT.

    For those who come and unable to get a seat, there is a kopitam food court, besides A-One Claypot house.

    Frisna, AnnL, I look forward to seeing you at this monthly gathering.

    I attach a picture, from the entrance of the claypot house.

    Terence Seah

  10. As the monthly gathering is held at a restaurant where other members of the public will also be around, some members are forming small tables so that they can be assured of a seat.

    This is a perfect idea and I encourage you to do so.

    One of the advantages of this concept is we don’t have to pre-register, come when you are free, no need for a treasurer to collect money and easy to cancel if one is not free. I call this a free & easy concept.

    Ypu are encourage to bring your own name tag. See u soon.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hans has reopened at Basement 2 of Chinatown Point. It’s packed during lunch but the crowd dwindles towards late afternoon. I think it’s a suitable venue for future gatherings and its a stone’s throw from the old Hans. Those who found the former location convenient would not have a problem with this place.

    But I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, prices seemed to have gone up.

  12. Last night, we had the monthly gathering at Tampines 1. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, as I wasn’t sure who will turn up. 25 members turned up. We did not take registration and members could turn up when they are free. Most were punctual, at 5pm.

    Everybody ordered their own claypot and paid individually. This free and easy concept saved administration work.

    Although strange, the venue did not serve any hot beverage, and almost everyone went over to the next door, which was Kapitan, a member of Kopitiam.

    We will keep this free and easy concept for some of our events. Seems workable.

    As recommended, the next monthly gatherings are likely to be held at Hans, Chinatown point or at Hanis, Simei East Point mall.

    Keep in touch.

    Terence Seah

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