Not the best news after CNY; but can SHC come up with some ideas in place?

A few of us have shared the concerns of losing jobs, recession, declining retirement investments and further bad news.  I think the really bad news is that recovery will take a long time.  This morning in today’s Straits Times, smacked right on the front page is the heading "Over 90,000 jobs lost" over the last two days in Europe and the US.  Some of our fellow members have already lost their jobs; while others saw no bonuses or pay increases.  The positive side may be the $20b, budgetted to save jobs and increase public spending.

I am always of the view that some SHCians have good ideas, and can put some of these ideas in place, if there is consolidated effort.  If you have an idea or a plan that would help other fellow SHCians financially, please share your thoughts here.  I dont mean putting monies in angpows and giving them out.  Ideas can include some form of income generation eg small businesses, group buying, organising training sessions, flea markets, online selling, starting F&B outlets, etc.

If you have an idea that is genuinely yours, and are determined to get it started, to earn some good income, I am sure some of us will pool in together to join you.  And, if you have some job offers, yeah, that can also be good news, for some of us.

The forum is open, and you are invited to share your thoughts.  Please respect the opinion of fellow SHians.  And, stay positive in your thoughts, solutions are possible and available.

Terence Seah 

64 thoughts on “Not the best news after CNY; but can SHC come up with some ideas in place?

  1. Early last year, I saw the dark clouds of more than a recession heading for this good earth……..I cautioned of a depression. Understandably, there were sneers then at how cynical I was.

    Now, I hate to think that I may be a step correct with my pessimism.

    This dire state of the economy actually benefits cash-rich retirees and those with savings. Everything comes cheap, there’ll be fire sales so hold out, be patient, dont rush. Many stellar goodies can be picked at cellar prices, and when the economy recovers – and it must eventually – you’ll hv enough of investment in hand to cash out to last another life-time.

    In this forum, another thread tells us that there’s money to be made from prostitution………can this be an option for those out of jobs? I dunno, you bet. I recall someone telling me at the charity lunch that her spirit may be willing but the flesh, not. Heeeheee…………..

    When people’s basic instinct for survival hits them hard, and driven by desperation, even a philanthropist can turn into the most beautiful conman So be very careful with offers of whatever descript……whether it’s an investment venture, donation to a charity, funding for a scheme that will sure make money one, accepting a job that makes you the frontman of a scam…… please give yourself a cool-down period before you get in.

  2. Terence

    Sounds like Tim Lui have indept knowledge of the operations in Geylang. Caroline Gee knows ‘Where The Boys Are’ You yourself have lengthy experence in Bankok. Abel Tan knows where in Karimun to get workers. I have great sympathy for disadvantaged girls….and boys.

    Together, I think we have enough experence and know-how to start a business. What do you think?

  3. Tian Soo,

    Add to these people, there is Steven Chan with the green fingers, Mary Chan who can teach golf, Ronald Lee in music audiology, Ronald Wie with retirement homes management, and all the gals and guys dancers. Gosh! a lot of experience. We keep chatting. A great business to start with.

    Terence Seah

  4. Aiyoh Terence.
    I can’t swing a golf club except to save myself from a robber perhaps.
    But I can teach a golf card game, you know, the one with King, Queen, Jack, spades, diamonds…..etc?

  5. Hi Terence / Tian Soo / others,

    A v. Interesting article appeared in the Electric New paper dated 27/01/09.

    It is the most used herb in the country but unplanned commercial harvesting and increasing demand may force people to stop relying on it as the price skyrockets.

    The link is at,4136,191023,00.html ( Tongkat Ali plant faces limp future )

    BEFORE Viagra ( Synthetic drug ), there was Tongkat Ali ( Natural Herbal Plant ) .

    But by 2014, man would have used up all the cultivated Tongkat Ali in the country, bringing an end to the best-selling herb in Malaysia, reported NST.

    Datuk Dr Abdul Rashid Ab Malik, deputy director-general of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), said the sustainable supply of Tongkat Ali is a huge concern that needs immediate attention.

    He added: ‘The Tongkat Ali plant takes 5 to 7 years to mature. The sustainable supply of Tongkat Ali is about 100 tonnes a year from the government and the private sector.

    The problem is that our future needs will be larger and we need BIGGER players to sustain the current demand.’

    This should be an immediate concern to Malaysian men as Tongkat Ali has penetrated the Japanese market, bringing in about RM3.8 billion ($1.6 billion) a year.’The Japanese demand is expected to increase and Tongkat Ali exports to Japan are expected to be worth RM8 billion next year.’

    Even without the Japanese factor, there will be a shortage in four to five years as there are NO big players who are continuously planting the tree that will be producing the herb, he said. The price of this plant, he said, might also not be as affordable as it is now. ‘When there are no more natural sources of Tongkat Ali, the price is going to go up.’

    Increasing demand from other countries is also causing prices to skyrocket, said Dr Rashid.

    ‘On a trip to the United States, I found Tongkat Ali products on the shelves. The extract is sent overseas and packaged there. In one store, our famous herb is called ‘Long Jack’.

    Health Benefits :- Why people consumes T.Alis ?
    1 ) Tongkat Ali has male enhancing properties, like a form of steroid, but is safe and natural.

    2 ) Tongkat Ali is good for body-builders.’Dr Rashid said a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that Tongkat Ali can increase muscle strength.

    There are so many uses for this herb, even in the medical line.

    3 ) Tongkat Ali is also shown to prevent lung and breast cancer.

    ‘Tongkat Ali has properties similar to ginseng and red ginseng. Malaysia should take advantage of this, like the Koreans who are harvesting it commercially on a large scale.’

    So what do you all think ? We need a BIG time investor in SHC who is willing to invest in this long term viable project .

    Tian Soo boss of Eco farm , what are your comments pls?

  6. Jass-T, it’s no coincidence that this is the year of the american buffalo……..the bison. Arguably, this financial meltdown and its spill-overs hurting the world economy started in the US, with the Lehman bros selling lemon products and now, served them right, reduced to selling lemonades.

    Btw, who has last seen or read KT Wong? I was told that his highly touted ATM is now lying flat on the ground and used as a floor MAT………so sad………

    Tian Soo, the naked truth be told and the naked truth be heard. I actually tested the market at gayland and asked whether I cd take over 1 whole whore shop but was rejected. Somehow for some reason only some people are allowed to do this very naked business.

    Maybe, we cd start one at ye eco farm since many foreigners operate from forested areas and it woukd seem to me that this flesh trade is permissive if there is enough of green & vegetation to camouflage……..Heee, our gals in here will have something serious to think abt, a chance for rejuvenation and to test their attractiveness once again?

  7. Hi Steven, I have not thought of Tongkat Ali as a viable business venture. Does sound attractive. Personally, I wont go into it as I definitely dont have the resources. Maybe if there is a listed Indonesian entity, I might take your advice, long-term though.

    Hi Tim, you are a well-exposed guy, and I am sure you know alot about the flesh trade business. Don’t you have other more exciting ideas? Something that would ignite our spirits and help some of us pick these ideas up and put into plan. Keep thinking!

    Terence Seah

  8. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all

    Since you guys mentioned Viagra ( Synthetic drug )and Tongkat Ali ( Natural Herbal Plant ) I wonder have anyone heard about Intra juice ( u may use the seach engine to find ‘ intra ‘), it is a non-toxic herbal blend formulated from twenty-three botanical extracts to support the immune system and develop better health, I’m using it everyday, so far so good. My daughter also drank, only three months, her years of menses pain, gone.(although she had seen doctor and took chinese medicine too, but it did not work then.)

    As we know, we need some kind of health products, may be we can discuss here and enlighten everbody, tell us your experiences, right? what say u…..


  9. Haha Steven you’re quite right there. In all honesty, my enquiry was made with you in mind. Imagine the long you standing tall, towering over all other operations, wearing 1 sock here and 1 sock there, arguing with Ali over who shd hold the tongkat and who shd shave botak to look like a coconut……….

    Was on leave yesterday and now back to the grind. Have moved my computer from 5 feet away to 5 inches from my eyes which shd reduce my typo/grmmatical errors which was uncharacteristically rife of me lately.

    Yes, Sengh, I’ll hold my horse lest this thread slips into the triviality.

    For those who are employed, hold tight to your jobs, come what may. Be insensitive to scoldings, be blind to the lack of recognition, reward and fair play.

    I have a butty who goes about looking for unwanted, shabby, dilapidated units of abt 250-300 sq ft each in town to buy on the cheap. He refurbishes them into cosy studio units and rents them out for abt $1,500 a month on the average.

    Another has gone full-time investing on the turf and soccer. The odds paid out are good bcos with so many hit by this bad economy chasing hot-tips paying the measely. But his choice is not for the ordinary folks – less, for retirees who have only savings to keep them going.

    Yet another works her nimble fingers from home. Clients are introduced by word of mouth, and they have had good clean and refreshing massages from her. Charging about $40 an hour, on a good day, she gets 5 calls or $200 for 5 hours’ work. Her monthly gross can come close to $6k which is quite good, and she has a lot of time to herself.

    Finally, with the SDU-SDS merger and their doing away with age cap, I dont see how your dating service will ever take off for the high. Not unless you also offer massage service as part of the dating…………….

  10. Aiyoh,
    I thought this was about some new ideas for SHC? It seems to have deteriorated (sic) into a sad discourse between a few old men desperate to raise the Titanic?

    I had such a good laugh at Terence’s
    “Tim you are a well exposed guy” and

    “The NAKED truth be told and the NAKED truth be heard”
    “Another works her nimble fingers from home”

    Go and take a cold shower lah and think of some good ideas to keep SHC going ok?

  11. On this thread, I am hopeful we can develop some ideas into workable ventures, among like-minded members. I am not sure how these ideas can be further developed, but let me list them down.

    1. Mary Chan sees a sparkle in golf card game.
    2. Steven Chan thinks of a Tongkat Ali plantation.
    3. Vivian Lai is investigating a health product idea.
    4. Tim Liu saw an idea in refurbishing old units and renting them.
    5. Tim Liu also see a business in providing massages.
    6. Joan Wong (Perth) saw an idea in training.
    7. Roland Tong likes the idea of a Tuition Club.
    8. Jassmine Teo also likes the idea of a Tuition Club.

    If you are truly a believer in your idea, and seriously wanting to take your idea further as a business, I am sure you may find like-minded SHC members. I hope some of your ideas or plans can be Blue Helmet projects. While some of us may be adventurous, do note that starting business at this age do carry its own risk.

    Terence Seah

  12. At times like this, purchasing power is considerably diminished. Businesses, particularly the retailers, are crying out loud. Many are thinking of calling it a day, and join others to roam the streets. At least they don’t have to worry about operating costs, in addition to no income.

    Any business start up will need capital. I think it is not wise to venture into anything now. The chances of losing (or freezing) whatever you put in is high as there is little demand, if any, for most products and services.

    The best way to “earn” an income now is to spend prudently. Ask ourselves each time we want to buy something – is it necessary? Many of our daily needs, particularly cooked food, are still very expensive.
    A kopi-o still costs 70 to 90 cents. Instead of 3 cups, can we cut down to 2 or even 1? After all it is more of a habit than a necessity.

    And do we need to eat expensive meals at restaurants in order to mingle?

  13. Terence,

    That golf card game is only a past time lah. How to make it a business? Unless I open a gambling den haha.

    Seriously though,l have been toying with the idea of taking on foreign students who may wish to brush up on their proficiency in English or perhaps teach phonics to very young children, preschoolers, primary ones and twos etc.
    I do creative writing classes too.

    Would I be stepping out of line if I were to solicit potential students here, under the umbrella of the Blue Helmet?

    Please enlighten me.

  14. Hi MaryC #16,

    On the contrary, I think your idea is an excellent option or opportunity for SilverHairs and other like-minded members. As a guideline, no one steps out of line in this forum, except when he/she enters the taboo areas.

    I am glad you bring this idea up. A number of SHCians have toyed with the idea of providing English proficiency services to foreign students. Other similar services have also been considered. However, one weakness of going alone, is that the individual is not able to attract the students that he/she needs. Personally, I think that as a group, if the number of like-minded persons hits 5 or 6 persons, it is worth a challenge to make this idea feasible and viable. I believe this idea can be be supported under the Blue Helmet project.

    I encourage positive thinking, and I am sure there are many more out there, with similar thoughts. Keep the sharing flowing.

    Terence Seah

  15. Keeping a job and making some money in the midst of adversities and financial throes are fo cos important but let us all also be very careful and wary……….we are not young and there will be a lot more who, having lost their jobs but with families to feed and bills to pay, may be forced into crime. So do pls take care and stay away from places you dont feel safe but then, when people really turn desperate, like Gu Long said, the safest place may be the most undafe place.

  16. Tim,

    Perhaps, I maybe wrong. But, judging from this forum, I interprete that a number of SilverHairs are still working, have an acceptable lifestyle and do not need a job. I remembered some time ago, I wrote that many SHCians do not need a job. If they are not working, perhaps, they have good savings and investment earnings.
    But don’t forget, there is a part of society, we will never know. Look carefully around. I am sure you know. Singapore costs have to be managed, and this is not easy for any mother or single parent. I remembered a famous line. A dollar out will never come back.

    I agree that starting a business has to be handled with care, as any loss won’t come back too. But, it is important that we ensure when we are out of job, retired, we have a steady if not small income coming in all the time. No one helps us if we don’t help ourselves.

    Now, I think small groups can get together and do something viable. I believe giving English proficiency classes to foreigner is an excellent idea. Of course, this requires planning. And, this is not just one example. More, if we look at it again, and come together.

    You and I are lucky to have a job, as every month, that dollar comes in.

    But, all said, there are risks when trying to earn our own dollar.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi All,

    How about coming up with interesting educational games or activities for the Primary ones and twos?

    As mentioned in the current reports on primary education, there is a great need for meaningful, engaging educational ideas and activities.

    In a sense, education is recession-proof.
    If anyone of you would like to be part of a team that writes books for the learning of English for chldren, do let me know. I’m up to my neck with lecturing in the universities but I could put you in contact with someone who does this. (Her books have been used in locally and in China).

    Also, 3 of us are thinking of pooling our resources (as consultants in business communication, crisis management etc) to set up a consulting business. This is in the ‘baby’ stage…more next time, but ideas are welcome.

    Best regards to all,

    Vivien Ler

  18. Sengh, you addressed yr comments at me but what talking you leh?

    In my comments =- 1 earlier than yours – my message was to caution folks of the danger that may be lurking around……..there will be more muggers, snatch thieves, robbers.

    As we are not as young as we have been, we will just have to be very alert and careful, be wary of starngers loitering at lift lobbies, avoid coming home alone/late, and best, keep a whistle in yr pocket/handbag.

    Of cos in yr case, you’re safe… baddy dare to touch a man who wears his red underpants outside with the letter S emblazoned right on his chest and spread his hand out to pretend that he’s flying……….

  19. Hi Tim,

    I noticed you disappeared pretty early from the Chinese New Year lunch. In case, you left before Dolly announced the lucky number, here it is – combinations of 4, 5, 6 and 8. And, by the way the guy you just spoke with is Terence.

    Now, Dolly, did the winning number come out today? I have to make some money, so I am going to the pools tomorrow.

    Terence Seah

  20. Hi Terence,

    To invest in a Tongkat Ali plantation is a long term investment. Unless, we had a BIG time investor who believes in long term,then it would be futile.

    ” With PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE” the mulberry leaves turns to silk, so can all the Tongkat Alis standing TALL.

  21. Hi All,

    It’s so excited to hear you all talk about the plan for education. I like your ideas, like terence said ” small groups can get together and do something viable.” may be we can set up a some kind of education consulting business.
    shall we meet and discuss further…
    seek your view please!

  22. Hi Terence,Mary Chan, Vivian

    Re: #14,16.17,18,21.
    I’m not sure if i can put this up here but from some of the comments I read, I’m wondering if any SHCians are looking for a training venue or would like to be trainers in Singapore. I’m interested in providing enrichment activities for young and old in S’pore. I’m certain among us, there are some who have skills to impart to the others, their relatives and friends. If interested, you can email me to discuss ideas further. I am also in S’pore in Apr-May and can meet up.

    I’m sure some of you may have noticed that I also try to encourage members to play golf in Perth. This is because of the cooler weather and cheaper rate. I hope to play one day with interested members in Indonesia/Malaysia. Perhaps some one can tell me about membership and fees in Malaysia etc.

    Terence mentioned that the post will be on till Feb. Hope i haven’t crossed the line.


  23. Dear Joan and others,

    I know nothing about golf but I have a Condo in JB that I just bought, it is called ‘ Sri Mutiara ‘. Beside it there’s a golf club. it is about 20 mins from woodland checkpoint, near tessco, maybe those interested can check it up and enlighten us.

  24. Hi Vivian #28,

    Just wondering if you would like us to check up on the golf course, your condo or lotus or the woodlands checkpoint. Just being funny. But, still need clarification.

    Terence Seah

  25. ssssory, Terence#29

    What I really meant is to help Joan#27 to find a good golf club and my place in JB is still available for use before I rent it out ….may be we can hv a wild party there…just joking

  26. Hi Silverhairs

    Regarding Terence’s thought-provoking initial remarks, my
    take is most non-working retirees are desirous in wanting,
    obviously natural, to grease their cash flow and pad-up their dormant cash-holdings, welcoming even very modest

    During the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis, my financial
    losses were horrendous. But, on the other hand as a result, the disaster had taught me a profound objective
    lesson that GREED leading to over-leveraging speculation is
    definitely destructive as glaringly exemplified by the
    recent US financial implosion.

    The last few years since March 2006, have seen me in
    partnership with an old-time friend who was also savaged by
    the markets in 1997/98, “hedging our expertise together” by
    trading specifically in the local stock market.
    Our knowledgeable trading strategy has been vastly gleaned
    from practical observations that during moments of market
    fear, is to BUY and to SELL immediately as the market
    rebounded, a couple or few days later. This scenario never
    fails and the quite elusive trick is to “buy on the last
    rainy day” as the next day is a definite sunshine day, albeit more than half the time, daylight hours do not last
    more than half a day.

    We trade exclusively on a “contra” basis, with trading
    limits imposed upon us by the brokering company as we could
    only afford a $2,000(shared equally) deposit required for
    exclusive contra-trades. We have never traded more than
    thrice weekly and averaging not more than six trades
    monthly. On an annual basis, our profits have successively
    been more than 60% of our $2k Deposit.

    My suggestion now is for SHC to “gang-up” and create a
    trading fund, say of $10,000 divided in multiple shares of
    $100 per share where interested members can subscribe to
    with a maximum subscription of THREE shares. A committee
    be formed (minimum 7members, with myself only in a advisory
    role and NOT the one to excute trades) to oversee this project which should, with absolute prudence, patience and
    perseverance, continually yield modest dividends on
    participating-members’ shareholdings.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Abel Tan

  27. Hi Terence, Vivian, JOan and all

    Yes was wondering what Vivian wanted to know. The nearest Golf course to Sri Mutiara is the Octville CC but then again if you are already there, most of the courses are quite nearby like Pulai Springs, Austin Hills etc.

    About causeway movements based on the CNY and the many trips I made the last week it was really a breeze to go through the Johore customs now. The Singapore customs tends to take a little more time as compared to JB but it is better than before.

    Terence I am still exploring the concept of time share of condo units in Malaysia, Perth , or elsewhere and am wondering how it can be taken up SHC style in a way that can benefit both the owners and guests.

    I just had the privilege to stay at Janet’s condo in Malacca at the Everly Resort. This is one of most popular resorts in Malacca that is near the seaside and fishing village so there is many night ‘ikan bakar’ cafes. The resort itself has nice buffet breafast/lunch/dinner and there was the special CNY Lo hei Dinner at only M$45 ( with 50% discount for seniors) on the first 3 days of CNY. There also have special Valentine’s Day getaway packages ,etc. For more info you can check the Everly resort website at “”

    There is also bar/disco that has a big dance floor enough to hold an SHC event with a live band and drinks are reasonable at M$14. Malacca town, JOnker street area, was specially dolled up for the CNY so it was difficult to get there in the night but managed to have an early lunch at Heeren 88 for my favorite ‘nasi lemak, laksa and chendol’. Even my sister complimented on their nasi lemak at only M$3 and chendol at M$1.50 not to mention many other favorite nyonya dishes. Hymm maybe must tbe the ‘Little Nyonya series’ that has created the trend of more visitors coming to Malacca which has now been declared as one of the ‘UNESCO world heritage site’. I am wondering again if there is anyone keen amongst us to look into getting one of the traditional house similar to the ones you find at Katong. The ones in Malacca comes cheaper and you will really be transported back in time back to the good old days (sleepy hollow pace) but then you can live at cost of living of the Spore’s 1970’s days.

    What I am trying to imagine is to Terence’s idea of 3 months stay at various destinations can crystallise into reality at places like,Malacca,Hainan, Perth, BKK, Phuket or even UK if there members who can be the POC (point of contact) in these place helping to make the necessary arrangements. Such arrangement can then provide the opportunity to really the traveller to get to know the places you travel in depth, learn local traditions, cooking skills, enjoy many other interesting events, etc.

    Well, let us hope many more members with such interests on either side of the fence (as owners or guests) will come forward to brainstorm this idea.


  28. Hi Abel #31,

    I understand your concept as outlined in your comment.

    However, I am unwilling to support the concept, on a collective basis because in any investments, profits cannot be guaranteed, neither can losses be projected.

    Of course, without risks, there can be no gains. As in all businesses or investments, I can only say members who participate go in at their own risk.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi RonaldW #32,

    You are top on the list of persons whom I would ask to brainstorm on “short-term retirement living”. I encourage you and everyone to keep working on the idea, as critical mass is important for any idea to succeed.

    A good idea can fail if there are inadequate demand and supply sources. Keep leading on this topic. It will succeed one day.

    Terence Seah

  30. Hi Vivien Ler,

    I agree with you, “education is recession proof”.

    I am quite interested in the ideas of writing some stuff in terms of games and activities that enhance better learning in the lower primary education.

    May be I should branch out to do something which can be done even though I retire, I am in the pre-school teaching profession for almost 13 years and I am still teaching, hope to do something better for my retirement, hee……….

    May be we should meet someday for further discussion.

    You may want to email me at:

    Best Regards!

  31. Thanks, Ronald Wie#32

    Those r very good information that I needed, as I just bought the condo there, I need to know more about JB.
    May be we can form a ‘JB group’ for those who go there quite often; to exchange information and keep each other up dated. like what r the days that’s less traffic at the checkpoints…

    and Terence, I like yr great idea “short-term retirement living”. pls count me in.


  32. Hi Vivian #36,

    I cannot resist asking why you would buy a condo in JB. Really, like to understand your decision process. Unless you are moving over to live in JB, I would probably find it unusual to buy a condo, and go over there once a week.

    As for Ronald, really to manage your time share concept, you have to come up with an idea, which is acceptable. Timeshare has a negative image in Singapore. But, again, it doesnt matter if the idea is still in process, why dont we hear from you; and you tell us what is on your mind? Open up the thinking process. If it makes sense, there will be support. Think of 3 months short term living. And, the concept can be extended to all Singaporeans.

    Terence Seah

  33. Hi James, Vivien, Nancy, Joan, MaryC,

    There is good support for education services. I shall initiate a meeting sometime mid this Feb, and proceed from there.

    Terence Seah

  34. Hi Vivian #36,

    The best time to time to come in to JB is aound 10am and leave by 5pm(Mon-fri).The reason the causeway is clear this past week is because all the malaysian workers have ‘balik kampong’ and most chinese businesses are not operating.

  35. Terence.
    Good that you will be arranging for a brainstorming session regarding the idea of providing some sort of education service. I have now started teaching Tuesday nights, so please don’t have it on a Tuesday as I am very keen to attend.

  36. Terence#37 n others

    I think property investment for malaysia is not a bad choice, it is the cheapest compare to other country. and I can go there quite often, good shopping and eating.

    May be we can hv a discussion over property investment in some country or local, that we can afford and reliable.
    In singapore, $300,000/- , u can only buy a resale 3 room HDB and rent out about 1k. Is this a good move, or there’s other better move.. yr view pls, thank you

  37. Hi Vivian #28, Ronald #32, Terence and all

    Vivian, hope that we can take up your offer of staying at your place in JB and play a game of golf one day. Perhaps you can keep us informed of more details.

    Ronald, re: your idea of condo time share, from what I understand of time share, there is commitment to alloting a sum of money towards overseas stay at various locations. What I see is that for some reason or other, the person may travel infrequently and may not use the facilities offered in the scheme. I like to suggest that if members who have homes to offer for B & B stay can be contacted directly by the guests themselves or perhaps a manager who helps to liaise between owner and guest. This may be important as sometimes guests do not know the owners or are not comfortable with making the arrangements themselves etc.

    I’m sure there are several who own homes in various locations. Where homes are vacant, looking into cleaning arrangements may have to be considered. Unless the owners/relatives stay nearby. This may be the reason why these owners prefer to leave their homes empty. B & Bs are easier as the owners can make these arrangements.

    Owners can give details of what services they can provide and when they can take in guests. Rates charged can also be mentioned. In that way, guests can choose locations that suit their budget etc.

    Terence #39, I’m interested to know more after your brainstorming session in Feb. I hope to set up or offer something in that area in Singapore and would like to join in the discussion. I can meet up with the rest from 9 Apr – May.


  38. Hi Vivian @#42,

    Unless this Malaysia property is intended for your consumption and not for investment – then you are OK.

    Most, if not all, of the people who had invested in Malaysian properties in the early 90’s in places like Penang, Malacca, Port Dickson, etc., not only lost much in the value of their properties but also saddled with the monthly conservancy charge and a poorly managed Condo which deteriorates quickly and terribly as the years go by and with little or no income coming in. Some were forced to let go of their properties at a fraction of the buying price just to cut lost.

    Thus, I am rather surprised to hear that you have bought a property in Malaysia.

    Anyway enjoy yourself there!

  39. Hi Joan,Vivien,Patsy, Terence all all,

    Let us brainstorm in this forum as Joan in in Perth, Terence in Bkk, and most of us are here and there, and when we do meet many issues would already have been ironed out.

    Timeshare(SHC) style – lack for a better word, however the concept is quite similar but then we dont really need to own/buy the property but share the cost of renting the property. The word timeshare will mean proportional cost sharing of rent in terms of rooms for the total period/or shared periods. The rent for condo units in Malacca or KL usually ranges from M$500 to M$1000 depending on Condo location, facilities, or age. So really it is affordable to share such a unit even for a year with one or two other members, if you are really intending to stay there frequently.

    What would the prices like for such a unit in Perth ? Such discussion will only be beneficial if there is really a group that is already looking for such condos to rent or those who are ready to rent.

    Vivian, about making a trip there to play golf, yes, when ? I will be going tomorrow, Wed to Austin hills, anyone else interested ? Or,as I am game to make a weekly trip to JB on Mons and Weds let me know when you are ready ?

    Am also arranging a golfing trip on the 16th Feb Mon, with SHC members, so it might be a good time to view your place, roam the area for food after our golf game. Joan, I take it you cant make this time but let us know anytime you are in Spore. Patsy and anyone else keen, please feel free to join us.


  40. This blizzard has thrown my angmoh friends off their travel schedule and so I find some breather to examine Ron-W’s visulisation.

    Timeshare :-

    To jointly lease, instead of an outright purchase – requires total & absolute commitment on all the joint lessees…..smthg like “till death (read, expiry of lease) do we part”. Human beings can sometimes be very strange animals and dont see eye to eye after a while, or have the same resolve. Usually, the lead-lessee will be left to carry the baby if, 1 by 1, his backers back out.

    In a purchase, after the initial outlay, the parties hold the property as joint owners. Other than maintenance & property tax, there’s not much more in expenses, and so there’s less reason for anyone to back out. But not in the case of a lease….what will you do if, in the next month, a joker refuses to pay his share for the rent?

    (Of cos one can apply the argument of not contributing to monthly maintenance in a purchase but the recourse can be in the form of denying him his share of the rental collected from any timeshare/sublease, or from a deduction of his share in the proceeds from the property sale eventually)

  41. Hi Abel @#31,

    Like Roger, I am interested to know how you do it. So if you can leave your email address for those interested to contact you, we can organise ourselves into a group.

    Hi Ronald @#45,

    I don’t see the advantage/rationale of taking out a year lease to share costs with those who want to use it. Perhaps it may be better if a short-term rental can be arranged with the owner whenever you intend to stay in that place for an extended period. That way you can do it on your own, any time, anywhere and for any length of time.

    Warmest Regards,

  42. Hi Abel @#31,

    ya, you may count me in, I’m interested too.
    My email

    Hi Ronald Wie@#45

    I think the condo only ready somewhere in April or May.

    Hi Patsy Lim @#44

    Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate, this is what I need to know.

  43. Hi Abel@31 and all SHC investors!

    There seems to be some interest in your proposal to start a kind of investment club. Maybe you should call for a meeting of all those interested to present your “system” to them. A return of 60% (annuallised) is something not to be sneered at; your money will double in less than 2 years at this rate.

    But, like Terence said, this venture has to be carefully considered and taken independently with all risks fully apprised. This is like forex trading (introduced by Tiang Soon) where risk and return can be somewhat anticipated with even higher leverage at play.

    Many retirees (like myself) do not earn a pension and may not have enough funds to fulfil all their financial needs and aspirations. The present (absurdly) low interest rates paid by financial institutions cannot make a decent yield for their meagre cash holdings. The financial crisis has made their other investments in unit trusts, stocks and even insurance plummet to a fraction of their values. Now housing prices are making new lows… so even their home values are shrinking. To top it off, inflation and rising costs of basic services like transport, food and medical are going higher… (a scenerio brought about by privatisation policies and globalisation).

    What solutions are there for retirees to ensure their little capital (cash and property) are not eroded? And that they will be able to outlast their money?

    It is this quandary that has led many seniors to venture into stock trading, options, forex in a desperate attempt to preserve their “wealth”. Many scams also abound where the “fear and greed” of unwary investors are preyed upon.

    The recent Lehmann scandal and the Minibond issues are just where many senior “investors” are lured into putting their hard-earned money into suspect derivative products. The blame has been put on the relationship managers; but the cause goes much further: The financial insitutions responsible for these toxic products and the desparate search for better yields by the retirees/investors.

    How can SHC address these issues and concerns of seniors?

  44. Hi all,

    Abel @31 count me in, my email :

    Vivian, Patsy @42,44 on property in Malaysia – I should think property investment in Malaysia now will not be as bad as it was in the 1990s. First the exchange rate now is at 2.4, and with property prices at close to bottom, and with guaranteed yields you will not be doing too bad.

    Compare this to those who have bought property in UK, Aus or NZ to realise the same dream of living in a nice condo,
    landed property.

    So the other option to having this dream is rent/lease condo and landed property where you will not be committed financially and you only pay for the lease. I am now renting a room in an old bungalow with a large room with 2 windows facing the front and side gardens. This is in the heart of Serangoon gardens where the population density is so low that I feel at times I am in a remote part of ChiangMai. When I do take a slow walk to the Hawker stall oppostite Chomp, which is much quieter and airy, I really feel as though i am in Chiangmai.

    So Patsy, Tim and all @48, why share ? As Terence mentioned he would like to stay only for 3 months at a time at a certain place. Now if there is someone who has just a nice place in Perth for me then I can swapped places with him for 3 months. But if the rent is for a place with 3 rooms, then there is a better community sharing the cost and you are not committed to only one place. So you can stay 3 months in summer at Perth , 3 months in ChiangMai or BKK, etc.

    The cost of this timeshare in SHC style can be quite simple and straight forward just pay upfront of what your share is for the rent for the whole year. So assumming a full condo unit in BKK at $1000 a month shared by 3 persons it will work out to only $3300 per month.

    The shareholder of this timeshare scheme can then use the room at his disposal or even subrent it out to others thus reducing his cost. If needed to when the other condo rooms are available , booked if for friends and pay a certain agreed amount to the other shareholders.

    The dream is that in time, there can be condo units from JB, Malacca, KL , Penang , BKK to PHuket rented by SHC members which can timeshared for members at a fraction of the cost of staying in hotels. This arrangement provides better comfort, homely lviving arrangments to do your own cooking, washing, etc. Many other activities can be arranged if the stay in longer than a week, like taking up cooking lesons,golf lesson(cheaper in Msia) learning a language, etc.


  45. Wow! what a nice place that u stay, Ronald Wie @#51

    “an old bungalow with a large room with 2 windows facing the front and side gardens. This is in the heart of Serangoon gardens where the population density is so low that I feel at times I am in a remote part of ChiangMai.”

    Any more such a place…I would like to be yr neighbour… joke

  46. Hi RonaldW,

    I believe you have enough interest and support to start the idea of time-share. And I do also think it is a good idea to move out of this Post, and start a separate one strictly on Time share, with the aim of enjoy short-term retirement living. I will also participate.

    Terence Seah

  47. Hi Vivian, Joan, MaryC, JamesT, Nancy, Jassmine, RolandT,

    I shall move out of this general Post, and start one on Education as an income source.

    Terence Seah

  48. Hi Silverhairs

    With regard to my #31 remarks pertaining to the creation
    of a SHC Investment Fund or more appropriate name a Trading
    Fund, please note that this is NOT A GET-RICH QUICK scheme.
    The Fund will go for the long haul and returns at times will be be quite miniscule.

    The following are my additional suggestions:

    1. Name of Trading A/C – Silverhairsclub Trading Fund
    2. Maximum value per trading contract – $15,000
    3. Statement of Account – monthly copies of Broker’s
    trading records distributed
    to participating members
    4. Dividends payable – cash distribution at monthly
    SHCians’ meeting
    5. Trades – immediate confirmation of “Buy” & “Sell”
    from rotational executors to all
    participating members

    My beleive is with the utmost diligence, discipline and
    plus absolute transparent co-operation among participating
    members, this Fund when initiated will not be aborted due
    to afterthought misgivings.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

    Abel Tan

  49. Hi Abel @#55,

    You have generated interest in your scheme.

    How about arranging a day and time where those of us
    interested can hear more from you and ask questions?

    I wouldn’t mind coordinating the meeting, just let
    me know the day and time that you are available.
    You can email me at

    Warmest Regards,

  50. Hi Abel #55, Jie, Patsy,

    Abel, would you start a new Post since there are other SHCians who are interested in teaming up together.

    I would suggest that you discuss this openly, and when enough people are interested, then you call a meeting. I am not familiar with what this investment will entail, but it is important that if you do go ahead, everybody is aware of the risks and pitfalls. Participants must be aware of the risks too.

    Terence Seah

  51. Hi Vivian and all

    At @52, ‘yes there is’ just come along Brighton Crescent and both sides of my neighbourhood are available. On the right is a bungalow house that was used as a kindergarden that is now vacant ( hymm maybe Mary Chan & Co and start her kindergarden, maybe she Mary and the Little lambs kindergarden? ) and on the left is a newly built 3 storey house which is on sale now (call L2 83331616).

    But be prepared for a cultural shock as the bungalow house that I am staying will not be what you expect of modern Singapore. The owner who is an old man in his 60’s live alone and he believes strongly in conservation and heritage. So much so he keeps everything in his lifetime, old car parts ,etc including very old trees, bushes and all. He once had a dog that can only be heard (barking when anyone comes near the house) but not be seen even in broad daylight. The last I heard after I moved in for a month or two, the dog ran away. Maybe it was getting too crowded for that poor little fellow but where can that dog go and hide other than in this house full of old clutter.


  52. Hi all,

    Just to recap on last year and events that have happened, especially in the economic arena. One very poignant book that seems to have pinpointed what have happened and wonder if further truths are forthcoming as accurately in the future, i.e. the book by Simon Sim ‘The Joseph Cycle’.
    I have also to thank Peggy for introducing to book to the group of beginner investors when we first start and met at Philips Investor’s office at Toa Payoh listening to talks, etc.
    To those who have not read the book if you keen on investing I strongly suggest you read the book for a good undesstanding of the economic cycles of the past 100 years and why it seems history repeats itself since the Egyptian times.

    What has amazed me was his predictions that was written in early 2005 (very few Trading Books ever forecast market trends mostly only review after the trend) that the STI could reach as high as 4000 in 2008 and that is will crash down heavily, worst that the Great Depression after the Beijing Olympics and the next few years. We have seen the STI peak to almost 4000 in 2008 when most economist and analyst laughed at his book. Now his other predcition of a greater depression seems as clear as daylight is crystallising beyond a ray of douht. My point is how then do we take knowledge of such trends and his message ,of which there are many beyond just material pursuits there is only a spiritual message left to the individual to discover.

    Todays headlines in many newspapers predict a Greater Depression, which he predicted will drag for the next 7 years before it really recovers, truth or fiction, or has this been happening in the past century, and if so why??:-

    Headlines in the Newspapers today
    Feb 10, 2009
    Crisis worst in 100 years

    LONDON – THE economic crisis is the worst seen in more than a century, surpassing even the Great Depression,
    a British minister said in comments reported on Monday.

    Children’s secretary Ed Balls told supporters in the northern English city of Sheffield that the financial
    turmoil would define British politics for the ‘next year,
    the next five years, the next 10 and even the next 15 years,’ according to the Yorkshire Post, a local newspaper.

    ‘These are seismic events that are going to change the political landscape,’ Balls was quoted as saying by the Post,
    adding that he feared a resurgence of far-right politics in response to the downturn.

    ‘I think that this is a financial crisis more extreme and more serious than that of the 1930s and we all
    remember how the politics of that era were shaped by the economy,’ Mr Balls was quoted as saying.

    Passenger drought at Korean ‘ghost’ airport 10/02/2009


  53. Hi Terence and all,

    Not the best news of all, certainly from the daily newspapers and today to hear that Terence is wanting to leave us after leading us on to ‘a better silver/golden year’ ahead.

    I can only reflect on what I feel, that he is like no other one I have met, being the pioneer that he was in starting SHC.
    His passion, his burnig desire is hidden by his somewhat shy, easy going nature but not in his eyes or when you get to know him better. It is rather sad, for me, to hear that finally all the original members are not going to lead us now. For it will never be the same if the pioneer is not around to lead us. The spirit, the character, the style, the simple, easy going but yet prestigious way that he reviews your ideas, even if it may not really mount to anything, warms your heart to have him hear you out. So it is really not the best of news, for me, for that reason that noone can replace a pioneer and it is sad if there are no pioneers left in SHC to lead us. I am not saying that the SHC club cannot be better, it can even be better in some ways, but not the way as it was initially conceptualised with the very simple logo of only ‘ a few silverhairs stickig out of the head’, it epitomises humility, the honesty to accept oneself and thus being able to accept others as they are. The goals he set for SHC then was topless and bottomless but yet full of body that touches everyone in one way or another and stirs passions of desires
    to do something.
    For that I realy take my cap off to Terence and I have actually written a simple song for the coming D n D to sing it then and to surprise him, but now that he is trying to leave us I hope, this song can draw support from all who feel the way I do to persuade him to change his mind.

    Title – More than Just a Friend

    Stay with me
    Be my friend
    Dont leave me/us
    If you can

    I/We need you
    More than you know
    HOw can you leave
    Now when we getting old

    I knew you when you were one,
    Now you’ve grown to be so much fun
    Many things that you have planned
    I cant wait to be at hand

    You have been more than a friend
    Many a times you understand
    Things I tried to say or do
    You always say “give it a try”

    Chorus 2
    Time have change and peole go
    But you always there this I know
    You always have something nice to say
    No matter what I do or say

    There can be no one like you
    Never have someone been so true
    You are free, easy AND cool
    Why leave us now in the blue
    You dont have to be always near
    There is no need for you to be here
    You dont have to do anything
    Just the words “I will hear ”

    How can you just go away
    It will never never be the same
    We will not leave here today
    Till you say that you will stay

    Repeat, repeat , till Terence give in I hope

    Stay with me
    Be my friend,
    Please dont leave us
    If you can .


  54. Hi Ronald #61,

    Gee, very nice words, and thank you for the song.

    The SilverHairsClub is indeed one of the most exciting clubs in Singapore. And, all the successful events and friendship have been made possible by the many SilverHairs in the club. To the many EOs, contributors and participants.

    I am not leaving SHC, only more to be an ordinary SHCian, spend more time with my family, focus on some projects and give the club a refreshing change under Yew Kwong and Dolly Lim.

    So, have fun.

    Terence Seah

  55. Hi Terence,

    # The spirit, the character, the style, the simple, easy going but yet prestigious way that he reviews your ideas, even if it may not really mount to anything, warms your heart to have him hear you out – yes, yes, yes, I totally agree with Ronald, the above sentences describe the Founder of SHC and that is Mr Terence Seah.

    Although, I don’t really know you very well but on reading many posts that you have put up in this web site especially the ways you review your ideas, the suggestions that you gave in many topics, the discussions that you mentioned is always warm & welcoming, the fact that you are the pioneer who have headed this club and many members have benefited in one way or the other, the fact that I have only met you twice, it already made it very clear to me that you have done a good job in providing the members a platform to happiness and you have done it with your heart & passion.

    Well done Terence!

    May I wish you Happiness, Joy, Courage, Luck, Good Health & Good Wealth, too in whatever you will be doing in the future.

    Cheers Terence!

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