Fairy Godmother is still alive

Hi fellow members,

Fairy Godmother is still very much alive. She is now 72, walks around with a walking stick, a bit slow in thinking and very often, sitting and resting under the mango tree. She still dangles her magic wand; but due to weak batteries, the wand seldom works well. She is now thinking of using an Artificial Intelligence Robot to help her thinking and sometimes makes decisions on a behalf.

I am sure some of you have read about a security robot that can patrol large area 24 hours a day, taking over the duties of securities guards and can smell fires, detect faces and can even call an ambulance. But sadly, about two months ago, the robot ran too fast, hit the edge of a water fountain and fell into a pool of water. Her circuitary was wet and she died.

Well fairy godmother is alive. She is still good at moderating quarrels especially among boys and girls. Unfortunately, she can’t talk, so she just waives her wand. Some some comments and posts just disappear at a “Zap”. If batteries are not well charged, sometimes nothing happens.

Fairy Godmother wants to have a smooth and quiet retirement life. But we all know boys and girls do quarrel from time to time, usually because of a misunderstanding. Fairy Godmother is happy to see the boys and girls happy, running here and there and enjoying the good lives on Singapore island.

Fairy Godmother forgets names easily. She is not perfect. If anyone likes to be a trainee God Mother, do let me know. Meantime, she is hoping that more of the boys and girls who are over 45 can help to keep the peace with SilverHairsClub.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “Fairy Godmother is still alive

  1. Hi Terence
    It’s good to know that Fairy Godmother has woken up and is aware of mischievous happenings in the club.

    Just last night, one little boy hurled vulgarity on me. He was disrespectful by using the following words:
    “Fxxx anyway….”

    He refused to apologise but instead turned around and told me that his
    “Fxxx….”means “FLAT”. He thought he was really playing games with a little girl and that the little girl was born yesterday.

    Even my 6 years old grandson knows what “Fxxx’ means!

    I have brought this up on this platform because the little boy refused to apologise. Otherwise, I would have forgiven him.


  2. Hi Gabriella,

    SilverHairsClub has one objective, and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs over 45 to meet new and more friends. Club does not have the resources to moderate issues between members. I can only advise members to find peaceful means to resolve any differences.

    Members who find other members not acceptable in anyway, can choose to leave the Club. I have one philosophy “Stay away from those whom u find distasteful. Don’t let anyone make you unhappy”.

    Fairy Godmother is going overseas for her holidays. She doesn’t want to be disturbed on this matter.

    Terence Seah

  3. Terence,

    Like the subtle way you put here to remind all we are adults and it is quite beyond you to keep peace without offending or end up siding either party.

    Some people annoy others as much as we are seem to annoy others.
    Ghandi once said : Words wont hurt me or stick will break my bones”
    Put it in another way spoken by another wise man : “No body can hurt me mentally without my permission ” We can never stop what spurt out from another mouth be it vomit or gossips. It only hurt you if you allow it to.

    One of a principle of having a peaceful life is to avoid what I called “Toxic”
    people. People who are a vex to your spirit.


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