Live Music down memory lane

Hi greetings from Henry Foo!
My band will be playing at Hard Rock Cafe 830pm 19th March 19.
As a silver hair myself, we grew up in the era of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hollies the animals and the likes.
We will be playing these music off the 60s to bring you firm memory lanes!
Please reply as its expected to be quite full that night.

20 thoughts on “Live Music down memory lane

  1. Hello Henry,
    Nice to see ur posting here. Can i reserved the seats for my non-shc friends n myself thru you if we are going. Appreciate a reply?


    • Thank you Karen. Will reserve under your name for 3. Hard Rock will like to have your phone for reservation..please either leave it here or whatsapp me at 90623535.

  2. Hi Henry

    Thank your team so much for theirĀ  prompt and superb service for our confirmation seats.
    On another note, my best wishes are always with you. You very well deserve these congrats for your hard work and dedication.

    Cheers !


  3. Hi Henry,
    Apologise that my friend have an unforseen circumstances that shes not able to join this event. She need to travel with the husband overseas. Since Sandra T wanted reservation for 2 pax. Im willing to gave up my 2 place for her if she still need it.
    Sandra pls reply. thanks

  4. Hi Henry,
    Hereby, i apologise for inconvenience caused. Please help to cancel my reservation with hard rock cafe for 2 pax on my behalf. Appreciate your help very much. Hope to see u and friends another time.
    Good day.

  5. glad i m there at the event last night to meet up with the tall n handsome mr henry FU- the music may be older than me but there r few song which i love too n especially that movie theyplay – pretty woman – i been to hardrock cafe during my dating time n 30 years later – i m there again last night
    beautiful music nice food – n since my stroke – this is the first time i meet up with so many shc friends at the event

    hope more member can eo more such event to bring back the happy shc again

    thanks henry eo such nice event n hope more to come

    my son n daughter in law enjoy it every much too

    • Dear Karen

      So glad you came out and had a good time. Hope to see you again at some SHC events in the near future. I would have loved to go too but I had prior arrangements.

      Take care and see you soon.

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