SHC Live! Sat 18 Aug 2012; Theme and Agenda: Men Only

Based on last night’s SHC Live!, we shall add a theme and agenda to our next SHC Live!  Some EOs have volunteered; and you will hear from them soon.

Next SHC Live!

  • Theme:  Men Only
  • Date:  Sat 18 Aug 201
  • Venue:  Your own home
  • Time:  2100 hours to 2330 hours.  (Priority given to registered participants).
  • Charge:  Free.  Strictly for SilverHairsClub members.
  • Dress:  As comfortable as you like.  Max: 24 participants
  • Program:
    • 2055 hrs (Ring the door bell)
    • 2100 to 2200 hrs (Social and business networking; BYO)
    • 2200 to 2359 hrs (Each participant can raise an agenda of interest, from gernal activities to business, retirement, work and other ideas.  Time dependent on number of participants. Min 15 minutes.)
    • 2359 hrs (Closing time.)
  • It’s nice to be polite:
    • When you come in to the conference, please OFF your radio and TV.  Also OFF your video.  Do sit down for a few minutes.  We can recognise your presence.
    • You can raise your agenda for discussion during the time allocated.
    • When you feel nobody is listening to you, it’s nice to keep quiet for a while.
    • Always say "My name is Goody goody first, before speaking, so we know you.
    • Before you join us on Skype, please do make sure you have a picture of yourself.
    • Of course, you can textchat one another anytime.

    To participate, do let us know if you are coming.  Your registration is important.  Please contact swift_squirrel on SKYPE to register so that we know you are a SHC member.

    Terence Seah

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