Gathering for SHC retirees Wed 14 Nov 2012

We shall have another relaxing gathering for retirees at the MPH cafe, Robinson Road on:

  • Wed 14 Nov 2012.
  • Time:  1430 to 1630 hrs.
  • Again, this is a free agenda afternoon.  A good opportunity to meet other retirees and semi-retirees.
  • A set-lunch and a Tea set with toast will be provided free, if you register on this Post.  Simply say you are coming.

if there is some topic you would like to raise with me, please let me know.

I would be pleased to discuss topics on what SHC can do for you.  Obviously, if there is a role you can play in SHC, I would be more than willing to hear from you too.

Look forward to your coming.

Terence Seah 

Registration list:


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Vincent Khoo
  3. Lawrence Lee
  4. Lina Wang
  5. Ann Lim
  6. Jassmine Teo
  7. Annie Loh
  8. Terry Tang
  9. Rosalind Lee
  10. .


19 thoughts on “Gathering for SHC retirees Wed 14 Nov 2012

  1. Hi Terence
    It’s good to have this gathering of retirees & semi-retirees who can meet during “0ffice hours”.

    Ann Lim and I look forward to attending such gatherings (esp one with free food thrown in!), so we would be attending this coming one. :)

    If there is no MORE interesting topics to talk about/share, we can talk about how retirement/semi-retirement has changed/affected our life/lifestyle? Are we happier, more relaxed or…..?

  2. Hi Jassmine #2,

    For events until the end of the year, I can arrange to provide a set lunch plus tea set, free to those who attend.

    Anyone who wishes to EO an event here can simply contact me.

    I leave everybody to find common friends with common interest. For those who wish to discuss what we can do for fellow retirees and semi-retirees, feel free to discuss.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence,

    You did not mention the venue. Where do you want us to meet you. Is it at Upp. Pickering Street again?

    Guess we don’t, at this junction, worry over what topics to discuss. Once we meet, topics will automatically flow in from every conceivable direction.

    Anyway, please count me in.


  4. Hi Terry and participants to the retirees gathering,

    The place is at 63 Robinson Road, inside MPH bookstore. 1 or 2 minutes from DBS building, between Tanjong Pagar station and Raffles stations.

    This is a gathering for retirees and semi-retirees to meet new and other semi-retirees. We can be open to topics but usually retirees talk about everything under the sun.

    If anyone has anything specific, please raise it, and we can talk about it. If you keep quiet, no one can share your interest, neither can the Club.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence! I am keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will crop up on the 14th Nov that will prevent me from joining the others and you at the cafe. I’ve bookmarked the date and time already.


  6. Good morning Terence

    Have to withdraw from this afternoon’s meet as I woke up with flu symptoms this morning … don’t want to be spreading the germs!

    Will catch up another time. Y’all have a good session today though.


  7. Alamak!

    I missed another meeting; and with lunch and tea provided!

    Oh dear, and after reading all the long posts on Alzheimer’s!

    So, when is the next one? When? When?

  8. Hi Kenneth,

    When I sold away the business at the MPH cafe, I had exchanged part of the sale money in food vouchers. I had requested the new owners to supply set lunch vouchers as well as tea set with toast vouchers. This is very ideal for SHC members, who would like to have a meeting there, along Robinson Road.

    I still have a lot of vouchers; and if anyone likes to organise a gathering at the MPH Robinson Cafe, I would be most pleased to provide the set lunch and/or tea toast set. No charge. To avoid the peak, it is ideal your gathering is scheduled between 9am-11am and 2.30 pm – 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Yesterday, a number of us had chicken curry with roti panjang for lunch.

    I encourage you to gather together for small meetings at this cafe, as this is the only place I can offer lunch, tea/coffee and toast. Even in small groups of 2, 4 or 6, it’s ok. The idea is for you to make new friends. Simply drop me a note.

    Kenneth, can I request you to lead the next retirees gathering at this cafe. Simply put up a date and time that you are free, and I will liaise with you the rest of the logistics.

    Terence Seah

  9. Soooooo delicious the curry chicken,
    With light, crisp french loaf – just yummy!
    Plus coffee/tea AND toast,
    And all came free!

    Gentle was the talk, and informative too;
    Like snake grass is good for health and healing,
    Easy to grow and can spread like wildfire,
    So now we are very interested in snake grass planting!

    Revealed, a restaurant’s modus operandi:
    Eat freely, then make a donation.
    Where is the donation box? None in sight, but the cashier –
    She collects and scrutinizes your contribution!

    More things were shared; personal experiences too,
    And each, useful information from the sharing gleaned,
    Like how a colonscopy check felt weird.
    A refreshing break, this gathering, from one’s routine. :)

  10. Jassmine,

    You raised an idea during the retirees gathering. You want to publish a book on poems. Many people want to publish a book during their lifetime. I forgot to tell you that I have years of experience with books and magazine publishing. Please allow your idea to roll, and I look forward to help you on this to make it viable. Many members see you as talented when it comes to poems. Keep it going.

    Geok Suan,
    I am not familiar with snake grass. Seems you do believe the snake grass can be a potent cure to cancer. Nowadays, anybody who has a cure or a remedy to delaying the impact of cancer, gets to the top of the discussion. I have not been too positive with cancer cure; it’s such a disastrous sickness. Since Geok Suan has started the subject, anyone with personal experience on cancer treatment and snake grass, come join in.

    One topic which I will always participate in is retirement living, ideas on nursing home, home care and cost of living during retirement. A pleasant surprise, the topic was raised by ChristinaP. A key concern is that to enter a nursing home, it is going to cost each of us $2000+ per month, excluding this this and this. No surprise, it will even be more than $3000 per month. Sigh . . .

    Another good topic worth pursing and was discussed was Poly clinics. KC offered his experience. A dedicated topic would be good, as I remember Kenneth has a few useful ideas too.

    Terence Seah

  11. I agreed most people like to be a writer and publish a book. A friend of mine spent $5k to attend a workshop by a experienced writer/publisher and spent another few thousand to get it printed and distribute to the bookshops. That was 5 years ago.

    I told him 2 years ago after he mentioned it to me that give me $1k I will have it print it on demand and distribute globally through Amazon kindle and CreateSpace and I will make a nice profit from him. :)

    Nowadays it just too costly to go the traditional way. It’s almost no cost if you goes the internet way and have it reach globally.

    A months ago my sister gave me some herb plants (snake grass, black face general etc) it is now growing steadily. Give me another 2 or 3 months it will strong enough for me to have it procreate. Let me know if anyone is interested and I give him/her the stem. It procreate by stemming.

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